Weekend Debate: The greatest multiplayer game of all time

Hey there everyone. Once again, apologies for the lack of a Weekend Debate last week. However, we’re firmly back on track today!

A quick and easy topic this week to get you back into the swing of things. Two titles have dominated lunch-hour gaming here at SCEE HQ this week. Firstly, United Front Games‘ rather wonderful LittleBigPlanet Karting has been turning the air blue courtesy of its furiously competitive multiplayer, and provides the inspiration for today’s talking point.

What’s your favourite multiplayer game of all time, and why?

The other game that’s picked up a band of loyal followers here is lunatic PSN action title When Vikings Attack!, which launched on Wednesday. It’s a thoroughly refreshing blast of light-hearted, madcap multiplayer fun, and the 10 most thoughtful posts snag themselves a download code.

Take a look at the trailer below, or head over to our recent Blog post for more info.

While we’re on the topic, we’re hoping to set up a Blog staff vs. Blog readers WVA multiplayer session sometime next week. Yes, you’ll finally get to throw a punch or two at us! We’ll confirm details very soon…

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xenokiller90 9 November, 2012 @ 5:06 pm   1

no vita ps+ news then 🙁


Call of duty revolutionized online multi player in fact some could argue it monopolized it. I think that game has to have the most hardcote dedicated multiplayer fan base out there. As much as people bash cod it delivers the goods for its fans year in year out.


When Vikings attack is great just wish online players stopped attacking each other and went for the Vikings instead

Dr-abdulelah 9 November, 2012 @ 5:10 pm   4

my favourite multiplayer game of all time is fifa
because its endless game , you can challenge everyone in the world any time


i know i will not win one code for When Vikings Attack!, but i hope

I think it must be Killzone 2. I like KZ2’s MP because its so unique and have very structured maps. I like how you can set your own rules on your server and customzation. Because of this, i keep returning to KZ2 to play its fun MP.

bidbaldwolf86 9 November, 2012 @ 5:10 pm   6

My favourite multiplayer game was Goldeneye.

Me and my friends would go to each others houses after school and just have such a good time playing it for hours. We even had our own game mode where it was one hit kills and someone was Oddjob. The person who was Oddjob couldn’t shoot people and had to chop them to kill them. The other 3 had to kill Oddjob.

Split screen multiplayer was great.

    Fred Dutton 9 November, 2012 @ 5:16 pm    

    Oddjob was cheap as chips! We always banned each other from choosing him! Good times though…

    Fred Dutton 12 November, 2012 @ 3:18 pm    

    Right, time to announce this week’s winners. First WVA code here for impeccable taste in vintage shooters!

szyszunia14 9 November, 2012 @ 5:12 pm   7

I’ll be quite controversial, but my favourite multiplayer was the one in Ratchet Gladiator on PS2 ( I mean the online competitive). It covered most of my free time about 6 years ago. Can’t wait for the RG HD edition (do you know the release date?). If you will be playing Ratchet Gladiator online on PS3 feel free to add me on PSN, even today.

What do you think of that multiplayer ?

A_Nonny_Moose 9 November, 2012 @ 5:12 pm   8

They said in the Store Update comments that the Vita Plus announcement was pushed back to next week.

On topic I’d have to say Rock Band. It’s the only multiplayer game I’ve found that’s not only easy enough for everyone to play, but everyone actually wants to play it. There are a lot of other great games, but not everyone likes racing or fighting or Portal 2. Everyone loves music though, and the Rock Band library is huge so there’s guaranteed to be songs everyone will enjoy.


Easy one. Timesplitters 2. Has tons of funny and creative characters, lots of different game modes(virus mode i will never forget you) it didnt have automatic healing which made it alot better and the maps were so good. I really hope we will se an hd collection on psn or timesplitters 4

chrisboers 9 November, 2012 @ 5:13 pm   10

As a non-multiplayerfan, my vote goes to Demon’s souls as a co-op multiplayer. The way the red messages can either help or lure you to danger, the shadowy ghosts of less fortunate gamers, it all adds to the experience of the game.
As for true competative multiplayer, nothing beats Bomberman Ultra! It manically fun, chaotic, but at the same time, having skill will greatly add to your chances to win!

