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Hey everyone, and happy weekend!

The leaves are falling from the trees and the nights are drawing in – which means it’s a great time to stay indoors and tackle the heap of rather wonderful new titles around right now.

This week alone has seen the gorgeous Okami HD brushing up to the PlayStation Store, new assassins Connor and Aveline eagle diving through Assassin’s Creed III and Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, as well as Criterion’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted screeching onto both PS3 and PS Vita. We’ve got info on all of these and much more in this week’s recap. Enjoy!

On a separate note, apologies for the lack of a Weekend Debate yesterday. I’ve been away from my desk for the past few days and was unable to make the necessary arrangements in time. Rest assured normal service will resume next week!

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DAVIE222-PSVita 3 November, 2012 @ 12:08 pm   1


PLEASE ASK JAWAD if we are getting the assassins creed 3 avatars the U.S got!

I NEED THEM !!!!!!!!


Not a single mention of the Singstar mess. Looks like SCEE are going to do the same thing they did with CS:GO…. just ignore and carry on regardless. Remember that the next time you’re thinking of handing over some of your hard earned cash.


when can we see some blog post about improving things instead off constant lies and disappointments. and the rip-off prices, or is failure and silence the only thing SCEE can do.

XzSlLENTSNIPERzX 3 November, 2012 @ 12:25 pm   4

^ ^ ^
Ok, I’m not going to buy SOCOM:FTB3 or When Vikings Attack for my Vita then. I was going to do so earlier but now I’ve changed my mind after reviewing SCEE’s failures this year.

XzSlLENTSNIPERzX 3 November, 2012 @ 12:25 pm   5

By doing so, I’ll save my money. In regards to the PSP games – they’re a ripoff!

XzSlLENTSNIPERzX 3 November, 2012 @ 12:28 pm   6

Oh, I think this is worth a mention: because of SCRE’s incompetence to upload Resident Evil games onto the Ps store, I had to buy them from the US store. The following year, the UK PSN finally got them after the years delay. However, now I cannot play them on my Vita – only my PS3! This is very frustrating.

When Walking Dead ep.5 comes out, please try not to delay it! Also will CS:GO ever come out? Oh wait I just answered my own question. :/

XzSlLENTSNIPERzX 3 November, 2012 @ 12:29 pm   8

This of course is because I have my UK and US account.

zxRATTLExz 3 November, 2012 @ 12:29 pm   9

Hi Fred, wasn’t sure where to post this as i’m not sure if you guys read comments on posts further down the list but i noticed a couple of problems on the store this week.
Firstly, the main Halloween offers section has Dead Island and Beyond good and evil at full price. It’s very misleading and probably qualifies as false advertising.

Secondly, i went to re-download Infamous, which i was given for free after the PSN outage last year (or the year before…can’t remember) but ran into some trouble. Once i had downloaded it I was unable to install it as it was asking me to connect a PSP. It may be that the wrong file has been uploaded to the new store. Please could you pass this on so it can be sorted as i would like to play this game again sometime soon. Cheers.


Please, fix the problem in the deal sections. I want to buy the dlcs for AC Revelations but the one of them still shows the full price.

PIREDERAS 3 November, 2012 @ 12:31 pm   11

Fred, while we eagerly wait for any PS VITA Plus news, I have a persistent issue with my PS VITA, while I try to Remote Play with my PS3.

I have synced my WiFi only PS VITA with my PS3 Slim (not the latest Super Slim), via the Settings, codes and all. Each device’s OS is of course up-to-date. Then I try to Remote Play always via Private Network (PS3 direct to VITA through WiFi), NOT through the Internet! When my PS3 is connected wirelessly to the Router (switched on) and the Internet, Remote Play works fine on the VITA. If I switch off the router, or if the router was never switched on, any connection is impossible! The PS3 says “A connection to the Network could not be established. Go to Settings/Network Settings”. The VITA says “Could not connect to the PS3 system. Check Network/Remote Play”, and displays a code (C2-10962-8). Am I doing anything wrong? Or is it a system malfunction?

And finally, why is it so complicated to just sync any 2 Sony devices? Couldn’t it be as easy as syncing any DualShock controller to any PS3 system? Anyway, I hope to get an answer.

