The art of F1 RACE STARS

F1 RACE STARS environments

F1 RACE STARS takes Formula 1 racing in a new direction. Our focus is unashamedly on fun. Four player split-screen lies at the game’s heart, extended through up to 12 player online racing (which can be combined with split-screen) and complimented by a wide range of competitions, modes and difficulty settings.

It’s been an exciting project, particularly from an art perspective, reimagining Formula 1. Our collective imagination saw us take things we love from the sport and combining them with features you’d never find in that world – jumps, shortcuts, power-ups, robo-sumos… You can sample some of what we’ve achieved in our demo.

It’s been a pleasure to see how the drivers, cars and circuits have evolved from their real-world counterparts and see people connect with them when they play.

That said, reworking Formula 1 to appeal beyond the traditional fanbase has been challenging. Could we bring in fans who may not know much about the sport? Can we go somewhere new and retain Formula 1 legitimacy? We were determined to not only deliver a great game, but a great Formula 1 game.

Where did we start?

Well, Formula 1 is visually rich and full of iconic imagery; the cars, drivers and glamorous locations. We assembled our artists and asked them to forget that we were making a videogame, and instead for them to imagine we were rebranding Formula 1, with the high-end, entertainment look set by leading animation studios.

We began pre-production in a similar way a film studio would, working with designers to storyboard races and creating a house style we could apply Formula 1 imagery to. This helped avoid cruelly caricaturing the drivers and instead guided us to create deservedly heroic, toy-like characterisations that could comfortably sit alongside your Buzz or Woody. They have universal appeal.

F1 RACE STARS characters

This high-end and toy-like ambition permeated through the menus and environments. I wanted locations to look like toy-sets from the same toy-factory… Everything should look like what’s going on in the imagination of a child who has set up their toys for the cars to race through.

That said, I didn’t want to make what the child had created (LittleBigPlanet does that so well) but what the imagination proudly saw as it looked upon its creation. It’s an important distinction.

I was keen to follow the “truth in the material” mantra set by John Lasseter of Pixar. This rule was held by our animators when it came to bringing drivers and cars to life and also guided the creation of the environments. I didn’t want skyscrapers and trees looking like they were made of the same strange jelly-like material, or indeed jelly at all.

Sure, they’re stylised, but if you bend the “truth in the material” rule too much it can look anachronistic, harking back to much earlier animations like Felix the Cat where everything bounces along to the same rhythm.

That style ruled until Lasseter and his followers changed the game. They brought a more tangible connection between subject and viewer that proved to bind a much stronger emotional bond. And that emotional bond is crucial. We see it when people play, and the feedback from the teams and drivers has been great. They experience things they love from Formula 1 in a new way… a charming one.

The racing worlds we’ve created pop with their own inviting style. It’s amazing to see the principles we established at the start of development transform into the game we have now, and you can’t beat that simple moment when people pick up the pad and smile when they’re with it.

We hope you enjoy it too.

The demo for F1 RACE STARS is available for download with today’s Store update. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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RoronoaSouthe 7 November, 2012 @ 11:18 am   1

Email of complaint was sent on the 1st and it said you should have a reply within 24 hours its now the 7th
And you ignored all my ranting past few days.

What am i suppose to do?

Reality_palez 7 November, 2012 @ 11:19 am   2

Wow ihad no idea this game existed looks awsome is it retail or downloadable

chrisboers 7 November, 2012 @ 11:25 am   3

#1: “What am i suppose to do?”
Well, for starters, stop spamming each topic on here. Next, call Playstation Support.

pinkplaybunny 7 November, 2012 @ 11:55 am   4

This looks awesome!


Been looking out for this game for a long time, looks awesome, I hope it will be aswell 🙂


wipeout vs mario kart looks good but not mi stile of game

stil need lots of good rpg .( realy mising the amount of good rpg on ps3)

RoronoaSouthe 7 November, 2012 @ 12:49 pm   7

@ chrisboers

Well frankly im sick of being ignored. And no i wont phone because i don’t want to have to pay to get my problem sorted and complain.

kieranmarsh 7 November, 2012 @ 8:54 pm   8

~ Copy & Paste If You Agree ~

As a sign of my frustration with the store and blog staff, And anger at the way we are treated and scammed I will be boycotting the store and convincing others to do the same until you show us the respect we deserve as your paying customers.

Examples being,
– Blog staff ignoring important or useful questions.
– Replying to the same questions, sometimes on the same page.
– Forced to have a Singstar icon on the XMB.
– Feel free to add more

In the words of the late Owen Hart
“Enough is enough and its time for a change”

~ Copy & Paste If You Agree ~

Try it, you might like it!!