PlayStation Plus for PS Vita: Launch details confirmed


Hello everyone. I know that you’ve all been eagerly anticipating news of the PlayStation Vita Plus service so I am very happy to say that I can finally spill the beans.

We here at Sony PlayStation are very happy to announce that as of 21st November, the Plus service will be extended to the PS Vita. I can also confirm that if you already have a Plus subscription for your PlayStation 3 there is no additional charge whatsoever for the PS Vita service, meaning that you still get all the great PS3 content as well as the additional Vita offers, all for the same one-off price of £39.99 a year.

I am also happy to announce that to compliment the 1GB of online storage you currently receive for the PS3, we will be supplying another 1GB of online storage space for the PS Vita, along with the automatic update facility as standard. As part of the launch of this service the next PS Vita System Software Update (v2.00) will be available to ensure that your operating system is fully up to date with all the latest security patches as well as updated applications, features and settings.

Now, moving on to the important aspect and what you are all here for – the games line up…

At launch there will be four Vita titles available to you instantly. Please note that this is not going to impact the amount of PS3 games available at all – you will still receive the same amount of games as before. However, with the great Vita titles we’re adding to your Instant Game Collection, at any one time you will always have access to a minimum of 14 games a month across both platforms. Not bad, eh?

As with the PS3 service, we will have titles that will be available to you for a longer period of time than usual so you have the chance to play them when and where you feel like, without worrying about them leaving the service anytime soon. For the PS Vita, these two titles will be Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush.


Uncharted: Golden Abyss is Nathan Drake’s first adventure on the Vita platform, and follows our hero as he investigates the dark secrets of a massacre of a Spanish expedition to Central America around 400 years ago.

The game is visually stunning and the touch screen display lends itself to a whole new depth of gameplay, making it one of the most exciting Uncharted adventures yet! A must for any Vita owner!

The second title that will be available to you for a prolonged period of time is brought to you by our friends in Japan Studio in the form of Gravity Rush.

gravity rush

You take on the role of Kat, a young girl struggling with amnesia in the troubled city of Hekseville. She awakes with the extraordinary ability to bend and shape gravity with the help of her feline companion Dusty the cat. The townsfolk quickly place the fate of their home in Kat’s hands as she endeavours to understand why she has these new powers and who commands the sinister forces wreaking havoc across her city.

We really love this game and think that everyone should give it a go, as it really highlights the impressive features of the PS Vita.

As promised we also have two further titles launching on the service on 21st November, the first of which is Chronovolt.


Chronovolt is a brand new 3D puzzle platformer game for the PlayStation Vita family in which the player must guide their Chronosphere through the twists, turns, traps and hazards of Escher-like arenas. Chronovolts scattered around the levels give the player the power to control time in various fashions: stopping it for selected objects, rewinding it and creating time warps.

Time is controlled through use of the PS Vita’s front and back touch panels while the Chronosphere can be controlled either with tilting or with the more classic dual stick controls.

Finally the remaining title that we will have available in your instant game collection comes from our friends at Drinkbox Studios in the form of Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack. This side-scrolling platform game is extremely enjoyable to play and its humorous cut scenes make it a light-hearted journey from start to finish. Please take the time to check it out.


With all this great content lined up for launch and more to come, it couldn’t be a better time to be a Plus subscriber. If you are not currently a member visit our PlayStation Plus site or all you need to know about the service!

Oh just one more thing… as an added bonus, because we think it’s worth celebrating the launch of the service we have secured 20% off a range of PS Vita titles for the first week of the service. Remember, these are only around for one week and will go live as soon as the store update has rolled out so grab them while you can!

Titles to be included are:

  • Escape Plan
  • Unit 13
  • Hustle Kings
  • MotorStorm RC
  • Super Stardust Delta and Advanced Star Fighter Pack Bundle
  • Top Darts
  • Little Deviants
  • Modnation Racers: Road Trip
  • Reality Fighters

I think that pretty much covers everything about the impending launch of the Vita Plus service which is going to be a great addition to the PlayStation family. If you have any questions please post them on here and I will try to get round to as many of them as possible.

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I might now need to pick up a Vita :)

Megaton!!! Uncharted GA is fantastic, cant wait to try Gravity Rish and other titles. Thanks!!!

w00t, that is just to impressive, glad I already have plus! Thx PlayStation.

Awesome , thank you so much well worth the wait.
Good work guys

Oh my goodness!! I am overwhelmed, thanks guys, this is incredible!!! Many memory cards are going to have to be bought now ;) You should think about releasing bigger memory cards now :P

Hi Chris,
nice stuff. :)

quick question,

is there a chance of a + discount for PS All Stars Battle Royale?

anyway thx for this stuff


Unlikely at the moment but I will ask the team for the future

SpitelordDekka 13 November, 2012 @ 16:06

After months and months of negativity from the community (myself included) I am genuinely happy at this line up. It looks like a good cross-section of the Vita’s library.

almighty-slayer 13 November, 2012 @ 16:07

Great line up.

Shame US gets Wipeout for free and we don’t though.

Also, i own all of those except Chronovolt.

this is great. but one question. the us are getting jet set radio. i dont care that its not included in Plus but is it coming out in EU next week for vita too?


I just checked in with Sega – it is indeed due in Europe next week :)


Hmm, great news, though I hear the US gets six titles, including Wipeout, which is obviously another Vita retail release.

Why the discrepancy?


No real reason we just feel it is a better set up for EU this was, but there will be a few surprises over the coming months so look out :)

Great time to be a Vita owner and a Plus subscriber. Thanks a lot, people. :D

Buying bigger memory cards is a must now. XD


with the wording used you make it sound like that if your not a ps plus subber by 21st you have to pay extra for a vita plus sub, this true?


