Massive racing sale roars onto PlayStation Store

Racing sale

Hello everyone! I’m very happy to announce that, starting later today and running for two weeks, PlayStation Store will be offering some great discounts on some brilliant racing titles and DLC.

Check out the list below and take advantage of some great offers on games such as ModNation Racers, DiRT Showdown, Driver San Francisco and Ridge Racer Ultimate Edition.

As always, we are listening to your suggestions so if there is anything you feel you’d really like to see added let me know and I will see what I can do.

These discounts will start on Wednesday 7th November once the store update has been completed. Some will finish on November 14th and some will finish on November 21st, so please grab them while you can. Enjoy!

Full games:

ModNation Racers – on sale until 14/11/12

  • Was €14.99/£10.99 Now €7.49/£5.99

ModNation Racers: Road Trip – on sale until 14/11/12

  • Was €14.99/£10.99 Now €7.49/£5.99

ModNation Racers (PSP) – Not available in Bulgaria/Hungary/Qatar – on sale until 14/11/12

  • Was €26.99/£16.99 Now €6.49/£5.19

MotorStorm Apocalypse – on sale until 14/11/12

  • Was €14.99/£12.99 Now €7.49/£5.99

MotorStorm 3D Rift – Not available in Bulgaria/Hungary/Qatar – on sale until 14/11/12

  • Was €12.99/ £9.99 Now €6.49/£5.19

MotorStorm RC (PS3) – on sale until 14/11/12

  • Was €5.99/£4.79 Now €3.99/£3.19

MotorStorm RC (Vita) – on sale until 14/11/12

  • Was €5.99/£4.79 Now €3.99/£3.19

WipEout Complete Game Pack – Not available in Bulgaria/Hungary/Qatar – on sale until 14/11/12

  • Was €12.99/ £9.99 Now €6.49/£5.19

CTR: Crash Team Racing – on sale until 14/11/12

  • Was €4.99/£3.99 Now €2.99/2.39

Golden Age of Racing – Not available in Belgium/Netherlands/Russian Federation/Ukraine

  • Was €4.99/ £3.99 Now €2.49/£1.99

International Super Karts – Not available in Belgium/Netherlands/Russian Federation/Ukraine

  • Was €3.59/£2.99 Now €1.99/£1.59

Nobel Racing – Not available in Belgium/Netherlands/Russian Federation/Ukraine

  • Was €4.99/ £3.99 Now €2.49/£1.99

Raceway: Drag & Stock Racing – Not available in Belgium/Netherlands/Russian Federation/Ukraine

  • Was €4.99/ £3.99 Now €2.49/£1.99

Stock Car Crash – Not available in Belgium/Netherlands/Russian Federation/Ukraine

  • Was €4.99/ £3.99 Now €2.49/£1.99

Truck Racing 2 – Not available in Belgium/Netherlands/Russian Federation/Ukraine

  • Was €4.99/ £3.99 Now €2.49/£1.99

X-treme Express – Not available in Belgium/Denmark/Finland/Netherlands/Norway/Poland/Russian Federation/

  • Was €4.99/ £3.99 Now €2.49/£1.99

Stateshift (PSP) – Not available in Bulgaria/Hungary/Israel/Kuwait/Portugal/Qatar /Ukraine

  • Was €6.99/£5.49 Now €3.59/£2.99

Sport Superbike 2 – Not available in Bulgaria/Germany/Hungary/Israel/Kuwait/Qatar/Ukraine

  • Was €2.99/£2.39 Now €1.49/£1.19

ATV Racers – Not available in Australia/Bulgaria/Hungary/New Zealand/Qatar/

  • Was €2.99/£2.39 Now €1.49/£1.19

Hawk Superbike Racing (PS2) – Not available in Belgium/Netherlands/Russian Federation/Ukraine

