‘Heads-Up’ Game Store Update 14th November 2012

Leading the way on PlayStation Store this week is the fantastic Portal 2 In Motion DLC pack, which adds PS Move functionality to Valve’s classic first person puzzler as well as a selection of new levels tailor-made for the peripheral. Plus members can grab a hefty 30% discount on the pack too.


Also out this week is Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified. With a Special Ops Story mode and multiplayer action tailored for the PS Vita, this is the most intense handheld COD experience yet!

Elsewhere, Sonic and friends roar onto PS Store with Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Take the race from the land to the sky or water and watch as your vehicle transforms mid race into a plane or boat.

The third instalment of the Agarest: Generation of War series. Agarest: Geneations of War 2 follows Weiss, a young man who learns he has committed deicide and now must become the ‘Vessel’, storing the power of the god he slew until he and his progeny can atone for his sins.

As usual, you’ll find a list of this week’s content below, including new add-on content for Zen Pinball 2 and Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz, and a demo for Criterion Games’ brilliant open world racer Need For Speed Most Wanted

PlayStation Network New Content

Content may be added or removed, or move dates – please stay tuned to your weekly Store Update for the most up to date listings. Listed savings are approximate, based on SRP excluding Special Offer pricing and should be considered as a guide only.

PlayStation Plus

Portal 2 In Motion – 30% Discount

PS3 games

Agarest: Generations Of War 2
Price: £27.99/€34.99
PEGI: 16
Availability: Not available in NZ



Of Orcs And Men
Price: £49.99/€59.99
PEGI: 16
Availability: Not available in Turkey



Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package
Price: £39.99/€49.99
PEGI: 18
Availability: All



Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Price: £29.99/€39.99
Availability: All (releases 16th November)

PS3 demos (free)

Need for Speed Most Wanted
Availability: All

PS Vita games

Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified
Price: £44.99/€49.99
PEGI: 16
Availability: All
File Size: 2.2GB

PS Mobile

Alien Breed
Price: £3.19/€3.99
Availability: UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia

Price: £1.59/€1.99
Availability: UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia


Agarest: Generations Of War 2

  • Various DLC content available

Availability: Not available in New Zealand

Darksiders 2

  • Darksiders 2 Maker Armor

Prices: £1.59/€1.99
Availability: All

Dead Or Alive 5

  • Doatec Divas (£2.39/€2.99)
  • Swimsuit Collection A – All Packs (£9.99/€12.99)
  • Swimsuit Collection A – Pack 1 (£3.99/€4.99)
  • Swimsuit Collection A – Pack 2 (£3.99/€4.99)
  • Swimsuit Collection A – Pack 3 (£3.99/€4.99)

Availability: All

F1 Race Stars

  • F1 Race Stars – Christmas Accessory Pack (£0.40/€0.49)
  • F1 Race Stars – Europe Track (£3.69/€4.49)

Availability: All

Just Dance 4

  • Dlc Release 2: Electrotribal/Dagomba

Prices: £1.19/€1.49
Availability: Not available in Turkey

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7

  • Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 – Skin Pack 2

Prices: Free
Availability: Not available in Bulgaria/Hungary/Qatar/Ukraine

Mugen Souls

  • 7 World Redux Additional Battle 3

Prices: Free
Availability: All

Naughty Bear: Panic In Paradise

  • Pennybear Costume
  • Squeaky Mallet

Prices: £0.79/€0.99
Availability: All

Portal 2 In Motion
Prices: £7.99/€9.99
Availability: All

Pure Chess

  • Easter Island Chess Set

Prices: £1.59/€1.99
Availability: All

Rock Band 3

  • Various DLC content available

Availability: Australia/Austria/Belgium/Denmark/Finland/France/Germany/Ireland/Italy/Netherlands/New Zealand/Norway/Portugal/Spain/Sweden/Switzerland/United Kingdom only.


  • Rush – Limelight
  • Rush – Red Barchetta
  • Rush – Subdivisions
  • Rush – Tom Sawyer
  • Rush – Yyz

Prices: £2.39/€2.99
Availability: Not available in Turkey

Sleeping Dogs

  • Sleeping Dogs Martial Arts Pre-Order Pack (£1.99/€2.49)
  • Square Character Pack (£1.19/€1.49)
  • Sleeping Dogs Deep Undercover Pre-Order Pack (£1.99/€2.49)
  • Sleeping Dogs Gsp Pre-Order Pack (£1.99/€2.49)
  • Sleeping Dogs Police Protection Pre-Order Pack (£1.99/€2.49)
  • The Dragon Master Pack (£5.19/€6.49)
  • Triad Enforcer Pack (£1.99/€2.49)

Availability: Not available in Germany

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

  • Tekken Movie 4
  • Tekken Movie 5
  • Tekken Movie 6

Prices: £1.99/€2.49
Availability: All

Zen Pinball 2

  • Zen Pinball 2: Fantastic Four (Free)
  • Zen Pinball 2: Fantastic Four Key (£2.39/€2.99)

Availability: All


New Little King’s Story

  • Legendary Clothes Set (£1.19/€1.49)
  • Legendary Weapon Set (£1.19/€1.49)
  • Princess Swimsuit Set 1 (£1.99/€2.49)
  • Princess Swimsuit Set 2 (£1.99/€2.49)

Availability: All

Pure Chess

  • Easter Island Chess Set

Prices: £1.59/€1.99
Availability: All

Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz

  • Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz Hard Pack
  • Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz Professional Pack

Prices: Free
Availability: All

Zen Pinball 2

  • Zen Pinball 2: Fantastic Four (Free)
  • Zen Pinball 2: Fantastic Four Key (£2.39/€2.99)

Availability: All


The Studio

  • Hydro74 Avatar Bundle 2
  • Hydro74 Avatar 9
  • Hydro74 Avatar 10
  • Hydro74 Avatar 11
  • Hydro74 Avatar 12
  • Hydro74 Avatar 13
  • Hydro74 Avatar 14

Availability Change

Agarest: Generations of War Zero – Now available in Denmark

48 Author replies
almighty-slayer 14 November, 2012 @ 15:02

Panic! On Playstation Mobile

And nothing else of interest

No CS:GO or RCR again? Dissapointing.


