The Unfinished Swan takes flight on PSN today


The Unfinished Swan is now finished and I think it’s a pretty amazing game. You probably shouldn’t take my word for it though.

You see, making a game is like having a baby. You put a lot of yourself into it, there’s a mad scramble to push it out at the end, and once it’s out there’s no way you can ever be objective about it. So I’m not the best judge of whether this game is any good.

What I can say though is that it’s definitely the game we wanted to make. We set out to create a game about a sense of wonder, about what it feels like to discover astonishing new things. We wanted to create an experience where as soon as players started getting the hang of something the game would shift and they’d be on to something new. I’m still surprised we managed to pull it off because making a game like that is crazy.

In contrast, most games take a few core gameplay mechanics and then spend their whole time exploring how those mechanics work together and separately. Coming up with interesting mechanics is hard so there’s a lot of creative and financial incentive to keep a game focused on just a few of them. The result is that most games are about developing a sense of mastery, of what it feels like to become an expert.

The Unfinished Swan isn’t about being an expert. It’s about how it feels to be a child discovering a brand new world.

Having just finished our very first game, that’s a feeling all of us at Giant Sparrow can sympathise with. Like the game itself the process of making it was messy and full of surprises.

And we never would have finished it without the incredible support we’ve gotten from Sony. We also want to thank thatgamecompany, who are the reason that support exists. Their fantastic work proves what a small team can do with a bit of time and encouragement.

Most of all, we want to thank the PSN community for being so supportive of strange new experiences. Your enthusiasm for games of all kinds – even games that are unlike anything you’ve ever played before – is why Sony is able to keep taking chances on unusual games like Journey and The Unfinished Swan.

Thanks, everybody!

You can check out the finished product following today’s Store update – it’s priced at £9.99/€12.99.

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very good game! well done all involved! Great 3 hour experience

just a heads up, I experienced a bit of motion sickness in the first 30-40 mins


Completely finished it today. Amazing game. Well done, Giant Sparrow.

toxic-inferno 24 October, 2012 @ 13:10

Absolutely incredible little game! So many different concepts and ideas crammed into a short-and-sweet game, meaning that every single part of the game feels fresh and imaginative.

I love how you make no attempts to wow the audience for a second time. Every impressive moment is brand new and unlike anything else in the game!

Taken over from Journey as my favourite Sony-only downloadable title. Braid is of course my favourite downloadable title, but the Unfinished Swan is right up there with it.

Are there any plans to continue the game through DLC? I’m not expecting the answer to be yes, but there seems to be so much left to discover! I loved the concept level unlocked at the end, but there were parts that were featured in it that really should have made it into the final game!!

Good work, and all the best for the future, Giant Sparrow!

Almost completed, has been exhilarating so far!

Amazing game can’t stress enough how good this game is

I have it from last week i can’t wait to play it :) This year belong to psn, game like this, papo yo, journey all is amazing!

Lovely game, this. I especially love the music and the voice acting (just you wait till you get near the end – oh-ho!).

If anyone’s still under the impression that it’s just about lobbing paint around to reveal the landscape: it isn’t. :)

I’d buy the soundtrack as well if I were you. Available on iTunes… heaven knows if it’ll ever be available on PSN. The first few seconds of Monroe’s Story get me every time…

I’ve seen a number of snippets of this game, and the only thing holing me back is its quite steep price. I understand you guys have to make a living, so I might reconsider. The game is absolutely lovely, unique in concept and very well executed. A truly great addition to PSN.
Very well done!

CoolRichy008UK 24 October, 2012 @ 13:52

pushes this post out the way and shouts





It really aggravates me that I used to be able to check what was coming out at lunch in work and now they’re really slow. Just another thing to complain about SCEE.

toxic-inferno 24 October, 2012 @ 14:02

@ 8 chrisboers

The price is a little higher than I had expected. But this game had been on my list ever since I first saw the concept level.

While you might not get a huge number of hours out of the game (probably 4-5 max), it is extremely enjoyable. And when you can play up to £40 for a 6-8 hour game at retail, this is actually fairly cheap.

And like I said; well worth the cost.