  • Was €4.99/ £3.99 Now €2.49/£1.99

Split/Second Velocity – Not available in Bulgaria/Hungary/Qatar

  • Was €24.99/£19.99 Now €12.99/£9.99

Split/Second Velocity (PSP) – Not available in Bulgaria/France/Hungary/Qatar

  • Was €7.99/£6.99 Now €3.99/£3.19

Cars 2 – Not available in Bulgaria/Hungary/Qatar

  • Was €29.99/£19.99 Now €14.99/£11.99

Colin McRae DiRT 2 – Not available in Bulgaria/Croatia/Hungary/India/Israel /Kuwait/Slovenia/Turkey/Ukraine

  • Was €29.99/£23.99 Now €14.99/£11.99


  • Was €29.99/£23.99 Now €14.99/£11.99

DiRT Showdown

  • Was €59.99/£39.99 Now €29.99/£23.99

F1 2009 (PSP)

  • Was €12.99/£9.99 Now €6.49/£5.19

F1 2011 (Vita)

  • Was €39.99/£31.99 Now €19.99/£15.99

Mad Riders

  • Was €9.99/£7.99 Now €4.99/£3.99

DRIVER – Not available in Bulgaria/Hungary/Qatar

  • Was €4.99/£3.99 Now €2.49/£1.99

Driver 76 (PSP) – Not available in Bulgaria/Hungary/Israel/Kuwait /Portugal/Russia /Qatar/Ukraine

  • Was €9.99/£7.99 Now €4.99/£3.99

Driver San Francisco – Not available in Bulgaria/Hungary/Qatar

  • Was €19.99/£15.99 Now €14.99/£11.99

Asphalt Injection (Vita)

  • Was €24.99/£19.99 Now €12.99/£9.99

Ben 10 Galactic Racing (Vita)

  • Was €34.99/£29.99 Now €17.99/£13.99


  • Was €34.99/£29.99 Now €19.99/£15.99

RIDGE RACER – Ultimate Edition (Vita)

  • Was €24.99/£19.99 Now €12.99/£9.99


  • Was €19.99/£16.99 Now €9.99/ £7.99

RIDGE RACER 7: 3D License Ver.

  • Was €19.99/£14.99 Now €9.99/£7.99


Split Second – Onslaught Pack – Not available in Bulgaria/Hungary/Israel/Kuwait/Qatar/Ukraine

  • Was €9.99/£ 7.99 Now €4.99/£ 3.99

Split Second Deadline Pack – Not available in Bulgaria/Hungary/Israel/Kuwait/Qatar/Ukraine

  • Was €4.99/£3.99 Now €2.49/£1.99

Split/Second Master Unlock! – Not available in Bulgaria/Hungary/Israel/Kuwait/Qatar

  • Was €4.99/£3.99 Now €2.49/£1.99

Split/Second Survival at the Rock Pack – Not available in Bulgaria/Hungary/Israel/Kuwait/Qatar/Ukraine

  • Was €6.99/£ 5.49 Now €3.59/£2.99

Cars 2 -UNDERCOVER AGENT PACK – Not available in Bulgaria/Hungary/Qatar

  • Was €2.99/£2.39 Now €1.49/£1.19

Cars 2 – MATER’S TALL TALES PACK – Not available in Bulgaria/Hungary/Qatar

  • Was €2.99/£2.39 Now €1.49/£1.19

Cars 2 – MORE PACK – Not available in Bulgaria/Denmark/Finland/Hungary/Norway/Poland/Qatar/Russia/Sweden/Turkey/Ukraine

  • Was €2.99/£2.39 Now €1.49/£1.19

Cars 2 – RADIATOR SPRINGS PACK – Not available in Bulgaria/Denmark/Finland/Hungary/Norway/Poland/Qatar/Russia/Sweden/Turkey/Ukraine

  • Was €2.99/£2.39 Now €1.49/£1.19

Cars 2 – ROAD HAZARDS PACK – Not available in Bulgaria/Denmark/Finland/Hungary/Norway/Poland/Qatar/Russia/Sweden/Turkey/Ukraine