We’re hoping to have the developer on our blogs soon to provide some insight on the wait. The game is coming very soon however, and the wait will be worth it.


Sorry, this is RCR related and not CS:GO related.

CS: GO still stands as no information to share, sadly.

Retro City Rampage for heaven’s sake.

You must comment this. It’s already out on steam in Europe.

What are you waiting for? We need an official and a real honest ANSWER!


The official answer you want will happen soon. Fred is in touch with the devs so we’ll have something to share on why there has been a wait and when/what you can expect.


Can we please get Dracula X Chronicles on PSN? We’ve been asking for years now, and there are thousands of sales waiting for Sony and Konami. Can this please happen?

Sounds fantastic.

Any chance of Resident evil 2 for vita? Maybe Xcom for PS classics too.

Thanks again.

supersmith2500 14 November, 2012 @ 15:05

Jesus christ still no Retro City Rampage and CS:GO? Any chance you can tell VBlank and Valve what’s going on? -___-



How come there is no ‘free’ filter in the All DLC category?
Hope this is fixed soon, thanks. :)

Just a small issue, the new version of the PlayStation Store doesn’t work with Remote Play. Do you know if this will be fixed in a future patch to the store?

Hmmm Only thing I would download today is the NFS: Most Wanted demo…But I wont as I already own it. What a game it is though. If anyone’s on the edge about buying it try the demo now as you wont be disappointed.


Why is black ops declassified £45 on the store when you have £39 on here

How come i can’t put my tiger woods psp game on my vita


Sincerist apologise there! Error on my part.

Which version of Tiger Woods and is it listed as Vita compatible?


New Vita games costing the same as new PS3 games is a terrible decision. Vita needs some kind of software price limit (£30), or a lot more sales. A lot more.


Is there ever going to be a chance of re-organising the PSN store? Navigating through games with lots of DLC like Little Big Planet is nothing short of tedious and it’s even worse with the way the Music Section of the store is. Rock Band alone has over 2,000 pieces of content and then it’s all bundled with the stuff from Singstar, Guitar Hero and Rocksmith and it’s just impossible to navigate. Search doesn’t help too much either as some things I look for just don’t show up.


It’s possible it could happen in the future. No current plans as of yet.

lengendaryboss 14 November, 2012 @ 15:07

Jawad or fred, Call of duty black ops declassified is 44.99 on the UK PS Store not 39.99.


Will Valkyria Chronicles II be getting proper Vita support?
Also will the Valkyria Chronicles II bundle pack be available for our store?
Or perhaps just a price reduction for the game. It’s been the same price since launch.

Thank you.


Not at the moment. I’ll let Chris Howe know about the price, however.


Hey there,

Just to confirm there is no Vita support coming for the title I’m afraid, however, I am going to sort something out in regards to the pricing, as you’re correct, it is long overdue a reduction.

Thanks for the feedback, and support – always appreciated! :D



Rock Band 3
Various DLC content available

No (CENSORED) Sherlock!

Alien Breed on PSM? One of favourite games of my child… wait a second, I can’t play it because I was born on the wrong side of the UK border. Well, if you don’t want my money, suit yourselves.


Hi Jawad, is there any significant improvement for the spyro psone classics being released to the EU psn store and in other words any updates for them? Thanks and I know that you must be tired of asking the staff and looking at these comments every week :P


Sadly I had bad news today and there are some issues that need looking into. I’m not aware on the extent of the issues yet but I’m crossing my fingers they’re minor.

Fantastic Four Table for Zen Pinball 2 for me this week but I have more than enough to keep me busy, thanks to PLUS & titles that I have currently on my Hard Drive, that need some attention!

I get used to the update of EU Store…Nothing interesting…still…

@ ankh.

What vita support does Valkeria chronicles 2 need? I’m not aware.
Your right about the price. Too dear.

Hello Jawad,

is it possible to get a 10% PS+ pre-order discount for Playstation All Stars Battle Royale?

Of course I know that all PS Plus content is listed in the separate Plus post but I think it helps to have the new items listed in these posts as they are added to the store for clarity.

Previously I’ve seen people complaining that XXX PS Plus game is missing from the update simly because it’s not included in the Heads Up

Sonic transformed download size please???

@ Jawad

Any chance that Black ops 2 will be making its way to the PS store? I thought you said something about it last week but couldn’t find the comment. Anyway looking forward to NFS demo! Thanks


Waiting to hear back on if/when it’ll happen. It might not be for a while, though.

Any chance of more devices getting certified for PS Mobile? I’d love my nexus 7 to become compatible very soon!


Hello Jawad, how about the Street Race DLC pack for Sleeping Dogs, which should have been on the store month ago, any intel yet? Thanks.


I will look into it now.

Hey Jawad,

Do you know how big the NFS demo file size is? Got the game but leaving it till christmas… so this’ll be a good compromise. I’ll be playing NFS… but without opening my disc copy!

And an update on that content problem. For some reason those Welcome Back items are being classed as PSP games so when I attempt to install WipEout HD I’m asked if I want to transfer it to my PSP. I also share two games with a relative off their account and I’m getting a psychic tingling feeling this problem is also going to occur on that account. Do I just raise this with customer services to get it fixed?


Still no Resident Evil 2 for PS Vita?

supersmith2500 14 November, 2012 @ 15:11

So how long are we waiting for RCR then? 3-6 months I guess like Dyad? Plus, too late for CS:GO now since Black Ops II is dominating the multi-player right now.


Can’t say how long exactly.It could come next week if all goes well.

About Retro City Rampage you said yourself “Later this month” in October.

We are now half-ways in November.


