Planets Under Attack wages intergalactic warfare on PSN next week

People often want to know where the ideas for a game come from. Well, let me tell you how Planets Under Attack, the latest PlayStation 3 title from Targem Games (due on PSN from 21st November), was invented and what it turned out to be.

It all started with this hand-drawn picture of an enormous gun, covering half of the planet.


Some sketches that followed were incredibly helpful when it came down to choosing the setting, since they had been done in this nice cartoonish style.


We decided to create a world that would be like a cross-section of sci-fi, with humans, robots, aliens and all that. Then we crafted an entertaining story that played up the usual sci-fi clichés. But more than anything, we wanted the game to be fun.

The end result is a game called Planets Under Attack – a concise and dynamic strategy game. It’s easy to play, but hard to master. The game’s trailer distinctly defines all these features.

Let’s talk a little bit about the races presented in the game. First, we have Humans – their goal is to profit at all costs. Playing for this race means managing the huge cash flow.

Next up, we have Robots – they protect the environment and safeguard the legacy of their creators.


Finally there’s the Swarm – they are mindless space explorers that infect entire planetary systems and breed at a very alarming speed.


We are quite content with what the game turned out be at the end of the day. The light-hearted façade conceals a rather deep game, with a long campaign, various bosses, wonderful characters, and lots and lots of technologies and additional levels to unlock. The game supports multiplayer modes, with up to four players on one console.

pic 6

To top it all off, there are all sorts of nice things, such as global statistics and full support of stereoscopic 3D, with layered interface and objects passing the camera — it’s a real knockout! We highly recommend playing the game like this. There are leaderboards, where you can compete for the first place in different modes, and even bring your country to the top of the lists.

We may have raised the bar too high in the hard mode. We are told that completing the entire game on hard mode is not a trivial task by any means. Let’s see how you handle it!

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Launch price and PS+ discount?

Alexey Chestnykh 13 November, 2012 @ 17:37

Launch price is € 11,25
No PS+ discount at the moment. Possibly in a couple of months.

Can I sing on this one?

Next week? I was hoping that it would be released this week, but I’m looking forward to this game anyway, I need another strategy game fix (looking at you, Mushroom Wars).

Alexey Chestnykh 13 November, 2012 @ 17:58

The game will be released in US this week. Like today, actually. EU release is one week later.

I’ll not be buying it not matter how good it looks or reviews. No PS+ discount means Fony will probably give it away as a PS+ game in a few months.

Alexey Chestnykh 13 November, 2012 @ 17:56

This is a trial+unlock game. So you’ll be able to check it out it before actually buying.

Don’t care. Not paying for a game while there’s a very good chance Fony will add it to the PS+.


Looks a lot like Eufloria, which I loved. Does it play similar?

Alexey Chestnykh 13 November, 2012 @ 19:51

Yes the game plays a lot like Eufloria. Possibly more like Muchroom Wars (where the whole level fits the screen so up to 4 players may compete on one console) with campaign levels being somewhat puzzle-like, where you must find the right strategy to win. There are skirmish levels and multiplayer where the participants start in equal conditions and only player skill define who wins.

Thanks for this insightful blogpost about the development of your game. As a fan of game related art, your designs are really nice to see. Great to hear how these designs turned out to be this game.
As a fan of Eufloria and Mushroom Wars, I’ll quite likely love this game too. I will definitely check out the demo.
I hope you get the attention you deserve, as you’re releasing on the biggest, busiest time of the year, in which indie-games are easily washed away by all the AAA big titles.
So, any ideas on how this would work out on the smaller (Vita) screen? Have you any thoughts in that direction?

Alexey Chestnykh 14 November, 2012 @ 10:36

Thank you for your kind words.
It is our second game that we self-publish on PSN. Our previous PSN game Armageddon Riders sells quite well and not only in the first months after the release.

We hope that Planets Under Attack, being a good game will also have a long life span.

It is a highly experimental project. Release date, price politics, trial+unlock model and even some ingame features like Stereoscopic 3D and Global Statistics are all somewhat experimental. And also we release it on a number of platforms: PC, Mac, XBLA.

So we keep our fingers crossed.
There will surely be a portable version. But not right away.


still is not on the playstation network yet…. why??

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