S-o-h-a-i-l 3 November, 2012 @ 12:34 pm   12

Missed you Fred 🙁

chrisandsheva 3 November, 2012 @ 12:41 pm   13

@ Fred.
When you decided to change the ‘heads-up’ time from 1pm(ish) to 3pm, did you think that was a good move, i mean atm it seems to be helping Jawad ‘avoid’ answering many questions, i mean, he takes around a hour to start his replies. which takes time to 4(ish) pm.. then after (lately) answering 10 or so, it’s basically time to wrap things up, for the (that) day, personally i wish you would of maybe tried the opposite strategy First, maybe move the heads up announcement to 11am, giving Jawad from 12 or so to maybe try and get things under control.. i mean, true, some ppl cannot be appeased.. But most of ‘us’ used to lend a hand (or two) in those cases, now though as well as continuing to keep that minority ‘wound up’, it seems to be having a negative effect on ‘usually normal/rational minded’ readers.. i just believe it was, IS a step backward.. can see Why it ‘looked’ a good decision, but hope it isn’t set in stone.
Also, a old topic resurfaced on wed, basically, Whose if anyones job/duties is it to answer our comments, heads-up etc ?.


Hey Fred, are we getting a sale for the old “Need for Speed” chapters anytime soon? And for all the Soul Calibur V addons, too.

Dark-Twisted 3 November, 2012 @ 12:56 pm   15

Just logging in to confirm I have the same problem as @11.

It’s a problem that seems to happen to me at random, only on some days. Never experienced in the past. Happy to know it might not be my setup, that’d be a pain.

XzSlLENTSNIPERzX 3 November, 2012 @ 12:59 pm   16

Ok, I’m sorry SCEE. I’m going to buy both of them – I love you so much SCEE and I’m so very sorry.

Kresnik258 3 November, 2012 @ 1:46 pm   17

I know this probably won’t be read, but worth a try. I noticed some problems with the new PS Store.

In the PSP add-ons section, there are multiple PSP games, such as The Sims 2, Sonic Rivals, Super Monkey Ball etc. Just thinking you guys might want to move them back into the PSP games section.

Also, Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars disappeared from the store when it updated. I’m not sure whether it just got ‘lost’ in another section of the store like those other games did or whether it got removed, but I was just wondering if we could have an update about it? I was looking forward to buying it. I contacted customer support but they were no help.


Short recap: SCEE fails again.

kieranmarsh 3 November, 2012 @ 2:12 pm   19

singstar icon, new shop… sony s****!!


The halloween sale has been one of the most frustrating events in a long time. I thought sales were meant to be a good time. We were told we could buy Dead Island at a reduced price till the 7th. You have LIED to us again and am believing you are all completely inept. You are incapable of going one week without an issue. How am I wrong?

chrisboers 3 November, 2012 @ 2:32 pm   21

Welcome back Mr D! Good to hear from you, we missed you! Good to hear you’re not ill, or something.

I would like to point out one strange thing in the Shop: Assassin’s Creed II and Brotherhood are located in the Assassin’s rebate section, and are even marked ‘free’ for PS Plua. While these appear to be the full versions (which would be incorrect of course), after download, they turn out to be the timed trials. They are obviously labelled incorrectly.

Have a good weekend!

supersmith2500 3 November, 2012 @ 2:42 pm   22

Fred where have ya been?? Yeah, but much an average week for SCEE. Minor fault with the server few nights ago, RCR is still nowhere to be found, no discounts for Plus and plus Valve hates SCEE.

I hope Walking Dead Ep.5 and Retro City Rampage gets released on time. Oh in speaking of Portal 2, when is the DLC for it going to come out for Europe has it’s been confirmed for US or are we not getting it?

supersmith2500 3 November, 2012 @ 2:52 pm   23

Oh and this is why I sold my Portal 2 copy on PS3 today. Because I have it on PC and it plays MUCH better than PS3. Not to mention there is no date for the In Motion DLC yet for European PSN. Or Valve might not bother releasing it for EU PSN like they did to CS:GO.

Btw from now on I’ll buy Valve’s games but only on PC.

Skykid360 3 November, 2012 @ 3:42 pm   24

@ Fred

Hi, have quite an Urgent question.

If i buy NFS off the PS Store will i be getting the Limited Edition?

Just received my Copy from Tesco and it’s the wrong version…i’d rather send it back and buy off the PlayStation Store if i will be getting the Limited Edition.


So to recap this week: another set of fired developers leak critical sdk-info that will lead to the ps3 getting hacked. The psn-store is full of advertisement. So is the xmb. And Sony is still neglecting to actually improve the snappiness of the UI shell.

