Sports Champions 2: Check out the launch trailer and TV ad!

Hi everyone, ahead of the game’s launch next week, I’m pleased to share the latest trailer for Sports Champions 2.

With five new sports – Skiing, Boxing, Tennis, Golf, Bowling – plus an updated Archery experience, a new Party Play Mode and Avatar Creator feature, I hope you’ll agree that there’s a lot to get excited about.
And here’s a sneak peek of the TV ad. This will be screened over the coming weeks and months on TV across some PAL markets, so keep an eye out for it.

I hope you like them both!

Also, why not get your hands on the awesome Sports Champions 2 demo, out now on the PSN Store.

Be sure to check out to find out more about Sports Champions 2.

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mystic2405 23 October, 2012 @ 4:25 pm   1

can’t wait!! 🙂

Maria Dixon 23 October, 2012 @ 4:44 pm   2

That’s great to hear. Cheers mystic2405. Have fun! 🙂


sory to say but move = worst buy on ps3 to me
in smaler rooms = not working wel
i tink ms. whith cinect = litel bit beter
also where are the hardcore games u promesse ?

but i admith = one of beter games of the move

Hi Maria

Sorry for disturbing you and sorry for this question being a bit off-topic.

I am thinking about preordering this game from the PlayStation Store. Unfortunately the description of the game (at least in the Danish store) says that the game only requires 32MB discspace. But this sounds wrong if you ask me, so I was wondering if you could shed some light on how much discspace is needed in order to install the game? (My discspace on the PS3 is limited, so I might have to buy the disc version of the game instead)

playahater94 23 October, 2012 @ 5:05 pm   5

Preordered on PSN Store. Can’t wait

lengendaryboss 23 October, 2012 @ 5:06 pm   6

Cool. I been seeing some cool playstation ads over the past few weeks. Keep it going sony.

@monoliet: I have a pretty small appartment and my Move performs excellent, although it’s a little tricky to play with somebody else at the same time.

And what do you mean “where are the hardcore games?” The Fight, Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Portal 2, Golden Eye, MAG, No More Heroes, Heavy Rain, Sorcery (It’s much more hardcore than advertised, which is a good thing!), Dead Space: Extraction and some arcade good shooters…
YOu must be missing something ;]

P.S. Kinnect is a dance accessory, nothing else [;


mi tv + eye toy = 1 meter away where i need to play = u are always out of screen

i need more games implent like exampel
if monsterhunter kame to ps3
= fishing catching buterfly , choping wood

so no gimicks in games i like to play whith normal controler
al games u say are fps = 10 x beter whith dualchok 3

best ting i not see but i see on wii u =
u let u home console on , u wife ore shilderen need tv
u are abel to play on tablet controller .
vita ???

also very sory to hear en to read the artikel =

LV0 Keys PlayStation 3 released way for hackers Fri

i hope sony comes faster ps4

bitbydeath 23 October, 2012 @ 8:39 pm   9

First video won’t load. Says it is private.
I’ve already pre-ordered though, now please put Frisbee golf back on via DLC XD


Is it normal that Sports Champions 2 is available to buy in almost all game shops in Poland?


Hi Maria,

I must say, am really amped for this after playing the demo, really am going to miss frisbee golf, and bocce though.

Anyway, i want to pre-order, but want to know if there is a incentive on it? otherwise, there wont really be a point.

I just wanna make sure i dont get burned buy the preorder, and then there is a PS+ 20% launch discount or something?

Please respond.

Stop complaining, The move is a great item and the kinect sucks.
I agree with you on FPS, but i wouldnt say thats what the move is made for, i.e. have you played house of the dead overkill? best on rails shooter ever, and i was a time crisis fan back in the day.

And seriously, if your tv is 1meter away from where you play, and you want to play active move around games, then thats your bad move. i suppose you want to put a real pool table there next?

you should be able to play husle kings, house of the dead and etc still. (mind you those would be horrible on kinect)

bitbydeath 23 October, 2012 @ 9:03 pm   12


I preordered off PSN and it says it comes with some golf DLC. Not sure if that means levels or clubs or whatever but still something to look forward to

crusher915 23 October, 2012 @ 11:07 pm   13

Will there be a Sports Champions Bundle on PSN?



Cool, i guess something is better than nothing, although, gold is probably what i will play the least.

Unicronic 24 October, 2012 @ 7:58 am   15

The demo was impressive but it also flagged some questions that are potential dealbreakers or dealmakers depending on the answers:

1. Is Tennis multi-player simultaneously? The demo was 1 player only
2. Can you set the difficulty? The demo AI was laughably easy
3. Will there be more sports added via DLC?
4. Is there any online at all e.g. leaderboards, score challenges etc

    Maria Dixon 24 October, 2012 @ 9:48 am    

    Glad you liked the demo Unicronic. In answer to your questions:

    1. Yes, Tennis 2 player simultaneous multi
    2. Yes, you can set it to whatever you want in Free play (easy, medium, hard, etc.). The opponents you face in the Cup mode have gradual difficulty within the Cup levels as well (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Champion respectively).
    3. Good question! I’ll pass this on to the dev team.
    4. Yes, online leaderboards for all events, challenges, etc.

    I hope this means it’s a dealmaker. 😉


Hey Maria,

Still not shedding light on the Pre-order incentives?
Im starting to get worried here?

After deciding to get it, i am now doubting it again.

after my question overlooked, my worry about a launch discount had definitely increased. few extra clubs or whatever is not worth risking a possible 10% or something.


Any discount for people who platinumed the first title? I spent hours and hours over the “bombs away” trophy – got stuck on this for half a year. A nice discount would really show your appreciation for my effort 🙂

Maria Dixon 24 October, 2012 @ 11:05 am   18

As bitbydeath kindly answered in comment number 12, there is indeed a Golf Modes DLC Pack available for the digital pre-order. It includes three golf play modes – Scramble, Best Ball and Stableford, plus a set of carbon fibre golf clubs. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂


Cool, thanks Maria,

extra modes is always good.
I will be placing the pre-order tonight.

Unicronic 24 October, 2012 @ 1:23 pm   20

@ Maria Dixon, yes that is indeed a dealmaker.

hhhhsce014 24 October, 2012 @ 2:46 pm   21



I’m considering pre-ordering the game but… how do I find it in the new store? It’s nowhere to be found – at least not in any “latest” sections. I used the search function and I found Sport Champions 2 and it is available for pre-order but the release date is 03.10.2012. That’s in the past!!! I’m not even sure whether it’s the same game or something different as there are no screenshots and no description at all!!!

    Maria Dixon 26 October, 2012 @ 11:56 am    

    Hi stelek,

    Thanks for your feedback. I’ll pass this on to the Store team. The Golf Modes DLC Pack is still available for the digital pre-order as the game doesn’t release until October 31st. I hope that helps.

dinesh_zmr 26 October, 2012 @ 9:48 am   23

Demo was excellent . love to have one .

scottishandyb 31 October, 2012 @ 7:33 pm   24

hi, i pre ordered sports champions 2 and installed the game several days ago. It gives the error that it will not work till the start date. Can you please help as you say the release date is today but it is still not working


yeah same as scottishandyb for me as well, what am i ment to do?


just noticed the start date on it, why the hell is it the 2nd of november when sites on sports champions say its out on the 30th of october, and the psn store says 31st of october? thats just stupid, what was the purpose of me pre-ordering the game? i thought the point in pre-ordering it and it downloading days before the release date was so you could play it as soon as its out! (CENSORED) off!!!!

scottishandyb 31 October, 2012 @ 8:59 pm   27

I would like to know why the psn store is saying today but it is not working yet