Nope, if you are not a Plus subscriber there is no better time to sign up as you will now get all the VITA and PS3 content for the same price as before, we have not changed this.

Confused by the wording of the ‘prolonged period of time’ thing. Will we still be able to download these if we’ve previously ‘purchased’ them (added them to our account) and they then go off the service, as with the PS3, or is this changing?


The VITA plus service will mirror the PS3 service

This is awesome but I give you one guess at which two titles I picked up when I bought my Vita last month ;)

Actually, I’m confused, how does this tie in with PS3 PS+ do we have to choose between Vita games and PS3 games now? I’m not complaining if that’s how it works ‘cus that’s a great deal. I am just highly confused as to how this will work for you guys if it’s included in the same price.


You don’t have to choose!! You can have both if you have a PS3 and VITA console :)

This is pretty amazing, such great games, and all for such little money! I am just wondering the following: I don’t own a vita yet, I’ll be buying one after christmas. Will I be able to “buy” these games from the PS3 store, so I can still play them when I get my Vita?

*adds PSVita to basket*

I was holding off untill this was announced. You now have at least one sale.


Excellent work sir!

Three of the four Vita games in November are games I already own. Well, here’s to hoping the content in December fares better for me.

Okay, that is awesome. Guess a Vita is required now. :)

great info


You state both 20th and 21st in the article. Presumably you meant 21st for both of them?


Yes, 21st.

Wow, that’s fantastic stuff.

Megatrons_Fury 13 November, 2012 @ 16:12


Impressed by this beyond belief.

I currently have no VITA console although i did purchase DISGAEA 3 for it for the day i knew i would get one.

PS PLUS for me is a bit of a wet blanket as i always seem to have the games you offer but considering i dont have anything for the VITA this makes the service so much cooler for me.

Can i ask the community how large games like Uncharted and Gravity rush are please?

Well done Sony, praise earned, praise given.

Sorry quick question… How often do the games refresh? Is it two will last 6 weeks and the other two 8 weeks?


Uncharted Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush are going to be available for you for some time. The other two titles will change on a regular basis

I think i’ll wait with entering PS + for the Vita as I already own and finished 3 out of 4 games from the instant game collection. Too bad. I was really looking forward to this… How long will Uncharted and Gravity Rush be part of the instant game collection? I might pick PS + up at a later time when there will be games available that I didn’t play yet. Good collection of games though :-)

Can we donload them trough the Vita store or do we need to do it trough the PS3 (not so wondeful) store?
How will games change and when?


awesome sauce although already have owned both gravity rush and Uncharted (platted both :) ). Great way to launch for those on the fence regarding PSVita although I have to be that guy and ask why the US also got Jet Set Radio on PSVita as part of Plsu but we miss out on it?.

p.s For the love of god dont add PSP games to the instant game collection as that’s really not cool .

Good line up and im glad the service has been announced but im dissapointed modnation will soon be free as chris specificaly said in the racing sale that the vita titles were a safe buy when asked if they were going to end up in plus and this post shows that is not the case.

Feel a bit let down by that as i did buy modnation as a direct result of that reply.


Modnation is not free it’s just got a 20% discount for one week to celebrate the launch of this new wonderful addition to our PlayStation family

Great games but to bad I already have them :(. Later on I hope you won’t pick the most popular games to be for ps+ as most people who own the psvita will already have them.(Like Uncharted and Gravity Rush)

Can’t wait to play Chronovolt doh.

Time to invest in that 32 gig card ;).

Ambassador, with the launch of Playstation Plus for PS Vita you are really spoiling us!

Im Still waiting for my PS Plus trial from the playstation access facebook competition. Its been a week with no email :(

I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!! I just bought Gravity Rush yesterday for £20 :P Damn!!! Thank god i held off from getting Super Stardust though. Been wanting to get that game for ages

Good stuff but shame about the discrepancy. Is be interested to know why we are worth less. Good starting line up though. Might have to see how much trade in I get on uncharted


Finally, PS+ is coming to Vita! Uncharted is an excellent game, this is an excellent excuse to complete it all over again. Looking forward to getting Gravity Rush, been on my list for ages.

No excuse for Playstation gamers not to have PS+ now!

Carnivius_Prime 13 November, 2012 @ 16:17

Uncharted Golden Abyss as a freebie? I may have to go get a Vita now then as that’s one of the games I was planning to buy with a Vita when I eventually got one. Methinks I will have to check my bank balance and for any good deals around for a Vita. How much space does Uncharted use up by the way? Just asking for when choosing which memory stick I can try to afford.


Uncharted needs 3.3GB

Or have i read it wrong and the titles listed at bottom are planned sale titles?


Yup just a one week sale

Great games, but it’s little hard to not be disappointed when seeing games US will get.
Not making sense why they always get more then users in Europe
If we could get wipeout as them it would be great


absolutely incredible. thanks

Not bad at all, thanks!

Obviously a little disappointing that America would get 2 extra games for both PS3 and PSV but I have plenty to occupy my mind.

Just wondering though; will PS+ for Vita ever include PS1 and PSP classics?


we may look at some as long as they are good enough titles


thanx for this Awesome games lineup
i was hope to get wipeout 2048 , but i think it will come in the coming months as free for PS+
thanks again :)

18 titles each month on US for ps plus, 14 titles each month for EU on plus. ? what gives. Also any word on apps such as NicoNico, Netflix, wake up club, t@g, Imaginstruments etc. I ask on the store updates but no one there cares about vita.