From a statement provided by the dev, yes. These delays happen and we are hoping to have something for you guys to explain the RCR delay.

My dearest x-mas wish this year: Give us Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross.

Pretty, pretty please. I’ve been so good this year! So good that you could actually give them to us with a 50% Plus discount right away. :D


I think you might want to add to your reply to POST Number 2, that your answer was meant for RCR & not CS:GO, unless you want some backlash?


Excellent point! Thank you, it was indeed RCR related.

MordecaiHunter 14 November, 2012 @ 15:12

Will there be any trailers for the new dynamic themes or is that not a priority to sell them ?

oooh – the original Alien Breed! Tempting…

Still no RCR.. what happened to the blog post from the RCR devs that was supposed to appear 2 weeks ago? Can’t they even write blog posts on time??? :(

Any update at all on Retro City Rampage and CS:GO would be very welcome.

Is it going to take weeks, months, forever…?

Please communicate with your customers, SCEE.


I don’t want to promise a precise timeframe for RCR as that is subject to late change, however, it should be in the next few weeks. I’ll update everyone when I have a confirmed date. As for CS:GO, we still have no new news to impart I’m afraid.

Any news on spyro yet please or seasonal pass for call of duty black ops 2? Thanks


Post #18 has my Spyro response. There’s a couple of new issues that have popped up.

Black Ops 2 season pass I am waiting to hear on at the moment.

Oh, could you please communicate this to the powers that be for Plus? Ask if they could possibly pursue a 20% discount on Doctor Who for Vita? Love Doctor Who, but if I could get it discounted then all the better!

And can every item on sale get advertised clearly in the future? Bioshock is on sale for £5.99 on the Store and I only found out about it on HUKD, whereas it should have been advertised here. Definitely getting it because at that price it is too hard to pass up! Know we are getting it on disc with Infinite but the ‘free’ copy of AC with Revelations has put me off taking advantage of it.

The digital version of Call of Duty Classified is about 11€ more expensive than the retail version in Sweden!

How come?

any NEWS on spyro i know we have been waiting for ages with cs go n RSR but weve been waiting YEEEAAARRSS for spyroo =[


The wait for Spyro has bee extended even more, sadly. I hoping it won’t be long but I need to find out more details on the hold up before I can say anything further…

finally a game that matches the price at retail, nice one :-)

Sega all stars transformed : i would buy for my ps but i will have to pass this time and get it on the wiiU since no Mario kart at launch.

Enjoying black ops 2 on ps3 even though i’m not the greatest at fps :-S

A (Plus) discount would be very welcome considering the wait for these games.

supersmith2500 14 November, 2012 @ 15:14

Read his repiles at comments #2 and #3 and you’ll find the answer.

@ awwe_se

I was mentioned a couple of weeks ago that it was delayed & that the developer would submit a Blog Post sometime within November detailing why & when, it will be releases

When will the Black ops 2 season pass be available to download?

I’m just going to get RCR Rampage on PC, fed up of waiting for Playstation, Sony, whoever it is to get their act together!

An official answer regarding RCR is a text book case of too little too late. Over one month late. I really hope that the official response isn’t a PR filler. I can’t imagine anything justifying this and going into a crowded release schedule I think there will be a huge opportunity lost for sales.

Any plans for a digital version of Black Ops 2.?

Carnivius_Prime 14 November, 2012 @ 15:15

I shall try the NFS Most Wanted demo. Still disappointed at lack of Retro City Rampage. And that Amiga Alien Breed is PS Mobile, not Minis so will have to wait til I get a Vita for that I suppose. Ah well. I’ll save my money today, cheers.

hmmm well least we’re gonna get some info on CS:GO at least, not much here of interest for me this week, all i can say is don’t buy COD Black Ops declassified it is horrendously buggy in both single and multiplayer wish i never bothered



It’s not on the PSVita’s store. At least, it wasn’t the last time I checked. I know it’s possible to transfer it through a PS3, however I’ve heard it doesn’t always work and I’m sometimes without my PS3 for a week or two. (Travel a lot)


Any word if we’ll have Quantum Conundrum on PS+ instant game collection next week like the US did?


Is Sonic All-Stars also being released on Vita this week? Cheers :D


PS3 only from what I know but I’ve asked Sega to confirm. If it does you will see on Friday.

almighty-slayer 14 November, 2012 @ 15:17

Black Ops Declassified WAS £39.99 on the store when they first put it up.

Then they jacked up the price by £5.

yesterday on the US store update the Americans were given choice of whether they wanted to download the Singstar installer or not.


Will we be given the option (choice) to remove this installer?

Also there are items missing from the store such as Gundemonium Collection? Why has it been removed from the store

As well as, yesterday people were asking on the plus update for vita if people would be able to add the vita items to their ps3 download list in order to download at a later date? Some people have responded you can but I would like for Sony to please confirm this

Hey Jawad, could you get the Store Dev Team to get Bravia Sync/HDMI-CEC working on the Store so you can use a TV remote to navigate the Store?


PS Keep up the good work!!

Where is Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus? JP PSN already has it :(

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is only £23.95 @ Zavvi & £23 @ Tesco online, not sure about in-store within Tesco. I may have to finally purchase it, at that price!

Oi EU team, I refer you to the SingStar update for the US and demand and beg you to follow suit. It is not adware for them, please sort this out. And put the trophies back in their rightful place. Ta.

Are there any plans to release Chrono Cross on EU Store in the near future? Americans have it for quite some time now. Also, any chance of getting Dino Crisis 2 here?

Does Portal 2 digital verson ever gonna come out to europe store?

So to sum it ip No CS:GO, RCR and where is planets under attack.
Overpriced PS vita download, BO II DE. 45 euro’s while 39 tp 40 in retail. When do we get an explaination why there is sucjh a big difference for downloads. for …. sake there is less cost for them.


Planets Under Attack should hopefully be next week.

