Need for Speed Most Wanted demo is out tomorrow


Most Wanted is now on shelves, and tomorrow we’re celebrating 1 million Autolog users with the release of the PlayStation 3 demo.

If you haven’t yet experienced Most Wanted, now’s your chance. And just for you guys, we’re bringing the PlayStation Blog the inside track on what to find and how to dominate the Most Wanted demo.

Making a demo for a large scale open world game is a major challenge. We wanted to put together a snapshot of Most Wanted’s blend of exploration, connected competition and explosive, over-the-top police chase action to give you a taste of what to expect from the full game.

The action takes place in a locked down version of the city – you get to play in Fairhaven’s Downtown and Four Bridges districts. These areas are loaded with billboards, jumps, speed cameras and hidden cars.

Porsche 911 Carerra S (Satin Black)

The game kicks you off in Aston Martin’s beautiful V12 Vantage. Race to the first location, and we’ll bust out the classic Porsche 911 Carrera S.

Explore the city further, and you’ll find a “Jack Spot” with Audi’s flagship R8 Spyder. Park up and hit triangle to instantly switch. It’s as easy as that. In the main game, it’s the same deal but on a grand scale. There are over a hundred Jack Spots to locate and discover cars.

Add a friend to Autolog, and we’ll bust out the final car of the demo, the fan-favorite Ford Focus RS500. And you definitely want to do this. Not only because the RS500 is a truly pimp car, but because just like the full game, our demo is all about Autolog.

Most Wanted is all about Speed Points. Everything you do in the game earns them from online multiplayer to escaping the cops to cruising the city looking for cars and records to beat. Earn more than your friends to reach the top of your Most Wanted List.


Here are five easy tips for you guys to make racking up the maximum 50,000 demo Speed Points a breeze.

1. Most Wanted is an open world game. When racing, keep an eye on the mini map in the bottom left of the screen to avoid missing crucial turns.
2. Look out for gas stations. Drive through these to clean, repair and respray your car. If you’re taking a beating during a race or cop pursuit, these can make all the difference between first and last place or escape and arrest.
3. Win the “Keys to the City” event to unlock the Burn Nitrous modification. Equip it and then fill your nitrous gauge by driving against the flow, hitting jumps or taking down your opponents.
4. The end of the second event finishes at a gas station. Behind it, you’ll find the R8 Spyder. It’s all-wheel-drive with a strong rear-wheel bias. Its planted, manageable handling combines beautifully with the AWD to give a little extra off road performance. Perfect for shaking the cops or hitting those billboards with a dirt run-up.
5. With the cops on your tail, get out of sight and hit L3 to switch off the engine. You’ll enter Cool Down and reduce your Wanted gauge fast.

Please enjoy the demo, and feel free to fire any questions my way!

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No Vita version? :(


Bought this day one. It is a fantastic game and feels very much like burnout paradise. I love it and have already talked one young man out of trading his copy in when he purchased a new ps3 in my local game store.

I’ll echo the first two comments in wanting a Vita demo…

Good to see a demo. I was on the fence about this game. Hopefully the demo persuades me to get it.

XzSlLENTSNIPERzX 13 November, 2012 @ 20:16

Any information regarding a demo for the Vita version?

will we get a demo for ps vita also?

I know it’s been said already but any chance of a Vita demo? ;-)

Vita! Vita! Vita!

Great game.

another_gamer195 13 November, 2012 @ 21:27

Burnout-Paradise ?.
Nothing will Ever come close to that game, But i have open mind, and if demo backs up a above post, then consider it another sale.

The Vita version is superb. Just like the PS3 version, with slightly downgraded graphics, not quite as much traffic on the roads either but other than that – it’s fantastic.

A demo would give more sales though, but I expect they were working far too hard on getting the game completed that a demo was last on the list. May see one in the next few weeks though

Surely as the Vita and ps3 versions are similar if not identical then there should be a vita version to try out aswell?

PS Vita keeps getting neglected :( come on guys, release a demo for this awesome handheld. Do you want to sell NFSMW games on the Vita? Then put a demo out and you’ll surely increase your sales.

I must admit I am looking forward to trying out the demo.
A Vita demo would be god as well to try the cross save feature.

As much as I’m enjoying NFS:MW, seriously needs cross-game saves as I’m really not keen on replaying events across both Vita and PS3. Handy having the speed points accumulative but the benefit is negligable compared to a cross-game save function.
Motorstorm RC amongst others incorporated it along with trophies so why can’t Most Wanted? Any chance of a future patch to add this feature?
It’ll take long enough to plat one version, never mind both but thats only if the repetition doesn’t put me off playing it before I can complete both

Prem-aka-Prince 13 November, 2012 @ 23:04

I love this game.
I forsee many hours of online play even though it doesn’t achieve much, it’s just so fun. And it encourages completing a broader selection of cars, ideally at least one in each category, which is not so useful in the single player side. Customisation layered upon customisation!

kietasriesutas 13 November, 2012 @ 23:16

gut game…

looks good. might be a post demo purchase!