We’ll have news on many of those apps soon. t@g in particular is very, very close…

This is a great line up for plus on Vita – nice one :)

Can I suggest a tie up with psn plus and music unlimited? A special price if you have plus and music unlimited?

I have had and completed Uncharted (even got platinum on it) but I have been craving to play it again. I have not played the other 3 but I have heard good things about Gravity Rush.

Looking forwards to trying the other 3 out.


Gravity Rush is awesome! Enjoy it as it’s a brilliantly designed game with a really engaging storyline


once again i have all the games psplus is a waste for me i never seem to get any reward for being loyal sony just seem to reward casual gamers


Well done Chris, this is a fantastic line up. I will definitly be getting a vita now. also how long before the two other games change.


I don’t want to give away all our surprises at the moment but there will be regular changes, we may throw in a few surprises here and there as well

I guess I’m in the minority as I had hoped some of the psp titles playable on vita would be available I won’t be getting a vita until christmas so was hoping there would be something for the psp

future request Touch My Katamari please

Wow… It even made me forget that I can’t grab Cubixx HD! This is excellent, even if I already own two of the games it’s still great!

@Max. Got the receipt still? Take it back and say “Uhh, sorry, I don’t even own a Vita…”


I have it on my card now and its over 3gb think its close to 4gb

I have a 16gb card and i think im buying another at end of month as i already lack space b4 plus

holy crap, plus keeps getting better. so glad i renewed in september.


I heard about the launch on on IGN so though though it was a great launch line up, but the lack of Jet Set Radio is a bit disappointing…What’s the deal? Will we get it at a later date?


Just remember everyone, just because a title isn’t on the EU systems yet doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future

Yeah im jealous because US get additional Wipeout 2048 and Final Fantasy Tactics :( But i guess Uncharted GA and Gravity Rush is like LBP 2 and inFamous 2 on PS3 version of PS+ – one year available, and we’re waiting for Game of the month for PS+ Vita

Really happy with the launch of PS+ on vita so far.
Here hoping you’ll stick us some PSP RPG games at times?

Hang on, back up minute? You think its a better set up for Europe to get less? This should be good for a laugh. How do you work that one out?

Well guys, you know, its great for new Vita costumers, and I guess that’s the point here, but most people already got these, who owns a Vita. (I mean the two big title of course: Uncharted and Gravity Rush). So it’s a bit letdown for me, but cheers for anyone, who had not have them. That just pure luck, but what concerns me, is that these will be there for a prolonged time, meaning, we won’t get other big titles soon and the two PSN title will be switched to -I suppose- other PSN titles.

The other thing is, US haven’t got a -20% Sale and Chronovolt, but they got Wipeout 2048, Jet Set Radio HD and Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions for the PSP. Is there a different plus plan there, or they are at the forefront, so they get more for marketing reasons? I just feel discriminated because I live in Europe.

By the way, great Collection, I bet it was hard work to get, and I’m happy to see Plus on Vita.

Looked at the US vita psn plus post first then this. Doesn’t seem a good deal now. They get 6(although one is a psp game) and we get 4. How many times do we have to get screwed before we are treated equally. This isn’t a dig at just Sony as they all do it. Europeans are 2nd class once again.

god sake you made a pig ear of a post 1st two games on 20th of november but it starts on 21st we get 14 games right compared to SCEA get 6 vita games.

to our 4 right once again SCEE we get a raw deal stuff you, but this….

“thisAs with the PS3 service, we will have titles that will be available to you for a longer period of time than usual so you have the chance to play them”

you were ask will the Ps3 IGC will suffer No it was, but having longer times to refresh content do suffer the number of content any fools know that.

Im really thinking of getting rid of my vita and Ps3 Sony go give your belloved america great cont while we get shafted but i wont see it.

Carnivius_Prime 13 November, 2012 @ 16:26

Can I ‘download’ these games using my PS3 (I mean so they get added to my PSN account even when I don’t actually download, which is what I’ve been doing to even the Plus freebies I didn’t want, just in case I change my mind later) and then always have them on my PSN account for when I can afford a Vita? (I’m likely to always be a Plus subscriber)


at last…………..

freaking awesome well done team !!!?

RockLobster2074 13 November, 2012 @ 16:26

Holy crap this is great! I assumed we’d get something like Super Stardust free, but Uncharted AND Gravity Rush? That’s just brilliant.

Already own Uncharted and Gravity Rush but I’m glad more will be able play the latter now. Hopefully increase the fan base before Gravity Rush 2!

greg miller from IGN told me of an email app? is this ps plus only?

This is good news! But… i am indee disapointed of wipeout on US PS+ :( But this is great indeed too…. but no wipeout :(

Now i’m considering buying a VITA….

Hi Chris and the store team! You’re off to a great start with this, although I already own three of those games but I’m sure over the coming months I’ll be seeing titles I might have missed out on (Saying that those three games are probably the best three out of all the ones I have played, so new users are in for a treat!).

I hate to be that guy, but looking at the US Vita Plus, I am a bit jealous, so I would like to suggest WipEout 2048, Final Fantasy Tactics and Jet Set Radio as possible titles for future months. :P

I was also wondering Chris, if you could post how long we will have each title for the same way you do for the PS3 Plus posts? Thanks :)

I’m probably going to be subbed to PS+ til the end of time at this rate, fantastic service.


Moving forward we will be providing updates on content for you so you will be aware of what is coming


Can’t wait! 2 of the 3 games I was expecting to be included and 2 games I’ve been inteested in getting (the 3 games I was expecting was Uncharted Gravity Rush and Little Big Planet)
Going to be away from the 20th but will download them when I get home, just in time for my birthday :)

now we have online storage for Vita are we able to just back up save files with this new firmware? Seems pointless if we have to back up full games like we currently do. I’d love to be able to get my save file from my retail version of Gravity Rush so I can use it on the downloadable version.