  • Was €2.99/£2.39 Now €1.49/£1.19

Mad Riders: The Daredevil Map Pack

  • Was €2.99/£2.39 Now €1.49/£1.19

RIDGE RACER Gold Pass (Vita)

  • Was €6.99/£5.49 Now €3.59/£2.99

RIDGE RACER Silver Pass (Vita)

  • Was €4.99/£3.99 Now €2.49/£1.99

RIDGE RACER Course “Lost Ruins” (Vita)

  • Was €2.49/£1.99 Now €1.19/£0.99

RIDGE RACER Course “Sunset Heights” (Vita)

  • Was €2.49/£1.99 Now €1.19/£0.99

RIDGE RACER Course “Old Cental” (Vita)

  • Was €2.49/£1.99 Now €1.19/£0.99

RIDGE RACER Course “Silver Mountain SkyWay” (Vita)

  • Was €2.49/£1.99 Now €1.19/£0.99

RIDGE RACER Course “Oceanfront Cruise Way” (Vita)

  • Was €2.49/£1.99 Now €1.19/£0.99

RIDGE RACER Course “Redstone Thunder Way” (Vita)

  • Was €2.49/£1.99 Now €1.19/£0.99

RIDGE RACER Car “Dignistar” (Vita)

  • Was €1.49/£1.19 Now €0.75/£0.59


  • Was €1.49/£1.19 Now €0.75/£0.59


  • Was €1.49/£1.19 Now €0.75/£0.59

RIDGE RACER CAR: “Meltfire” (Vita)

  • Was €1.49/£1.19 Now €0.75/£0.59

RIDGE RACER CAR: “Fatalita” (Vita)

  • Was €1.49/£1.19 Now €0.75/£0.59

RIDGE RACER CAR: “Wisdom” (Vita)

  • Was €1.49/£1.19 Now €0.75/£0.59


  • Was €1.49/£1.19 Now €0.75/£0.59

RIDGE RACER CAR: “Evolver” (Vita)

  • Was €1.49/£1.19 Now €0.75/£0.59

RIDGE RACER CAR: “Synci” (Vita)

  • Was €1.49/£1.19 Now €0.75/£0.59

RIDGE RACER CAR: “Hornet” (Vita)

  • Was €2.49/£1.99 Now €1.19/£0.99

RIDGE RACER New Songs Pack (Vita)

  • Was €0.99 /£0.79 Now €0.49/0.40
14 Author replies

Nice! Some interesting (Vita) racers included, but sadly not the new Most Wanted, but that was to be expected. Still, I’ll first wait to see what the PS Plus Vita IGC has to offer, before diving into any of these offerings.

Still, good to see some nice price offerings! Shouldn’t these be permanent, as most of these games are already older now?


Definitely eyeing up Crash Team Racing.

Is the Vita+ announcement today? Since it’s the following week store publish today and all. /impatient in a good way

Some good offers in there – any chance of getting Ridge Racers (PSP) added?

@Dark-Twisted: I think they are keeping the friday as ‘PS Plus’ announcement day recently… Except for the Store update of course, which is still on wednesdays. So I expect the PS Plus vita announcement on friday (but will be more than willing to receive an announcement today)


Hi all,

Just wanted to give you a quick update regarding the VITA announcement…..We are just finalising everything, dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s and we want to make sure we can give you as much information as possible so at present I believe we should have everything ready early next week. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience :)

What about Grid? Been looking for an excuse to buy that for ages!


wipeout 2048 not in sale ??

great sales.
can we get some discounts on GT5 DLCs

This is a nice surprise. I’m certainly mulling over a few titles here. Probably DIRT2 rather than 3 and perhaps Motorstorm Ap.

However, and this really needs to be considered, Modnation Racers needs a DLC sale or a DLC Bundle. Considering the combined DLC cost is more than the original game, it’s about time to discount the lot. It will bolster and extend the create community.