I have a dream, a dream about Xenogears on the EU PSN store, a dream about Chrono Trigger being on the store, a dream about chrono Cross beeing on the store, a dream about the Lunar games coming on the store.
Can you make the dream come true Jawad?

Another serious issue is certain games don’t show up in store searches such as Trine 2 & Dungeon Defenders. They can only be found in download lists.


Will let the team know. Thanks.

Any chance for more PSOne rpg:s coming to PS3? Specifically Suikoden 1&2 and Chronotrigger.


What a bummer that they’re running into issues with Spyro again, I hope that won’t mean we won’t be getting it before 2013 starts.


I wouldn’t get your hopes up for a pre-2013 release. I’ll be delighted if it does though.


Still no answer as to if Playstation Mobile will ever be released in places other then the chosen few. Seems a bit silly coming to this blog when most of the stuff won’t be released in that backward country of Ireland. It’s not as if there is tons of releases on the Vita.

Luizelgespuizel 14 November, 2012 @ 15:21

The high prices are the faults of the publisher of the games, not Sony. Almost very Sony retail Vita/PS3 game on PSN is on par with the prices of retail shops.

Will Tekken Tag Tournament 2 or Portal 2 be appearing on our PlayStation Store sometime soon Jawad? ^^ Thanks


Tekken Tag 2, yes. In the next week or so.

Portal 2, no plans right now.

Oh wow BO II is even 50 euro’s for the vita.
Why is that, this way digital downloads wil never be popular.

The absence of both Retro City Rampage and Counter-Strike: Global Offense is getting ridicilous! I’m not interested in the latter, but I do want RCR! Please get this on the Store as soon as you can! Oh, and with the massive delay, I would suppose a little discount wouldn’t hurt?

Any word yet on Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus? It’s already out on Xbox LIVE Arcade in the Netherlands! Please release it, because I want to shell out the money for it since my PlayStation 2-copy isn’t supported online… sadly.


Well it’s getting closer to the time of another Walking Dead episode, is anything going to be done to avoid a fourth successive delay? :(


Hopefully it’ll be simultaneous. This isn’t a confirmation…

Fingers crossed!

Any news on when R&C Qforce is out in europe?

BTW, will download NFS demo and Portal 2 patch


And btw, about the Spyro classics… what issues could you possibly run into? I mean, we will get the US versions, and they have already been on the US store for ages, which measn they work, so what issues could there possibly be with it.


This is exactly what I am finding out.

CoolRichy008UK 14 November, 2012 @ 15:26

1 RETRO CITY RAMPAGE SOON they need to make sure its 100% ready before its released. 2 sleeping dogs DLC is out already n im gonna rebuy it & all DLC – 3 farcry 3 pre order is on ps store WOOOO deffo buying that as well – 4 when RCR is out i think we should all get it for free due to the delay or a 60% discount 5 NEXT GTAV trailer 4pm GMT ^^ its gonna be way better then black ops2

Is there any chnage of getting Broken Sword Shadow of the Templars (PS1) onto the ps3 or even better the vita aswell? as its one on my favorite games? :)


Singstar should have been released as an app. Please sort this out and let me delete it from my ps3. Can you also add a filter on the download list on the store as well please. Thanks.

Any news on dawnguard yet as it’s been weeks,and I think it’s a decade you keeping us in the dark about it,is it ever coming out on psn.and are you working with bethesda to get it fixed.i would like an answer Jawad and not your usually one sorry no news or haven’t heard anything on it or email bethesda about.

CoolRichy008UK 14 November, 2012 @ 15:27

add lego harry years 1-4 as well to ps store will you whats the gd of years 5 to 7 with out 1 to 4!!!

leonkenworthyuk 14 November, 2012 @ 15:28

Where’s the Black Ops 2 season pass? I got the credit to buy it but can’t find it on the store and its not listed above? Am I looking wrong or is it missing? Cheers! Leon


It’s not up at the moment.

Shana-Flame_Haze 14 November, 2012 @ 15:28

I see the DLC for this week went up quite well but can I ask why the Mugen Souls DLC that was supposed to be up last week still isn’t in the store or showing up in a search namely the First Generation Bride Set, Gamer Goddess Set and the Lonely Goddess Set?

And any idea if we’ll be getting the other Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 avatars on the store like what the US have?


I’ve raised the flag so these should be added under the main title page very soon.

No avatars for them at the moment.

i seriously dont see how hard it is to put spyro on the eu store sony eu = BIG LET DOWN


Hey Jawad

nothing for me as the selection of titles aint my type.
on another note could you please let the people that are designing the store know that some content is still missing and that its hard to find things. in an effort to promote big titles everything else has been pushed aside, the search feature is handy and is the only real way to find what you’re looking for.
I would be great if when they updated the store again if a new section for all the content that gets released weekly could all be in one section and if the DLC wasn’t do disorganised, trying to find something takes forever without using the Search option because the store displays DLC by the name of the dlc and not the title of the game.


@Jawad i think it was tiger woods 2010 not sure if it is vita compatible


Last I knew this wasn’t compatible so this may still be the case.

thegothicwitch 14 November, 2012 @ 15:31

Fred, Any news on lbp karting online pass, i rented it on lovefilm and realy want to play online

leonkenworthyuk 14 November, 2012 @ 15:34

@de3bs0 the Skyrim DLC is still been worked on. For some reason the dlc will not function correctly with the ps3 versions. The lastest statement from Bethesda was they are getting close to a version worth releasing. Psn and sony are helping with the work but its mainly up to the developers to make a fix! Hope this helps! :)


Benedict Arnold Missions are still not free for Assassin’s Creed 3(digital PSN ver.) owners :(

Ubisoft went silent, same with psn community support forums….

Where or what is the issue ?

Any news on whether the digital version of Portal 2 will be released in the EU store?


Hi Jawad
1-Please we want to pre-order for two games Disney Epic Mickey 2:The power of Two and LEGO The Lord of the Rings.Please please Jawad.