So I assume you can only download the Vita plus content on a Vita right ;) That way the people with PS3 and not a Vita can’t download it all and save it for a future Vita. That’s exactly how it should work because I can’t understand how you guys are making any money here O_o

Anyway, my question is as I wrote above before I got off track :3


This is shocking, in a good way. I expected it to be titles that didn’t sell or were now on the cheap but these are two top title for the system. I already have Uncharted but I think it is a game everyone should play. Gravity Rush was on my list for the new year once I got my back catalog sorted so to see it here has made me a very happy vita owner. If this is the kind of service we can expect for vita plus then job very well done sony europe

Maybe we should have a little vote. Who thinks “its a better setup” for us to get less than everyone else?

will we be able to buy avatars now on the vita?

@Samtman i must agree with you it disgraceful but you know america is a superpower and as such they need to be shown that they are better then us so they obviously get better content.

it look like ross jump ship because he knew this was going to happen remember a game he promise for plus it never happen.

Would be cool if we would get a launch discount like the day1 digital release Promotion US got few weeks back.

That’s actually incredible. I was expecting maybe a few of the poor sellers like Mod Nations which you can pick up for peanuts now, rather than actually really good, AAA games on the first pass.

Very impressed with the potential line up.

The only thing that could make it better would be a permanent Singstar icon on the Vita too! Please? ;)


Guys, you’re making an user here start debating how to get funds for a new portable console…

Titles to be included are:
Escape Plan
Unit 13
Hustle Kings
MotorStorm RC
Super Stardust Delta and Advanced Star Fighter Pack Bundle
Top Darts
Little Deviants
Modnation Racers: Road Trip
Reality Fighters

are these future free titles of some of the titles in the 20% off sale?

also is the refresh 2 games per month?


These are titles that are going to be discounted for the first week to celebrate the launch

Yes the refresh will be two games a month

Nice one Sony. PLUS is a MUST.


Hey Chris/Fred,
Really psyched for plus now, will probably buy it next week. Although as I never had plus before, I have a few questions.
1.Can I put ps3 IGC games in my download list using vita as I currently use my ps3 and I dont want to miss on the bulk of plus freebies.
2.How many games will be rotated for vita each month?
3.Will there be a discount on plus subscription anytime soon?
Thanks in advance!!! Keep up the great work!

SOME psp RPGS would not be wrong from time to time as a bonus :).

Fantastic lineup, I was about to buy GR so will now hold off :) I’m so glad that I bought a 32gb card!


Gravity Rush is an excellent game — a very nice choice for one of the “permanent” slots on the Vita’s Plus lineup. And I had a lot of fun with Mutant Blobs, too!

Together with Uncharted (which I haven’t played, myself) I think you’ve arranged a top-notch introduction to Vita gaming here. I wouldn’t be surprised if the extension of Plus to Vita will be the tipping point for a lot of those who were thinking about investing in the console this Xmas, and these games will give them some *very* sweet first impressions.

I have one request/question: You know how, on the PS3, each month’s headlining Plus game is often accompanied by a sale on that game’s DLC? Well, any chance you could do something similar for Gravity Rush this month? Being able to nab those bonus missions & costumes at a discount would be a jolly nice gesture towards Plus subscribers who already own the game :)

This is disappointing,i have Uncharted and Gravity Rush retail copy,i was expecting WipEout for free

fjernbetjening 13 November, 2012 @ 16:36

WOW! The launch lineup looks great! I’ve been looking to buy Uncharted: Golden Abyss for some time now, but I haven’t due to the retail version being really expensive – I’d prefer to have it on disc, but who can argue with that price?

And I’m really looking forward to Gravity Rush too! :D

No Wipeout like US? :( What a shame…

But… i like this lineup exept of FF Tactics and Wipeout on US… I realy don´t know what is good on “less” lineup before US…


I was expecting some PSP and PS1 titles, but on the other hand I wasn’t expecting 4 Vita titles. So good work.

Will System Software 2.0 make saves separate from their game apps (PSP save design instead of iOS design) for PSN downloaded games so you can back up SAVES only more quickly? If not, cloud backup is only going to be useful for retail titles and small PSN games. Escape Plan alone is several GB for the combined game+save.

I already have Uncharted, but this is some great news!!

USA got the better end of the deal this time around, where for PS3 EU got more/better games.

Still disappointed we didn’t get Wipeout and Jet Set Radio HD like USA.

Probably they’ll drop next month, but still.

By the way, I suggest Escape Plan incl the DLC for free for December. It is a launch title, and it shows the touch stuff best compared to the rest of the line up in games.

Good that I only have Uncharted, and not yet Gravity Rush.

Awsome line up. Now I have to buy another16gb card.

No doubting the value, but Plus still isn’t for me, even with a PS3 and a Vita.

It still seems geared towards people who are new to the platform, or simply don’t buy many games. I have no interest in minis or PS1 games, and of the rest, I’ve already owned, played and sold the games I wanted to play. Of the games listed above, I already own the 4 I want – the rest hold no interest for me, even for free.

I still think you need to offer a tiered service, and/or throw in some movie rentals. I could use the automated firmware updates, but it’s far from a necessity as it never takes more than 7 minutes to update my PS3 anyway. The only thing Plus currently offers which I would like to use is the online save backup, but that’s not worth £40 a year.

Oh, bloody hells. I wasn’t going to but a Vita until it was super cheap, but this swings me to buying one now. Damnit.

*watches money fly from his wallet*

Ah, well. Never mind.