Finally, Sony seems to actually have decided to go with an x86 based hardware platform for the next console. Which falls perfectly in line with how Playstation has degenerated from being a platform with original and technologically interesting entertainment – and into being an excuse for advertising for the big 3rd party publishers.

So congrats, Sony, on becoming Microsoft – I’ll keep the psp and the ps3. But you can keep the rest, thanks.


You forgot your singstar icon on my XMB. Pls come and get it. Thanks!

Player42791 3 November, 2012 @ 5:06 pm   27


I might be reading your question wrong, sorry if I am.

When using remote play with your router your vita and ps3 aren’t communicating over the internet. Although the router gives both access to the internet, when they are syncing nothing gets sent over the internet, your router is only sending info to and from the devices as if a cable was plugged from one to the other(private network),when you switch off your router they lose their connection to each other and remote play won’t work. Hopefully that all makes sense.

welshyschumi 3 November, 2012 @ 5:58 pm   28

hi guys can anybody tell me how long black ops server going to be off

left4bread3 3 November, 2012 @ 6:07 pm   29


when hurricane sandy decides to go away and die…

Bumblebee 3 November, 2012 @ 6:50 pm   30

For post number 11:

Vita & PS3 Remote Play works over your LOCAL NETWORK. This means IT USES YOUR ROUTER.

It doesn’t use the Internet (or “Wide Area Network”) just your Network, within your house or wherever (“Local Area Network”).

So you can disable Internet Access on your router if you’re being paranoid, but don’t expect it to work without the router being on. This is perfectly acceptable; it means PS3 doesn’t have to do a whole load of networking stuff (which would take extra processor power) and passes that off to the router.

So this isn’t Sony’s fault; it’s quite usual for networkable devices.

On another note:

PLEASE BEING BACK THE OLD STORE. The new one is an utter disgrace of awful design and makes browsing so much harder. Particularly new content.

Bumblebee 3 November, 2012 @ 6:55 pm   31

Also, as much as I’m frustrated with Sony’s ineptitude… I LOVE having the SingStar icon as a permanent addition to my XMB.

SingStar is the best party game, and not having to flap about for discs is a great thing. It’s a button press away… fantastic.

However, I do think that the friendless masses who never can have parties or who don’t like or understand music should be able to hide the button if they like – or at least, at LEAST be able to pop it into a folder in the XMB.

People, you’ve been given a free game, and it’s a GREAT, fun game… so long as you have friends to play it with. And I mean in real life. Microphones and PSEye help too.

I’m hoping that now it’s on the XMB the SingStar team might actually get some decent songs out for it at some point rather than the misguided pap that they’ve been shovelling the past couple of years (for example, Cliff Richard… SERIOUSLY?)


Well AC Liberations has finally done it. I have sold my vita. If games like AC Liberations are what we can look forward to in the future then I want no part in it. AC Liberation is awful. Don’t buy a vita, seriously. Lucky I got mine for £140 and sold it for £152!

dark_angel69 3 November, 2012 @ 7:46 pm   33

You made yourself a profit. 😛 what was wrong with it?
1 thing i learnt was them portable consoles are never as good as they look. I’ve thought about getting one for Uncharted, Resistance and AC Liberations. Someone told me Uncharted was awful and now your saying AC Liberations is awful. No doubt resistance is awful too. Best thing to do now is let the vita die. Hardly anyone wants to make a game for it


Please, is this product: Assassin’s Creed – Mediterranean Traveler Maps Pack – Upgrade entitled to be part of the discounts for the Assassn’s Creed deals, isn’t it?
Why does it show the full price? Please, fix it as soon as possible.
I want to buy the dlcs for AC Revelations. This dlc is listed in your blog post, but it isn’t in the deal section.

dogwalker4000 3 November, 2012 @ 8:17 pm   35

Gotta say I agree with chrisandsheva, the store heads up and the store update time needs to change to make things less complicated when people have a problem. At the moment it seems that by the time the store has updated all the guys and girls that post here have gone home and we have no way of knowing if you guys even realise there is a problem, let alone if you’re fixing it. Even if you did the heads up in the afternoon and got the store to update the following morning, that way you lot have all of that day to respond to and solve issues that arise.

