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At long last, the very first title for the new Wonderbook peripheral, Wonderbook: Book of Spells, officially launches today.

The team at SCE London Studios worked hard to conjure up a truly amazing experience using the latest in augmented reality technology. Starting today, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the world of Harry Potter and begin learning the art of spell-casting while using your PlayStation Move motion controller as your magic wand.

The book features new and original writing from J.K. Rowling, and will allow you to learn about the histories of some of the well-known spells from the Harry Potter series, as well as other interesting insights.

Over the past few months, we’ve shared that Wonderbook: Book of Spells unlocks the secrets of casting your favourite spells like Incendio, Wingardium Leviosa and Expelliarmus. Today, I’m excited to share that the book will also teach you another very powerful spell – Expecto Patronum!


With this incantation, you’ll have the chance to discover the animal form of your very own Patronus, the manifestation of your positive thoughts and your best weapon to drive away attacks from Dementors. That’s just a small taste of the magic that we have in store for you.

To help celebrate the launch of Wonderbook: Book of Spells, we’re excited to give you a brand new developer diary video. In our third instalment of ‘Making of’ diaries, our team gathered to show you how the game’s creatures took shape.

We are incredibly proud of the art in Wonderbook: Book of Spells – from the many creatures you meet, to the effects and rigging used to bring them to life. Our team of technical artists, animators and concept artists really dedicated themselves to the task of creating something special for children to interact with.

Thanks for watching and we hope that you enjoy Wonderbook: Book of Spells this Christmas season.

You can purchase Book of Spells across Europe today, in Australia and New Zealand tomorrow, and in the UK and Ireland on Friday – see our recent post for details on the various editions available!

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This is going to bomb spectacularly.

supersmith2500 14 November, 2012 @ 20:53

Seriously dude why do you always think negative on everything? I mean this is all you do all the time? Complain this, complain that. Dude, give it a rest. -_-

But Voodoo is correct, this will bomb spectacularly, thankfully!

Hi, I tried to get my copy last night–I’m GMT minus 8 in Los Angeles–but the BLOPs2 line was too much. I picked it up at lunch today & it’s here on my desk @ work. I love all things Potterverse so I’m happy to support this game.


When a game isn’t reviewed by this point so close to its launch, that’s either a very good thing or a very bad thing for it.

Good because the developers know they’ve made something exemplary and don’t want aspects of it spoiling or bad because the game is littered with bugs, rushed out for release and generally isn’t a very good experience.

There is no happy medium with Wonderbook. It will either score VERY well or VERY poorly.


Ok, seems there are some reviews up. Apologies for my rant. My usual gaming websites just haven’t got one up yet.

@ Voodoo431 & orton131

It’s fine that you don’t like this sort of product but it’s embarrassing to see people being so narrow minded, there are many different markets in gaming. One thing Sony has always been great at is innovating, they’re not afraid to try new things and variety is good for consumers.

If you like anything to do with PlayStation then you should hope that Wonderbook is a success; more revenue for Sony means more products and innovation for PlayStation or maybe I’m wrong and all we really need is just some more CoD games, right?!

They can try new things all they want. The fact is they’re wasting money on this and they’ll never get it back while their customer service is diabolical. This won’t make the top twenty in the charts. It will be lucky if it makes the top one hundred. There’s virtually zero interest in it.

@Voodoo341: There is virtually zero iterest in it BY YOU!
I for one, am quite interested in it, actually… And with me many who have kids. I think this is a great pheripheral, which isn’t even expensive. So, even if it is a one-hit wonder (which it isn’t as there is at least one more title), it is worth it.


@Voodoo341 I’m sorry that Sony has’nt supplied you with another first person shooter, because there is’nt enough of them out there. My kids are looking forward to this, as am I. The playstation is not a console just for 13-25 year olds with a violence fetish, it is a family console. If you seriously dont like this direction, get on your X-box and play Halo 4, and leave the rest of us to enjoy what may be a fantastic evolution in gaming.

@ voodoo341
If everyone thought like that the choice of games available to us would be nothing more than Call of Duty & FIFA.
Even unpopular innovations are good for development and development is great for consumers but I’m sure you know more about running a multinational company and providing innovative products to the world.

Im afraid there’s absolutely nothing innovative with this. It’s Eyetoy trying to cash in on the Harry Potter and it’s going to massively fail. Proves just how out of touch Sony are with their market.

Comment 7, innovation from Sony? Sony wouldn’t know innovation if it bit them on the a**!

They are too busy hating on consumers for buying products from them and making life miserable for us, love Sony kit don’t get me wrong but god I hate the company so much for its awful service.


it may be good for kids but after seeing the reviews theirs virtually no replay value and certainly not a game i would play, im far too busy with singstar. sonys move certainly wasn’t innovative, just trying to grab some of wiis success and its been a flop so far like the vita, the new store looks like a poor xbox knock off and is terrible, when you say innovative do you mean sony are actually trying to become bottom in the console wars?


Wow, I’m amazed by the amount of stupid reactions about an interactive book.
It’s an augmented reality BOOK! Current book and planned books are just aimed at kids. The reviews complaining about there being no replay value; how much replay value do you expect from an interactive book as opposed to a normal book?
At least Sony shows it still has an interest in trying to find uses for augmented reality.

The quality and build of the book is great. The spells are nice and the accompanying stories are good. The image quality and the overlays are great and work well. Though I think the better image quality is probably due to some postprocessing as there is more noticeable lag than other Move/PSEye games that show the camera feed. But as this is just a storybook the lag is no real hindrance.


@ 15 exactly as youve said its a book with no replay value, aimed at small children, so they need ps3, move, book, camera ect, seems pretty expensive for a small child to break or use once and become bored, yes it may be ok for family’s who already own a ps3 but could you imagine the scenario of night time stories and setting all this up, no.


oh then theirs the problem that the move needs certain lighting conditions to work, so thats the night-time bed story out of the scenario.


I’ve got the Wonderbook and I’m very surprised how great it is. I have a 10 yo and 4 yo who don’t like harry potter but they absolutely love it. I only bought it out of curiosity. I seriously hope Sony don’t bomb on this and bring more out.

declan__watson 17 November, 2012 @ 19:50

Hello there nathalia
I am really excited about book of spells its going to be an amazing game. As a big fan of Harry potter I respected JK Rowling for all her hard work through both the books and the films and i am really happy that this is only a playsation exclusive because JK Rowling and sony have an amazing partnership. I can also say that if you are not a Playstation gamer and you are in this blog that this game will make you one because only on playstation will you experience such an amazing game. I have a couple of question is apple inc maybe buying sony in the future I think they should. Think about it sony and apple such a great partnership I would be we have so many things in common. My next question was is sony buying dust 514 creators ccp games evade I think the creation of dust 514 is going to be superb on playstation and I would love for that great partnership to continue any way thanks for the update can’t wait for book of spells. LongLivePlay Sony Make.Believe

declan__watson 17 November, 2012 @ 21:11

This book is not really aimed at small children, it’s aimed at all ages it’s harry potter a family and fantasy film therefore it’s aimed for all ages.

plz get video fixed as when u click on them they are not working and book of spells is great enjoyed it load people who moan about all games must have a sad life like voodoo341 who always complains at everything voodoo341 buy xbox and do one if u have one use it and get off playstation and how is your life


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