2-Does your season pass game Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Coming to PSN Saudi?

Thank you for the good work.


Currently Epic Mickey 2 and Lego LOTR are available to pre-order in some regions.

There’ll be more info the season pass in the future I have been told.

Hello Jawad and everybody else!

Do you or anybody else have any info how long Castlevania: Symphony of the night got delayed?


There hasn’t been an update as of yet. It should still be in QA.

CookieMonsterES 14 November, 2012 @ 15:40

Hey, Jawad, the Wipeout HD pack on sale is showing as not available and can’t be purchased, could you guys have a look at it to see what’s wrong before the sale ends? Thanks.


@Jawad: thanks for replying to my comment concerning the Spyro games but still, I will continue keeping my patience which I managed to keep months ago after I shown my impatience. Sorry about that :P

To the rest of the people who wants Spyro. Guys, I looked into the process of putting PSOne classics onto the store and from what I have learnt, it is a very long process. There will be a few mess ups in the “Q&A” process as it is all about ensuring that the games work properly without any faults using different emulators. It is sadly a long process and apparently, it is drastic for Spyro. Jawad did promise that Spyro will come didnt he? Try to have patience guys, its a virtue. Im not yelling at you, Im just saying that Spyro will come in some time, even I have been waiting for it for months. Anyway, here is the link of the process for the PSone classics if you dont know about it:

I still see no retro city rampage (although I hear we have news on the way so well done there), or closure :(

Also any news on when Tomba will be working on the Vita is most welcome, thanks.


what happened to Dead Space? It disappeared when the store was revamped

The_Last_Ninja 14 November, 2012 @ 15:43

Jawad you are lying, I had a chat with Brian Provinciano (RCR creator) last week, he told me the game was sent to Sony for validation like 2 month ago.
They have nobody working on RCR any more, only few patchs update.


Why would I just lie? As I said, we’re hoping to get a piece out that’ll shed some light on the situation.

Hi Jawad,

I asked this last week, but is there any chance of removing the minimum £5 top up on the PSN store?

Nintendo let you pay just the required amount for dlc etc on the 3DS…

Be great if Sony would do this??


any idea when lone survivor is out?

Resident Evil 2 back for Vita please? Was it taken down because one person did not know how to change discs on the Vita? I hope that person is happy now knowing they screwed it up for everyone else.


Per usual SCEE is just full of fail. The only thing you seem even halfway adept at is (CENSORED) people off and spamming our XMB with crap we don’t want.


I managed to purchase Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with Snoop Dogg DLC for £18.65 after using some credit with Shopto.net. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 & my Midway Arcade Origins for only £13.85 have now been dispatched :)

Judging by past experiences with them, I should receive both tomorrow :)


A fine game at a fine price.

Alien Breed for me! – just as soon as PSM rolls out in Ireland that is.. :/

WitheredBlossom 14 November, 2012 @ 15:54

Hi Jawad,
are there any news about the fourth Eternity Shards DLC for Dungeon Defenders? It came to the US store approx. 2 months ago but it still isn’t on the EU store.
Thanks in advance.

@ Jawad:

Hi Jawz, sorry if I’m later than usual today. I hope it’s not too late to get a response!

But, alas, my question is something that by now rhymes with my nickname: what about Spyro? Last week you said that there are a few issues that need to be fixed, but… can you be more specific? Maybe a level doesn’t load? Or *chuckles* the QA guys can’t get past the game’s own anti-piracy system? (That’d be hella ironic… sorry.) Whatever the reason, can you share what you know?

Also, I posted a “help us SCEA” on the US blog. So my question is, given the NA store’s way bigger selection of PSOne Classics… are they assisting SCEE in any way?

Thanks in advance for any possible answer.

@ Jawad (P.S.):

My anti-piracy joke is a reference to, of course, the third game in the trilogy (Spyro: Year Of The Dragon).

Yep, my previous comment was written in a hurry. With the second question, what I really meant was “I posted a ‘help us SCEA’ comment on the US blog”.


I’m hoping to find out the extent of the issues some time this week. Whether they are big or small, I do not know.

Shame the Spyro games are taking so long, hopefully whatever problem you guys are facing will be sorted eventually though, it would be most excellent to have all three on my Vita.

Also, what is happening with Symphony of the Night, Konami said it was coming a few weeks ago for like £7.99 and then you guys said it wasn’t, and there hasn’t really been any updates on that yet, would have really liked to have it by now.

I think the only thing I will be getting this week is the NFS Most Wanted Demo, here’s hoping for a few more exciting releases in the run up to Christmas.


Wait, has CS GO not released yet? I’ve seen my friend playing it up untill Black ops 2 arrived. Oo
Anyway, nothing for me this week but I still got a list and there have been plenty of great releases these last months. Still gotta get Okami first and foremost :p Trying to hold out for a pricecut ;)

Thanks for the reply Jawad, I’ll look forward to Tekken then :3

And amongst the “AAA” crap there are a couple of diamonds, Portal 2 and Sleeping Dogs DLC!

At least third party companies are still making interesting, more mature content, even if Sony is trying to remarket the PS3 as a crappy nintendo kiddy machine! I swear one more spammy email about Wonderbook or that crappy Smash Bros clone and I’ll be moving to XBL as the only decent exclusive on the horizon is The Last of Us!

Hi Jawad,

I asked this last week, but is there any chance of removing the minimum £5 top up on the PSN store?

Nintendo let you pay just the required amount for dlc etc on the 3DS…

Be great if Sony would do this??

I agree it would be nice, but Nintendo also force you to pay a minimum of £5 to buy off the 3DS store. In fact, you have to buy in multiples of £5. At least on the PSN store, when you are paying over £5, it’s the precise price.

I know this as I still have a useless £2.24 credit on the 3DS store from buying two things for £7.76 and having to put £10 credit on to cover it. I’ve recently tried buying something for £3.50, but still have to put £5 on it. So I don’t know where you get that it’s not like that on the 3DS?