On another note, NFS: MW is awesome.

will gta vice city be on psn soon

will gta vice city be on psn soon


free ??? singstar icoon = not free u need to buyevery song + when u buy them en ps3 broke u need t fone sony to get songs on other ps3.
no no no , give remake to xmb = make loose icoons
let us place + organize ore self the simbols we need !!!
we consummers are the kings not sony nore de game devlopers + publisher.
i not respect them =
them lounch online pass = i not ask , i not do piracy
them erase tings like other os – life = i not ask
them place icoon , 2 x shop- what is new – singstar = i not ask
we ask desent store ( 50/50)
we ask u tube ps3 = not done
we ask dual chok 3 ( done )
we ask ps2 compatibel = big disgrace = 000000000000 to sony
we ask price drop = lots of times sony say nod needed = we hardcore gamers do not like price them have problem like vita .
ps3 price drop = i understend them only gone drop when ps4 lounch
but why lounch when them can make +- 400/499€ ps4 abel to play also ps3 games if them not respect this + good memorie !!!!= game over already
biggest problem , why sony can not do what ms. can = english store
corect price + not 1 /2 jear leater whith content = biggest joke


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ruinereraser 4 November, 2012 @ 12:01 am   40

“Rest assured normal service will resume next week!”

Stop mocking us please.


Scee have been train wreck since..well forever. I have my psn plus account in europe store what im really starting to regret. Lot of games like walking deads, trine 2, cs go, retro city rampage etc etc i have bought with my american account. It just takes too long to get them be playable here in europe. And discounts


They have in us are much better than in eu..btw this site is pain in a*
s to use with mobile phone

kieranmarsh 4 November, 2012 @ 3:12 am   43

“They have in us are much better than in eu..btw this site is pain in a*”

yeah, they aint got singstar icon have they!

E14-JAY-09 4 November, 2012 @ 5:07 am   44

When does Walking Dead episode 5 come out you bunch of WALKERS.

SpitelordDekka 4 November, 2012 @ 7:30 am   45

Here’s an idea for the next weekend debate:

When will Sony Europe actually start caring about their customers?

@Fred Dutton
You should give is an update on the entire singstar XMB icon horror…
Or are you too busy working on another version of the PS3 firmware, I mean spamware?

@Bumblebee / #32
It is completely wrong on HOW they put in on MY xmb.
It should not be there in the first place and if ever it should have been removable ánd movable.
And microphones and PSEye are NOT free…

Pyromobster 4 November, 2012 @ 11:47 am   47

Download the PlayStation app, its much better


I’m beginning to lose faith in Sony this year. Gaming is my hobby and pastime which I am passionate about. I’m old enough to know the best and worst of times from BBC Micro and ZX81 all the way to PS3 and Ivybridge.

1) CS:GO has now been overdue since 21 August and we have had zero information since then on why there is no release or when we can expect one. The fact that it is already released in every other territory on every other platform proves the game is ready, SCEE are just being belligerent in not releasing information. Some of us waited over a year for this game, it was the one PSN release I wanted.

2) Being forced into accepting an app is heartless, cynical advertising. No respect for customers who don’t ever want to buy the game no matter how much advertising is pushed at them

3) The new PSN store is an unusable mess, and an advertiser’s wet dream. I’m a PS Plus subscriber browsing a PS Plus area of the store. Why do you need to fill half the screen with an advert for PS Plus….which I’m already using AND browsing?

Thalia_01 4 November, 2012 @ 12:38 pm   49

As long as you keep ignoring your customers, I will keep ignoring all the stuff you have for sale.

Protip, sony: ignoring a problem does NOT make it go away! It didn’t work for the PSN outage and it won’t work for that forced singstar icon monstrocity!

I am SICK and TIRED of european gamers being treated like dirt! We’re always the last to get new content (if we get it at all), store translations other than English look like they were done by babelfish, dollarprices are ‘converted’ to other currencies simply by running a ‘find and replace’ command on the dollarsigns, and now us europeans are being used as labrats to see how gamers will react to FORCED advertisement on a system THEY PAYED FOR, right in the menu THAT IS USED THE MOST.

I checked with my American friends and none of them have the singstar icon forced on them! Why do you not want to offend them, but think its perfectly okay to pull this stunt on us? We payed more money than them, yet we get only a fraction of the service!

We are PROUD gamers and we will NOT be pushed around like this! I encourage everyone here to close their wallets or at least limit their purchases to used games instead. They will only go as far as we let them!

dogwalker4000 4 November, 2012 @ 2:04 pm   50

I have a better idea…why don’t you not spam and boycott the blog instead.

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