Crash Team Racing has not aged well. :( Naughty Dog, please consider a re-make/HD edition. I played the S*** out of this game when it first came out, great memories.

To keep with the racing theme,will Sony ever put Tourist Trophy up as a PS2 classic.

Not my kind of games, but it’s nice to see something else than the usuall.

Can i suggest a major discount at Eye of Judgement for PSP? :)

hi off topic but can we get the monster hunter games via the ps2 classics please

Any chance of the GT5 dlc getting a discount?


I will ask but can’t promise, leave it with me!

Let’s see what prices you change and end early without telling us this time eh? Maybe I could start a book and take bets?
Prove me wrong.

Is there any extra discount for plus members like Halloween sale???


no extra plus discounts this time I’m afraid guys

Sadly, racing games (arcade, simulators, even karting with weapons) are not my thing! I had Wipeout HD and Hot Pursuit, but got rid of them. Still, Gran Turismo 5 (which I own but, after playing it non-stop, have not played it again since last year…) and its DLCs should have been present in the sale.

May I suggest a sale on Japanese games, the “crazy” sort of games that everybody loves (or used to love, anyway)?!?! Okami HD comes directly in mind, along with Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders among others…

i would like to buy mod nation for the vita however this is one title that i totaly exspect to be free on vita plus at some point fairly soon so thats kinda putting me off.

the fact that its included in this sale does this mean its not on the plus horizon or can you not answer that question untill after the plus announcement?

i now 100% think that wipeout vita will be a plus offering as its not in this sale.




as above, I will ask but can’t promise anything unfortunately

awww no Daytona :(

good sale,
although any chance of the additional tracks DLC for motorstorm RC can be included?

on a side note, I dont know who to ask but the when vikings attack preorder discount is not working for me. I tried to download it last night and today and it said content unavailable. is this a bug? what can i do?


There does seem to be a little problem with the pre order for WVA but our operations team are now aware and will get working on it, hopefully it should be back up and running properly in a few hours

Nice Special’s.

Few nice maybies there, but Motostorm RC is a deffinite, been meaning to pick that up :).

Would like to see some GT5 DLC and bundles be included here.

That’s pretty cool if you’re into racers.
Unfortenatly I’m not into racers.
But I have been wondering. Could you ask Capcom to put the character pack for Street Fighter x tekken on a sale or reduce the price?
I really feel that 20 euro is overpriced for on-disc locked content.
Also when you are it could you ask capcom to lower the price of Okami HD? 15 euro is a more fair price than 20 euro.


We can ask Capcom if they are interested in running a sale or running a plus discount so leave it with me I will see what we can do

Credit where credit’s due Chris, I made my disappointment clear at the lack of vita content @ halloween but you’ve redeemed yourself here mate. Plenty of content for speed freaks.

Now, please don’t spoil it by including any of these items in vita+. People won’t be amused.

+1 that wipeout2048 will be included in vita IGC.

Would advise people (with ps3’s and vita’s) to buy wipeout hd complete pack if it’s their thing. £5.19 is a steal and IF 2048 is included in the IGC, you should get hd & fury for the vita for free.

Sadly, i’ve already got it.

Chris. Now that i’m your pal again. PSP MGS PEACE WALKER!!!! You can do it.

Fingers crossed that the store update works this week.


Email of complaint was sent on the 1st and it said you should have a reply within 24 hours its now the 7th
And you ignored all my ranting past few days.

No doubt you will ignore this comment like most others, but what am i suppose to do if the staff ignore comments and the emails get ignored. Do i call Anne Robinson?

Sweet! Ridge Racer and Asphalt for Vita! How about Need For Speed? Wishful thinking?

I’m not that into racing games but wanted to try Ferrari: The Race Experience even though it’s not that great. Shame it isn’t on this sale.

almighty-slayer 07 November, 2012 @ 10:19

Nice sale. Good work


Pretty impressive sale! Too bad I have most of these already. Would have bought WipEout 1 and WipEout Pure if they were on sale.

