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Hey folks, I’m very pleased to announce that When Vikings Attack! is finally out on PSN today! It’s been a long road for the team getting their first game out on both PS3 and PS Vita at the same time but they’ve done it without a hitch!

We’d like to take the opportunity now to thank everyone who’s taken the time to support us during the development, played the game at local events and tweeted nice things about us. We hope you all love the finished product and continue to share with us any comments you might have.

Now that it’s out we expect to see many brave citizens battling online, so we’ve put together our top 10 tips for playing the game. Read them well – they may give you the edge online!

1. X to dash AND catch.

Pressing the X button will make your team perform a speedy dash which is essential for avoiding incoming projectiles. However, if you are a little bit more confident you can dash into an incoming object and snatch it out of the air to quickly return it at your opponent! This is an essential move in heated battles.

2. Dash and Bash.

As well as being a defensive move, dash can also be used as an offensive move. See an oncoming car? Dash into your opponent to knock them in its path!

3. Remember to spin!

By pressing L1 or R1 (L and R on PS Vita) repeatedly you will spin the object you’re holding. When it gets up enough speed it becomes an unstoppable missile that cannot be caught by your opponent.


4. Your team is your health.

The more people you have on your team the more likely you are to survive an attack, collect as many people as you can to stay alive longer.

5. Bigger is not always better.

Having a larger team means you have more health but it also means you are a little slower; a team of 1 has far more speed and can run rings around a huge team of 10.

6. Look out for bombs.

There are 3 types of bombs in the game; some explode on impact, some bounce on walls until they hit a player and some steal members of the opposing teams. Use these to your advantage when they appear. They can turn the tide of a game in seconds.

7. Buff characters.

Every so often you will see a character run on screen with an icon above their head, be the first to grab them and your whole team will gain a stat boost in either movement speed, strength or throw speed. Hold onto these guys as long as you can.

8. Pay attention to your environment.

Each level of the game (Vs. and Quest) features some kind of environmental hazard to either avoid or use to your advantage. See a pipe? Throw something down there and it will probably come out somewhere else. Don’t be afraid to get close and shunt your opponent off a cliff edge either if you see one.

9. Hidden characters.

Keep an eye out for some level puzzles; by solving these you will unlock one of the hidden characters in the game. Some are harder than others but all reveal a reward. There’s a trophy for collecting them all, so pay attention!


10. New enemies.

In Quest mode the enemies change as you progress, not all can be defeated by tossing a giant pork chop at them though, use your brain and your surroundings to come up with new ways of defeating tough foes.

So there you have it, we hope those help you on your way to online supremacy or allow you to reign supreme on the couch.

When Vikings Attack! is out today on PSN for PS3 and PS Vita as a Cross-Buy game – buy one and get the other for free!

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hi. i really wanted to buy this last week but the preorder discount for when vikings attack didn’t work on the store when i tried it last week, yesterday and today. can the discount be extended to people buying it today?

Neil McPhillips 07 November, 2012 @ 20:51


Can you give me any more info? Was there an error message?

Thanks! Those are some useful tips, for functions I hadn’t noticed on my first few plays (like being able to bump into your enemies)
Coop is nice, but sadly most other players tend to think it’s deathmatch instead of coop… Sad people.

Game is terribly fun though!

Neil McPhillips 07 November, 2012 @ 20:51

Glad you’re loving it!

This game is seven shades of awesome.

Random question, why is the game twice the size on the American store? It’s over a gig whilst the uk store has it at around 600mb.

Neil McPhillips 07 November, 2012 @ 16:53

Hey, glad you love it!

The file size is different because it’s factoring in both the Vita and PS3 versions. Each game is really only 600mb.

declan__watson 07 November, 2012 @ 16:53

Hello there
Cool tips for world domination they look great is it available to plus members yet also you know on psn how do I get my plus logo next to my avatars profile I just signed up but the logo hasn’t appears beside my profile please answer back.
Thank you

declan__watson 07 November, 2012 @ 16:58

Hello again
It’s ok I just signed in and it’s displayed the plus logo beside my name. Problem solved.
Thanks again

Great fun game, really enjoying it, thanks

Neil McPhillips 07 November, 2012 @ 20:52

Good to hear so many people loving it!