Oh, about the prize, I already have Vikings (excellent game!), so I’ll pass on that one…


For me, it just has to be Bomberman, with many happy memories of the SNES game and 4 of us all trying to blow each other up.

I was over the moon when Bomberman Ultra came out on PSN. It was the first time that I felt online multiplayer could replicate 4 people sitting around a TV, but it also provided that same perfect offline multiplayer too. I still battle my kids on it and it’s never left my PS3’s hard drive.

It reminds me that even though online multiplayer is fun, especially on a good FPS game, there’s really nothing to beat the good old fashioned huddle around a TV with 4 controllers and everyone laughing their socks off at the antics on-screen.

AaronSOLDIER 9 November, 2012 @ 5:15 pm   12

Easy one – Worms. Such a simple idea yet so addictive, and I’m still enjoying the series today. Long live Team 17!

Solid_Snake1987 9 November, 2012 @ 5:16 pm   13

My favourite multiplayer game is TimeSplitters 2 (or Future Perfect) without a shadow of a doubt. It’s the ultimate multiplayer FPS with so many crazy characters, but also a ridiculous number of modes and a map editor! So not only could you battle across a ton of top quality maps as a bunch of brick-throwing monkeys you could make your own maps, with your own rules and tailor the game to your needs. It was incredible to think something usually exclusive to the PC was possible on the PS2.

My favourite mode has to be Virus. It was sort of like a zombie mode, but one person or AI starts with the “Virus” and has to infect everyone else by touching them. Everyone else has to survive as long as they can, maybe by teaming up, maybe by sacrificing others. The greatest strength of the mode was that when you became infected you had to start to infect others, so revenge was often on the cards. I can still remember playing split-screen with my brothers and our great stand against the hordes. Shotguns in hands and screaming instructions. And the fight that broke out afterwards…

    Fred Dutton 12 November, 2012 @ 3:19 pm    

    Pleasantly surprised to see so many of you go for Timesplitters 2 – a very fine game indeed. WVA code right here.


My favourite multiplayer game is Killzone 2. It was (and still is) so dam chaotic!! there are still ALOT of people playing it and the maps were perfect, the reason its so good is because it changes game type every 5-30 mins wich stoped it getting repedative. also spawn granades made it so 2 teams can respawn all in one small room and when that happend…everytime you would spawn you die. Annoying yes but fun! also i remember in radec acadamy the enemy team (ISA) planted a spawn granade in our homebase and boy was it epic! basicly to put it in short: Killzone 2 still has a huge fanbase, its verry chaotic and never gets old. oh and its adictive! 32 players in one match.

SpitelordDekka 9 November, 2012 @ 5:17 pm   15

My favourite multiplayer game is called Judgement. It’s not a PS3 game, but it does involve the PS3.

See what happens is I turn it on and my friends immediately see that Singstar icon; the game is to convince them that I am not a sadsack that sings crappy pop songs into a black cloud of 1s and 0s before I lose all my friends. So far I am the champion at this game but it’s getting increasingly difficult to maintain my record.


Because of the is a great variety on PS3, Multiplayer is always unique to a game and is something that I look forward to playing particularly if a friend of mine is to be involved. In saying this I love playing LittleBigPlanet and LittleBigPlanet 2 with friends. What I love so much about it is not only the abilities to make your own levels together or playing through the story once then twice to collect all of the rewards but the fact that it is always fun. There are many great creators out there, the community is great and this makes multiplayer all the more compelling.

CoolRichy008UK 9 November, 2012 @ 5:21 pm   17

my fav multiplayer game is assasins creed 3 because the 1st game i played i came 6th and il deffo play the online game more cuz its awsome oh and also the pivit hunt game is great i unlocked all in game cheats that il use when i finished everything woopwoop


Well it have to be Hogs of War which brings back te best memories. A good version of Worms 3D with crazy piggies, very good and funny narrated by comedian Rik Mayall and it was lots of fun with my brother and friends. Shooting those hogs in the snout with bazooka’s and stuff and winning was worth bragging about.