If Modnation Racers stays at the price advertised £5.99 then that’s a bargain indeed! :)

I don’t have any faith in those prices remaining as advertised but we’ll see!

I’m sure you can hike the prices within a couple of hours or days ;)

Also Dirt Showdown is £9.95 @ Zavvi so your SALE price is too expensive! You should at least do some research & try & match some of the retail prices that are available.

MP_is_for_Chumps 07 November, 2012 @ 10:32

Would of been interested in Motorstorm Pacific Rift, as its a given that Apocalypse sucks prety hard. (also why sony are practically giving it away with that price)

…actually i take that back – i keep forgetting you changed the store to that POS wannabe ihpone app mess.

Maybe i’ll see what kind of price i can get for a used copy on ebay ;)

Hey Chris, any chance for some discounts on Burnout Paradise? Would love to smash the multiplayer again, just need an excuse to pick up the “Cops & Robbers” and ride it down in some of the premium cars. Would be greatly appreciated!


Unlikely in this sale i’m afraid but you never know in the future, we are always trynig to work with the publishers to bring you great discounts on games


@ Chris Howe

First of all thx for the Deals. I think there is something in it for everyone.
Now here are just some wishes if you guys plan to do part 2 of the sale next week.

-Need for Speed sale (includes discounts on games and DLC beforeMost Wanted(2012)
-Gran Turismo DLC ( damn that stuff is expensive)
-Motorstorm Pacific Rift DLC

@at everyone:
if I have a Playstation Store related Problem, where exactly do I direct it to?


Is that not supposed to be NOBLE Racing, as opposed to NOBEL Racing?
Unless someone released a game endorsed by the inventor of dynamite. :D

Not a bad selection, but it would be nice if GT PSP was included!

Nice collection!

Would love to see WipeOut 2048 and Motorstorm RC DLC being added too ;)


Does WipEout Complete Game Pack include the PSVita cross-play version? I already have the WipEout you offered when PSN went down.

If you are having an issue with the store you can always contact our customers services team for more details please see the link below:


Hey Chris
First would like to say, Thanks!
Secondly, is any of the vita games listed here (or even non vita games) going to be on PS + for the vita when it launches or is it safe to buy them?
I don’t want to spend money on something ill get free on playstation plus for vita


Obviously I can’t go into too many details about VITA + at this time but it’s safe to buy

@Chris Howe

just to clarify you response regarding plus vita is it the launch next week? or has the blog post regarding the content been delayed to next week?


Hi hayzink,

the blog post has been delayed until early next week while we finalise all the details


you could have made this article easier to read by sorting by Console and alphabetically.

Carnivius_Prime 07 November, 2012 @ 10:54

Motorstorm Apocalypse is a bargain at that price. I paid £19.99 for it a lil while ago still have got more than my money’s worth from it. One of the most absolutely fun racers ever made. I love it. Can’t say I enjoyed Motostorm RC at all though. Boring game with none of the thrills and excitement a game bearing the name Motorstorm should have (and which Apocalypse has in spades).

Anyways I have all the racers on PS3 I would want (that are affordable… being a Criterion fan I would like to try Most Wanted, as Hot Pursuit proved I coooould actually enjoy a Need for Speed titled game) but new games are far too overpriced.


