Introducing your new PlayStation Store

If you have been a regular visitor to the PlayStation Store over the last two years, you will probably have noticed the various changes we have made. During that period we invited many people from the PlayStation community around the world to come and participate in focus groups and one-to-one user-testing sessions in order to help us understand what we were already doing well and, more importantly, where we could improve the PlayStation Store.

Thanks to the invaluable feedback and insight we gained from the community, we were able to make incremental improvements to the old store and, at the same time, develop a set of design principles which would help us create the all-new PlayStation Store that we’re launching later today.

whats new

So, what’s new? Almost everything! We’ve still got all the latest and greatest games and DLC for PlayStation 3, PS Vita and PSP. The biggest changes are to do with how you find the stuff you want. Whether you’re looking for the latest AAA release or a PSOne Classic, it’s now so much quicker and easier.

When you launch the new store from the XMB, the first thing you’ll see is the What’s New section which is, essentially, the store’s homepage. What you’ll find here is a mixture of the latest content to hit PlayStation Store that week.

Whats new - hero

The old store’s homepage was made up of a ‘mosaic’ of product images (or banners) which meant visitors to the store could see at a glance what was new or on offer. We wanted to keep this mosaic idea intact with the new store but really focus on making browsing through the great new content we have every week much more fun and visually immersive.

You told us that you wanted the PlayStation Store to be a much more HD experience and much more like the great PS3 games we all play and love. So, what we’ve tried to do is create a design where the products really are the stars of the store.

When you scroll through the What’s New ‘carousel’ (or any of our new ‘feature categories’ – more on these later), you’ll see what we call a ‘Hero’ on every page. As well as the Heroes, we’ve continued to use the mosaic idea, which you told us you liked, to display the rest of the content on the page. With the average TV screen being much larger and sharper these days, we’ve tried to make all of our featured product images as big, as sharp and as clear as possible so that we can deliver a store that feels like a truly HD experience.


You told us that you didn’t ever want to feel like you had reached a dead end anywhere while you are browsing. We’ve tried to address this in every area of the new store and, here at the end of the What’s New carousel, you can see that we provide ‘see all’ links to the different types of content you’ve been looking at so you don’t need to go back to the menu (if you don’t want to) to continue browsing.

As well as What’s New, you’ll find more of these new ‘feature categories’ with Heroes and HD product images throughout the store anywhere you see a ‘Latest’ or ‘Most Popular’ category ‘above the line’ in the menu. ‘Above the line’ is a concept you’ll see throughout the navigation and in search as well. It’s our way of indicating that something is ‘featured’. You can expect anything you see ‘above the line’ to be have some sort of featured presentation style like a carousel. Anything ‘below the line’, will be a much more familiar experience to regular users of the old PlayStation Store. So let’s have a look ‘below the line’.


Regular product categories should look pretty familiar in terms of their layout. What we’ve focused on here is making everything much clearer to browse and understand. We’ve made the product images bigger and we’ve provided the key information for each product right next to the image. So, now the title, price, content type and the platform the content is playable on are always displayed clearly.

Speaking of content types and platforms, you told us that when you’re browsing the PlayStation Store you don’t want to see PS3, PS Vita and PSP content all mixed together. So, we’ve created separate sections within the Games category dedicated to PS Vita and PSP. They’re easy to find and make browsing through content for those platforms much simpler. At the same time, it makes browsing for PS3 content, which is what most people are doing on the PlayStation Store on their PS3s, much easier.


When you do dive into one of the product categories you’ll see straight away that we’ve added two key features you told us you wanted: sorting and filtering. Now, in any category, you can filter the products being displayed in one of a number of different ways such as by price range, game feature (e.g., online multiplayer), accessory compatibility (3D TV, PS Move, PS Eye, etc.). As well as filtering, you can now sort alphabetically, by release date and by price.

Everything we’ve done to improve the browsing experience, both in feature categories using carousels and in product categories using grids with sorting and filtering, has been with the singular goal of helping you get to the kind of content you’re most interested in as quickly and as easily as possible.

But what if you’re looking for a specific title?


We’ve completely overhauled the search functionality from top to bottom. You told us that it took too long to perform a search and find what you wanted. So, we set ourselves an ambitious target: to design a search feature which would allow users to get to the content they were looking for without having to enter more than three or four characters.

We’ve replaced the on-screen keyboard with a ‘tumbler’ text input. You enter each letter by scrolling up and down through the list of characters. Each time you add a letter, you’ll notice two things: firstly, that the list of search results on the right-hand side is updated and, secondly, that the list of characters to choose from shrinks so that you can only select letters that will complete a title which contains that sequence of letters.

If you’re searching for LittleBigPlanet, for example, by the time you have input L-I-T using the Tumbler, you’ll see LittleBigPlanet appear ‘above the line’ in Top Results. Top Results will always show what people have been searching for most based on the characters you select. So, the more people who search L-I-T and then click on LittleBigPlanet, the higher that product will then appear in Top Results.

This is one of the many ways we’re trying to make PlayStation Store more dynamic and have it reflect what people are actually doing in the store. As people use the search more and more, so the search experience improves for everyone.

most popular top rated

Search is only one place in the store where what you do shapes the overall store experience for everyone. Whenever you purchase something, you can give it a star rating. Not only will your star rating be added to the overall rating displayed on the product page but it will also help drive the Top Rated chart in our Most Popular categories.

Star rating is not a new feature, but the fact that it now drives our Top Rated chart certainly is. Loads of you are using this feature already but, if you haven’t done so yet, get involved. Top Rated in Most Popular is your opportunity to tell other gamers what the best of the best is from your point of view.

Also in Most Popular, you’ll find the Top Downloads chart which, as the name suggests, shows you what the most downloaded products are that week.

product detail page

Speaking of products, let’s have a look at a product page and how it works. One of our biggest challenges was making sure that you could find all of the content related to one product as simply and easily as possible.

So, we have created a brand new product page which acts as a portal or hub for all of the content for a given title. As you can see on the LittleBigPlanet example above, at the top of the screen is the most important information for that product, such as playable platform, file size and release date, as well as the different ways you can get hold of it – whether that’s buying it, playing the demo, or even downloading a trial version you can play and then unlock later to turn it into the full game.

Further down, all of the add-ons, themes, avatars, and videos for that product are also displayed on this ‘parent page’ as we call it. You can scroll through all the content on the right-hand side like a web page or you can jump quickly between the different sections using the quick links on the left-hand side of the page. If you do click through to one of these related products, getting back to the ‘parent page’ is now easy.

product add-on page

You told us that, in the old store, pages for add-ons were difficult to find and that it was often hard to tell which content an add-on was for. In the new PlayStation Store, if you arrive at an add-on page via search, or via a category page for example, it should now always be clear which game that product relates to. At the top of the page, you’ll find that information in the title area. You’ll also find a (Game Page) tile which shows what the ‘parent product’ is and links straight back to it.

So there you have it, the all-new PlayStation Store. Easier to use, quicker to find the products you want and designed with your feedback in mind. But this is not the end. It’s just the beginning of a journey that will see PlayStation Store evolve over time. We’re planning to drop in new features and make updates every month or two based on the backlog of features we’ve already got lined up and on the feedback we get from you.

We couldn’t have produced what we have without your amazing input and feedback. We’re really proud of it and we hope you like it.

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Well, this is a nice surprise….ok, maybe not so much of a surprise seeing as I’ve already seen this on TheSixthAxis, twitter, facebook, the PS forum, the US PS.Blog and even here in the comments and replies….but it’s nice non-the-less ;-)

Seriously though, the store update looks great and was very much needed, can’t wait to try it out. It seems to have improved every aspect and the search facility and linked content are particularly pleasing.

I’m aware that the download list has not been changed yet but I implore you to update this soon. It is a real issue and is compounded by the now bountiful PS Plus; I don’t always have the time or space for every Plus game so I snag them in my download list for later and really need an easier way to see what I have available on there.


I really like this new ps store good work Sony it’s about it had an makeover tbh :D


Heads-up everyone. Elliott is extremely busy today making sure the new Store rolls out properly. However, he is planning to come on and answer any questions later this afternoon, so fire away. He’ll only be talking about Store functionality, and will have nothing to say about release date issues!

Elliott Dumville 19 October, 2012 @ 10:15

Thanks Fred. And thanks to everyone for your patience. As you can imagine, it’s been a very busy couple of days for the team.

Right, let’s get to answering some of your comments and questions!

almighty-slayer 17 October, 2012 @ 11:06

Seen nothing but really bad impressions so far on NeoGAF

the_ghost__NL 17 October, 2012 @ 11:07

Awesomeness how about adding that awesome search function into the download list . . .

Elliott Dumville 19 October, 2012 @ 10:20

The download list is obviously something that a lot of people have been asking about. Particularly why it hasn’t changed.

As I mentioned in the blog post, this release is just the beginning of the programme we have lined up for devloping the store in the future. We’ll be adding new features every month or two and a new Download List is one of many features that we’re working on for future releases.

just tried it, don’t know what to make of it yet….


Has the download list been changed? If not, why not? It was the only truly “broken” aspect of the old store. Having to spend 5 minutes scrolling to the bottom is not good design!

almighty-slayer 17 October, 2012 @ 11:11

Apparently the new store takes 30 seconds just to start up, and is insanely slow once it’s started.

Also, it takes 5 steps to download a demo now:

– Add to cart
– View cart
– Checkout
– Confirm purchase
– Download

Good work.


I can jump in and comment on this while we’re waiting for Elliott. The speed issue will improve drastically when the region-wide roll-out is complete. These are just launch day jitters. Sorry for any inconvenience – please be patient while the creases are ironed out.

Elliott Dumville 19 October, 2012 @ 10:31

The very first time you launch the store after you’ve installed the new application, you can expect it to take up to 30 seconds to load as various jobs run for the first time in the background.

