PlayStation Access TV 56 is here!


Hey there blog goers – glad to see you survived my favourite holiday of the year. Hallowe’en might be over, but you should still check out our happy hallowe’en message!

Access TV Episode 56 hits YouTube today with a ton of sexy cars in Game of the Week, Need For Speed Most Wanted. Check out the episode for tons of new gameplay footage – from street races and speed camera drive-bys to drifts and smashing through billboards.

The team then visit developer Criterion’s studio in Guildford for a chat with the team behind the game, including an interview with Executive Producer Matt Webster.

There’s also coverage from the 30th annual Golden Joystick Awards, with chat from the winners and the evening’s host, Ed Byrne. As always there’s a healthy serving of PS3 news in PlayStation Briefing, plus a round up of all the best content from the PlayStation Store.

Access TV is available every Friday on YouTube – head to to subscribe and never miss an episode (or the oodles of gameplay, events and other fun stuff we make videos of!)


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I posted about it on twitter last night, so hoped you might have fixed it for the youtube release, but Poor Philip Ring, you introduce him as from Telltale games rather than from TT Games or Traveller’s Tales Oooops.


It’s at about 3:57


Well i would watch it, but unfortunately it only downloads the VITA version even when browsing the store on PS3. The quality is so poor its unwatchable on the PS3. Yet another SCEE cock up. *Slow clap*

acridweasel 2 November, 2012 @ 1:13 pm   4

That’s great and everything, but I want to download it on my PS3 in HD.
When you select it, it only downloads a file called “Access_056_Vita.mp4” which is only 117MB in size.
This keeps happening…

    MusterBuster 2 November, 2012 @ 1:50 pm    

    We know acrid and we’re kicking the relevant bottoms to make sure it’s fine nxt week.



I posted this during the Game Store update a few days ago:

Hi Jawad. Not sure if you’re the right person but wondering if you can help me send my regards to the guys and gals doing the Access episodes.

I enjoy them tremendously, every week, some times I even watch them over and over. The effort they put into making the episodes are very commendable, and their jokes utterly hilarious. Keep ‘em coming!


This may seem daft and I’m can’t see the woods for the trees….

But can you please point out where the heck this weeks Access episode is on the new PSN store as I can’t find it, even tried searching and got nothing!?????

acridweasel 2 November, 2012 @ 9:29 pm   7

So it isn’t going to be changed for episode 056? Just so I know.

Apps > Other Media > Access
I’m pretty sure Muster or Nathan Ditum or Rob Pearson said they were trying to get it relocated in a better place.


Thanks for that, I will check it out later hopefully.

Ironically as modern as the new store my look, this is a great example of how over complicated it is and messy. I just hope it is improved quickly as I miss the easy of the old store.

JediKnight246 3 November, 2012 @ 9:29 am   9

When I tried to download it I ended up with the Vita version as well…, I’ll wait until the 720p PS3 version is uploaded. Apart from that, Access is great. 🙂

kieranmarsh 4 November, 2012 @ 5:42 pm   10

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As a sign of my frustration with the store and blog staff, And anger at the way we are treated and scammed I will be boycotting the store and convincing others to do the same until you show us the respect we deserve as your paying customers.

Examples being,
– Blog staff ignoring important or useful questions.
– Replying to the same questions, sometimes on the same page.
– Inability to provide us with information (TWD, CS:GO)
– Promoting content, then on release saying its delayed.
– Promoting deals that don’t work and don’t fix (Dead Island).
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In the words of the late Owen Hart
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