“Au Revoir, that’s French for goodbye you idiot!” (Well yout must have played the game to find that funny)

My PS1 copy doesn’t work anymore, so still waiting for the PSN version, so I can relive the good times. 🙁


An obscure shout here for Cel Damage! Its easy to automatically think online when multiplayer is mentioned these days but old school split screen should never be forgotten.
Me and my cousin once picked this game up for a few quid (despite the shop assistant’s advice not to bother) and found ourselves still playing when the sun came back up!
With quotes like “I’m the beef that bites back” from the large bull character and a brilliantly camp “rooaaarrr” from the dino, what more do you want? 😉

PIREDERAS 9 November, 2012 @ 5:23 pm   20

Multiplayer games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, or any FPS, are not a favorite of mine. I think they are too “faceless”, more “distanced” experiences. You “kill” an unknown guy, who resides God knows where, and that’s it. The show must go on, and so it does, until time’s up.

I prefer playing a FIFA match with my close friends (in the rare occasions when they have some leisure time due to work), all in the same room together (and some pizzas, too!). I totally enjoy epic, 2 vs 2 matches, where teamwork (or something like that) prevails over frantic moves and solo, Maradona-like, runs with the ball through the pitch. All of the laughter, all of the friendly swearing, all of the fun generated during this time cannot be equaled. FIFA is always a good excuse to reunite us, the busy guys!

    Fred Dutton 12 November, 2012 @ 3:22 pm    

    Can’t argue with FIFA. Well, actually, you can. I was always a PES/ISS guy! Still, enjoy your WVA code.

Best multiplayer has to be Mario I know it’s not a Sony game but damn did Nintendo strike a gold mine with the franchise it’s been out on snes gameboy n64 gamecube Wii ds 3ds and is going to be on the Wii U and you have Luigi seperatly games and wario and yoshi all with multiplayer as well as Mario party which I don’t care who you are is one of the best multiplayer games ever. and who hasn’t played Mario and sonic Olympics games and all on the back of the little red plumber is truly amazing and to me defines the meaning of multiplayer its not get the best kills or the best score its about the fun and the laughs no one plays LBP and moans about score its the fun you have that makes a game a truly epic multiplayer experience


My favourite multiplayer of all time is Unreal Tournament! It was my real first experience of a great Multiplayer back in the days when i played games on a PC. It was real Fun and total revolutionary at that time. But my real pleasure in games is mostly single player story driven games (hail to dishonered). Developers are slowly killing single player experiences because of the multiplayer, i think…Maybe im getting old to compete with ultra fast kids fingers nowadays.

Stonesthrow 9 November, 2012 @ 5:26 pm   23

Oh lots of choice there :p Goldeneye as mentioned above, best splitscreen experience of my life. Littlebigplanet when it comes to replay value. Motorstorm Apocalypse would have to be my favorite multiplayer in the genre of racing. I could go on but I believe the most consistent one, a series and team I’ve had respect for from the start, and still do, would have to be Dice’s Battlefield series. 2142 absolutely stunned me back then, and BF3 still does now. Not sure why, probably the attention to detail and the realistic atmosphere. (Killzone did the same for me on consoles but I’ll go with BF since it’s been around longer.)


Poy Poy.

It’s a virtually unknown game on the PS1, which places four players in a small room (Small enough that there’s no need for split screen) with a bunch of objects such as boulders, logs and rockets, with the objective being to throw them at each other unti you’re the last one standing.

Despite being very basic the game was a tonne of fun. There where lots of different elements that spiced up the gameplay, such as different gloves you could equip your character with, that would add different effects to the objects you throw (such as making them home in on your opponents, or poisining the ones they hit). There where also power ups that would spawn in that you could collect to give you different abilities. There where some enviromental hazards as well such as lasers and one level had a dinosaur like creature stomping around that you had to avoid.