Like i said ignored =/

@Chris Howe

Can you give us any clues on what we might be getting? Like number of items? Type of items(PS1/PSP/Vita etc)? Just numbers or even % will do :) Will keep us happy over the weekend lol

Other than that, this sale is quite hefty. Not a huge fan of racers but the deals on Motorstorm & Modnation are good. Those games are so much fun :D


sorry guys my lips have to be sealed at the moment

CreepingDeath666 07 November, 2012 @ 11:02

Hi Chris, looks like a good sale, I have a question about something to do with PSPlus-last week we were told we would get the WWE13 Fan Axxess pack half price but the discount has never turned up on the store. Are we going toget this still orhas it been cancelled? thanks



This was an error in the store blog last week, the WWE13 Fan Axxess is actually available as of today for one week

Oh wow, thanks Chris for the Vita plus news, although regardless of whether Ridge Racer is a part of plus I can’t pass it up for £9.99 :3 Thanks for these discounts, also for the news regarding the announcement


Hi Chris. Could we get a sale on Ferrari The Race Experience please. A €9.99 price point would be sweet and it comes with a lovely Platinum trophy. Please don’t confuse this with “Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli”, DO NOT WANT. ^_^

ExtremeGamer1995 07 November, 2012 @ 11:06

Can you get some of the dirt 3 dlc at a discount I’ve been waiting for it but apart from that amazing update might get driver can’t believe dirt 3 is cheaper on the store then in real life

Dammit – just bought the JoeDanger bundle last night because I thought I has some free gaming time soon….

Now I’m going to have to slip Modnation Racers into that limited time slot too. Good price. Will buy.


Hi Chris can you give the clue for Decembers ps plus aaa game


sorry I can’t say anything at the moment, I will let everyone know as soon as I can


I see Need for Speed Unbounded in the image, but not listed on the description? Any info or update please..


sorry this is a design error, I have asked for it to be amended

Vita owners forget about the sale.

The best racer on the Vita right now is NFS Most Wanted.
Support the developers who DO NOT make quick, bad, cash-in ports on the Vita.

@Chris Howe

its sad that it was said in the plus update that the news would be this week as if it was not for that i would not have been expecting any info this week but after that post i was on tenderhooks awating news :(

well i guess it cant be avoided and i still look forward to the news however could you answer the question regarding these vita titles in this sale are the on the plus horizon? dont want to pay even £5 odd for a game that is soon to be free.


Sorry its Ridge Racer…. Anyhow looking for any F1 for PS3 or Need for Speed.. Thanks & sorry for the mistake..

CookieMonsterES 07 November, 2012 @ 11:37

Hey, Chris, cool and unexpected thematic sale we have here! :D

I’d like to join up some of the guys above me requesting the GT5 DLCs added to the sale and I’d like to see Wipeout 2048 added as well, if that were possible. Thanks!

It’s finally time ti pick ModNation Racer! Thank you :D

Oh, I’d LOVE to see Motorstorm RC DLC on sale too, stlll miss the 2 expansions packs.



Hi Chris, what is in the Wipeout Complete game pack? Cheers.

don’t forget the burnout paradise DLC’s: i bought the ultimate version and i was thinking: now i have theme all: not :(

Fatal Inertia EX on the psn store for AUS is still like $29. on the US store its cheap as chips. how about reducing the price of this game ive been after it for ages but not once has it ever had a price drop.

no plus discount so not interested.

bought dirt showdown when it was £17.99

if u not jet have , i tink WipEout Complete Game Pack = good game on vita = also good deal .

alos i hope u give ps+ +- 10% discount = great
but wen u lounch ful price ! not release 1-2 month after 10%15% prices

i tink i am not only pers. who realy hate to pay new game ful price
then see moth after % of the price = disrespectful .

also if peopel buy new games ful price , why not give al dlc free
when u buy the game after more then 6 month after release u need to pay to get dlc ????

why = now day 1 buyers of consoles ore games are always second rang treated .

ZenSelai welcome to the club

i wait on uncharted on vita to have price cut

Too bad there’s no sale for the MotorStorm and Ridge Racer Unbounded DLC :( also will we ever see a sale for the Need For Speed franchise?

Seeing as you asked, could we maybe get a discount on MotorStorm Arctic Edge.

On a related note, is there any chance you could have a word with EA about getting their PSP games Vita compatible? Really wanna play my Need for Speed and Burnout games again (some of which are already compatible via transfer in the States)!