Best news ever. Playstation plus is the best service you can buy if you are interested in games.

supersmith2500 13 November, 2012 @ 16:44

No WipEout love? Ah well, have the game anyways but WILL going to pick Gravity Rush and When Mutant Blobs Attack for sure. Gravity Rush is an awesome game and I played the demo of it. I’d recommend it to anyone and even my friend loves it. =D


Well this sucks compared to the US list IMO.

I have been looking forward to Jet Set Radio for months, got all excited that it was included in Plus, to find that its US only.

That pretty much sucks seeing as I have owned Gravity Rush since the PS Vita launch as it was the only game I was interested in.

Then there is the fact I have a 32GB card that is almost full. With Plus launching, you really need to launch a 64GB memory card to go with it.

“backup my games onto my PS3 and swap them” you might say, but backing up to PS3 is painfully slow. I suspect its actually slower than downloading the game again over WiFi, which in itself is far slower than any other device on my broadband/WiFi.

ChemicalBacon90 13 November, 2012 @ 16:44

PlayStation Plus really is fantastic value for money, it has to be said.
Can certainly see this helping to boost sales by increasing the value proposition of the platform.

If you own a PS3 and are a Plus subscriber but don’t currently own a PS Vita, will you still be able to download/add these PS+ titles to your download list on the PS3, so that when you do get a Vita, you’ll be able to play them?


shadowed_phoenix 13 November, 2012 @ 16:45

I already own Uncharted and Tales From Space, but I’ve been holding off from buying Gravity Rush in case this happened ^_^

It’s a shame America get Jet Set Radio & FF Tactics and we don’t, but maybe we’ll get them next month! I think I’ll need to ask for several new memory cards for Christmas, just to hold all the new games!!

Chronovolt looks pretty interesting, and I’m looking forward to play it.

Too bad. In the US they are also getting additionally WipEout and FF Tactics from the PSP. ;)

Very impressed by your work Chris! (There isn’t a high enough character limit to put enough exclamation points!(!!!))
First you get us Ratchet and Clank All 4 One + Crysis 2 and now you get us some fantastic Vita games!

I’m a little annoyed that I already have Uncharted: Golden Abyss, but that is a first world problem if I ever had one. Fantastic game and this is awesome for the people that hasn’t played it yet! Gravity Rush is going to be awesome (any chance of PS + discount for the DLC as well?)

I have a question regarding some of the 20% discount at launch titles though. I would prefer not buying Unit 13 if it turned out to be the free game 2 months from now.

Also, does this mean we get 1 new game a month or 2 new games a month?

Oh, and wishlist for the future: Rayman, Resistance, Plants vs Zombies and Unit 13!

Thanks Chris, you’re doing a fantastic job!

with the plus service now launching in eu i think its time for scee to push for 32gb cards to come out :)

ill buy one as id rather have a 32gb to go with my 16gb card but if its not soon i guess another 16gb is what i will have to go for.

Woohooo! i own the big titles like Uncharted and Gravity but im really glad to get discounts and the other 2 games as a plus member! :D

Getting a Vita at the end of next week, a great time to jump into PS+ :D

OMG this is great..

I was already happy for PS3 PS Plus.

But now, with Vita support, its really amazing.

So much content for such low price..

PS Plus is now almost mandatory for any PS3+PS Vita owners.


Ahh damn I already own uncharted and gravity rush; don’t regret buying them though; they were brilliant and I’m glad I didn’t wait on the offchance they would arrive in plus- I’m sure there will be more games don’t own in the future :p

Are the 20% off titles likely to appear for free in the service any time soon? Wouldn’t want to buy at a discount and then get burned!


No I will avoid having them in the service so we don’t meet that situation!


Hi guys,
Great uldate for people without unchRted and gravity rush(they are ammazin games),but i want to ask will there be wipeout 2048 comin out for ps plus cos the US have it???

i really hope all the people now stating they will be buying a vita are serious as if they are this will really give the platform a great boot at Christmas which will make dev’s take notice and in turn start to develop more titles for the platform.

Pepsi_Biofusion 13 November, 2012 @ 16:52

Gravity Rush & Uncharted?!?!?! Holly smokes that’s insane, now who in their right mind would not get a Vita if they already have plus?

I’ve only been a PlayStation gamer for a couple of years and you’ve been doing a bang up job of making me incredibly ashamed and happy simultaneously, I was so wrong to doubt the Vita but now I have one and get the best of both worlds :D I’m not so sure I need Christmas anymore.

Many thanks for this awesome update :)

The whole anouncement is kind of confusing.
The US has a clear video what to expect, when to expect it, etc.
Here in EU it’s like look we have this and stuf will change but when and how often etc is not clear. We have been waiting for this for very long and besides the awesome games and other services it’s unclear what to expect.
Love the games, hate the blogpost.

The VITA Plus is excellent news!

I want to ask a few things about VITA:

1. Bring on some cool apps, Android-style!
2. Let us play with VITA as a controller for PS3 games (no need for dual screen a la LBP2 dlc, just the buttons and the back touch which acts as R2/L2 and R3/L3), freeing us from the need to buy a 2nd DualShock (and please, let them sync without the need for a router, just ad hoc)!
3. The web browser needs to improve way too much in speed terms and page display…
4. Finally, give us a reasonably priced, bigger memory card. I have an 8 GB card (thought it would be just enough) and it’s already full! With the free games, it’s now obsolete!

We really need some bigger memory cards now, I wouldn’t mind paying for a 64GB even a 128GB, but we need to lower the prices on Vita memory cards.

128GB: 125$
64GB: 65$
32GB: 35$
16GB: 20$
8GB: 10$
4GB: .. why even bother.

