Agarest: Generations of War 2 out now on PSN


It’s been a long time since my last appearance on the PlayStation Blog so I hope you’ve all been keeping well. We’ve just released the third game in the Agarest: Generations of War series, entitled (confusingly enough!) Agarest: Generations of War 2.

As with all the other games in the Agarest series, gamers can expect a role playing game with a deeply tactical combat system, an epic storyline spanning three generations and the ability to influence the characteristics of the next protagonist through your choice of bride in the game’s Soul Breeding system. However, beyond that the game has undergone some fairly radical changes.

Graphically, this new instalment in the series has been given a major facelift, so now you can enjoy all the characters, environments and CGs in glorious high definition. Similarly the combat system has been completely overhauled and is now much faster paced, while still offering great depth for those who want to really delve into the tactics of combat.


The restricted world map of the older games is gone. Rather than travelling around the world following a set path, you now have the ability to roam the world map freely.

There are also three brand new mini-games for you to enjoy, all of which can be played using the Move controller.

There are loads of other tweaks and new features for you to find and enjoy too. A particular favourite of mine is the way that the titles you earn during the game are now much more integrated into the storyline and game world.

Newcomers to the series will be pleased to note that the storyline is completely accessible, even if you have never played an Agarest game before, so you don’t need to worry about a lack of prior knowledge holding you back from enjoying the epic sweep of the narrative.


The tale itself is a classic story of a man named Weiss, whose past is catching up with him. In this case, instead of your standard dark criminal past, the crime Weiss stands accused of is DEICIDE, the act of which you’ll actually play through as part of the Tutorial. While other games may teach you how to fight by pitting you against giant rats, Agarest 2 starts off with you defeating a god as part of the tutorial.

Unfortunately, committing deicide seems to have certain side effects. Aside from a bad case of amnesia, Weiss has in fact doomed himself and his descendents to act as the vessel to carry the essence of the slain god, until it can be resurrected. As such, he and his descendents must travel the world defeating the rampaging demons carrying the essence of the god until it is gathered together.

Agarest: Generations of War 2 is out now on PSN for PlayStation 3, priced at €34.99/£28.49.

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Shame its not on vita too would have been awesome.

I have the Collectors Edition *hugs box*



argh. dont know if i should. just got AC:libaretion and need for speed for vita.
and im still going strong in uncharted MP (goty), fifa and rocksmith. got an atelier game just waitng for me.. but.. thats a great price, and i dont have to say dooooode :)

what the! you made cross edge!?! i will then get this game! loved cross edge


We weren’t involved with Cross Edge but it was developed by the same studio :)

Glad we getting more JRPG but would it be better to put on store the 1st AGOW not the zero one that already on the store so we have all 3 AGOW on PSN Ross make it so.

Since the 1st 1 cheap & old now will it be a plus IGC it will be a great plus free game. :)

I’m holding off getting the 1st game because I haven’t played zero yet.


Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll pass it on.


Didn’t know this was out, thanks for the Blog post guys. Grabbing ASAP (most likely Friday)


Great. Hope you enjoy it :)

I keep wondering why NO retailer holds this game :/
Rather get a physical copy (for the right price) than a digital copy.


You can always order from the Ghostlight Store (


I bought Collection Edition recently and hate to admit that i dont like playing it! The game itself is great i just love it. But constant noise from disc and lags and longest load time in series simply kills great amounts of pleasure playing it. And now u showing us digital version that dont need install option at all which, i think, do not have those problems and lags… Its just not fair! I wish u could make it like those who already have the retail version could choose to download digital version for free, but not for the full price of already paid game. I hope you to realease patch. Thanks for reading my complainings.


Thank you for your feedback.

I’m sorry to hear about the problems you are having. I’ve not noticed any problems with the disc noise myself but I’ll take another look into it.


any new games and with that i mean no DS games or pc that you guys are going towards. more like psvita or ps3? as a publisher should we see ghostlight more off a freelance publisher or still a more anime orientated publisher?


We’re interested in a few titles for PS3/Vita but nothing confirmed yet I’m afraid. We’re still focusing on Japanese games but I suppose if the right game came along we’d have to look into it.

I’m really glad to know the story isn’t linked to the previous two, so not much holding me back from enjoying it now :D

It is link to the 1st 2 games that guy on the left with eva im sure he in 1 & zero.

the zero AGOW is a prequel to the 1st one example the origins of them.

@Ross thanks for the response looking forward of getting the 1st AGOW free when it does hit IGC. :)


No promises but I’ll see what we can do.

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