Germinator to infect PlayStation Network soon

Germinator 05

Hey there, PlayStation faithful. Scott here from Creat Studios, and I’m back to announce our great new game with a killer twist on the bubble genre. Something messy and contagious is festering in suburbia, and there’s only one hero who can save the day: The Germinator!

No more of that old school Match-3. While three-of-a-kind won’t help you in Germinator, you will need to crash your germ bubbles into those of the same colour. Upon collision, they’ll combine and grow, grow, GROW until they POP… gooey, splotchy, splattering pops. Be sure to pop them quickly before they get too big and overrun the house. Timing and accuracy is the key to preventing the various germs from rising too high.

Germinator 02Germinator 07

Germinator features a crazy cast of multi-coloured bubble germs with their own personalities and traits. Making them pop the right way triggers combos to explode them all and make a mess of your screen. Dozens of levels and power-ups will keep you coming back to clean house. Local multiplayer lets you battle your friends or the AI.

Toss in Move controller support and full 1080p, and you’ve got a messy good time!

Germinator 06Germinator 03

Expect to see Germinator clean up PlayStation Store around the end of the year or start of 2013. Keep checking back to find out exactly when scrubbing begins. You can also get more updates and info by following us on Twitter @CreatStudios and @GerminatorGame, and like us on Facebook.

We’re thrilled to share the latest addition to our PlayStation Network catalog! We love what we do, and we couldn’t do it without all of you. Please send your thoughts and suggestions our way, and be sure to tell us how you enjoy Germinator when it launches soon.

Germinator 01Germinator 04

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PSvita version?


It’s being discussed, kivi95. Please check back later, as more announcements will be made.

Another one to watch out for. I would love to see some ingame footage, as it’s pretty difficult to grasp what this game is really about.

The obvious question: As this looks great with a touchscreen, will there be a Vita version/crossover?

Oh, and the link to the CreatStudios Twitter page is incorrect, and should be Thanks for posting those adresses! That alone is worth this post!


Hi chrisboers!

A few things…

One, out twitter is indeed @creatstudios, with an “S” at the end.

Two, you can check out game play footage and a trailer at Please let us know what you think!

Three, as mentioned above, Vita is being discussed.

Thanks so much for your interest!

Ah, those vids really explain a lot. As they say, one (moving) picture says more than a 1000 words :-)

Looks like a nice twist on the bubble shooter genre. I’ll have to check the other vids to see the different tricks you’ve built into the game (like the bouncy-platform, and how you can shoot through some black bubbles, er, germs)

Just don’t over-price it though, in the end, it’s still a bubble trouble game…


So glad you enjoyed the vids. It won’t be over-priced, I assure you!


Creat do it again!!! Eveeything they make is pure gaming gold. Cant wait to play this one.


Thanks so much, Omac_brother! We can’t wait to get your reaction.

i just had a quick look at some of the videos.
they give a much b etter idea of the gameplay than these screenshots can.

the game looks fun, and i love the expressions on the germs.
if the price is right i could see this being purchased, as i love a good colour match puzzle game.

will there be any kind of endless mode, where you keep playing as long as you keep clearing the screen?
or is it all just individual levels?
because i like it when i can just keep playing for as long as i can, i’ve got a game going on the ios version of bejeweled that’s up to something like 8 hours now. ^_^

let me add my support for a Vita version too, because though i don’t have one yet, i will sooner or later, sooner hopefully, and i’d think this would be ideal for the Vita, especially if the option for touchscreen controls is added.


We’re so glad that you enjoyed the game play videos, HazelAm! We’re especially happy that you liked the germs expressions. We love the bubble genre, but felt it needed a touch of character.

Yes, there is an endless “Arcade” mode, along with hundred of challenging predetermined levels.

Please let us know how you enjoy it when the game launches soon.

cool, can’t wait.

finally somthing new from you guys.
one of my fav. games on psn is stil mushroom wars! its up there with journey!.

so a new game from you, that just made my day !


Thank you Rytteren! Knowing that we made your day has made our day!

We’re thrilled to hear how much you enjoyed Mushroom Wars. Please let us know what you think of Germinator when it launches.

“Germinator to infect PlayStation Network soon” is not the best title for a PlayStation post. I saw it on my Google website feed and thought a hacker group were going to attack the PSN again. :(


I hear you, VenomUK. But I’ll give the good team at Sony some credit for their sense of humor.

I love the personality of the different germs, really nice design. And yes, it’s been mentioned before, but this should be a Vita game. This type of game is, in my opinion, much better suited for a portable device…


So glad that you like the germs’ personalities, Aven85. We had a lot of fun bringing them to life.

We do agree that Germinator has a lot of potential as a Vita game, which is why we’ve been chatting about it a lot here.

But I highly recommend that you give it a try with the Move controller, too. It gets very addictive.

CoolRichy008UK 19 October, 2012 @ 18:18

ooh awsome Scott Hyman i might get this game looks great and i have the move controller and sub controller more games like this please scott.

Day one buy for me and maybe a ps plus discount :P


Thanks, CoolRichy008UK! Nothing makes us happier than make such an impression. Please let us know how you like it once you’ve made the purchase.

CoolRichy008UK 19 October, 2012 @ 18:31

oh and scott good thing this game didnt come out when there was a mad cow epedemic LMAO that would of really sold your game :D :D


At the end of the day it’s still a Bubble Trouble-esque game. PSN is pretty much over flowing with these types of games. Trash Panic and Critter Crunch spring to mind. So personally I think I’ll pass.

However, I would like to thank you Scott for being such a good communicator on this blog. You’ve replied to practically every post so far and that’s a rare thing to see. This is how I’d love all devs to treat their potential customers. Props to you.
So even though the game is’nt really my cup ‘o tea and while I probably won’t get the game (unless it’s free for PS+), I do wish you and your ream the best of luck with it. I genuinely hope it does well on release day.

love how the developers says coming soon…with scee’s track record giving it a date is too risky …but really am looking forward to this lets hope scee dont mess this up

hassantest012 24 October, 2012 @ 15:01

Cool stuff!

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