Every time you launch the store from the XMB after that it will be much faster.


Looks great but is anyone else having trouble finding the new content? Previously all new content could be found under one menu but now it all seems broken up, is this intentional?

Carnivius_Prime 17 October, 2012 @ 11:11

Nice to see all related content like avatars and themes get linked from the parent product’s page. Is it still possible to having all products listed in one simple column? I don’t like big boxes of various sizes scattered everywhere and it’s one reason I ignore them on the old store and simply hurry into the main list.

And please, pleeeease sort out the Downloads list. I’ve had another hard drive problem this week so again I go to redownload well over a thousand items. Would be nice if it could tell you what you’ve already reinstalled back on your PS3 so you don’t waste time accidentally doing some of it again too cos it’s very easy to lose track with such a big list of items.

Looking good, make sure these are a priority next.

1. Download list – It need filters. I don’t was demo’s & beta’s i downloaded, DLC and so on. Filters! :)
2. Speed, speed and more speed. Make sure the new store is lightning fast and downloads are just as fast. With so much digital content, it’s so important.
3. Gifting feature – Let me gift items from the store to friends.
4. Web store – I want to be able to buy and browse the store from ANY device with a browser.

Any new features for the PS Plus section of the store? For example keep track of all the games from the instant collection I have downloaded even if they are no longer there? Sort of like My Personal Collection?

Just an idea

Elliott Dumville 19 October, 2012 @ 10:37

That’s a nice idea zedmayer.

PlayStation Plus is obviously a really important part of the store and you can expect there to be many more Plus-related features coming in the future.

Have you done anything with the Download List to stop it from being a completely useless and unintuitive collection of hundreds of demos and games and DLC bits from every platform?

No mention of the download list.

Did you fix it?

It was priority 1, over and above every single other thing in the Store, so it should have been fixed before any other change was even considered.

Looking good, it’s about time for an update on the store, glad you did it =]

EmperorLawlight 17 October, 2012 @ 11:16

Initial impressions are that the new store is very, very slow compared to the old one.

almighty-slayer 17 October, 2012 @ 11:17

They haven’t done anything with the download list, no


It’s useless to redesign Store when you can’t even bring whole content to Europe.
But it looks nice (even if you stole idea from Steam), hopeful it will be more functional, then old store.

kingofscotland 17 October, 2012 @ 11:18

I really like the look of it and think its a gazillion times better than the current store and look forward to trying it out for myself later today.

I’ve heard it is slower and my main gripe with the old one was how slow and unresponsive it is, however I won’t read too much into early reports until it’s fully rolled out and creases ironed out.

Good work and hope download list and web store are high priorities going forward

Elliott Dumville 19 October, 2012 @ 11:11

Thanks kingofscotland.

We know that speed and performance is top of users’ minds in any application they use. We’ve worked really hard to make sure that the new PlayStation Store lives up to people’s expectations.

As Fred touched on earlier, we had a few “launch day jitters” as we were rolling out the first few countries but since then everything has been performing really nicely.


Great, looking forward to try it out!

Just one little hope for the future.. FILTERS in the Download List! :p


And download list is still as bad as before? So your users have to spent hours to find ”that one purchase” from 1000 items?
What’s idea behind this anyway? New xbox and wii will be released and Sony just want to look up to date or what? Then you need something more, than just a new look.

I hope these early reports of the store being slow are either false or simply due to it not being fully into its stride yet.

Navigation speed was a serious issue with the old store; having to wait for each page to respond before continuing. I really hope this is not still the case as that will unfortunately sour all the other improvements, and there are a lot of improvements.


I like it but I think the search function is just horrible. It won’t even let you type in any keys after you type in a few as it automatically assumes what you want will appear on the right. I tried searching up avatars for a game and I can’t because of the search function and now must do it manually by scrolling down the avatars list.

Seems that many people read neogaf’s reports about the australian store experience. ;)

I’ll hold back my verdict till some time passed by. When there is something that new things have overabundant, than it is room for optimization. So I’m pretty sure that some tweaks will increase performance.

I like Erroneus suggestions btw. Gifting, library and web store are essentials. Others that I would require are age verification, wish lists, user reviews etc.

Elliott Dumville 19 October, 2012 @ 11:40

Hi Gotwar,

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to use the new store now and you’ve had a good experience. I agree with you, Erroneus’s suggestions are nice ones. After the new store has been rolled out to each country across the world, we’ll start work on the next update. I can’t comment on specifics yet but we’ve got a list of great features which we’ll be rolling out over the coming months that we’re really excited about.

Age verification is an important topic which we take very seriously. In the same way as we did with the old store, we only let users see and purchase the content which is appropriate for their age group. So, for example, if you’re under 18, you’ll never be shown or allowed to purchase content which is 18 rated.


Graphics and design are nice and all, but please focus on interface and speed! This is still too much fragmentation. Keep it simple!

“Cart”! RALMAO!

Gifting, web store and a more user friendly download list would be awesome..

I’m a bit surprised that no one in your focus groups seems to have mentioned that they’d like pricing to be more in line with other markets too…

I have to admit… this does look pretty damn awesome! Looking forward to it, what time is due to change?

Elliott Dumville 19 October, 2012 @ 11:52

Thanks spikkle. We’re rolling out the store country by country. We’re alreay live in 25 countries now. We’ll be keeping the community updated as we roll out the rest.


Can you now also filter the “Previous Downloads” section? When I got my Vita I had to scroll through hundreds of previously downloaded PS3 items to find the Vita stuff I had already downloaded.

Also the Vita resets this list to the top every time you click to install something so it takes an age to find all your previous items you want.

Also stop placing white or bright coloured backgrounds behind the white text. ;)

CoolRichy008UK 17 October, 2012 @ 11:29

yes i agreee plz make the download list easy so we can find a game by putting in a search because some of us has got about 1133 downloads in history and i hope the dload list history will be easy to find and plz put a patch out for naughty bear panic in paradise its unplayable due to keeps freezing


It’s slow the first time you load it but after works faster than the previous store. Not experiencing any slow loading icons now unlike the previous version.

It all sounds good, can’t wait to try it out!

sony,you know for years now that people want from you to fix the DOWNLOAD LIST,but you still manage to release a new store without fixing it… i’m speechless :)

MordecaiHunter 17 October, 2012 @ 11:32

As long as it has the new Borderlands 2 DLC later this afternoon
tbh i couldn’t care less ^_^


Heard somewhere that its a HTML5 based store so we should eventually be able to view and purchase on a computer too. The store will probably load slow the first time you head too it on ps3 but will load much faster next time as the store will be cached and will only need to update the new images and not the whole store again…or am I way off?

Elliott Dumville 19 October, 2012 @ 11:55

Spot on! :)


I was sold on this new design last week, but this increased clarity over the changes has made me love it even more. I do think I’ll be exploring every nook and cranny of this new store tonight just for the fun of it, might also download a few things too to mark the occasion.

Now here’s a question: will this be the last ‘proper’ redesign of the PS Store on PS3, or will there be a few more revisions down the line? The Store just keeps on getting better and better with each revamp. The first one was pretty good but so basic these days when you look back on it. 2.0 is a very good layout and functionality, but it seems when it has been crammed with content that those icons just aren’t loading. Glad to see 3.0, at least we’ll see the icons!

Will it be possible for us to look at our download history in months and years? I’ve a hell of a lot of things on my list, absolutely painful to look through every single item till I find what I want.

Elliott Dumville 19 October, 2012 @ 11:59

“Will this be the last ‘proper’ redesign of the PS Store on PS3, or will there be a few more revisions down the line?”

Great question Bealinator. We’re committed to improving the store continually. This is definitely the first in a series of changes that PlayStation Store customers can expect in the coming months. What we wanted to do with this release was get the fundamentals right. From now on, it’s about evolving the new store by adding features and making other improvements.

Exciting times ahead!

I like the new design but its slow and download stuff takes way too many steps.


All I really want from the new store is to have a regular update time each week, I hate knowing a game is coming but having to check throughout the day to see if it’s available yet.


Please sort the download list. It’s a depressing chore right now.

Scrolling through half a decade of demos and DLC is too dang long.

Finding multiple old downloads is even worse when I’ve found what I want to download the page reloads and the scrolling begins again.

Comments section / rating from with in the XMB would be awesome too.

LOVING the feature where all content for a given title is grouped under that titles “master” page.

Just hope SCEE sort the content properly into these sections, as past performance would suggest it will stop after the first month.

Sr_Livindeath 17 October, 2012 @ 11:35

This new playstation store reminds me a lot of xbox 360 market place and I hate xbox marketplace becouse is a mess, this new store feels like you threw all the new content into a bucket, and also is laggy. I really don’t like it, there was nothing wrong with the old one.

almighty-slayer 17 October, 2012 @ 11:38

@Mettledger we do have a regular update time. The store updates almost every week between 3 and 5pm. Almost without fail. Check at 5pm every week and 9 weeks out of 10 the update will be live.


What I hate about it:
1) It’s SLOW. 30-40 seconds to load into, then ~5 secs to view each page.
2) To do anything requires a ridiculous number of button presses. Why not map functions to other buttons (square = cart, Start = Search).
3) The full latest list is hidden all the way to the right. Why? It makes no sense.
4) The download list is even WORSE than before because scrolling takes WAY longer.
5) Search takes forever to use because the letter input is awful. USB keyboards aren’t even supported.
6) It doesn’t even work at the moment. Trying to buy/put money on my account results in an error. Why would you possibly put it up if it still has these problems? I’d like to give you money for Unfinished Swan, Sony.

What I like about it:
1) Consolidating games and their related content (DLC, etc.) onto a single page. It’s something Steam has been doing for years and you’ve finally caught on. Good move.
2) Smart search. Good idea, bad implementation.
3) Organisation. It looks a bit tidier...