However the game still remained simple enough to be a great pick up and play party game. Unfortunatly I lent my copy out years ago and never got it back. I often boot up the Playstation Store hoping that it’s suddenly been added to the PS1 classics :(.


It isn’t a online game, but it defintely is one of the games I have spend most time playing through my childhood. And the game is Crash Team Racing.


Tinesplitters is a classic. Well made levels, amazing varied weapons, 4 player splitscreen and even some network multiplayer. Fun gameplay that relied on skill (there was no aim assist, aiming down the sights or even article) add the many modes the creative and humorous challenges for cooperative and competitive play, and memorable characters. It’s one game I’d love to see get a rerelease. 4 player split screen and bots tend to be overlooked now, and even when CoD included it the modes and maps are designed for big online matches. How we used 1/4 of a 16 inch SD screen I’ll never know.

eyez-iz-chon 9 November, 2012 @ 5:32 pm   27

My choice would definitely be Timesplitters 2! the amount of fun i had was incredible! there was no such thing as regenerating health back then, if you wanted to survive, either outshoot someone, or find health packs or armour to keep you going. there were some cool things to pick up on the maps, such as invisibility for a few seconds, or one that made you incredibly tiny but also super fast! literally NO ONE sat in one spot waiting for enemies in that game, it was all about face to face shootout which was incredibly fun. even when you died you would smile thinking ‘dammit, he got me’, but you’d be eager to get back in. everyone was equal, there were no overpowered aspects, and back then, people ACTUALLY played the objective in objective games, instead of just trying to get kills! all this talk has got me thinking of it again, i might just find my PS2, wipe off the dust and start playing again!

Natscookie 9 November, 2012 @ 5:34 pm   28

Easy one for me, MineCraft. I used to play it often with my significant other and a friend. I’ve wasted countless hours building the craziest things with them (to the point I actually proposed via a giant pixel art ring), exploring randomized worlds, playing around with mobs or getting ourselves killed. The sheer amount of fun I had with it is absolutely priceless.

vonhammer 9 November, 2012 @ 5:37 pm   29

I couldn’t even begin picking one.Do I say Mario Kart over Goldeneye,SF2,GT5,PES and god knows how many other games I’ve enjoyed.

So I’ll put forward one i’m interested in.It’s by SOE,and I believe it’ll be a free to play launch title on Sony’s next hardware.Planet Side 2.

I’m not interested in gaming on PC anymore,but it’s the sort of game I would be playing if I still was.

XnoobsquadX 9 November, 2012 @ 5:39 pm   30

My best multiplayer experience lies with warcraft 3 u had lots of options to go with aside from the official ladder games. Custom maps/gameplay/skins etc. Still play it from time to time and although u cant find as many games as say 3 years ago its still well played enough to find a game that suits my tastes.


Gta IV free mode. Simply because it was my first proper experience of online multiplayer. I’ll never forget my first 10mins of gameplay. 4 guys in a banshee sped around the corner and tried a drive-by on me. I sprinted for cover and they cornered me, I was actually buzzing with excitement and a bit of dread at being killed within minutes of my first ever game. Then all of a sudden another online player pulls up in a pickup truck, drops a grenade and wipes out their car, then pulls up beside me, beeps the horn and I jump in and we escape. It was genius. Great moment. The guy that saved my bacon was my first addition to the friends list and he’s still there. I think we’ll team up on gta5 just to bf sure.

As for competitive mp…. Battlefield Bad Company 2 was the game that I enjoyed the most. Fifa offline can’t be beaten. Also (even though I dislike wrestling) WWF Attitude was great fun when I was a kid.


Best multiplayer game? It’s gotta be Star Wars battlefront! That game was brilliant, you got to be a stormtrooper, which was pretty much all my friends did. And there were the great vehicles, space combat in the second. It was just too much fun being a standard Star Wars guy. Me and my mates lost so many hours on that, and just writing this makes me wish for a 3rd. Gotta be the best multiplayer game.