CoolRichy008UK 24 October, 2012 @ 14:51

ye what FrIeD-GoAt said we want the store update info now honestly FrIeD-GoAt could add the info to this blog about whats out today faster then you lot sony.


and ye what chrisboers said £40 for all 3 games RIP OFF it should be £24.99 if i ran sony id price every game at £20 not 50 60 or 70 dam it


Finished this on monday.

Great game, far more “gamey” than I was expecting too. Very hard to talk about without spoiling as it’s something that you need to experience for yourself but I really enjoyed it.

The paint throwing mechanic is the most visually striking of the bunch for me but I thought the other mechanics added variety to The Unfinished Swan.

What I loved about it was the differences between the chapters, more importantly the different emotions each chapter stirs up and how nothing wears out it’s welcome, it’s very well paced, just when you think “oh this could get old soon” the game switches things up and you are dropped into a new environment with a new gameplay mechanic.

I thoroughly recommend The Unfinished Swan to everyone that enjoys games with a sense of adventure and look forward to seeing what Giant Sparrow come up with in the future.


We need more games like this, and more gamers to support these kind of games.


Erm… Why is this still PS+ only… Sony, do you not want my money?


Apologies it should be store wide, the PSN store team are looking into this.

The October 24th release listings says
‘The Unfinished Swan – Availability: All’



Why isn’t this available to non PS+ subscribers???

I’m in the shop now as I type and it’s still an exclusive to subbers ONLY, I am very angry about this as I’d like to get the game but don’t want to pay a sub just for the privilege!!

The release date for ALL (meaning EVERYONE) is today, which means it’s supposed to be able to be bought by anyone who wants it!!


Apologies for delay, it should be available now.


I’ve patiently waited all week and now I’m fed up of waiting…

I don’t care what the issues with the new BS layout are (BTW, slower and more clunky = worse) but just flip the switch already and make Unfinished Swan available to all.

No discount for PSN+… stick your game!



I don’t want to join PS+!!! Why would I when you guys can’t even get something simple as a non/PS+ game switch over right…

… You must really hate people giving you money


“The Unfinished Swan takes flight on PSN today”

… Did you mean tomorrow? Easy mistake to make…

SpeakingMouse 25 October, 2012 @ 09:46

Was expecting it to be available after the update as told here and read somewhere else. On the US store it is available to all but on the EU store it is still listed as PSN+ only. Think I don’t have other choice than wait as PSN+ is not fitted for me. I have voucher for a one month subscription but it is limited to US and Canada resident. The game is not offered but sold to PSN+ member and I can’t load my US account with CHF. I’ll check again at the lunch break to see if this PSN+ only thing is fixed but I don’t have much expectation for this.

SpeakingMouse 25 October, 2012 @ 09:49

Reading the title again, it looks like it is limited to the English speaking countries only :
Countries: AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ
I knew I should have studied more German than English ;-)


Why is it still not available to non-Plus members? Its been 2 days since I should have been able to play it.
I’m REALLY looking forward to playing it.

SpeakingMouse 25 October, 2012 @ 11:28

Sorry for adding some more but Sony just want to make some of their customers disappointed and upset. Why is The Unfinished Swan not yet available to All in EU. In US it is available to all but as I tried to order it paying with credit card, I faced another problem. Do you think I would be playing your games if I really had also a residence in US or Canada. They force the people to cheat and it will just go as far as people want to or will be able to. Maybe the solution is to get The Unfinished Swan through an alternate way that is more convenient than what Sony offers to their customers.


$15 for a 3 hour game? :/
I’d like to play this, but I can’t justify the purchase.

almighty-slayer 25 October, 2012 @ 12:12

You get more fun out of this than you will do for most disc games :)

SpeakingMouse 25 October, 2012 @ 13:57

I have fun only with the games which are available to me. Some people who bought it might be really happy and some people who wanted to buy it might never buy it. That is the price to pay for a failure. Though I am still interested and willing to pay the price for that game but my patience has a limit not to exceed.

SpeakingMouse 25 October, 2012 @ 17:31

It was good to complain now I just bought the game and download it now


Oh it looks good aswell :( no monies

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