Just wanted to point out that Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP) doesn’t actually show up under the PSP Games > M-L category on Vita but it does show up via search, why is this, it’s available to play?


@ Furiekins

I also agree as it’s slightly annoying.

A handful of times it has let me pay the desired amount instead of adding a minimum £5 regardless.

Only thing even remotely interesting is the MW demo, to echo those on another post, will there be a Vita demo?

Apart from that, all I want is CS:GO.

Also, the new store is terrible. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.


Why is there no demo for the Vita version of Need For Speed Most Wanted? I’m interested in the game, but I’m not going to buy it without playing a demo first..

I also just seen that the US were given the option to download the Singstar installer from the Store and weren’t subject to it being stuffed under their nose like we were and was wondering is there any progress on the option of removal for us lab-rats?

No “new” news for CS:GO? You’ve never shared any kind of news, not in the slightest. I don’t understand all the secrecy to be honest, can’t you at least confirm if there is any activity to try and bring it to the store, or if that’s never gonna happen? I don’t want much, just a sign that it actually is on your radar, or not. If it’s never coming, then just say so, it will save us from hoping week by week to see it up on the store. Cheers.



You must have missed a previous post but please can you help.

Gundemonium Collection & the individual titles that are included within that collection: Gundemonium Recollection, GundeadliGne & Hitogata Happa, are missing from the store also. Please can you look into this?

Kind Regards


I’ve raised this. I don’t recall this being a deliberate removal.

I’m not impress with today store update we didn’t get any ps1 & ps2 classisc for a while why?

Oh we’ll you save me money, I shall try again next week eh. :|


Worst update in a long time, nothing worthwhile at all :/


Very bad update for ps+….

Yay Studio avatars, and have they (The Studio) been given permission to make music visualisation yet?
Please answer, as I have not asked this for some time.

Fantastic Four table will also be downloaded.

Modnation racers i downloaded the FULL game for free with ps plus, not the trial, the full thing, but it has a orange logo next to it… what is this? Thanks

122 the game you downloaded was not free but ps+ members can download a 60 min trial if you want full game it costs

Please get Portal 2 on PSN soon and with a PS+ discount like in the US :)

124 i know you can, when you go to download it you shows Full Game or Full Game Trial, both are free. not heard anything about the actual game being free so just was just making sure on what ive just downloaded :L

@87.thank you think I’ll just ask you if I have questions cause Jawad ignores me every week.

Seriously sony! Black ops costs $70 dollars on psn or i can get it for $55 at dick smith. What happened tp psn being cheaper than cartridge? I can save fifteen dollars up front and then if sell it (which is my right whether you like it or not) I can get twenty dollars as well. In other words HALF THE PRICE. Please grow some brains or it will be a cold day in hell the next time I buy an A+ title in digital form.

And we back to stupid the Studio avatars,whats wrong with getting us little big planet karting or black ops 2 avatars.ohh and your heads up gets later every week 3:20pm.what happened to 3pm one

Hi Jawad
Any news on the release of Tomba on the vita in EU?
Best regards


Not yet. I think they’re currently looking at a fix for what released previously.

You_Better_Hide 14 November, 2012 @ 16:39

What a lousy store update this week, especially for ps+ users. Disgraceful about retro city rampage, should have been out ages ago. Sort it out please.


So, Jawad…

Again, I’m not normally one to complain, but would you kindly explain why we Euro players are stuck with that revolting SingStar icon on our Games section, while the ‘Murican customers get to choose whether to download it or not from the store without an INVASIVE, UGLY, REPULSIVE-LOOKING icon stinking up their XMB?

I’m sorry, but I’m tired of the EU audience being treated as the guinea pigs on which to ‘test’ things before they debut in America. Either saddle them with the same repulsive icon we got, or delete that icon and let *us* decide whether to download it off the Store or not, like the US people do.

And I’m still (CENSORED) for last week’s debacle with the Mugen Souls DLC. Again. I’ve been patient for the last two years, rationalizing your mistakes as attempts to innovate, but seeing how you’re all blatantly ignoring the overwhelming negative feedback you’re getting about various things, I feel it’s time to take the kid gloves off. After all, unruly kids need to be...

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So, Jawad…

Again, I’m not normally one to complain, but would you kindly explain why we Euro players are stuck with that revolting SingStar icon on our Games section, while the ‘Murican customers get to choose whether to download it or not from the store without an INVASIVE, UGLY, REPULSIVE-LOOKING icon stinking up their XMB?

I’m sorry, but I’m tired of the EU audience being treated as the guinea pigs on which to ‘test’ things before they debut in America. Either saddle them with the same repulsive icon we got, or delete that icon and let *us* decide whether to download it off the Store or not, like the US people do.

And I’m still (CENSORED) for last week’s debacle with the Mugen Souls DLC. Again. I’ve been patient for the last two years, rationalizing your mistakes as attempts to innovate, but seeing how you’re all blatantly ignoring the overwhelming negative feedback you’re getting about various things, I feel it’s time to take the kid gloves off. After all, unruly kids need to be disciplined.

I’m hoping you’ll take these few words to heart. I’d hate it if you kept going down this slippery slope with no bottom in sight you’re on.


Give us a option to deleted singstar like you have with the USA,if I have to see them two prats with sunglasses pretending to sing,I swear I’m gonna come to SCEE offices and stand next to you with a singstar mic and do the same pose infront of you see how you like it.

You_Better_Hide 14 November, 2012 @ 16:43

Also your prices are too damn high. Vita black ops is $20 cheaper for physical copy, not to mention need for speed is more expensive through you guys. I think you guys are ripping us off here. Your price conversion sucks, who ever prices this crap should be taken out back and shot.


Any chance of an Older version of Fifa to become free on Ps Plus?.

