FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! When Vikings Attack showdown tomorrow night!


The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! Tomorrow evening we’re giving you the opportunity to get a mob together and pelt SCEE employees with rocks, chairs, trash cans, explosives, grand pianos and whatever else you can get your hands on. Come get some!

Between 5.00pm and 7.00pm GMT on Thursday 15th November, myself, Jawad from the Store team and the fearsome Yappadog from Marketing will be taking on all-comers at When Vikings Attack! – the bonkers action title that’s just emerged from our XDev studio, via developer Clever Beans.

If you haven’t had the chance to check the game out yet, it’s a multiplayer-focussed romp that sees you defending your precious homeland against gangs of Viking marauders by gathering a crew of your own and pelting the enemy with any projectile you can find. It’s a simple concept, but fiendishly addictive and, in the Blog team’s humble opinion, one of the funniest games we’ve played all year. See the trailer below for a closer look.

To join in, firstly make sure you have the game – it will set you back a trifling £7.99/€9.99 from PSN and is Cross Play compatible across PS3 and PS Vita. Once you’re tooled up, add our PSN IDs – Chuck_FD, Salty_Tier and Yappadog – and then announce your interest in the Comments section so we know who to expect. We’ll then send out invites when the time comes. Depending on how much interest there is, we may recruit a few extra SCEE folk to get involved too.

So, if you think you’ve got what it takes, leave your mark below and get practicing!

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this is a brilliant idea! :) but what if one of you have a full friends list? anyway i dont have when viking atack! but fred you know what? i think this should be a monthly thing, one game a month! i mean team SCEE vs team costumers! oh and fred, any chance of an uncharted 3 match? me and a few others would love to kill you and the other 2 in uncharted 3 multiplayer!

please think about doing this monthly, THANKS!!! :D


If this one proves popular, we’ll certainly make it a more regular feature! We’d likely keep it around new releases, but you never know – if you catch me online feel free to suggest a game of UC3.

Also, if anyone’s posts are disappearing it’s because they’re off-topic. Please post them under the relevant story – we do read everything.

It’s super fun! Throwing a humongous great white shark at your friends just never gets old! Here’s a review:

DARN! I have to work late tomorrow, so I won’t be able to bowl you guys out of the London streets :-(
Have a great time tomorrow, great initiative!


Shame! Next time!?

This game looks verry funny, you are right :P

you sold this to me Fred and i shall buy this tonight perhap ready for Thursday :), and anyhoows it will make a really nice game on Vita inbetween monster hunter unite

Gracias :)


It’s a really fun game! Hope you enjoy it!

Voodoo, grow up pal


I agree with #1

Let’s have a session of Uncharted 3 sometime! ;-)

requests sent and i shall start to get more practice in now lol ;)

i shall be using my vita version ;)


Heh, bring it on pal.

@Fred: Definitely! We’ll probably have a Forum Community event soon for Vikings, so you can always join in! Currently, focus is on racing-games and halloween though. Soon!


Are you all scared yet! I have my war face on and totally psyched up. I just need a battle cry.

almighty-slayer 14 November, 2012 @ 12:46

Well this sounds fun.

You couldn’t have picked a worse day though – i’m out basically all day tomorrow :(

Would have loved to join in

Count me in. I don’t normally play online but this has got me playing – this is such great fun game, so glad I purchased it.
Question though are you going to play on PS3 or vita? Because when you send an invite to a different platform it doesn’t work (which is a bit of a disappointment) but not a big issue as we all got both versions for the one price!
Unlike Pure chess as I have the Vita version and some of my budski’s have the PS3 version and I can’t play them (real shame) especially when its a turn based game!
Anyway, can’t wait to play you guys tomorrow!


Glad you like it, It should work, as we’ve played with both platforms in the office…I’ll be on PlayStation 3, bring it on! ;)

Have the game, but I’m hoping to play Retro City Rampage on my PSVITA instead tomorrow.

Hi Richard

I have just tried it again and can’t get cross platform invites working. Maybe I am doing something wrong! :-(


I think previously we just played a public game.

Would love to game with you guys on a brilliant game like this. Had it with the Pre-order and love it.

Game On.

‘Game On’, who even says that any more.. sorry about that.

“Tomorrow evening we’re giving you the opportunity to get a mob together and pelt SCEE employees with rocks, chairs, trash cans, explosives, grand pianos and whatever else you can get your hands”

If this has any relation to the months of delays/lack of information from SCEE, nice to see you guys have a sense of humour about it.

aaronrogers2009 14 November, 2012 @ 13:42

fred!!, just a quick question, ive bought the new phineas and ferb psp game last week but it wont work, it starts up but sits on the loading screen with the 2 characters in bottom right hand corner, ive uninstalled and reinstalled but still gettin the same problem, my psp is also up to date, any solution, sally


That sounds mysterious. Customer service should be able to fix this for you:

A question on cross-platform and when Vikings attack. Can I play with my Vita and a family member use PS3 on the same account or do they have to be different accounts?

Crossbuy didn’t work for me on this game.
I purchased it from my Vita first – and now it doesn’t appear on the PS3 download list!!!


Apologies for that, have you tried downloading again?

Would love to join this but can’t during does hours tomorrow :(.

Sound really fun and it is a great idea sadly I have to work tomorrow


I can play with him via Playstation Vita ?

(Sorry my english is bad :()

Yes, you can play with both the Vita and/or PS3. That’s the beauty of Cross Play!

And the Cross Save for this game works awesome too. I can continue my Quest Mode on either without having to transfer any save files. It just continues as if they are one… I suppose they ARE one.


Count me in!

I’ll have to add you guys first though.

Well done Fred… you removed my comment while letting other ‘off topic ‘ comments remain. More faces than the town clock.

Voodoo – again, grow up, yeah?

Fred, whats your PSN ID?


Chuck_FD. See you online!


I was going to pick it up this week anyway so I’ll add all of you and see you online tomorrow.
Looking forward to throwing a postbox at you ;-)

Gutted ! got two weeks of non stop late shifts grrrr……would love to play a game against the Sony gang my PSN ID Witcher70 maybe in a couple of weeks ???


Yep, hopefully we’ll try something like this again soon.

Fab :)


I’ll add those on my list when I get back home but I’ll only be able to make the 7:00 one, just.


Thanks everyone, that was brutal! Hope everyone got a game or three. I’m off home to lick my wounds…


Managed to get a full game in with Salty_Tier and a winner was me! Twas a good game

had a game or 2 with Yappadog it was good fun :)

I had a great time, thanks for taking the time to play!

oh yes yappa you dog you got the moves – fun game – thanks


Thanks :) ‘Gold Rush’ was tricky!


I did notice one problem whilst playing tonight- I was unable to accept your game invites via my Vita as you were sending them via your PS3’s so I had to switch over to my PS3 to continue playing (though I did start a game with Fred Vita to Vita at first but we got cut off and you moved over to PS3).
Am I missing something or can’t you accept invites from PS3 to Vita and vice versa?


Sorry, my Vita battery died mid-match!

There are a few quirks with matchmaking that the development team are looking to fix in an impending patch.

@kînglambert – I don’t think the PS3 and Vita can cope with cross game invites, but they can play versus though, strange eh?

If you go into a public game, it works – its just the cross platform invite thing

Please tell me where is No.41!I find for 3 days and I can find it!!

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