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What I hate about it:
1) It’s SLOW. 30-40 seconds to load into, then ~5 secs to view each page.
2) To do anything requires a ridiculous number of button presses. Why not map functions to other buttons (square = cart, Start = Search).
3) The full latest list is hidden all the way to the right. Why? It makes no sense.
4) The download list is even WORSE than before because scrolling takes WAY longer.
5) Search takes forever to use because the letter input is awful. USB keyboards aren’t even supported.
6) It doesn’t even work at the moment. Trying to buy/put money on my account results in an error. Why would you possibly put it up if it still has these problems? I’d like to give you money for Unfinished Swan, Sony.

What I like about it:
1) Consolidating games and their related content (DLC, etc.) onto a single page. It’s something Steam has been doing for years and you’ve finally caught on. Good move.
2) Smart search. Good idea, bad implementation.
3) Organisation. It looks a bit tidier now.

In other words, it’s no good. Two steps forwards, ten steps backwards. Please hire some decent user interface designers.

Please answer this. In this new store design can people after purchasing a product write a mini review of what they think of it so it can help others in their purchase?

Borderlands 2 DLC is there now for me ;-) Downt have to wait for that…

Gotta say, I’m not feeling it – I’m sure it’ll grow on my but first impressions are that it looks nice but I think functionality has taken a hit. Also, the search is horrible, really really horrible… Sorry

Store looks really cool! :)

I’m just going to add my name to the growing list of “Please Update the ‘Download List'” requests… I’ve been using the store since forever, and finding anything in the almost 1700 items is a nightmare at best, especially since there is periodic ‘reshuffles’ of the items just to make a nightmare even worse.

Also, any idea when we will see this format or similar on the Vita Store?

Loving the changes, keep them coming (can’t wait for Vita PS Plus!)

The looks have definitely improved, hopefully the speed as well!

the last 30 mins with the new store has been the most frustrating experience i’ve had with PS for years, it failed to recognize i’m a plus member till i quit and reloaded, had 3 store crashes countless errors and now i cant add funds at all. tried on ps3, vita and on the SEN website with 3 different credit cards (all of which are valid with enough funds). all i wanted was unfinished swan and borderlands 2 dlc but only managed to download a couple of demos….. bring back the old store, at least it worked


Sorry, the wallet issue (and the speed – see above) is being dealt with now. You should be able to add funds within the next two hours. Anyone visiting the Store for the first time should no longer experience this issue, as of now.


just got to use the new store & i think its truly horrific.

its slow, clunky, looks ugly, is hard to navigate, difficult to use, cluttered & is overall a mess.

from now on i’ll just be reading about whats been added online & only going into the this mess of a store when i know there is something i really want.

this is almost as bad as the mess known as the xbox dashboard!

The only things really bad about the old store were the download list, which hasn’t been touched, and having to actually go into an item to add it to your basket, rather than just pressing triangle, and then having to endure the long delay once you came out of it. Plus I don’t see how this will fix the massive delays in content we have been having? UK should be removed from eu zone so we don’t suffer delays due to other countries restrictions.


Wow! It looks really cool!

Wow, the new layout looks very nice :)

I wrote about it last week, but give us download list filter, it’s hard to find anything right now :)


All we need now is the ability to browse the store on the internet. Really poor we can only view it through our devices.

Oh and, some of the interface ‘select’ sounds are quite annoying.


It looks OK.

Pished off about no download list change & no changes to the disgusting retail release prices.

I bet the selected picked were the Sony fanboys who dismiss anything bad at all.

# Bye bye blue everyone will miss you bye bye blue…….#

we will miss the blue store, anyhows i did think it will be slower i said my fears in the other post.

there is a old saying if it’s no broken don’t fix it, we had a web browser store on day 1 when Ps3 was release they got rid of it because it was crap the httml5 is a web browser so basically they going backwards.

it’s begger belief that ppl want a fix at a expanse of low speed times the new store is a clutter feast for the eyes with ADS as big right in your faces with slow loading times hell the httml5 on Ps3 browser is painfully slow.

but the only thing positive i like is the wording added features over the months the download list will be 1 of them, Im taking bets will a universal store be up and running by/at christmas because if the vid store is merge within 1 section and not into a 2 section of the store on the old one.

but i shall try it out because i got no choice.

the other reason muti region doesn’t work shuhei is the ...

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# Bye bye blue everyone will miss you bye bye blue…….#

we will miss the blue store, anyhows i did think it will be slower i said my fears in the other post.

there is a old saying if it’s no broken don’t fix it, we had a web browser store on day 1 when Ps3 was release they got rid of it because it was crap the httml5 is a web browser so basically they going backwards.

it’s begger belief that ppl want a fix at a expanse of low speed times the new store is a clutter feast for the eyes with ADS as big right in your faces with slow loading times hell the httml5 on Ps3 browser is painfully slow.

but the only thing positive i like is the wording added features over the months the download list will be 1 of them, Im taking bets will a universal store be up and running by/at christmas because if the vid store is merge within 1 section and not into a 2 section of the store on the old one.

but i shall try it out because i got no choice.

the other reason muti region doesn’t work shuhei is the leaks australia and new zealand had it 1st so a rouge region within a region SCEE outdone others you okay with that?

Elliott Dumville 19 October, 2012 @ 12:25

Hi Skookie30,

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately there were some technical issues when we rolled out to the UK which is why we had to roll back to the old store temporarily.

The slow load speed you experienced was symptomatic of the issues we were dealing with at the time. We’ve rolled out successfully in 25 countries now and the Store is performing really well and much more in line with what you would expect. When we roll out in the UK I think you’ll be very pleased with the improvement.

almighty-slayer 17 October, 2012 @ 11:56

@Falcon Price is up to publisher, nothing to do with Sony. Sony’s game prices are better than most of the other publishers.

BurnOutBrighter 17 October, 2012 @ 11:57

All I wanted to do was try the PSASBR beta…

– Add to cart
– View cart
– Checkout
– Confirm purchase
– Download
– Download in background

You’ve got to be kidding me.

All I want is a list of the new stuff on the store, but now it’s split into five different categories, so I have to trawl each of them to see everything – PSN games, demos, DLC, etc. I keep diving into new screens filled with rectangles that I forget which category I’m in in the first place.

It looks nice, but it’s a UI disaster. I think they’re hoping you catch yourself browsing through the mess and find something cool to buy, but then buying something is such a pain that you won’t even bother.

Awful. Just awful.


The filters are a fantastic idea & i’m pleased that this has been added. Good to see the search function has been updated too.

Why is there no mention of Paypal as a payment option? Is that US only?

Elliott Dumville 19 October, 2012 @ 15:47

Hi Catkiller1,

Since we started the rollout of the new stores, we have been offering customers in 13 countries the opportunity to top up their wallets using PayPal via the Sony Entertainment Network website. All you have to do is log in with your SEN account details and then follow the instructions that can be found here:

Over the coming months we’re hoping to make PayPal available in more countries across the region as well as other alternate payment methods in specific territories.

CrazySasquatch- 17 October, 2012 @ 11:57

Can’t wait for this. Its been needed for way to long. Please say you have a search bar in the download list? Is it out already as i keep refreshing my store page but its the old one. :(

Are you kidding me? All this mention of focus groups and surveying our opinion and SORTING THE DOWNLOAD LIST never seemed to be a priority?

I was really looking forward to seeing what you guys have been doing but all it seems to be is a reskin and bringing the searching facility into this century. What a wasted oportunity, what a waste of all of our time. Next time don’t bother building up our expectations that you’re listening to our opinions and just do whatever pointless reskin you want without bothering to ask, as you have been doing for the last 5 years.


Also there needs to be an update with filters added to our downloads section within our Account. Would be nice to filter content for PLUS, PS1, PS3, DLC etc.


So, I guess this is only for the Playstation Store on PS3? Since when browsing it on my Vita, it still looks the same…

And, dammit, fix the download list already! I don’t have that many items on it, but it’s already getting annoying to download stuff off of it, especially since the Vita resets it to the top position each time you download something.


It’s not working here, Hopefully it’s too early, but when I try to access it says I have to download a update, when I tries to download it just fails…

You told us….

Not what I’m reading on the blog for 2 years.
We wanted the Download list fixed; but it’s not.
We wanted quicker downloads; no word about that.
We wanted quicker manouvering in the shop; it’s slow guys.
We wanted the store to update every day and content added on thuesday like the US.
We wanted the store not to be broken (lets hope that one is fixed).
And I wanted to listen to my music while browsing the store, but it doesn’t.
How silly is this update? Can you please sack SCUK.

Works fine for me!

Of the 67 comments I can see, 26 of them (38%) mention the DOWNLOAD LIST. How can you blather on about asking our opinions when you’ve obviously ignored almost 40% of us? This has been a total waste!

A lot of the comments seem to imply the new store is active with comments based on how its slow and has addition steps added to download anything. But when I load up all I see is the old store?

Add me as someone who feels the download list needs a major overhaul.


The new Store is rolling out across the region throughout the day. It will be up where you are sometime this afternoon.

Love the new features but the load times are disappointing including start up time. And there’s to many confirmation messages and steps to purchase/download stuff. Especially with FREE stuff you shouldn’t have to go through the add funds bit.


I Seem to have problems with adding money it just say Error Occured, and sometimes with a error message 56 …

DAVIE222-PSVita 17 October, 2012 @ 12:11

Will the PlayStation Store Icon have a new look too?


Might there be any plans to introduce the Store to new territories, like maybe all EU member states?

DAVIE222-PSVita 17 October, 2012 @ 12:12



All those comments I’m reading make me glad my country is on Sony’s “maybe later, I dunno” list. Still waiting for PlayStation Mobile though, that was one of the reasons I threw coins at PS Vita and started learning how to make things on it.