I want to ask an important question here:
Can you make it possible for us to download ps vita games and demo’s with media go? Because in the week i’m at school (i also sleep there), but i don’t have access to a wireless network, only one where you have to log on on a site before you can use it, but the ps vita can’t load that site, so i always have to wait till the weekend to download demo’s and games. But next week i get 2 games of ps+ that i really want to play, and i don’t really want to wait till the weekend before i can download and play them. Please respond


Oh, and by the way? The Mugen Souls costume DLC for Fyuria, Noire and Vert that was SUPPOSED to be on the Store last week STILL is nowhere to be seen. Just… what… are… you… DOING? I can’t recognize you all anymore. And the new store makes it ridiculously hard to FIND the stuff I’m looking for, especially for older games. I really recommend taking it down and fixing its messy interface, because right now it’s the poor, little, deformed brother of Steam that everyone points at and laughs.


I am aware of this and have asked for this to be fixed. Please hold on just a bit longer :)


Hi Jawad!

I know it’s not in the store update you posted, but shouldn’t there be a bundle with all the Tekken Tag 2 movies released today (4+5+6)?
I’m asking this because there was one for 1+2+3+tag (it was called “bonus movies pack A” if I’m not mistaken) and another two bundles for the bonus tracks.


great 2 see you guys are just making a mockery out off yourself.
constant lies never any content 2 show are you guys even working in the gaming industry cause i haven’t seen any good games released new or classic.
no new app like the youtube app U.S got some time ago.
only thing we ever see from you guys are fake promesis off improvement like Freds we will see improvment inabout 2 month and while the 2 months are almost over we have only seen more content missing nothing new being added. and the most horrible customer service.
SCEE should be ashamed off itself 2 bad sony fanboys are 2 stupid 2 see all the faults, sony promotes failure just look at Andrew House SCEE is the most horrible region yet he get’s promoted with failure.

If you look at the pricing, it’s all down to the publisher. Activision and EA games are a stupid price, but Sony first party software and Sega’s are lower than high street retail (on release).

Sega and Sonic Racing 2 shows this at £29.99 which is equivalent/close to most online retailer’s pricing and will be cheaper than high street prices.

A note for any Zen pinballers out there looking for more tables go to the marvel pinball game on the store, You can get the Marvel vengeance and virtue pack of 4 tables for £6.29 instead of £7.99 – just import the tables to zen pinball 2 and away you go. The pack includes ghost rider,x-men,Thor And moon knight tables.
I just bought today and importing now to play on my Vita.


Hi Jawad and Fred, I have one question about Assassin’s Creed.
The Assassin’s Creed® Complete Pack contains: Assassin’s Creed, Assassin’s Creed 2, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Assassin’s Creed Revelations and all dlc from this games?



There is a severe problem with the digital version of Uncharted 2, I can confirm to you that the issue exists across all PS Store regions.

The two DLC map packs are simply not compatible with the digital version. We tried to speak out to Sony by e-mail, and also noiced out the issue here in the technical PSN forum but there is literally nothing promising, we get replies like, delete game data and such, but no, the problem exists in the digital copy itself, it is just a faulty version.

Please Jawad voice this to everyone in your offices, the thread I made a while ago about the issue is still active, you can find all the details in there http://community.eu.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-Network-Technical/Uncharted-2-DLC-not-compatible-with-the-digital-version-of-the/td-p/17253556 thank you.

Ahmed Saeed


The dev team are working on some issues that have recently been raised so hopefully these kinks will be ironed out very soon.

MordecaiHunter 14 November, 2012 @ 17:01

JAWAD why you never answer the question

Why is there No Trailers for the new dynamic Themes ?

Do you expect us to buy them without knowing what we are going to get


It’s not something I have control over. It’s dealt by a different team entirely. Why they do/don’t add them I currently don’t know. I’ll see what I can find out.

The obvious case is if there’s no preview video supplied then there’s no preview video for the team to upload.

I’m really sorry it doesn’t seem to allow me to post the entire adress, but it is right there in the community forums, PSN technical section.

cause we were the test subject for the new store and other horrible things like the icon. and as we all know by now sony sees us as 3rd rate not important 2 reply 2 or give any content. and with SCEE you won’t get a honest reply just some vague excuse.


NFS MW for the Vita is amazing. Get it, you will not regret it, especially if you don’t have the console version.

The full game trials for PS+ is a big joke , only 37 for the about last 2 months while the US store has now over a 100.

get your straight up and keep the DLC as planned god (CENSORED), if you listed Mugen Soul DLC from last week, then it should be there ffs… even the new PSN is utterly garbage.

Hi Jawad I have a question for you, I have a Sony Xperia Go and I wonder, when will Holland get PS Mobile and is it compatible with the GO serie?

Thank you Catkiller

for bringing it to his attention as I have asked for 3 weeks in a row only to have it ignored

now as he will respond to you maybe you can ask him (please) if we add the vita plus items to our ps3 download list can we download them at a later date to a vita


Chris is currently chasing that so I’d advise keeping an eye on his Plus blog post.

MordecaiHunter 14 November, 2012 @ 17:08

dont trouble yourself for a answer jawad

ill email disruptive publishers myself get a answer from them, but i know what the problem will be when they do reply,.

Jawad, I’m sure you are a smart, logical person so you must see too that the pricing for digital games is ridiculous. How come you guys haven’t taken this up with the publishers yet?

I mean, they must be interested in our feedback when they try to sell us their games. It just doesn’t make any sense. It is as if they try not to sell digital content. Unless they think that having a game in digital form is some sort of an advantage that should come at a higher price.


I’d love to answer this in detail but sadly I cannot. The team do discuss pricing very regularly, I’ll give you that.

Sorry for the lack of clarity on it, but hey, my hands are tied.

SCEE are simply incompetent. Missing content. Overpriced content. Delayed content.

With the new look store that’s become a nightmare to navigate and a search which is useless (can’t even find the new Portal 2 DLC with it), that’s the last straw for me.

Everything used to be grouped under games/add-ons and all the latest stuff was so easy to find. Now it’s an unusable mess of icons.