I have to say that my favourite multiplayer game of all time is homefront. Why? Because it takes out all of he complexities of other shooters and makes life simple again – no spending money buy guns after you reach a level, its just reached a level and get gun. Its also my favourite multiplayer games as it has good but simple maps to play on that contain the atmosphere of the single player game but expand on it. An example of this is the propaganda posters all around he maps and just the overall level of detail. If only the servers were more stable…
After homefront I’d have to say that my favourite multiplayer game is battlefield 3 as the maps change – hey get blown up, telephone poles fall down, a gunships shoots from the sky – that for me makes balltlefield the next best multiplayer game. Then there is borderlands but we all now why that is good. It might have something to do with the 87 BAZILLION GUNS.


my favorite multiplayer game is assassins creed: brotherhood. i absolutely love it. its completely different to anything else i have seen in multiplayer modes. for that reason, youll need a while to get into it.

you have to watch your surroundings closely and identify the players who want to kill you from the crowd. you need to look out for small details like the way they turn around corners or walk past you. and of course you yourself have to blend in and avoid being seen. you dont get points for many kills, you get points for good, stealthly kills. the best case is that nobody even notices you killing somebody, when utilizing poison. this beautifully embodies the “assassin”-spirit of the series.

its just not as brute-force shooting around like other games. its very careful, very very tactic, it truly is a battle of skill. and its different. i really enjoyed my time in AC:B multiplayer. i am looking forward to playing the AC:Revolutions multiplayer (yea i know, im some years behind the trend, i just cant keep up :))

    Fred Dutton 12 November, 2012 @ 3:22 pm    

    Agreed, Ubi really mixed things up nicely for Brotherhood. WVA code is yours to enjoy.

AntGreenfield 9 November, 2012 @ 5:43 pm   35

Can only be the mighty Gran Turismo 2 for me. Can remember the day I bought it, got home from work & settled down to a few split screen games with my 2 housemates and ending up spending the entire night endulging in race after race til one of us had to go to work the following morning 🙂 Many a night thereafter was spent with one race after the next until the early hours of the morning! Nothing yet has beaten the sheer fun of extremely tight finishes to races at 3 in the morning!!

runarwigen 9 November, 2012 @ 5:45 pm   36

Worms 2 or Sensible Soccer. Multiplayer games are the most fun when you play in front of the same screen and are able to see their reaction when you beat them. (Or the other way round)


‘TimeSplitters 2’!!! 😛 😛 😛 And it still is the BEST;) Nothing beats the 4 player split-screen with 3 mates & Bots(WOW, for some reason Bots can’t be don’t this Gen in FPS games, maybe next Gen game consoles will have enough power to do so…JOKE…) 😀 + I wish the TimeSplitters games would come out as a HD update with Trophies for the PS3(then i can finally put my PS2 away, oh well) 🙁

dark_angel69 9 November, 2012 @ 5:50 pm   38

Call of Duty Black Ops (for now until Black Ops 2). Because there is nothing better than killing those zombies with 3 friends online

I use to love to play Tony Hawk games online on ps2 but now i can’t cos the serves are closed and no one plays then anyway, but there’s always split-screen, but what i use to love about it was that i use to think i was making some sick combos, but the minute i went online people did quadruple of what i did, i was always last but i had fun anyway. And the ability to share skatepark that other people created was also awesome, just overall a great game online and offline. To bad Tony Hawk games didn’t do well on the 7th generation consoles.

dogwalker4000 9 November, 2012 @ 5:54 pm   40

For me it’s PES 5.

By a country mile the best footie game I have ever played. I plowed hours and hours into the Master League and even more hours playing MP with my brother and when he wasn’t about, my neighbour. Stand out moments include a Mexes 30 yarder against my brother, which made jump outta my chair and sing along to the music we had on. Playing 2 on 2 against my mates picking only random teams. Our team ended up with some god awful team whose only saving grace was their shot power. Our tactics of course were to hammer shots in from anywhere, we ended up winning by like 3 goals, all 20-40 yard screamers.