I’m adopting ‘Jolly Hockey-Sticks’ as my own personal battle-cry.

Neil McPhillips 07 November, 2012 @ 20:53

lol :)

Looks like a good game but 1) there’s no PS+ discount 2) it’s far too expensive 3) you should have sent it out to more reviews and 4) you never bothered with a demo.

It’s a new IP reviews and a demo are important if you expect people to hand over hard earned cash for it. If the game is as good as you say it shouldn’t worry you.

Neil McPhillips 07 November, 2012 @ 20:54

Not sure I can say anything to make you happy I’m afraid. Sorry you don’t want to pay the price for the game, maybe it will be on sale one day and you’ll take a chance on it.

Until then… sorry I guess.

8# 1. Eh there was a pre-order discount.
2. No it’s not.
3.I have seen quite alot reviews.
4. Have you even tryied and looked if their ws a demo for the game? Because there is a trial for the game since last week.

@8 – It’s been available to pre-order at a discounted price (£5.49) for at least 2 weeks.

@ 9 & 10

Learn to read guys, I said there’s no PS+ discount not pre order discount. Price is relative, I think £7.99 is far too expensive, if it suits you go feel free to get ripped off. Also there is no trial on the store so not sure where you’re getting it kivi95.


Just went to ps+ themes and the When Vikings attack theme is unavailable right now? When will I be able to download that?

Neil McPhillips 07 November, 2012 @ 20:55


I just checked this and it downloaded fine for me, if it still isn’t working can you tweet at us? @SonyXDevEurope

Hi, so when I clicked on the preorder button it came up with an error message that said something like content unavailable.
i called customer services and they say the same error mesage and they said wait until today when it is launched and see if i can buy it and if the price is the same. obviously the price is now £8 but it meant the preorder deal didnt work.
I really want the game, but I feel a bit cheated paying £8 if the store didnt work properly and stopped me from getting the discount

Neil McPhillips 07 November, 2012 @ 21:28

Thanks for letting me know, first time I’ve heard about this. I’ll see what I can do with customer services.

Can you tweet at us on twitter so we can get in touch? @SonyXDevEurope

Sure, just did it.
I can also pm you the customer services ref number, as they looked at it on the store and also saw it wasn’t available

What a great game.
The pre-order worked a treat well pleased.
Thank you. See you online:)

Is ad-hoc multiplayer available for Vita?

@13 Get over yourself and make an official complaint if you care that much, not this pathetic attempt at protest.

As for the singstar thing. IT’S AN ICON!!!!!!!!! It would be nice to move or delete it but does it really make a difference…really? If that’s a big issue in your life then you should be grateful for how carefree your life is.

Such a cool game, played this for my entire commute this morning while AC3 and NFS went untouched – too funny though I am sure people wondered why I kept chuckling to myself!

Add me to the list of people who had trouble pre-ordering. Really wish I could’ve take advantage of that pre-order price.

Quick question, is anything going to be done about the warehouse level that is nigh impossible to beat without playing online?

Hi there!
Firstly i LOVE this game. I got it this morning on my vita and its so much fun. I highly reccomend it to anyone out there. It runs incredibly smoothly, looks great and is amazingly fun to play :D

I have an issue with crossbuy though.
I purchased the game on my vita. Now when I am back home and log into my ps3 – there is no ps3 version in my download list. When I go to the store it’s saying I have to pay for it :(

I thought if you purchased it on one platform you get the other one free under crossbuy.

Same happened to me with the preorder.. Have tweeted @SonyXDevEurope.

Would be nice if Sony did something here – putting an offer on the store that doesn’t work is false advertising at the end of the day.


Hope you don’t mind Neil but I would like to share my review for your wonderful game to fellow PS Blog posters. http://www.thevitalounge.com Please check it out and anybody on the fence about the game it’s a cracking little title.


2 questions:

Is the games 60fps on the PSVITA?

Does it have throphies?

i still cant add funds to psn using a credit card. i already contacted my bank and everything is fine with my credit card. i always used this card to buy games in the store. its something wrong with the new psn? could you help me please? thanks

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