Can you guys please just go independant and make a burnout again? Need for speed, I have no idea what EA are so keen about it for. They are ruining your reputation with it though.

If i hadn’t bought Forza horizon last week i might have bought this instead. I will give the demo a try but it will have to be something special to beat Forza..

I think this game is the reason the original Most Wanted for PS2 was pulled from the Store. Probably to “avoid confusion” or some such.

Great job, EA! Great job!

*slow clap*


Hope it’s better than hot pursuit that was rubbish.

Bassmonkey_Mike 14 November, 2012 @ 06:57

whatever…hot pursuit was awesome. vita demo plz. :))))

#15 – there are no cross save features. All it does is track your speed points.

anyone know what time it should appear in the store?


Hopefully between 3.00pm and 5.00pm this afternoon.


# Always suspicious of a post-release demo. However I think this one’s come purely to drive impulse sales from the PSN store (from the posts here and what I’ve read elsewhere it seems pretty good).

Unless it is heavily discounted (50% off the current price) I certainly won’t buy it from the EU PSN store.

A penny short of 60 quid for a digital version is quite frankly, ridiculous, especially as the US PSN Store is charging less than 40.


Awesome stuff. Will probably pick up the Vita version this week. Any word on Stranger’s Wrath for Vita? Really psyched for that!

For anyone on the fence about the Vita version, get it – it’s awesome. Your points sync between both versions which is great.

ea = big joke end 2012
no good games , even mho = bof noting spectaculair .

ubisoft = nr 1 = 2 games
cod bo 2 = lots beter then mw3

but 0 rpg = :(
next jear to many
i realy hope squreenix makes ff reborn not same mistake to pay monthly

Hopefully between 3.00pm and 5.00pm this afternoon.

lol in Begium = almoast sleeping time whithe u felows

i hope nothing = to not be disepointed again , 9/10 friday evriting = ok .

when are we gone be abel to put preypay card codes in store again ?

Copy and paste this…

“Get a life”

@ Fred, its live on the store now. Thanks.


Ah, bonus!


great game

I plat this game two days ago and love It to bits :) I am hoping they will be DLC for this game.

US store had the demo before it was released and UK store gets it after.

Luckily I got the chance to have a go instore at HMV to see if I liked it and I really, really like it :-)

A timed demo? When will this idiocy end?

You are gracious enough to add a demo so that I can decide if I want to buy your overpriced game, then you limit me to how much time I have to make that choice? :/

You made it too easy. No buy.


I’ll get this when I’ve dealt with all the games coming out recently, maybe try to wait it out for a pricecut.

A Vita demo please and those psn prices are crazy!

Oh my lord, timed demo is so last century -.-

Also whycan’t we just skip intro and ending?

This is the most boring and annoying demo I’ve played in years, so disappointed…


What’s this ea origin rubbish sure I had an account for me3 now I can’t log in at all it says the account is already taken even though its mine?
I can’t sign up on my ipad ea that’s just rubbish just tryed to sign up on my ps3 web browser that doesn’t work to ea sort it out.


Sorted out now ea only took 20 minutes that’s fast.


Just played the demo. The graphics are the best I’ve ever seen from a Need for Speed game. Once I started up the demo, the looks just blew me way. But the game-play? Different story completely. Had no time for races because once you have been spotted by the police JUST ONCE, you are chased by them LITERALLY for the entire demo. It isn’t fun, it’s just frustrating. I mean, even if you hide and switch the engine off with L3, they still manage to track you down, and that’s even worse, after all the hard, hard work of getting away from them in the first place. I can’t imagine what this must be like for people who actually own the full game.

So I won’t be buying this game, not even for my Vita, which is in desperate need of some more great games. I’m disappointed actually, because I was really looking forward to it.

I think I’ll just stick with Hot Pursuit. That game is 10 times better.


I hope that this demo realeases soon for the Vita because it’s an perfect game also I only own the Vita.


ea dont you even think about giving a limit time demo to vita owners.
thats not far, the consoles are not low price products.

for god sake.
playstation / sony do something about this kind of actions taked by game companies.

supersmith2500 16 November, 2012 @ 16:27

Played on the Vita version and have to say it’s great. One minor complaint though is the mini-map is really blurry. Any chance you can fix it?

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