Hmm intrestiing norway says they got it, it look like sony are rolling out the new store region by region in SCEE so UK region hasn’t got it so wait till it lands

on a funny not SCEA get the new store next week 23rd of october so basically we outdone SCEA getting thing 1st. lol :D


What time does the store update go live with the new look and this week’s new content?

Off work and itching to get something new…

@AndyBeans wrote:

“Are you kidding me? All this mention of focus groups and surveying our opinion and SORTING THE DOWNLOAD LIST never seemed to be a priority?”

Quoted for truth +1

Ignoring the inevitable “I hate this because it’s different” comments, there are two main points being raised over and over again here.

1 – The download list. I know you are aware of this and that it is intended to be improved in a future update so perhaps adding this information into the blog post will help so at least people can see that you are working on it.

2 – The speed of the store. Could someone from Sony advise whether you expect this to improve once the rollout is complete or if the initial speeds are representative of the experience of this new store?


Phoenixfire90 17 October, 2012 @ 12:25

Personally I couldn’t care much for the store design but I need to say it looks good although I’ll take function and ease of use over fancy design any day. So I reserve judgement on the store design.

What I do care about though is the Download List and the fact that it is a pain to use, specially when someone like me with PS plus has nearly 1,000 items on their Download List. It can get annoying trying to find what your for.
It’s specially annoying when you have to redownload all the DLC for a game (e.g. LittleBigPlanet) and you just can’t find it.
But by the looks of things I ain’t the only one who feels annoyed with it. Glad to see that others feel the same way about it.

A search function for the Download List would be brilliant although I wouldn’t say no to some kind of filter function, just do something about the Download List sony cause it’s the most broken part of the old PSN store.

Sounds like you’ve made it nicer for casual users, not so sure if it’s good for the more savy “power user”.

My main issue was that it was slow and cumbersome, especially after you started a download, and would often pause for a while without giving you any feedback as to what was happening. Grabbing free stuff from PS+ was also awkward, and it doesn’t sound like this is a big improvement. You really should be able to queue up free downloads with a single button press, and then be able immediately scroll to the next one without waiting for the whole activation thing.

almighty-slayer 17 October, 2012 @ 12:32

Just made an Australian account to check it out. Wow i see what people mean about it being slow. Terrible.


No update for the Vita? No updated download list? I have hundreds of items in my download list and there’s no way to sort them even by platform. And the search function now mimics Xbox 360’s Bing? I think the virtual keyboard is faster.


I was really hoping for the download list to be updated as well. Really disappointed.


Seriously guys, the only thing we want is a CATEGORISED Download List. This better have that or it was a complete waste of time. It takes ages to find anything on it when there are over 2000 items just thown onto a list, not even by date anymore because when PSN went down and back up, it messed up my purchases re adding them to the list again. I didn’t have any problems with the old store apart from this.
I can’t believe I read all that post and never found any mention of this HIGHLY requested fix.

As most of the users I’m eagerly waiting for download list upgrade, especially charming would be:
– search function
– sorting by full games, demos, game addons, etc
– sorting by PS Plus content – so I know what I lost when subscription ends

ps. also a more visible counter of PS Plus subscription remaining days would be useful and encouraging to buy another PS Plus
ps. also one button “add all current content from PS Plus to my account” would make life easier

Cheers for PS Team, You’re doing great job!


“Thanks to the invaluable feedback and insight we gained from the community, we were able to make incremental improvements to the old store and, at the same time, develop a set of design principles which would help us create the all-new PlayStation Store that we’re launching later today.”

I’m really wondering wich community they visited…

almighty-slayer 17 October, 2012 @ 12:52

The new search is absolutely terrible, guys

stargateheaven 17 October, 2012 @ 12:55

As long as..
the store is more organized
there isn’t broken images anymore. (seriously, do people even check?)
all trailers work (some play in slow motion, again, is no one checking?)
there are “preview” buttons sometimes only on the full game, or only on the demo. It’s just weird.

If that’s all fixed then it’s all good!


To anyone saying that the Download List feedback is non-existant:

Also, on the US Blog it was stated that the new Store is HTML-5 based, meaning that they can actually make this kind of changes much easily.

Which I guess will mean that a few System Updates will be spared from that.

DEATHWISH2478 17 October, 2012 @ 12:59

Hi the store looks awesome, good work. But as others have suggested search is predictive n try’s to guess what if we want to type a game name i don’t really what to spell it one letter ay a time.

We also need a filter and search in the downloads list, especially to filter purchases from demo’s/trials/betas and also PlayStation plus items as at the moment it’s all together and i have no idea what i own or what is PlayStation plus items or betas demo’s etcetera.

Also options to buy plus games would be good so that we can choose to own them if we want as we may not want them to expire when and if we change our minds on a subscription.

Now this looks more like it, infact, it actually looks like designs I and a good number of other GUI-savvy designers cobbled together fan concepts for over the years.

I only hope it actually works though, because when you say things like this…

“many people from the PlayStation community around the world to come and participate in focus groups and one-to-one user-testing sessions”

…you leave yourself with little excuse if it isn’t aything short of spot on.

For example, I’m pretty sure that of all these “people around the world” in “focus groups” and “ono-to-one user-testing sessions” at least one person would have said “Hey, this downloads list is a bit bobbins”

Just sayin.

Looking forward to sampling the fruits of your investment this evening.

EternalChaos72 17 October, 2012 @ 13:00

this shoulda happened about 2 years ago, its a major revamp of the XMB that we need not a new ps store.

Some really good ideas in these posts.

For me, the important things are:

Sorting out the download list and being able to browse the store from other devices. I like the idea someone had about mapping things like your cart to certain buttons too.


Having everything consolidated onto one game page is a much needed move. well done there.

The rest is a bit of a train-wreck. Please fix:

* The long load time and sluggish response when moving around the store.
* Restore the easy way to see the latest updates as a list. This was really the only thing people need besides a search. All the fancy marketing images might be nice in theory, but that theory is marketing theory and we don’t care about that. Just show the name, we know what it is.
* The search is really badly implemented. Try searching for street fighter x tekken. It is a painful thing to do. Please see other services like steam as to how you might implement a virtual keyboard.

And if you have any time left over:

* We want one unified store, with unified content and unified pricing. Fixing all of the above and then releasing games late or double the price of other regions is all a bit of a waste of time anyway.

I hope that the ridiculous lack of categorisation for new DLC is fixed. I lost count of the number of times there’d be something new in the “Latest” section banging on about “Get his character for special blah blah powers!” or whatever, but TOTALLY FAIL TO MENTION WHAT GAME IT IS FOR. Shockingly amateurish. If I, a 38-year-old long-time gamer with an actual brain can’t tell what a piece of DLC is for, how are the legions of thick-skulled dunces out there?

That, and the often shocking spelling and grammar in descriptions.

Oh, and the fact that the “Download list” doesn’t let you download multiple files. I had to reformat my PS3 recently – actually it decided to do it for me and I lost 250 hours of Skyrim, cheers PS3 – and had to re-download almost 2000 items. This took TWO WEEKS of constant downloading, using a notepad to take notes as to where I was with etting back all the stuff I’d bought…

I LOVE my PS3 but sometimes I wonder if anyone at Sony actually uses theirs.

almighty-slayer 17 October, 2012 @ 13:06

Hey guys, if you’re interested here’s a quick time comparison i did.

All times taken from the main screen until the content has appeared


Apologies for the missing characters in my above post; I’ve got a new laptop and the keys are a bit stiff.


And also, bring back the DIRECT DOWNLOAD function. Why do I even want to put a FREE demo into my shopping cart in order to proceed to check out?!


This new psn store is horrible. Who ever thought this was a good idea, or an improvement on the perfectly usable, FUNCTIONING, previous PSN store?

Remember when it was easy to find what new content had been released, all in one place? Forget that, now Sony is earning money with several ads for things to purchase, and the “latest” options at the very far end of all those ads don’t even contain the latest releases.

Best not forget that it takes more than double the time of the old store to load up. This is just a poor effort all around, a perfect example of Sony not understanding that what they already have works well, and attempt to copy Xbox without realising why their system works well.

So, when can we go back to the old, not total shit, psn store? There aren’t enough words from every language in existence to explain how bad this update is. I guess you guys had to do SOMETHING since people were enjoying their PS3’s just that little bit too much.



For people that have had a PS3 for 3-5 years, expecting them to scroll through 5000 demos etc to get to a piece of DLC they bought in 2008 is unacceptable.

We don’t need flashy pictures, we need usable functionality.

It seems that this version no longer works with Remote Play. Used to use that all the time.

stargateheaven 17 October, 2012 @ 13:14

OK, used it for a while now..
one problem i find is that titles don’t fit in the boxes. like i’m looking at “tokyo jungle animal character bu….” and “crash bandicoot 2: cortex strikes …..”
This can be conusing on things like scott pilggrim vs the world having a trial and an unlock. you can’t tell until you press it.
if it was like the american store / japanese store where it told you in the image if its a demo or ps3 or psp or whatever it’s much easier. honestly i don’t know why sony isn’t more unified when it comes to things like that. it’s so useful to say on the icon “ps3 demo” “ps3 game” etc.


While I like the look of it from the pictures, in regards to

“f you’re searching for LittleBigPlanet, for example, by the time you have input L-I-T using the Tumbler, you’ll see LittleBigPlanet appear ‘above the line’ in Top Results”

and how you’re using a ‘tumbler’ system. Why not do what google does and have you use a on-screen keyboard (or for people with external keyboards…) and it shows the results dynamically as you type in letters, it would be a lot quicker than scrolling up and down looking for letters. (I mean a lot quicker even just using an onscreen keyboard than scrolling through letters).