Pardon me for being thick but why is Motorstorm rc listed twice, I thought when you bought it once you got it for both consoles?
Awesome sale by the way, just wish I could afford more of it.
Looking forward to the Christmas sale. Can we have a season pass sale?!?
And whilst your at it telling Santa Monica studios to get the high velocity bowling eu servers back up would be awesome. Usa still have there’s up. Anyway thanks for a great sale.


Vita PS+ news next week? Come on…

You said last week, and I quote: “VITA news will be coming next week guys and gals, promise!”

I’m not usually one to complain about delays, but seriously… I mean, you could have said: “we expect Vita PS+ news next week, but no guarantee”, instead of stating that it WILL come next week “promise”.

Either keep your promises, or don’t make promises. It’s as simple as that.

Hi, any chance we can have the MotorStorm Apocalypse DLC in the sale and the Modnation Racers DLC?

Why not “Hot Pursuit” ? I’m looking for it ;-)


Hi. Agree that we shouldn’t support quick, bad, cash-in ports but I don’t think that supporting a game that a has a ‘phantom’ £10 (20 euro) added on to the rrp (just for the benefit of EU customers) is a good idea either. Besides, NFS:MW is essentially a port too.

Glad your happy with your purchase but I dislike rip-offs.

Peace bud.

Ps, good to see that Greece’s austerity measures haven’t reached your household. he he


Should I pick up Modnation Racers for PS3 or Modnation Racers Roadtrip for Vita ?


No Motorstorm RC DLC? Disappointing.

S-o-h-a-i-l = esy u play most on ps3 = u pick ps3
more vita then u go vita
combination = only if u have other version free ore big %


Thanks :)

I tried out the Vita demo and had a blast, so I think I’ll pick that one up.

how about Tourist Trophy & TT Superbikes Real Road Racing Championship. The latter is on the US store, but I really don’t want to have to buy any dollars :(

Sounds fantastic.

Any chance of Resident Evil 2 bring made compatible to Vita?
Maybe classic Xcom too thanks.

See ya next week.

any chance of modnation dlc sale being as your doing the game for 6 pound but the extra packs are 7.99 each if they were even 4 pound each i would buy all 3 today

Some good deals here. Might pick up CTR, even though I already have it on my US Plus subscription, which I don’t have any interest in renewing, seeing we get better stuff in Europe. Any chance for a Skydrift discount? It is a racing game after all, and it’s overpriced here. Americans could have it for 10 bucks last time I checked, whereas we need to spend 15 euros to buy it.

@Chris Howe Great sale but the list is a bit of a mess.
Not every title has it’s system behind it and I’m not a person that knows for what system it is on.
Also devide it in system. Thats easier to brows through. Alfabetical order is also nice to see within it’s platform sellection.

How is that a sale??? there either crappy old ps2 games or over priced ps3 games, you can buy them a lot cheaper in any shop, i got dirt showdown for £9.99 special edition same for the others you can fim=nd them for nearly half that price.. massive sale?? errrrm are you on drugs??

I was wondering about Wipeout HD. When I try to download original hd and fury expansion (which was one of free games when psn went down), now it gives me psp version of wipeout hd/fury (that little yellow mark on lower left side of file when downloaded. This happens also if I try to download it from my past downloads section.

Will this new Wipeout pack also have similar issues?

supersmith2500 07 November, 2012 @ 14:51

Doh! Bought Motorstorm RC too soon. >.<

Also No Destruction Derby or WipEout 2048 in the sale? Bit of shame but who cares I already got those games. Surprised Midas' shovelware games got the sale price though.

One_Shot_KiIIer 07 November, 2012 @ 15:06

are you not putting Wipeout 2048, NFS Most Wanted, MUD or WRC3 for the Vita/PS3 up on the sale list?

Chris Howe, may it be possible offers in NEED FOR SPEED old games download content?

I think now with the launch of MOST WANTED, offers in the old DLC would be pretty welcome (at least I would be interested in order to finish my HOT PURSUIT trophies.