Something like that.

almighty-slayer 13 November, 2012 @ 16:58

Will it be possible to download the free games on the PS3 and then transfer them over? :)

Chris, could you please share exact data how the Vita offers will rotate? As Ross managed too when the IGC got introduced.

He clearly said that 3 games rotate yearly, 6 are on a 2 month rotation and 1 game rotates monthly. With at least 4 PPP per year.

I expect a similar clear description here. And don’t just drop that info in a reply somewhere, edit the article too.


PSPLUS is rubbish to me when I got those titles already….



i think for day one psvita owners like me they aiready has this games because is the best. Plus service is a good reason for those don’t have vita yet to buy now, aiready takes 100€ games the first month !!! i hope next monts for some newst games also i hope Sony lower the price for memory cards. 90€ for 32 gb is too much is two psvita or ps3 games is not fair

What about Little Big Planet in December? :) It can be great! Gravity rush… oh boy oh boy… :)

Yeah the titles may be on in the future, but if we get something so will the us. We will always be playing catch up and get shafted again

If my posts are not modded by a mod you would have m answer.

About the refresh of content answer me this chris how can our plus be better serve then the SCEA plus 5 vita 1 psp game = 6 games total 18 games.

Then there is our 14 games per month how comes 3 ps3 games + 4 vita games= 7 not 14.

CookieMonsterES 13 November, 2012 @ 17:09

PS+ line-up for Vita is fantastic, you guys are doing a great job, Chris :D

I have a quick question, if you were so kind to answer it, what do you mean with “The other two titles will change on a regular basis”? Could you be more precise?

The US blog announced 6 titles for Vita (and 12 for PS3) while we have 4 games for Vita (and 10 for PS3). There’s quite a noticeable difference there, especially as far as the Vita announcement refers, even more considering we can’t have a “US account” in our portable device without having to renounce to our regular account. Would be appreciated if you guys try your best so there’s no big difference between what they offer there and what we get here.

Happy days, nice work. Looking forward to playing Chronovolt
I love PS+ :)

Just a shame it looks like the USA is getting a better deal at present.


all I can say is :
This is a great lineup and even though I have both Uncharted and Gravity rush im still excited!

@Chris Howe

i don’t care about all the free games cause they aren’t really free
waht i do care about is discounts, and i’d like 2 see a discount on these games Dynasty warriors NEXT, uncharted,Resistance: Burning Skies. also are you guys ever gonna make more psp games compatible with vita or any ps1 games cause unlike U.S here in europe you guysdon’t seem 2 care. zero psp games converted since vita launched.
ps1 compatibility was announced before it’s launched and we get 2 find out hardly no games are compatible.


Shame on FFT, already have A PS1 & PSP copy, but I wouldn’t mind having it on Vita too ^^

several people ask if its possible to add vita titles to our ps3 download list to download at a later time on the vita and yet no one can be bothered to answer

its nice that some readers have commented on other posts and said you can but people would actually like confirmation from Sony that this is possible

Until when will uncharted vê available?


Excellent update! Even though I already have the ‘big ones’ Uncharted and Gravity Rush, they are way better than expected.
Well done! Also, two new games per month is excellent! Will be looking forward to the regular updates! :-)

I don’t have a PS Vita and I’ve no intention of buying one. The content offered for the Vita is therefore entirely no good to me. Will I get a discount for the PS+ sub or extra content to make up for the offering that’s entirely useless to me?

Definitely a lot more than I expected, but damn did the US get a lot! Wipeout AND Jet Set Radio as well as Gravity Rush and Uncharted! They’re so lucky!


Really nice update, Thanks! :D

The vita content could be activated through PS3 and downloaded later on the vita? I need a PS Vita :(

While great news, especially with it being free on top of my current subscription.

I feel being an early adopter of the Vita has kind of backfired, looking at this and the US list along with some other titles that are Sony published that I imagine will become free eventually, I kind of regret buying the games, while I don’t have a lot of time to complete them and haven’t made it all the way through Uncharted and such I picked them up full price for them now to be free on something I am already paying for.
Bit of a waste of money really.

Still, nice to see, and having the save backup will take a lot of the pain away from installed games and such.

@ Voodoo341

why would you get a discount on plus your still getting exactly what you paid for when you took plus out the ps3 side of things is still exactly the same.

nothing is changing for you at all.

this is why some people say your trolling.

Great lineup of games, have not had a vita long so i have just Rayman Origins and AC3-Liberation.

I was hoping for psp titles as well seeing as the US have Final Fantasy Tactics this month, can we get a Final Fantasy title too maybe?


Great we finally get ps+ but im really disappointed the US gets wipeout and we get Chronovolt, sorry but as always the US gets the better content

Just wondering, I don’t own a Vita but will I be able to download the games from the PS Store or it only for the Vita store


my question is as i dont have a vita will i be able to download the games (so they are in my DL list) so when i get a vita ill be able to download them. Btw im a ps plus subscriber :)

Same old people complaining about nothing whatsover.

Makes you wonder why they actually own a PS3/Vita and pay for + doesn’t it?


amazing.glad to be ps plus subscriber since day one.


Modnation racers road trip is currently on sale at £5.99 and my plan was to buy it today if it wasn’t one of the free games.

So it’s not one of the free games but it gets 20% discount when plus launches. As you said in a different post that the game will be on sale at £5.99 till the 21st when plus launches will we get a further 20% off £5.99 or 20% off the standard non sale price?

I know the extra saving would only be just over a quid but that’s still better than paying £5.99 and miles better than full price minus 20%

Meh… :/ Already have GR and Uncharted. Was hoping for Wipeout, but we got screwed again compared to the US.