Elliott Dumville 19 October, 2012 @ 13:01

Hi Stuart444,

We’ve tried to simplify search and make it as quick and easy to use as possible for everyone. People told us that they really didn’t like the way the old search worked or, indeed, using the on-sceen keyboard.

However, for those who prefer to use an exernal keyboard, you can still use your keyboard in the new store to enter characters in the Tumbler search.


I honestly can’t think of one positive thing to say about this new PSN store. Unless “I’m going to buy all multiplatform digital titles on my Xbox 360 now” is what you were aiming for, Sony. The less time spent with this junky interface,the better.

The old psn store worked perfectly fine. A few hiccups sometimes, but it was easy to find items. Now it’s near impossible without resorting to the search function. And typing with a controller isn’t exactly a great experience to begin with.

All this effort breaking a working system, presumably so they can get some of that ad revenue Xbox brings in. Why else would several way too large ads for games be on each page, rather than something simple and easy to navigate?

(probably ignore this post if a miracle occurs and my previous post gets past “awaiting moderation”)

stefmeister2008 17 October, 2012 @ 13:20

I think its horrific!

Its slow, I can’t stand the layout, I hate having to go through so many steps to download stuff.

Like with the newer xbox360 dash’s I hate all these big boxes/tabs, I just want a simple list where i can easily scroll down through content, I hate having to look all around the screen because of these big boxes & tabs been everywhere.

Before when you could have a nice simple list you could keep your eyes looking in one place & scroll down, Now its 3 boxes wide so your having to look all over the screen left to right & i find that a lot harder to read through when im scrolling through content.

I used to spend a time in the store going through to see if there was anything I’d be interested in (Ended up buying/downloading a llot of stuff by doing that), But from now on I’ll be reading whats been updated online & only going onto the store when I know there’s something there I want.


They haven’t fixed the download list or added a section to PS plus showing which free games you have because they don’t want the store to be a cloud gaming platform where people can easily view and manage content they have paid for across multiple devices using one common store. Ideally Sony would like you to pay again and again for the same game each generation and platform.



The last store was super responsive and slick.

This new ‘client’ is SOOOOOOO SLOOOOOOOOOW and CLUNKY, it’s me over two minutes just to load the store, last store appeared within seconds.

x_UltimaTOOL_x 17 October, 2012 @ 13:23

why is this tagged under vita when its only for ps3???

bushdoctor777 17 October, 2012 @ 13:26

Two questions:
-Will you fix the speeds in the new PS Store?
-Will you upgrade the PS Vita Store too?

Ok im using it now. It seems to take a looong time to load up, longer anyway, and the first time I used it… i lost network connection, wonderful.

OK, it LOOKS 10000 times better, but will take some getting used to, as it would naturally anyway.

I like it, but what I will say… it TAKES FOREVER TO LOAD ANYTHING, BUT, this may simply be because millions of people are all trying to use it and check it out.

Will the store finally be in the system language or will it still auto-change (unchangeable) to the country language?

Hmmm… as I use it more i notice, the only bad thing about it, is the new client, is very slow to load, quicte clunky as someone else said.

Like the images for games take a long time to load, when everything else already has.


This is the 3rd Store rendition i’ve experienced and i must say i’m not impressed. The design is depressing and the speed….the browser based version of the first was faster than this.

I’m sure i’ll adapt to it over time, but instead of forcing these new designs on us, why not make Store themes optional? Just like XMB Themes.

I’ve been a loyal PlayStation fanboy since ’94. I dont take dramatic change lightly.


Is anyone else having the problem of the new store acknowledging you’re a Plus member, because i am but when i go to download plus content it just comes up saying ‘Join Playstation Plus’?????


So i tried the new store. The layout and stuff is nice but it takes so long to load stuff. i was trying to search for something but it makes you pick the first letter, loading. the second letter, loading. the third, loading. i’m looking for the walking dead and it’s not even giving me that option.

oh look now it says internet connection failed but i don’t think that’s the case because i would have been signed out if it went off.

Also, it’s really slow. i’m looking to buy something of this but all i’m getting is a blank theme screen…

this is really putting me off…

BlogForum_Wraith 17 October, 2012 @ 13:30

Borderlands 2 DLC is available. I’m downloading it now… Use SEARCH if can’t find it.


I’m going to be that guy and ask why you decided it best to release this on the same day as a store update?

Surely releasing it on the Monday would have been better in case anything happened.

It is nice but slow. Do you fix it?

Oh… and it takes far to long to search for stuffs now!

“The speed issue will improve drastically when the region-wide roll-out is complete.”

Really? How exactly will the time taken to load the Store Application (currently clocked at 36 seconds) improve after rollout? You can’t blame bandwidth issues, there’s no cache of internet data occurring at store load, it’s just the app loading.

So, in a few days, this new store will load in the same time (or less) than the old store (currently clocked at 6 seconds)? Is that really attainable?


A nice chap from the development team just canme down to my desk and drew me a very complicated diagram explaining why the speed is currently down and why it will improve in the next day or so. I can’t pretend I understood exactly what he was going on about but I do believe him! Please, bear with us while we iron out the launch day creases.


I love the amount of people moaning about the download list. While I agree this should be sorted out you seem to be forgetting that the PlayStation Store is a business mechanism at the core so therefore they want to make it easier for people to spend money as a priority. Since the downloads stuff is things you’ve already bought its not in their business interest to fix that straight away. I’m sure they’ll sort it out but you shouldn’t really be too surprised it’s not done yet.


Yeh looks great but cant seem to use it with remote play on my vita.
Is this gonna be fixed?


Just received the new store. Here is some feedback from someone who has used the store since the start back when it was an internet based interface, we need some sort of search function in the download list so its easier to find our previous downloads for example those who have been using the store since the start like myself have a few 1000s downloads and it takes sometime to find those things we want to download. Also its very slow it took me 10 minutes just to get the store to download a demo that’s unacceptable tbh. And for me personally the interface is slightly complicated but it looks alot better your moving in the right direction just pass on my feedback!


Will the store ever be able to use touch controls through PS Vita remote play? I assume that is one possible reason you changed the store to allow for better remote play? Would be good to navigate the PS3 XMB via touch in remote play too. I am just downloading the store right now and will let you guys know what I think soon.


Looks a lot nicer,and I prefer the XMB style layout,but it’s slower.It took forever to start downloading.Not sure why we need to go through the check out.Do demo’s need that,because that would bug me.

I hate the search,it was better before.I don’t get why all these app’s don’t use a unified input.The standard keyboard was perfect,why you ask,because it was a keyboard.

Will all store updates happen early now?
When will we be able to pre select what content we want our PS+ to download?


When Vidzone was released it had the same brain dead way of searching that everybody hated. It was eventually fixed, why are we back here again?

OH MY GOD!!! Tryign to search for Warriors Orochi 3, after 10 MINUTUES i was finally able to spell out Warrior… THEN LOST CONNECTION!!! GRRRR Searching is officially the worst thing of this new store.

And now its turned back to the old store….. What?


i use it no took ages to load up you know it’s a internet web browser store like netflix when you see that loading bar they may have fix broken incons but wreck it with low speed.

even my download list took ages to load up, my download list number went up that because the films are join to the 1 download list for games & movies.

the 2nd time i went on the store didn’t load up the pictures.

i give it 3 weeks to see if things aprrove because next week SCEA users going to hit the servers really hard so slow down will continue for a while.


Okay it downloaded the new store but has some how still got the old store look?

what’s the point off a new store while we still got outdated content woulden’t it be better 2 solve the problem that is SCEE


Just great. I used it a couple of minutes, it showed nothing apart from the News section, and then it froze my PS3. Which reminds me to ask: is it possible that the PS3 SSW after years of developments still freezes?



Was going to check,but I just got the old store back.Lol,I thought this is loading quick now,heard the blllding and it came back from the dead :)

I did have access to plus earlier,I’m downloading PSABR,but will keep checking it.


considering this store getting updated today probably means you missed out on a lot off content. maybe walking dead again? o wait and the very long overdue CS:GO. let’s be honest nobody cares for CS:GO by now with months delay.


why cant we pick from different views like before??????

i would rather view my content as a simple list, i hate having to scroll through all these stupid boxes.

BRING BACK THE NICE, SIMPLE, EASY TO SCROLL THROUGH, EASY TO NAVIGATE LIST VIEW OPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I WANT MY LIST VIEW BACK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The new store is good, already noticed spelling mistakes though. Still don’t have a spell checker installed SCEE?

A good feature also is to stop these “Trial and Full Game” deals, just have an option under the game that says “Try Demo”. I noticed this in some screenshots but this seems like a hit and miss thing. Do this with all games that have demos or trials.

I would also love to know which community you have reached out too, as over these apparent 2 years of research nobody has ever commented that they were asked by SCEE to provide Store feedback.


@spikkle I downloaded the new store and didn’t even get to see it! I still have the old store so not sure what the download was for.


What? It switched back to the old store, now??


The Store is looking amazing…..and hopefully (very soon) will feel amazing to navigate the categories and menus as quickly as we used to on the old Store. Are there any plans to improve the “Downloads List” from within the Store? Currently I have a list of 700+ downloads and it is a terrible task to find anything that i may need to re-download….. maybe it could be categorized! I look forward to your reply. Many thanks and keep up the fantastic work. From SONY’s No.1 fanboy!

To be honest, the only part of the previous store that I really disliked, was/is the download list.

It’s absolutely horrendous to use. Dreadful, frustrating, slow, completely unintuitive.
I’m on my 3rd ps3 after losing two 60gb fatties to the YLOD. This was annoying, but not nearly as annoying as my attempts at getting content back on my new PS3s. I too have a huge download list, and I have issues with it not populating properly. Sometimes I’ll get a list of most recent stuff at the top, then it’ll suddenly go to stuff downloaded in 2007, and then all over the place. It took me days, and several lists written with pen and paper to keep up with what I’d download to get the content and games I wanted back on my PS3. Not even an icon to show which items are already installed. This simple idea itself would help IMMENSELY. As it stands now, you can easily redownload stuff that’s already installed, because there’s no way of finding out if something has been downloaded (or is currently do...

