Align with Zeus in new God of War: Ascension multiplayer trailer

God of War: Ascension will see multiplayer introduced to the series for the very first time, bringing the intense action and brutal combat to solo and team based game modes.

In Ascension multiplayer you’ll be able to create your own avatar and align with one of four gods. Each god grants you with a different set of unlockable powers, armour sets and abilities, and offers a unique multiplayer experience. It’s up to you to work out which deity works best for your playing style, and in team-based battles it’ll be key to choose the right blend of allegiances within your team if you’re going to take down the opposition.

Today we can show you the first of four trailers detailing the benefits of siding with the four respective gods. First up, the almighty Zeus….

There’s lots more news to come on God of War: Ascension soon, so keep checking back on the Blog.

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God of War Ascension multiplayer.

A mode no one asked for, in a game where it doesn’t fit.

Haters gonna hate on new god of war multiplayer

wauw, what a great trailer and yes finaly a multiplayer mode in a God of War game, I have been asking for a GOW multiplayer mode for years, thanks for listening to your community Sony, respect!

Glad you keep talking about MP,it means I don’t have to worry about spoilers,or maintaining a black out for long.

I really like the idea.As has been said,it’s that powerstone vibe that’s interesting.I’m glad SSM are even attempting MP,my MP time has nose dived recently,and I need something different

I’m still wary about DLC,if it’s maps I’ve no interest in the log term value of the MP.Anything that splits player base is a no.

Multiplayer? In God of War? C’mon…

nope i do not need so i not need to pay
i wil play singel player
i realy not like online trophies + i not like lots of games have mp .

jes cod / bf masife online rpg like ff ore guild wars ( pay 1 x then some big dlc u pay but no monthly fee )

when u gone give option to players to buy version whitout online ath cheaper price whith platinium tropie = whith no online tropies u need to get paltinium

Coody-Baroody 23 October, 2012 @ 13:07

No thanks, still looks pump to me. Im just hoping they dont tack on online trophies like they’ve tacked on a multiplayer nobody will be playing a month after launch.


MP in GOW? No thank you. The added MP better not effect the quality of single player. You know there’s nothing wrong with keeping a single player game.. a single player game. Just because MP is the ‘done’ thing these days does’nt mean you guys have to jump on the bandwagon. Please focus on single player and make MP an after thought.

Project2insanity 23 October, 2012 @ 14:34

Don’t you all think it’s best we wait before judging the result? Pretty darn narrow-minded otherwise. Or were MGS and Uncharted just a waste of time by including multiplayer?


Oh yeah I’ll give it the benifit of the doubt but I’m pretty sure we can all predict what’s gonna happen. It’ll be played for the first month till everyone gets the mp trophies and then it’ll be ignored.

10@ Devils_Demon = total agry

reason why i urgent ask to make tropies singelplayer only + sp .platinium when 100 %

also other trophies if u paly online also when u 100 % online platinium

when u goth both u have game uniek special trophie ( new trophie )

why lots advatars not chowing up in blog ?

Project2insanity = nope i never played = them stupid waist of mi €€€€

o i see new ps+ free advatars not showing up lol

Highbury4ever 23 October, 2012 @ 15:36

This imho is wrong. There is no room in a GoW game for MP. All this has done is produced a low quality SP game and a MP mode that will be played for a couple of weeks. This would have been a RD purchase but it went to Buy when in bargain bin when I heard about tacked on MP.


i can feel it, multiplayer is a good idea i remember The Strangers (on Amiga) it was a great fun to play with friends

to all quit those ranting, you never saw the game finished…

Come on guys is a simply arena challenges with online co-op. Where is the problem with that? All GOW games we finished the epic single player 2 or 3 times and then jump to arena challenges. why this mode don’t keep us there a couple months with xp points, level up and all the fun to has a multiplayer mode ? Also the beta is not available yet to start blame already :)

Project2insanity 23 October, 2012 @ 18:47

@monoliet; Try thinking outside your own narrow-minded opinion. Those games may have been a waste of your money but I mentioned those franchises specifically because they each have massive fan-bases and neither sacrificed the single player experience for the multiplayer.

Seeing as you clearly are in it purely for the trophies, however, I doubt that’ll mean anything to you.

@Highbury4ever; Consider those same examples before writing it off.

I don’t care for mp. Won’t buy it untill it’s 15 euro.

Multiplayer in GOW you can’t be serious ? there’s far too many games going multiplayer, and I HATE multiplayer trophies. What would be better is drop in co-op 1 tv and 2 controllers so we can play with people we actually know. I will hsve to see what the solo campaign is like before considering buying. For the nxt GOW game drop multiplayer and include co-op instead you can add multiplayer maps as DLC then everybody will get the best of both.

CrazySasquatch- 23 October, 2012 @ 21:27

@18 Your loss cheap skate.

Game looks incredible, still a bit skeptical about mulitplayer, but still a day one buy nonetheless.

dogwalker4000 24 October, 2012 @ 00:53

Really looking forward to this, MP or not.

I’m guessing the people dissing the MP and even the SP have played the finished game and can speak from experience because it would be completely ignorant to do so otherwise. And also the guy who said drop in co-op; that is a terrible idea, I couldn’t think of anything worse than Kratos needing a “buddy” to help de-eye a cyclops.

@21 I mean co-op you with your team against others. And Kratos is not part off this multiplayer, only Spartans

bobbyrai1978_80 25 October, 2012 @ 10:02

looking forward to this!

dogwalker4000 25 October, 2012 @ 15:51


Sorry my comment was aimed at Witcher70, I couldn’t think of anything worse than Kratos needing his hand held and forced co-op into the main story. The actual MP concept looks like fun imo and anyone who else is interested should “play” the pre-release social app thing on the GoW website. You can earn XP and in game items to use on release, it’s kinda got me pumped for March tbh.

The UK want the God of War Saga!

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