More Than Mortal – Behind the Scenes of Injustice: Gods Among Us

It’s been a fast paced summer for us here at Netherrealm Studios as we zoom towards the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us. After strong showings at both the San Diego and New York Comic-Cons, where we revealed new characters while also giving fans hands-on time with their favourite heroes and villains, the team is hard at work on finalising all of the great content we’ve packed into our next fighting game.

And while we’ve released a ton of content so far, you wouldn’t believe what we have in store! Building on the foundation we laid with Mortal Kombat, the team has worked hard to make sure we have more than enough compelling content to keep players entertained for hours on end.

We have HUGE announcements coming up in the next few months concerning the story of the game that will answer the burning question fans have been asking us over and over: Just WHY are all of these icons fighting each other?!

We still have yet to reveal all of our characters, and the response that we’ve received on social media outlets on who you all want to see in the game has really inspired the team to no end.

Additionally, our KoreTech team has really pushed the boundaries on our graphics engine forward with industry leading innovations. The utilisation of the PS3’s SPUs on Injustice goes way beyond anything we did in Mortal Kombat, enabling us to have roughly three times the amount of objects on screen at a single time.

To allow for all the background destruction you see in the game, the number of animatable objects has increased to the point where we have as many on screen as we had total objects in our last game, all possible because of the power of the PS3 SPUs.

It doesn’t end there, as we’ve completely revamped our lighting solution between Mortal Kombat and Injustice to drive our lighting through the SPUs which allows us to render more, and also allows a lot more accurate and complex dynamic lighting with an overall increase in the number of lights.

Check out the following video with some more comments from the team on what sets Injustice: Gods Among Us apart from anything we’ve ever done before!

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Well guys, let me say that I’m really looking forward this.

Although I heard of it before, I never played Mortal Kombat. Never ever. And then that precious fighting title you released last year appeared. And, my lord, it was awesome! It surpirsed me greatly: It had a Tag mode that allowed me to play with 3 friends, it had that sick roulette mode that’s given me and my friends so many laughs, and that tower that i still have to beat.

And the fighting mechanics are really good, even though I’ve never been a 2D fighter kind of guy.

So yeah, you’ve sold me this the moment I saw Netherrealm and DC Comics :P

ath age of 12 /16 jear i loved ficht games

now i am 32 = i love sand box games like gta – skyrim – ac3….
reason = i have more valu of mi mony

if u make games now = mp is not needed in every game
sand box = good to al peopel = also hardcore gamers .


I loved the last Mortal Kombat and this is looking ace.

Will deffo pick this up, just a shame I’m not very good at fighting games :(


will this come out on vita or just ps3 ????


will this come out on vita or just PS3 ???


Getting platinum on mortal kombat vs Dc about broke my thumb with all those combos,not sure if I can do it again. But i kind of miss it and it does look good, so knowing me i will probably get it anyway.

netherrealm studios should sign the development team behind terrordrome but injustice is lookin awesome

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