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To be honest, the only part of the previous store that I really disliked, was/is the download list.

It’s absolutely horrendous to use. Dreadful, frustrating, slow, completely unintuitive.
I’m on my 3rd ps3 after losing two 60gb fatties to the YLOD. This was annoying, but not nearly as annoying as my attempts at getting content back on my new PS3s. I too have a huge download list, and I have issues with it not populating properly. Sometimes I’ll get a list of most recent stuff at the top, then it’ll suddenly go to stuff downloaded in 2007, and then all over the place. It took me days, and several lists written with pen and paper to keep up with what I’d download to get the content and games I wanted back on my PS3. Not even an icon to show which items are already installed. This simple idea itself would help IMMENSELY. As it stands now, you can easily redownload stuff that’s already installed, because there’s no way of finding out if something has been downloaded (or is currently downloading) without dropping out of the list, going back to the XMB, and then having to reload the download list, and have it not display everything correctly again.


Looks like the new store has been reverted back to the old one for now. I managed to download the new store it was slow and crashed twice so I exited and now I’m back to the old design. Really great job…

Also it gets confusing to see one games marked as Trial and unlock, then right next to it the same title labelled as unlock.

It was an exceptionally frustrating experience, and I wish it would be fixed.
Just take a look at the iOS App Store to get an idea. Click on “purchased” and easily see what’s been installed, and what’s not currently installed.

Really hoping this is fixed soon, I believe this should’ve been priority 1 in an update!

One more thing, its very diffuclt to browse through things now. I want to fine all Warriors Orochi 3 add on content.

1. Searching for WO3. Yu have to choose a letter at a time using the search option, but after choosing each letter, IT FORCES YOU TO WAIT AS IT LOADS ALL THE OPTIONS! Even then, you may lose connection and be KICKED OFF THE STORE before you finish.

2. Lookign through the PS3 ADD ONS SECTION. STUPID STUPID LAYOUT! You cant search via a game option, A-Z, instead all add on content is simply thrown in there and you need to dig through it. JUST PUT AN OPTION IN WHERE I CAN SEARCH A-Z THROUGH GAMES LIKE BEFORE! Much easier. You seem to insist on forcing us to go through “most popular” and throwing the DLC for Battlefield 3 down my throat and im NOT INTERESTED!


I still have the old store for now :)

Any reason as to why I’ve been “Downgraded” to the original store even after the download.
I also assume the only reason this was released to the EU first was because once it reaches the US all the problems will be sorted and it won’t anger your precious US customers in any way?

Sony why are you so predictable?


I think it is about time for SCEE to fire that Web Design contracting company they are using. First the PS+ broken for more than 2 months, then they deliver a new store not working at all. Just imagine if that happens to Apple..

I3loodthirsty 17 October, 2012 @ 13:50

just tryed the new store it looks alot better then the old one my only gripe is it does seam slower loading things up like when i eventually found the ps+ page the welcome page was blank yet i could highlight squares with nothing in them and when trying to look at themes avatars tv shows ect they pages dont load up.
may be because its new or at least i hope thats all it is and will speed up soon and start loading everything faster lol


@ toddhunter

Yeah,I almost mentioned VidZone myself.But I’m sure they have a similar set up now,but it’s quick.It’s been a while since I’ve used it.

Youtube app is the same though,from what I’ve seen it had a horrible scroll system,and that got a slight fix.It looked like the PSone days again.


Hi I’ve just been booted off the old store and when I went back in it the old store has reappeared. What just happened. Will I get the new one back?


where has the view options gone?

please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please bring back the different view options for store content!

i really hate this box style & would rather have the ‘list’ which we had before, was so much easier to read through!

OK, ok. I tried searching again, and it loaded… REALLY QUICK. I think it was because I had already gone through it before maybe?

Either way, I got to the Warriors Orochi 3 page… and it is good. Each game has its own little section, and ALL of the add ones are all listed there, along with all relevant game info.

So yeah, when you finally get through the loading times… it works great. It does, and it looks great too.

after my previous Rant at sony or who ever really cares, still lagging inside store, store is now changing bak 2 old version occasionally. an still not happy its taking up 26MB. u shulda jus left it, it was perfectly fine IMO. but what ever im just a customer. you shuldve had the choice of wich store u prefer. me i would keep it the same stuff was easy 2 locate, rather than flicking through like 3 things a time. i prefer my little blue boxes not a NETFLIX ps Store

This is really good news!
I’m the person who browse through the PS store everyday and this would make the experience better! :D

Good job guys!

Shift_Breaker 17 October, 2012 @ 13:56

It seems a real pain to navigate through the DLC available, particularly when there’s a lot of it. At least on the old store everything was organised by letter groups so you could divide it bit by bit but right now it’s either search for it or view a massive list. Navigating through the music tracks section of the store is going to be a long, tedious process.

Also yeah, download list is still a pain, too.


yeay the old store is back. i’d rather keep this and be able to download the stuff i want

almighty-slayer 17 October, 2012 @ 13:56

To show how broken the search is, try searching for “Street Fighter X Tekken” and see how you get on. Lol.

People are moaning it’s taking up 26MB, really? 26MB? That’s an issue?



This is how I imagine things go down in Sony.

Ziggy_Marley_93 17 October, 2012 @ 13:59

Initial reaction: I hate it. The way things are organised are terrible, I’m not sure if there is a way to list content alphabeticaly (The top and bottom are cut off on my tv) but I much prefered the old layout. Long loadtimes. I also prefered it when the video content was completely seperate from the games section, I’m never going buy films/ tv shows from the PSN.

Maybe I’ll grow to accept it, but I sincerely doubt it.

Thanks for the odd reply Fred. Glad to hear that the speed is expected in improve once the rollout is complete. Now I wonder what will be more annoying in the meantime, the initially slow store or the hoards of moaners griping about how big a “fail” it is because they’re too impatient to wait for it to be fully up and running ;)


I deleted the update to see if i could download it again and erm I can’t ooops. Hopefully I will get the option again soon.



“A nice chap from the development team just came down to my desk and drew me a very complicated diagram explaining why the speed is currently down and why it will improve in the next day or so”

That’s cool,and it’s expected at this time.But try downloading PSABR from +
Add Cart > Proceed Checkout > Checkout > Confirm > Click Download Icon > Background download

Old Store
Download > Background Download

Maybe I’ve missed a quick option,but those extra steps will always be there even when the store speed stabilizes.

The adverts in the PS+ section load into an empty category…

@ Ziggy_Marley_93
It’s typical for people to dislike things that change and sadly that’s one of the most common points of view to be expressed online. Rather than focussing on what you think you dislike, why not see how many ways it has improved. make us of the new functions rather than trying to make it work in the old way.
As for the screen clipping, that sounds like a problem with your setup to me, check your TV picture mode (zoom etc.)


Fred, quick question!

I purchased this morning (I’m evil :P) a DLC pack supposed to be go live today before the Store update began in my country. I have it in my list, and can vote the item, but the etiquette still says Buy. If I try to put it in the crt to see what happens, it says it’s not available for purchase.

Should all go back to normal by itself (I know you don’t work on the Store team, but please ask them if they’re around!), or should I contact Costumer Service?


@ 160. Try looking for CSGO too.

Anyone in UK had the new Xbox dashboard yet?

The content sorting is pretty bad, under latest add-ons it has content on the main page that is over a year old! This is pretty laughable.


I only got it to work once and now it has reverted back to the ols tore again.


just shows the main progress off SCEE

supersmith2500 17 October, 2012 @ 14:06

While the new look looks really nice, I think it’s looks similar to the Xbox’s dashboard. If the Plus issues get fixed. I will be one happy gamer. Let’s hope Jawad has a great update for us for the heads-up update.

DaisukeVulgar 17 October, 2012 @ 14:07

I don’t mind the new store, honestly, but my problem right now is that I am repeatedly taken back to the old, non-updated store. Also, I bought the Season Pass for Borderlands 2, but whenever I’m in game, it recognises the older store to look through for getting the DLC, and so the Captain Scarlett is unavailable for me to download. Is this something on your end, or theirs?

Hopefully this will be fixed soon.


Yeah, they reverted, perhaps they’re changing something now?

While this new store looks fantastic – where is the cohesion with the rest of the playstation experience?

The rest of the XMB is using a different interface, different colour pallet, different font.

I really hope on the PS4 the interface is more like this across the board cause it looks awesome!

Thank you but please….keep going with the rest of the XMB


Just fired up the PS3 and its still the same store.
Works great too ?


oh how ironic i had it for about 30/45 minutes it went back to the old blue store, that tells me it been pulled now.

what irony ppl on here, thesixthaxis complain about how long the store loaded up & each incon to pop up so they wish a internet web browser store that loads up longer then the old 1 a internet web browser doesn’t load up fast period.


I can’t even load the store, I am up for changes and always love to try new stuff, but the store just not working good =\
I think it is because you hadn’t tried to do some large close beta to check if everything is good for a release ? I just don’t believe you released something with so much bugs…

supersmith2500 17 October, 2012 @ 14:11

Just looked at twit from PSEurope and they say it’s due to be live at 3 and 5 along with the store update which Jawad hasn’t posted yet?


hey please help me i downloaded the new store design i went out the sore and the old design came back how i may i fix this please help me :( and why is borderlands 2 dlc saying 7.99 when i bought the season pass please help me from bex.


Where’s the option to rate the blog post and store itself MINUS FIVE STARS!


Store update and content going up the same day.

