PlayStation Mobile: Panic! unleashed this week

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Panic! is coming to PlayStation Mobile this week!

After thousands of years on a poky little space rock, with no wiggle room and no games to play, Panic’s Alien Slime Monster has crash-landed on Earth — and it’s angry. The monster doesn’t hate humans, and it hasn’t been sent here to destroy us; it’s just in a really bad mood. If you don’t act fast, the whole city will become a giant slime bath!

Panic! plays a bit like a labyrinth game, but with a twist: you can reshape the labyrinth. The goal of the game is to save as many civilians as possible by toppling houses and diverting flowing slime away from them. Failed to rescue one? Throw a buoy for that last-minute save. Is the slime coming from all directions? Throw a bomb to level an entire block and create a huge barricade.

There are 30 missions stretched over three worlds, and Panic! also has a survival mode that challenges you to survive as long as possible.

Panic screenshot (4) Panic screenshot (3)

We really feel we have created a special game. Destroying buildings to save civilians? It hasn’t been done before. An action puzzle game about an alien attack? That’s pretty unique.

It has been a challenge and a joy to develop for such a wide range of devices (phones, tablets and PS Vita); we’ve made sure Panic! plays equally well on all of them. I was especially excited to see the game on PS Vita for the first time. The colours! PS Vita has this incredible OLED screen that makes Panic’s already vibrant visuals really pop. If all goes well, you can bet you’ll see more of our games appear on that OLED screen.

Take a look for yourself when the game launches tomorrow, priced at £1.59/€1.99.

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almighty-slayer 13 November, 2012 @ 14:03

Been looking forward to this since i first heard about it :) I’ll definitely be buying it when it goes on sale.

Nice work, guys

almighty-slayer 13 November, 2012 @ 14:04

By the way, £1.59 is a fantastic price – nice work :)

Do you think PS Mobile will be coming to other countries?


Good to see a blog post about this and other PSM games starting to appear :)

When I saw the first few screenshots of Panic I wasn’t really interested, but the video gave me a far better idea about what the game is so I’m glad you put one together (to many devs seem to forget to do that). Seeing some gameplay, and the price means I will likely pick this up :)

And when is PS Mobile coming to countries like Denmark???

So when can we play this in Sweden?


I have a question regarding the service in general. I have an asus transformer prime, I’m willing to try this service. I know it’s not on the supported devices list, does that mean that I might have problems on my device with those games, or my device is simply blocked and I can’t run the games? If it’s the first option, I might be willing to try a few games to see if they run ok…

Can someone please fix the Split/Second Onslaught DLC price from the Racing Sale from last week? It still seems to be showing up at full price on the store!!!

fjernbetjening 13 November, 2012 @ 15:04

Wow! First an article reminding me that I don’t have the video store, and then an article reminding me that I don’t have PlayStation Mobile!

That’s awesome! :D


really? you make a trailer showing the game on a smart phone instead of a ps vita? EPIC FAIL! no buy from me untill i see it on the vita.

NicolasMarinus 13 November, 2012 @ 16:46

Hey guys,

Thanks for your enthusiasm! We did our best to craft something special and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do.


Wow, assuming NicolasMarinus is one of the developers and his country flag is correct, yet another developer that cannot buy his own game :-/
Sorry Nicolas, but I can’t really love what is not available.
If only SCEE would have some more info regarding the next phase of the platform’s rollout.

NicolasMarinus 13 November, 2012 @ 18:57

Hey Stef,

Yes I’m one of the developers. Thumbs Up is a Belgium-based developer focused on mobile games. Panic! is our first release. We don’t know the launch date of the European store either, but we were told it would be real soon. Hang in there!


So, when will PS Mobile come to my country Norway?

Sadly, the only countries that get any attention is UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia.

And the really fun thing is, the announcement for PS Mobile was translated to Norwegian :(
And they keep translating announcements for PS Mobile, and every time the same line at the bottom. PS Mobile is currently only available in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia (It is written in Norwegian).

What is the point in adding announcements to countries that do not get this(and probably never will). If we are lucky we will get it in about 5 years time.

On a side note. Norway got NetFlix this year. It was opened 1 month ago. Woohoo, how long ago was it when rest of EU got NetFlix?

End of rant

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