This is an amazing deal even for Vita only users. Despite owning 3 out of 4 of these games, I’m very happy to see it start off with these games. Great job!

For those complaining about it being less games than the US. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the European PS+ model rotates games out faster than the US does, which means that we don’t get less games than they do, we just don’t get more initially.

Yeah, my Plus subscription just got ridiculously better! Now all I ask is for larger memory card options at reasonable prices.

I have a feeling as time goes on I am going to need to increase my Vita storage capacity exponentially!

Already own Uncharted, but the rest look great! Any chance you could provide Gravity Rush DLC at a discount or for free? I really appreciate the DLC deals for PS3, and it would be great if you could carry that over to the Vita.

Oh, and I’d be happy with the occasional high quality PSP title as well. Be cool if you could work in some less known stuff as well… Use Plus to sweeten the pot for smaller companies taking a risk by bringing over niche titles from Japan.

If SCEE give out crap for food the SDF would gladly eat it all up, while the rest would not if any sense eat it that I feel about our inferior vita plus support & chris still hasn’t answer someone post who can it be better for us getting less then SCEA. 18 games in total both ps3 games & vita to our 14 games per month take us to over 65 games a year while SCEA get we’ll over 70 per year.

Yeah that makes total snese. Doesn’t it SCEE you logic FAILS.


Good evening Chris
i made this post couple of days back in the post about Novembers content and got no answer… (i m not saying you ignored it, i like to believe you probably didnt see it) so anyways here it is again
in hopes for a reply this time =)
“Hi Chris, i got a question for you since you are as your title says the Plus content manager…
I was really excited with the latest update as for the first time i didn’t already own any of the games offered, thing is though i own a 40gb ps3 and got really disappointed to find theres no way i can download and install R & C All 4 One as the space needed for the operation is 32gb and a 40gb ps3 (37 actually) has only 30gb of free space available after what is needed for it to run is taken out…
So my question is 40gb ps3 owners/plus subscribers are so few they are not even considered when picking a title for the next months update? Sorry for the long message but it feels like you guys are giving me the right lets say to download the game for...

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Good evening Chris
i made this post couple of days back in the post about Novembers content and got no answer… (i m not saying you ignored it, i like to believe you probably didnt see it) so anyways here it is again
in hopes for a reply this time =)
“Hi Chris, i got a question for you since you are as your title says the Plus content manager…
I was really excited with the latest update as for the first time i didn’t already own any of the games offered, thing is though i own a 40gb ps3 and got really disappointed to find theres no way i can download and install R & C All 4 One as the space needed for the operation is 32gb and a 40gb ps3 (37 actually) has only 30gb of free space available after what is needed for it to run is taken out…
So my question is 40gb ps3 owners/plus subscribers are so few they are not even considered when picking a title for the next months update? Sorry for the long message but it feels like you guys are giving me the right lets say to download the game for free and at the same time you are taking it away from me with its prohibitely large size! I ll be waiting for a response on that, thanks in advance”


Excellent news! =)

I already have and finished Uncharted but it’s a good excuse to get back and platinum it. Are the saves in the disk (card) version compatible with the digital version?

But if you read above it states due to plus vita there be games longer then normal before they get refresh maybe we should have a vid like SCEA had to explain better. But it does not make any differs because there get a great square enix psp game that look god on a vita but like SCEE SE too like to shafted its EU fan base too.

#138 – MNR on the Vita will increase in price tomorrow – back to it’s full price. Then next week, when PS+ launches it will be reduced by 20%.

I’d say it’s best to get it now..

As for people saying we have been ‘shafted’ (seems to be the buzz word) by the US. No. No we haven’t. Those titles WILL be coming here, we just have to wait a little longer.

Skookie, shut the hell up. You really are like a broken record. A boring, slow, crappy record at that.


Solid games

Been looking forward for this since I got plus+

Thanks :)


Marvellous news! I and my brother bought Golden Abyss at launch, but I was disappointed that I was unable to get any trophies because my brother played it first. I haven’t bothered to buy another copy for the trophies alone, so this news is most welcome. And Gravity Rush for free? Huzzah!


@ShinYagami13 You could buy a bigger hard disk for your ps3 and upgrade it yourself. I did it and upgraded to a 1tb hdd. Its really easy to install aswell. IGN posted a video on their youtube channel telling you how to do it.


dude i think its time to invest in a larger hdd.

as a plus member 40gb is never going to be enough for you, have a look online and im sure you will find a good deal on a reasonably sized hdd.

there also really easy to swap over, i think its your only real option tbh.

@ Skookie30: EU PS+ rotates games out faster than the US does. The US at any one time does have more games available AT ONCE, yes, but since EU rotates faster we get equal the games. It’s a different model, but you don’t get less games. SCEE’s logic works fine, you just need to understand what’s going on.


i bought tactics back when all the final fantasy stuff was on sale and i can tell you its not so great on vita just like it was not so great on the psp.

the game suffers from very bad slowdown in places and its not a great port imo.

personally id rather just have 100% vita games on plus, sales on psp games would be nice but i like trophy’s personally so id like them to stick to vita titles

Can u plz confirm if we can add these vita titles to our cart on ps3 psn store and download it on the vita later?

Am I the only one that prefer the EU games than the US ?
US get three retail games, that most already ahve, I am prety sure if wipeout was for free, we would have more whinning.
On the other hand, we get a new game that noone has and before anyone complains about it beeing a puzzle game, you can’t please everyone’s taste.
Also those are just the first games, O bet that we will see more retail games for free, just have patience.

Before anyone says anything, I don’t own wipeout and i would love to have it.