This is going to be funny.

JediKnight246 17 October, 2012 @ 14:14

The new PS Store looks great so far, it’s shiny and i’m glad it now shows file sizes for every game, so no more getting hit with 20GB downloads without warning.

I haven’t had much time to test it out though, i keep getting sent back to the old store even though i’ve downloaded the new app. The loading times are the only thing holding the new PS Store back so hopefully it’ll get fixed in time for the Store update. :)


@spagetti69 It will indeed be funny! thats if the store content update is still today

It looks and sounds good, will have to see how it is in practice. And if these initial speed and other launch issues were going to be a problem would it not have made sense to push this out on a day that isn’t a store update and you know lots of people are going to try to access the store?

Another +1 for the download list being improving, adding filter and search functionality would be great, hope it’s a top priority.

M3RL1NS_N3M3S1S 17 October, 2012 @ 14:18

taking the first 100 comments alone, 61 of them are negative, all are valid points and it really beggs the question why did you have focus groups, one-on-one sessions, surveys and whatever else you done to research the userbase and then completely ignore all the most requested features?

I remember the original store, it was also html based, it was slow and horrible, it was scrapped for a custom app based store that was designed to be faster, and it was faster and better.

I’ve yet to get my hands on the new design, but from feedback here and on the web the new store is slower, harder to browse, search is a mess, downloads list is worse (is that even possible?) and the only thing most people agree on is it looks nice…

Functionality > Looks not Looks > Functionality…

The store hasn’t updated for me i’m still getting the old one

These posts may not be representative of the final experience though. Given that we have been told that the speed will improve once it is fully up and running I’m pretty sure there is an unfairly negative skew on opinions so far.



It was already up.I checked at 1:15.+ content was there (PSABR PS3 And PSV)and think the demo’s were new.Was Sport championship 2 up last week?

Fred.the new store looks great,but I have a question I put money on the old store last night,will it transfer over to the new store.thanks


jason r ‏@jason544
@RabidWalker @LordRoss Whats happened to the new look store? I downloaded it, installed it but it still shows the old store?
Expand Reply Delete Favorite
4m RabidWalker ‏@RabidWalker
@jason544 @LordRoss Hi there, yep currently looking into this, I will update when I know more

I just had a reply on my twitter

bushdoctor777 17 October, 2012 @ 14:25

Just tried to use the new PS Store and it’s just dysfunctional. It just doesn’t load almost any list of games and it lads all the time. I hope this is just temporal due to the update.

As has been said above “Download List” needs to have filters or split into Games, DLC, Demos and Beta games groups


Oh god why you want the new store back do you think it going to get any faster the only internet web browser store is faster is apple it got 2 stores App store & itunes store.

you got alot of content there big pictures to load up imagines by useing a internet web browser httml5 things will load up Slow so im guessing ppl love the new look & dont mind slower response time that the logic eh.

funnydude6556 17 October, 2012 @ 14:26

I don’t have the new store design. I logged in and it’s not coming up for me I just get directed to the old store design, there’s no new update to download so am I not doing something everybody else is or what?

xXBurakkunaitoXx 17 October, 2012 @ 14:28

says that you can Redeem Codes, but im tryina add funds, i cant see add fund option + when im trying to search for a game, nothing happens, search does not work

@195: I have download the new design and it isnt loading for me either, taking me to the old one. I think they took it down, temporarily to make some adjustments or something.


Lets just hope that we in EU will get the same content as the ones in the US from now on. But i doubt it.


And we’re back to the old store. Lesson learnt today: Never release a product that isn’t completed or tested.


I like what i see Elliott! :) now i have Netflix and the new store on my ps3 :)

Life is Good :D


Plenty of people have mentioned the need to be able to filter the previous downloads. I can’t believe this was overlooked. As I mentioned finding my PS Vita stuff in the list on the Vita is a ballache.

It’s nice that it lists everything and tells me I can’t download it on the Vita. ;)

If I can’t download it, don’t show it or at least give me the ability to disable it or filter it.


Wow this store sucks, I mean I do not care about the design but longer loading times and more steps to download games, just go back to the old one!

#198: Yeah lets hope so!


So who’s the genius that said “I know, let’s make downloading more bloated and unintuitive! That’s what people want!” and then added 5 steps to download a free demo? And why does he still have a job?

I can’t download any PS+ content as this new store thinks i’m not a member. Hope that gets fixed really soon.

You_Better_Hide 17 October, 2012 @ 14:40

Store update is great, i welcome all new improvements, however with me sitting on 781 downloads (on the download list) it is VERY hard to find what i am looking for that i have already previously downloaded, please add a search function into the download list. Also, the new store takes a while to start-up. I know that the store is new, but you may have to address this as it is a tad slow in the loading area.


3 issues i found from testing for like 10 mins.

1) Still no way to search your downloads history.

2) Can’t I see any longer which files I have alreasy downloaded or not?

3) Very slow loading

Okay, am I seriously the one that thinks this is all one giant p**s take?! And why are you FORCED to switch to the new store?! What was wrong with the old one anyway?! The new layout sucks, looks dim and boring. Takes forever to start (starting day jitters and creases?! What?!). AND you have to ‘download the software’?! Laughing my a** off in disgust here! All could be simply resolved if you just had the option not to switch over. *YAWN*

supersmith2500 17 October, 2012 @ 14:45

The new store is slow and sluggish and now I’m kicked back to the old design. SCEE why do you screw your customers so bad!


RabidWalker ‏@RabidWalker
@jason544 If you keep the download the new store should now load up, the update should be made available again shortly if deleted

Should be working now


i got the new store back but it now saying undergoing maintenance in gods name it like the very 1st store we ever got when Ps3 was release no matter how you get this sorted it will be slower response then the old 1 when i was on it before the maintenance all the icons took ages to show up on 1 page of a game i went to overview to see pictures of a PSP game could not see any.


10 minutes ago the new Store was in my PS3 but now back to the Old look !?! BTW it’s Really SLOW!

and Where is PS All Stars Beta ????? At least release it for one system now Vita or PS3 the later for the other one !!!


Sony puts forward their want to make profit far to strongly, seriously why don’t you just come round to my house and poke me with a stick…

Come next generation a lot of people are going to be moving to Xbox, me included if you don’t start cleaning up your act.

One extra improvement for the store that you should strongly think about is: MAKE EVERYTHING FREE!

The store (horrible as it is now) doesn’t recognise I’m a Plus member.
Why do we always need to be Beta testers for this incompetent bunch of fracking idiots at SCUK!?


“and later”*

By the way Digidevil 4 is probaly the biggest plonker the Playstation universe has ever seen. I hope he reads this post so that he can see what a twit we all think he is.


I downloaded the new store, a little slow, but otherwise looking great. Tried to purchase The Unfinished Swan – did not recognise I’m a PS+ subscriber. Then the store crashed, reloaded, crashed again. Now I have the old store back. Restarted my console, the update is nowhere to be seen…

Can I assume it’s been taken down to fix something? There’s been very little communication as well, I appreciate it’s busy there, but this is like the bad old days when Sony would just clam up. There hasn’t even been anything on Twitter, bar a post regarding topping up the wallet. Maybe updating the store and updating it with new content on the same day wasn’t a great idea.

supersmith2500 17 October, 2012 @ 15:03

Pfft make everything free? Yeah right. Nice try though.

Why are you hiding the minis section?

Why are not psvita and minis in the latest section? They should both have a bar over their.

@ Digidevil4
Nobody is forcing you to view the store. It also makes perfect sense to make content more visible in the store, you know the place you go to BUY things :-/
You might want to have a look into what Microsoft are doing with the XBox these days as it includes ads dominating the dashboard (that’s your personal space and not the shop). If that, along with paying for the privilege sounds good to you then you will love XBox ;-)

Yikes, quite some moaning here. You’d think that some people never experienced that switching to something entirely new always causes (solvable) issues.

But one point that I’d critizice: Why didn’t you switch the stores on monday but picked the day when everyone wants to grab the new content? That seems just stupid.

I think I made a booboo :(.
So much to my excitement downloaded the new store update and on logging into to it, ps3 crashed, reset itself automatically and when through the repair automatically too.
Once restarted I tried the store again, only the old layout showed.
So backed out deleted the new update restarted ps3 tried again, didn’t give me option to download the new one again :|…
I hope I haven’t lost it for good.

And great efforts to make this update possible, kinks can be fixed, and im sure in reality the customers that understand this are patient and know you can do it!

M3RL1NS_N3M3S1S 17 October, 2012 @ 15:08

So got the new update, and it feels like i’m not logged into the store, it has no indication to show what i’ve purchased previously and it want’s me to join PS+ (even though i’m subbed till Sep 2014). so i logged out and turned off my PS3, turned it back on thinking this would fix the problem if the store was loaded from scratch after a reboot incase it needed to intergrate with the console…

anyway, all i’m getting now is the old store again, the new store is so bugged and useless even my PS3 dosn’t want it…

What exactly have you been doing for 2 years? it feels like a prototype that was knocked together in 2 weeks by students on work exerience… it’s like apple maps, it wasn’t ready for release and the dev team should be ashamed of it and not proud, and the person who signed off on it as ready for release needs to be sacked…

@220: Nah, dont worry you havent lost it for good. Give it time it will come back. Most of us have the old store, there likely making some adjustments or update to it.

Pure_Mind_Games 17 October, 2012 @ 15:08

Forget new looks(although it does look nice), a searchable and/or filterable download list is higher priority, I have 823 items, do you know how much of a pain it is to find stuff?


[DELETED] people!!!!

When do any large-scale digital projects run silky smooth? (Cue: they don’t)

Whining and whining and whining and whining because it doesn’t work perfectly mere hours after launch IS NOT helpful in any way. You just look like a (CENSORED) with nothing better to do than sit there pushing buttons repeatedly waiting for things to work.

