God of War: Ascension – Introducing Ares, son of Zeus

Rising to a Champion of the Gods in our new God of War: Ascension multiplayer mode requires a warrior’s tactile knowledge of the strengths, weapons, armor, and magic of the god they align with. Don’t expect to just hack and slash your opponents into submission!

You may have had a taste of what the Warriors of Zeus, the Ruler of Olympus, are capable of, but now it’s time to divert your attention, and consider aligning with the…God of War himself.
If sheer offensive strength is your preferred style of play, then harness the ferocious might of Ares!

Warriors who align with Ares are brute force tacticians dealing a devastating array of physical-based skills up close and personal. These Warriors will also harness magic abilities that unleash a fiery rage, great for close quarters combat.

Warriors of Ares are juggernauts who excel in close-range combat and employ powerful items that can boost their attacks, or cripple the defensive capabilities of surrounding enemies. In other words, if you like “jumping into the fire”, then aligning with Ares should be your first step.

In God of War: Ascension multiplayer, it’s crucial to combine the right weapons, armor, magic, and items bestowed from the God you align with, to find your best strategic play style.

Here are a couple key strategic tips for Ares to refer back to during our upcoming beta:

  • Find at least two or more enemies in a concentrated area. Use Ares inferno magic to leap sky high and slam down with [R2] to knock them into the air. The moment you land, wield your weapon immediately with a series of brutal combo attacks on your enemies while they are stunned and before they recover to seek a quick vengeance.
  • Ares War Hammer is great against groups of enemies as well. The weapon’s special attack executes a long range wave of fire that will knockback every enemy in its path, and also has an area of effect (AOE) slam to knock everyone nearby up into the air. A great tactic is combining these two for some wicked juggling combos in the air.

Finally, the more XP you earn in multiplayer, the more opportunity you will have to purchase and upgrade powerful Relics. Relics will enhance your weapons and armor, and generally improve (and reward!) your mastery over close-quarters combat. Replenish your health after a successful throw; increase your damage after every brutal kill; choose Relics that reward your style of play to become a true warrior of Ares.

Stay tuned to PlayStation Blog for more on Ascension as we approach our 13th March 2013 launch.

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Are we going to get multiplayer beta for PlayStation plus just like the US?


highly unlikely. This is Europe and we all know how Fony like to shaft their Euro customers.

first god of war i wil not buy ful price
i hate mp in almost every game = i not need in gow.
to others = nice bonus


Looking forward to the beta, should be very interesting to see how the MP is going to fit. Either way I love GoW and this will definitely be a day one purchase for me :)


hate to be a party pooper but you have missed your launch date!

declan__watson 10 November, 2012 @ 10:27

Hello everyone
I am really excited for Ascension this game is going to rock, like with all the other God of wars. Is there any word on Naughty dogs new game the last of us I would like to have a beta or a demo coming out for it soon? Thanks and great multiplayer choice.
:) :D

this game should be released this month or dec 2012 not MARCH 2013. too late as i will be saving up my money for PS4.

declan__watson 10 November, 2012 @ 12:23

Yes maybe next month at some point, be a surprise if it was released on December 15 that’s my birthday 10 days before Christmas intact I cannot believe its December already. And yes I cannot wait for the launch of PlayStation 4 or Orbis as its rumoured code name. Sony are much more subprime than Microsoft and nintendo at gaming, playstation has win every last console war over the years whether its handheld or home consoles and I believe PlayStation Orbis is going to be the best of sony we have seen yet. It’s going to beat xbox 720 and Wii u next generation.

declan__watson 10 November, 2012 @ 12:31

I have seen the amount of work sony put in to there consoles and there is no doubt that PlayStation orbis is goin to be an amazing console to play, I feel that sony are more better than Nintendo and microsoft not just in gaming but overall. Microsoft don’t make much only xbox and windows mainly, nintendo just make consoles they don’t do smart phones, tablets etc. I seen how much sony make that includes Music, films, smart phones, tablets, audio systems, blu ray, DVD players, cinema systems, laptops, playstation etc. That’s a massive company with an amazing history. LongLivePlay Sony. :)

It’s so disapointing to see mp slapped on every game.
I stopped buying them full price because I don’t want to pay for a part of a product I don’t care for.
Lets hope the sp is great and at least as long as the last game.

you guys know that the beta is coming this wedensday rite?

you all no its coming this wedenday rite the beta i mean

march 15 time for my 6 gow platenium cant wait super pumped i would like to take this opertonity to thank the gow team you guys r the best keep up the good work thanks for bringing us epicness


One very important question when can we preorder gow ascension with the kratos figure I can only find std & special editions I expect game or hmv will hopefully stock it.

@OttoT @monoliet you guys know this game has single player right? and wiil be familiar with others GOW games? right ? @ Voodoo341 can you ever stop complain Sony? :) @ declan__watson you know when happen that Sony will disappear and Apple makes the same playstation’s every year and wili sell it for 800$ :) @Todd Papy Give us the single player demo and multiplayer beta NOW!!!!!! I can’t wait !!!!!

I would love to see a single player trailer for the game… you know, the part I’m actually interested in?


This is starting to look like fun 8)

declan__watson 12 November, 2012 @ 16:49

Yeah lol that’s funny, I want apple to buy sony I believe we and apple have things in common so why not bring us two big corporations together we and apple are really good in music with iTunes, iPod, GarageBand etc sony is really big in music with artists who sign contracts with sony bmg, music unlimited, Walkman, and many more great things I believe sony and apple match to make a fantastic company. LongLivePlay Sony Make.Believe

declan__watson 12 November, 2012 @ 16:51

Anyone else agree with me? :) LongLivePlay Sony Make.Believe

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