I have FIFA13 but nothing will ever top the fun we had on PES back in its glory days.

bazer24773 9 November, 2012 @ 5:59 pm   41

would have to say socom confrontation. it had the best community 70% of my friends list is from the game, just a shame the hackers made it unplayable,it did not need stupid perks and unlocks to make you want to play.It’s the only mp game i play for two and a half year can’t see that happen again

Mr_Writer 9 November, 2012 @ 6:03 pm   42

Timesplitters 2

No game this gen has come close.

XxMG0BeastxX 9 November, 2012 @ 6:07 pm   43

Multiplayer of all time I would say would have to be delta force blackhawk down. And joint operations games on pc were so intense as for ps3. Killzone 2 and battlefield bad company 2 they were also intense also like battlefield 3 looks amazing and the new game modes are a lot of fun

emad-E-three 9 November, 2012 @ 6:09 pm   44

KILLZONE 3 Still the BEST Multiplayer i’ve ever played <3

ryannumber3gamer 9 November, 2012 @ 6:09 pm   45

Hard question since i’m a fan of different kinds of multiplayer like Battlefield,Call Of Duty & Call of Duty Zombies, Ratchet & Clank,Portal ,Team Fortress 2 etc. But my favorite would be Little Big Planet 2. I am a huge fan of Co-Op Multiplayer and LBP is the best one i have played. You and 3 friends can go through all different kinds of levels or you can make levels for everyone to play. Also you and your friends can team up to make levels or just have fun using the tools in create mode. LBP is the perfect mix for platforming and Co-Op. I like Portal 2 ‘s Co-Op because of how you and your teammate need to work together to go through the puzzles but I like LBP’s more. You can have hours of fun alone just playing through online levels and you and 3 friends can go through Story mode.

Runners Up:
Portal 2:I like the mixture of Puzzles and teamwork.
Ratchet & Clank 3:Pretty good multiplayer game using the classic Ratchet style.


I’m going to have to go with MAG. I have put so many hours into that game and I even ran a clan for a gaming forum I use. At a time when MMOFPS games are being developed, I think it is so far ahead of it’s time.

Think about it: 256 players on Domination mode – I have never felt more like I was in a real battle like I do in MAG. Multiple different objectives on one huge map – so you have so many different things to do and different class types to achieve them. This means that whether you’re a sniper or a medic or a run and gunner, everyone has an important role to fill.

It’s the only game I’ve ever played that rewards good leadership in such a way as MAG. I love that the OIC, Platoon and Squad leaders all have unique abilities to help their team, and you really need to work together to win.

The sense of accomplishment you get from winning an epic battle in MAG has been unrivalled since it’s release, I think. It’s easily my favourite MP game and more people need to play it and see why!


Killzone 2, because of his (In my Eyes) best Clan System I’ve ever played with.

I mean hey set up a 4on4 tournament play a few public games for warm up and(if you forgotten it you get a Notification 15 minutes to the tournament start) beat all other Clan’s and win this thing.

pinkplaybunny 9 November, 2012 @ 6:15 pm   48

I was never really into online multiplayer games until I got LBP2. I loved it with that game and finally saw the point!

zxRATTLExz 9 November, 2012 @ 6:19 pm   49

My favourite multiplayer experience in terms of hours logged would be Gears of war 2’s Horde mode though that is a co-op mode so not strictly MP.

Other MP that consumed my life for more hours than i care to think about are Quake III arena on PC/Dreamcast which to this day is still my favourite way to kill other people. Nothing else comes close to rocket jumping and gibbing from above.
Also i would like to add is SEGA’s Chu Chu Rocket. This game on Dreamcast was my first experience of online MP and it got me hooked. Definately well overdue a re-issue with online functionality….sorely missed.


Off topic (I’m sorry but you don’t seem to look at the Portal topic anymore):

Will we get Portal 2 as a downloadable version (with plus 30% off)?

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