Are you honestly telling me that your life is so dull that you NEED ‘x’ DLC RIGHT THIS MINUTE?

They’ve said things are set to improve, so please just wind your neck in and try to have a bit of respect for peoples hard work.

I swear gamers are the most self-entitled whiners in the world.


Wouldn’t it have made more sense to release the update on Monday so the creases were ironed out for the Wednesday content update?

Also disappointed I can’t buy unfinished swan for another week as I’m not playstation +. Oh and I want retro city rampage.



i have had the same problem it keeps asking me to subscribe to ps plus again when im already a member n i now have the old store lay out

Those who couldn’t get unfinished swan, it is still available on old store via search “unfinished” £9.99 EXCLUSIVE it says here.


i cant add funds .. :(

@anyone.if you put money on the old store last night,will it transfer over to the new store

supersmith2500 17 October, 2012 @ 15:21

Guys, why the complaints?

The new Store is just came out and tends not to work properly due to bugs. It will be fixed as soon as the bugs are fixed. The reason why I got thrown into the old design is there is too bugs and slow down,

Elliott is also busy working on those issues and will be fixed soon enough. Give it time or wait for the store to update and it will be fixed then.

SO PLEASE, Quit Whining!!

I believe in the saying if it’s not broke don’t fix it.It’s good to change the look now and again but a total overhaul isn’t really needed if you ask me.

You should all feel grateful it came to EU first.
youd complain otherwise, but those is the reality of new and large changes in software.
Things may have been tested time and time again at HQ, but right now is the the real field test.
If this happened in the states Sony would be sued left right and centre.
Not to stereo type but someone would more than likely try to get past the new “not allowed to sue us” agreement by saying “oh my money is not there”
we’re all getting sluggishness and bugs.
Instead of complaints we should be sending in support and enquiries so that they know what they are looking for, can get onto the matter quicker and be a hell of alot less stressed.
Stressed people make mistakes even more.

@235 stu123 it was pressured on by customers. In their (Sony) eyes too eventually it had to be done.


@231 Sephriem – thanks for that! I’m downloading it now.

I can’t see Giant Sparrow being too impressed their game has to be searched for though.


can we please have an option to switch the view to ‘list’. i seriously cannot stand this new boxes/tiles design, would much rather be able to view things with a list.



That isn’t my point -.-, my point is that over the past few years almost every ‘improvement’ they have made to the Playstation experience has been a blatant money grab. Obviously they need to make money but that doesn’t mean you ignore the wants of your fan-base for that sake. Look at some of the comments following any of the posts on this blog. Feedback is largely negative to pretty much every ‘improvement’ they make.

This has been going on so long that I’m beginning to wonder if this is a cultural issue, are Japanese people less demanding and more accepting of this kind of stuff?

@ 238 Xephone1970 –

you’re welcome ^_^.

Usually the search and uploads are their before actuall advertising on the store, so it’s kinda best to see this as “early access” ha.
For me the store is visually updated by like 5pm.
But what’s there and what’s actually shown is two different things.

Much of this weeks content is still being uploaded to its servers once it’s all done then the visual updates change.

But most things have already been there for a couple of hours.
Is always good to know when you wanna beat busy traffic on a popular new download


Yes we should be grateful we got the new store 1st then SCEA we been like guiana pigs to test the bugged me store gob forbid if NA get the store 1st & it bugged that will never do they get things 1st that not bugged.

im seeing old store then the new store then back to the old store so im seeing both stores yes things go wrong on lanuch day lets all come back in 6 weeks time & discuss has it been fixed.

but i say 6 weeks 7 weeks & they fix the funds the store will take longer to load up.


changes ?


I haven’t had the chance to use it yet, but it does look a lot better looking at the pics. But has there been any changes made to the download list? Because I’ve been having problems with it lately, as a lot of the content changed it’s date of purchase when I renewed Plus, so searching for content is a pain now. Putting in a search option would make that list easier to find content. If that’s not in place already, I hope this will be added soon.


*typo alert above: new & god i should have put.

going to recheck the store the update should be live by now.

New store is utterly horrible. Worst thing on life with playstation since YLOD. Surely its visually better but functionality is much more important! Where u fail: 1) Organisation, converting formerly hierarchial structure to flat was worst mistake: finding a DLC in sackboy skinstack of 6600 is journey im not taking part. 2) Search, Replacing OSK with 1D letterlist is silly mistake which vidzone already learned the hard way. Also limiting specifiability of search leads to flood of unwanted results and is SIMPLY AWFUL 3) Download list. Failure to address only part of store which was actually broken is just unbelievably nuts. It needs search and filters. 4) Plus section doesnt utilize valuable screen realestate optimally.

lol @ the 5+ year wait for the mess of the store to get a clean up, and i still dont have a easy way to go through my purchases!

How many more years before the failbrowser gets looked at?

honestly, you guys blow


I disagree. The browser isn’t bad and it got an upgrade fairly recently. You can go through your purchases here: – you don’t have many reasons to complain, honestly. It’s better than nothing. And these issues will be sorted out soon, so…


Ok so this is whats going on on my end. I downloaded the update earlier for the new store then when I got reverted back to the old one I deleted the update since then I’m now using the old store without any problems plus for me anyway the store has updated with all the new content with no problem. Can I keep the old store from now on?

You cant download and reinstall from that link though can you? No…

when I have like 1000+ downloaded items from the store, and im reinstalling games I brought, i dont really need or want to scroll though 800+ demos i tried since 2008 etc

Your browser may work as you need it, but clearly mine doesnt or i would not be mentioning it

From where im sat, the ps user base has complained about so many importent things, yet they all get overlooked and instead we get given useless crap that no one asked for or wanted

And here with the store, most of us wanted a better one, and hell of a lot of people have been asking for better access to our paid for content, yet they skipped the most importent bit.

You can sit there and complain that im complaining, but my main point still stands, its 5+ years later and the basics are still not up to standard

It may be a free network, but id rather pay a little and you know, have psn move with times!

wow 248 comments and a impressive communication between ur user base with “four” replies.

keep up the good work

*between you and your

I recommend everyone takes a look at the video preview of the new store posted by the US Blog. It gives a really good run down of the features and makes it clear that Sony ARE listening to what users want and will be evolving this new store all the time.


Looks great as usual, at first sight. But I really would like you to stop stressing that it was ‘designed with our feedback in mind’ because a lot of us didn’t get a say in this whatsoever. Anyway, I always liked the store and you didn’t need to be a rocket scientest to navigate through it and find what you need.
One note though, I find it strange that there’s time and resources for all this but a lot of us are still waiting for a videostore to be added, for several years and counting now..
Also, the one thing I actually wanted to see change, some options concerning the download list (delete demo’s, organize it, ..), apparently didn’t make it in, maybe if we had a say in this too? … Anyway, I’m off to check it for myself and give Killzone another try.

PS- that’s a somewhat annoying glitch on this blog:
url’s which span onto a second line in the comment box end up with a space in them and the link gets broken. A fix for this would be great.
Mik :)

@ Stonesthrow
The PS Blog comments are here for everyone to have a say and the store has been subject to a lot of opinions on here so I would say that it is justified to claim that our feedback has been used. :)


The Portuguese Store is still the same. Anybody knows if it will have the new upgrade ?


@254 No, your feedback has been used, as are the ones from the other bigger countries. They might read our comments out here on the blog but we didn’t get a say in a poll or anything like that, like you guys have.

Now, I haven’t check out the new store. Currently I am at work, but once I get home I will try it. Hopefully the new store also has fixed the ability to easily find own games. Right now I have to browse through the download list, while I just want to filter out what is DLC and what is game etc. I have around 800-900 downloads :)

@ Stonesthrow
I admit that not everyone was given a poll but not everyone was in a focus group either. That doesn’t change the fact that these comments are universally available and people regularly use them to give their opinions and feedback.
You don’t need to be asked to do a questionnaire for you to tell Sony what you think and I personally believe that the changes Sony are making here are representative of the complaints that the public of all nationalities has made :)

funnydude6556 17 October, 2012 @ 17:16

To the people insulting us guys complaining.
It’s because Sony never needed to update the PSN in the first place, at least now we can get the content we wanted in the first place and yeah if they can make sure the new store is working I really don’t care what the PSN Store looks like. But with these problems it’s just annoying to think you didn’t ask for this and your still suffering. Also I can’t get it to load up the new store, I thought if I deleted the PSN Store I could redownload it but it’s not working.

I don’t mind not having the new store but if I buy something new will that interfere with my money for the PS Store. So if I buy something directly from my account will the money left from my purchase disappear should the new store load up or will I still have that money?

funnydude6556 17 October, 2012 @ 17:19

Also a quick question relating to the Borderlands 2 DLC, is the season pass only up till the last Borderlands 2 DLC pack has been released or can we buy that whenever we want post DLC? Just that I’d rather wait in case I’m not too keen on the other three DLC Packs for the game.

… looks like Sony has ditched the new store and reverted back to the old one LOL.


Nice (but slow) while it lasted, back to the old store here too. Things never seem to run smoothly in the Sony camp do they, real shame.

As everyone else is saying we need the download list fixing, hope it all works out when the creases get ironed out though.

Yep, no new store for me, and can’t find a lot of the supposed latest store update content either.

detictiveconan 17 October, 2012 @ 17:40

Here is what I think so far.

I don’t want movies mixed in with games. And i want to go staght onto the game section on startup like the old store. I’m in the store for games, I want to go there first.

I want the menu open when the store first starts

Icons are too big. I would like smaller icons so there can be more on-screen at once.

I liked how the old store had a small description of a game while browsing without having to open a game’s page.

I want the option to download directly from a game’s page like the old store had.

A wishlist I can put games I want to buy on would be nice.