I’m just sorry i’ve sunk $1000s into my PS3 with games and DLC and should have gone with an XBOX instead. At least i’d get better support and backwards compatibility.

Can I ask what is the origin of your nickname?

hey Jawad, remember my question from last week? i asked about the “missing” DLC for Soul Calibur V… well i’ve found them! however, they’re under the main section with all addons for all games. you know, scattered through 7000+ entries! These are the music packs i was looking for:

Original music from Soul Blade (1.99)
Original music from Soul Calibur (1.99)
Original music from Soul Calibur II (1.99)
Original music from Soul Calibur III (1.99)
Original music from Soul Calibur IV (1.99)


Sadly there are a few cases like this so I’m reporting everything anyone flags to me. It may not appear in the Game page straight away but I will will (and have been) be flagging them all.

i’ve also found other DLC bundles scattered through the main DLC pages (again, prices are in Euros, names are roughly translated from Italian, sorry):

– Triple sexy costumes set (4.99) with the two Sexy costumes and the Maid costumes
– Triple modern outfits set (3.99) with the firefighter costume etc.
– Triple head accessories set (3.99) various headgear
– Triple personalization set (3.99) with the military camo etc.
– Super armors set (6.99) with the ancient armors etc.
– Tekken costumes and miscellaneous set (3.99) with the two Tekken addons and Klonoa/Pacman/etc. stuff, i’ve already talked about that in the previous post

can you please add these entries to the main game page? there should be already 40 addons as i speak. it’s a pain in the (CENSORED) trying to buying all of them. you have to scroll a LOT.

ps: all this applies to the ITALIAN store, dunno about the others.

please ignore the “i’ve already talked about that in the previous post” part from post #157, lol. i’ve failed at copy&paste from a different site.


I know this may not be the place to post this so apologies .
Yesterday there was a post about new movies being available inc the amazing spiderman. It stated that it would be available to rent but in the store it is only available to purchase. Was the original post incorrect or is this another mistake ? I did ask on the original post but didnt receive a response.
Thanks in advance.

“We’re hoping to have the developer on our blogs soon to provide some insight on the wait.”

they actually provided this weeks ago, but it’s been in QA ever since.
or just lost, much the same thing at scee.


How long are you lot at SCEE going to keep towing the line that you have no information regarding CS:GO? This total lack of information is pathetic to put it bluntly. Tell you what, why dont you get the developers of the game on here to explqin the situation, seeing as the staff at SCEE dont have that ability.


Any chance of a sale on the Gravity Rush DLC to tie in with the PS Plus thing?

thank you Jawad for responding

Right no reply to my singstar icon question,where is SCEE HQ based I’m coming though with my sunglasses and singstar mic posers and everything.

Hi Jawad, thanks for the update.

Some of us Plus subscribers & Vita owners are upset that we are only getting 4 games in the Instant Game Collection instead of 6 like the US.

Is the European Plus team aware of this? I’m asking since they stopped answering on yesterday’s Plus post.

Thank you!

Also no answer to my question. Untill now, i was always very happy with the service Sony gave us, but now they kinda let me down :(


@jawad – US PSN got playsation all stars battle royale for preorder yesterday and we get nothing. The game releases next week. What’s the problem?

what would be the chances of getting the ps2 final fantasy games on the ps store i got all the ps1 ones now i want the ps2 ones specially x

I was hoping for PSASBR pre order on the store.Got the money ready for the game this week,but wont next week.Because I don’t know the store price (39.99-49.99) I wont be putting money up now.


is CSGO a Valve problem? seems like we have been waiting way to long.

The_Last_Ninja 14 November, 2012 @ 17:48

Your comments about RCR are:
SCEE is waiting from devs feedback/info
=> Meaning for you the game is not yet finished

The comment from RCR devs :
Game is finished for months, and was sent to Sony validation process, nobody is actually working on it (except for patches)
=> Meaning for them the game is not yet validated by SCEE.

So who is to believe ???

Since RCR is available on PSN US & on STEAM Worlwide (in MULTI5), and that SCEE have a long history of fumbled games on EU PSN, my mind is set.

BTW any news of Sine Mora ? Available for nearly 3 months on US PSN and worldwide on STEAM since last week ?

£49.99 for of orcs and men…..£39.99 for saints row complete WOW, sony are mental


Is it just me or has the blog been upgraded with a new censorship protocol?
Everywhere I look the term (CENSORED) pops up. Nice to know where the priorities lie…

“Portal 2, no plans right now”

Good lord :(

All of us in PAL regions are being royally raped by SCEE.

Particularly here in Australia where we pay almost twice the price that those in the US pay for the exact same content, and that’s considering that our dollar is almost on par with theirs.

Then there’s the subject of digital downloads. Not only do we have to download them, and there’s no re-sale value, but they’re grossly overpriced. I’ve seen games for $79.95 on the AU Store that I could buy a physical copy of locally for under $60, and substantially less if imported from the UK.

Lastly (and not including my major displeasure with the new PSN Store), but why is SONY preventing Harmonix from releasing all of their Rock Band Network songs on the PS3? According to them, it’s SONY that is imposing a limit of 5 a week, and they can’t even get that right most weeks.

Since the comment I just posted was marked “awaiting moderation”, I figured i’d go with a slightly softer reply.

All of us in PAL regions are being ripped off by SCEE.

Particularly here in Australia where we pay almost twice the price that those in the US pay for the exact same content, and that’s considering that our dollar is almost on par with theirs.

Then there’s the subject of digital downloads. Not only do we have to download them, and there’s no re-sale value, but they’re grossly overpriced. I’ve seen games for $79.95 on the AU Store that I could buy a physical copy of locally for under $60, and substantially less if imported from the UK.

Lastly (and not including my major displeasure with the new PSN Store), but why is SONY preventing Harmonix from releasing all of their Rock Band Network songs on the PS3