Portal 2 In Motion DLC coming to PlayStation Move next week

Portal 2 In Motion for PS3

We’re coming Europe! On 14th November, Sixense will launch Portal 2 In Motion, a motion DLC campaign for Valve’s Portal 2 on PlayStation Move.

Our development team at Sixense has applied its expertise in motion gaming to create what we believe will be the defining experience for PlayStation Move. The Portal 2 In Motion DLC will be priced at €9.99/£7.99 on PSN. We’ll also have a special launch promotion of 30% off for PlayStation Plus members.

Those who are familiar with Sixense know that over the past few years we have focused on delivering motion gaming experiences that are intuitive and natural for users. We are excited to now work with Sony and Valve to deliver content that takes advantage of the advanced motion tracking of PlayStation Move.

Portal 2 In Motion introduces gameplay mechanics, including scaling and rotation of objects as well as portal surfing. These new abilities are all required as the player progresses through an increasingly challenging set of test chambers that look familiar from Portal 2, but require new thinking to solve.

Portal 2 In Motion for PS3

Along with Portal 2 In Motion, we are releasing a free patch for Portal 2, which will deploy PlayStation Move support (implemented by Sixense) for the entire single-player and cooperative campaigns.

The patch will provide a touch of the motion experience provided by Sixense, but while the original Portal 2 campaigns will be fully playable with PlayStation Move, only the Portal 2 In Motion DLC features the gameplay mechanics and original campaign designed by Sixense specifically for motion.

We hope that Portal 2 In Motion will mark the beginning of much more to come! Look for Portal 2 In Motion and the patch next Wednesday!

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Cool stuff, always thought Portal seemed a perfect fit for the Move. Will definitely buy this DLC.

I honestly can’t wait to play Portal 2 with Move controls.

So what is official UK price?


Sorry, £7.99 – I’ll add that to the post now.

Brilliant! I actually played this on PC with the free steam code they gave away so I’m looking forward to trying out a completely new way of playing it on my PS3.

Right… so $10 = £8? Stick it.

Is there any chance of releasing Portal 2 to PS Store?


@5 Voodoo341

$10 is about £8, just under but its understandable them rounding it up.

$10 is acually £6.27, but if you take the 20% VAT off the £7.99 you get £6.65.

38p difference at the current exchange rate, barely anything. And an additional 30% off for Plus.

SpitelordDekka 09 November, 2012 @ 14:38


$10 is closer to £6.20 right now, not £8.

ChemicalBacon90 09 November, 2012 @ 14:39

As above, $10 is about £6.30, but that’s without VAT of 20%.
6.30 x 1.20 = £7.50-ish.
So, seems a fair price.

With the Plus discount, the difference is even smaller. £7.99 – 30% = £5.59, which is £4.66 before VAT. $10 – 30% = $7 = £4.39.

27p difference.

Will defiantly pick this up, hell i haven’t even played Portal 2 yet, absolutely loved it on the Orange Box just one of though’s games that past me by at the time. will pick up a copy especially now its cheap along with the DLC

Is this a stand along game then or just DLC for Portal 2? I haven’t got Portal 2 but I am interested in this so if its a separate stand alone product then that would be great.

solid nat the devs have said this

Portal 2 In Motion is DLC for Portal 2, so you’ll need to own Portal 2 (either the new digital version or the Blu-Ray with the upcoming patch) in order to play the DLC.


So glad this is making it’s way over here. More people need to play Portal 2, it’s an amazing game.

Perfect fit for PSMove. Looking forward to dusting off Portal 2 and trying it out with the Move. Cheers guys!

Here’s an idea… why not give this to any loyal customers who were conned into believing Sony’s hype about Move. Over priced ripped off as it is.

@ 14 – Thanks didn’t spot that.

no deal , i want valve to make next half life also on ps3/ps4


So can in the In Motion DLC only be played with the Move or can you use a regular dualshock?

@ Fred or Josh

How about the downloadable version of Portal 2 that the US PSN have received? Do we get that too (with Plus 30% off)?

This should be free. Valve made Steam for the PS so they could give their dlc away free. Valve partnered with Sony on Steam because Microsoft wanted to charge for TF2 dlc. Why is this not free? I am currently looking at a gamespot article titled “Portal 2 DLC will be free”.
Complete disgrace.

Is this DLC region locked? I buy my games often in UK and sometimes in the US. Please add this information to all your DLC!!!!!!!!!!

@ OttoT no 23
SCE allready said they Don’t support Fake location accounts for importing and that using a store were you don’t live at all during the year is a breach of there T&C of PSN to down load region locked DLC and PATCHES…. SCE does not even support Importing hardware… due to Video BD and DVD region mismatches..

The console may not have an enforced lock out on region for game software like PS2 did but Every BD and DIGTAL game has a region code which the DLC and Patches lock to… They even have Regional BD indent numbers on every BD and case…


Awesome. Judging from the trailer this is a single player experience right? Looking forward to it.


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