Is it possible to add it in time for this Massive Racing Sale may you tell me? Thanks in advance for your time & support.

Bend over and take it PS+ subs… zero discounts

Is there any chance at somepoint of seeing the ModNation Racers theme packs on sale? I have been waiting a long time in the hope of seeing them on sale because it’s a great game and I would like to get all the packs but at £7.99 each it’s far too expensive especially as the game itself is less than one theme pack.

any chance of dirt 3 dlc? cars and track pack? love the game and would like to fully plat it any be able to drive the classic rally cars, e.g. lancia stratos, lancia delta etc

Split Second – Onslaught Pack, still at original price, fix this!

Any chance for Wipeout Pure and Pulse on PSP to receive a discount? The Pulse DLC could really do with a price drop too.

I was going to go for the Wipeout pack but it’s still listed as £9.99.

I can’t buy the Wipeout Complete Pack, its listed as unavailable :S

Crack-Davidson 08 November, 2012 @ 00:13

The wipeout complete pack is not on sale on my vita.
Please make it happen.

Also if I buy the vita version will it unlock the ps3 version and/or vice versa??

I might pick up mortor storm rc next week, Shame no GT5 dlc becuase i need the last dlc for it but not worth its price. How long are these deals going to last?

Why not MotorStorm – Pacific Rift? but the 3d without trophies :(

I really wanted to get wipeout half price. But when I go on the racing sale section on the PS3 store it is listed as 9.99. Will this get fixed soon? I really want to get this game. Please respond! X

Fix Wipeout price! It still shows as full price.


Hi All,

I have sent these issues off to our Store Operations team, I am hoping they will be fixed within the next few hours.

But as an extra bit of good news…. I can confirm that those items that had been scheduled to end of the 14th have been extended until the 21st :)

Hi there, Driver: San Francisco is still unavailable. It says it’s a disc only game and not available for download.

why is wipeout listed as unavailable?


I believe there is something wrong with the price of WipEout Complete Game Pack. It is written to be GBP 5.19 here in the blog, but it is NOK 105 (approximately GBP 11) in the PSS in Norway, the same as the ‘previous’ price, as written in the game description.


I now see, after posting my message, numerous posts posted before mine, that this is a problem other people experienced too. I hope it will be fixed, because I am curious on this game at the advertised low price.


Posted on 7 November, 2012 at 2:48 pm by Kavatus

“I was wondering about Wipeout HD. When I try to download original hd and fury expansion (which was one of free games when psn went down), now it gives me psp version of wipeout hd/fury (that little yellow mark on lower left side of file when downloaded. This happens also if I try to download it from my past downloads section.
Will this new Wipeout pack also have similar issues?”

I experienced the same, not being able to install games I recieved for free after the PSN outage.

For the solution, read some posts in the thread I started:

are1981norway: use a URL shortner, your community link is

Split/Second Onslaught pack still showing at full price instead of the discount price, please fix!!!


Split/Second Velocity for PSP shows up as 7,99 (very strange as in the description I see “was: 7,99” so where’s the discounted price???)!
Anyway, grabbed my all-time PS favorite CTR!!! From what I understood those classic games, when bought, are available on all 3 consoles (PS3, Vita, PSP), correct?


Just adding that CTR DOES NOT play full screen in PS Vita! And I don’t just mean the left-right bars due to (obviously) the 4:3 CTR’s aspect ratio, but there are also top-bottom black bars… (which to me) looks like the (sub?-) vga resolution of the game is NOT stretched by the Vita to at least fill the screen vertically, so I only get just over half my screen area filled with the game. :(

@ TheMatrix7

If keep your finger on the touch screen more options for the game will appear.


@ Alan2112

Thank you very much! Looks great now!


yeah, many thanks from Bulgaria, the worst country to have PS account in


Is Dirt 3 a complete edition with all dlc, or just the normal version without dlc’s?

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