Considering that Sony does not charge more for those games, if you already have PSN+, they are tottaly free and for that a big thank you :)

nextbigthing91 13 November, 2012 @ 18:15

This is why I love PlayStation!
One seriously happy gamer right now =D

Copy and paste this..


Boycott? LOL. Do me a favour.


I feel more and more punished for early adapting. I’m quitting this service as I still prefer to have games physical. It was a nice time though for what is was.

@127 – congratulations your post made me laugh xD

You still get the same content you happily signed up for, this is extra, so I don’t know why you think you should be entitled to any sort of discount.


problem is SCEE ignores any feedback it’s pointless cause SCEE is pointless no improvement 5 years running failure off the year.
missing content going into about over a 100 content. ignoring ppl whenever there is a real question. and VITA backwards compatible was alrdy a lie cause it doesen’t work on all ps1 games and hardly any psp games on psn and no more coming cause SCEE thinks bringing games 2 psn is a waste off time.

another_gamer195 13 November, 2012 @ 18:24

So basically it’s i’m allright Jack, tough luck your Not a vita/plus owner.. Funny how ppl see what they want to.. how can anyone seriously say non vita plus subscribers aren’t losing out, ?.. true they’ll still get what they’re getting now, but come 21st when they see others getting, is it £80 worth of extra stuff, ?..but because they’re not into handhelds, they get Nothing, thats disgusting, really is, But reading peoples replies to them, that is worse, just reminds me of totally heartless and greedy bullies, in a vita owners gang, laughing in others faces, you all just take the biscuit.. also one of these people had the nerve to post about, how unfair it is IF modnation was free, cos they’d just bought it.. bet if you hadn’t realised you made mistake about that item You would not be so pleased, i mean 5.99 for modnation isn’t fair, but non-vita owners watching you get £80plus of extras is ok.. just says everthing about scee defenders.



14 games minimum (10 PS3 games + 4 Vita games) in the Instant Games Collection at all times.

Hope that makes it a little more clear.


LOL!! Are you serious?!? You really think that just because you do not own a Vita then you should get some sort of discount or extra content on your PS3 PLUS content?!?

You have been a PLUS subber for a while now. LONG before PS+ for the Vita was even announced!!

Trolling much!?!

As for other people moaning about the service.

I own all the games apart from Chronovolt and I think the service is excellent!!

If you are a PLUS subber already for the PS3 then surely anything for the Vita is a pure bonus?!?

I think some people just love to complain.

@Chris Howe
You could have made EVERY vita game free for a month and people would still complain about some part of the service!!

People who don’t own a Vita and feel the need to complain about the added Vita PLUS deals etc and think they are owed something are really pathetic!!

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14 games minimum (10 PS3 games + 4 Vita games) in the Instant Games Collection at all times.

Hope that makes it a little more clear.


LOL!! Are you serious?!? You really think that just because you do not own a Vita then you should get some sort of discount or extra content on your PS3 PLUS content?!?

You have been a PLUS subber for a while now. LONG before PS+ for the Vita was even announced!!

Trolling much!?!

As for other people moaning about the service.

I own all the games apart from Chronovolt and I think the service is excellent!!

If you are a PLUS subber already for the PS3 then surely anything for the Vita is a pure bonus?!?

I think some people just love to complain.

@Chris Howe
You could have made EVERY vita game free for a month and people would still complain about some part of the service!!

People who don’t own a Vita and feel the need to complain about the added Vita PLUS deals etc and think they are owed something are really pathetic!!

That’s a great selection of vita titles but i have them all except chronovolt. I even have all the 20% off titles. I guess there just isn’t that many titles to choose from. I was really hoping for wipeout at least. I hope to see some psp titles and ps1 classics added to mix it up a bit.


do you need an Internet connection to play PS+ games, because I don’t have one at my summer home?

#162 – Seriously???

Good news, but please there is a big problem for the cloud, because the saves can’t be separated from the game or DLC !

Eg, my save of Ridge Racer = 2Go, WipEout 2048 = 750 Mo !!!!

Please report this problem.

@162 – If you don’t have a Vita you are still getting the same amount of content you originally signed up for. If they reduced the amount of PS3 games and replaced them with Vita games then you’d have a point, but they didn’t. You are also forgetting that Vita owners have already given Sony about £200 more than you have by actually buying the console ;)


I cannot believe some of you out there are actuly begrudging Vita owners getting some PS+ loving!!!

It in NO WAY affects what you will get as a none Vita owners!!



This is fantastic news been a playstation plus member since almost day one and the service has been incredible,the addition of ps vita plus is also great news i have just purchased a vita with a 32gb memory card. I was planning on buying uncharted golden abyss but there’s no neeed now! This is a fantastic service thank you for bringing it to us and keep up the great work. :)


as your clearly talking about me i feel i should address your point.

i asked about modnation because of some confusion i had regarding the blog post, the only reason i asked about it was because of something that chris directly said on the sales post.

if you look at the rest of the comments i was already saying good things about the service before chris responded to me and to be fair im glad he did because he also stated later that discounted titles will not later become free titles which is a good thing.

how are vita owners greedy bullies we are the ones that put our hands into our pockets and bought the console and if sony see fit to include extra content at NO EXTRA COST and ps3 only users DONT GET LESS CONTENT whats the problem.
instead of crying about what you dont get how about you focus on what you do get which is at least 45 full ps3 games and that will continue.


i also already own uncharted for vita and i have not once complained about it being free for plus.

Great opporunity to finally grab a PS Vita!
Just wanted to ask if there’s a possibility of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift being included in either Vita’s or PS3’s Plus? Pretty please?