Community update: Black Ops 2, Guess the Game, new podcast!

Hello gamers and welcome to the latest update from the PlayStation Community – the social hub for brilliant banter, captivating competitions, exciting events and much, much more!

This week, we’ve been mass-speculating firstly about the excellent Dragon’s Dogma and whether we’ll be seeing a sequel in the future (here’s hoping so!). On top of that, one of our epic users is running a great activity called Guess The Game where we’ve set the challenge of figuring what game is hidden behind the grid. Can you figure it out?


Whether you’re sniping from a distance, sprinting across the warzone wielding a knife or you’ve decided to bring a jet to a gunfight, there’s no denying you’re having a blast with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. If you’re looking for some like-minded people to play with, we’ve an awesome event every Friday evening. Do come and join in!

You should all be familiar with the incredible community created OPC Magazine we roll out every so often and we’re making preparations for issue 4! We’re always looking for more contributors and content, so why not show us your talents and get your very own article published – and if it’s inspiration you’re looking for, you can check out issues 1, 2 and 3 by clicking the links.


Finally, for our podcast fans, we’re proud to announce Episode 6 is finally out! Recorded live at a recent Wonderbook: Book of Spells party with a very special guest, Neil Gortz – the social and community manager for Capcom UK!

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you online!

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Great podcast as always 😀

i have been having a beautiful time with this black ops 2 game

After playing this COD a handfull of times at friends I have decided this is the worst COD yet and im not going to buy it. Battlefield 3 still owns.

shadowwolf341 19 November, 2012 @ 9:23 pm   4

fix up this [DELETED] game cant even play the story 70 pounds gone 2 [DELETED]……….!!!!!!

YAY! for Dogon’s Dragma! Please use my most useful pawn Procyon, He whom has achieved fame and fortune for Gransys by being a thrice time bronze medal winner at Breaststroke for his coun try AND for his being commonly accounted the most BEAUTIFUL woman in the hole of Gransys. Why!, the Duke himself had him… twice, until after being locked in the Duke’s Queen’s Tower for & at the Duke’s pleasure, he made good his escape from that piercing shaft of a Rapunzielianesque tower by working his many long-locketed braids into a ceiling-smashing sling and erupting himself from the very turretted tipped top of that ever tipsying tower down to his death in the blighted waters below. Others say different that he was pushed… Still others more say that he pulled the pusher into the brine to them both die the twain in that bloody foam.(continues next post)

(Cont. frm last post) What we do know is that the most BEAUTIFUL woman in Gransys pawned himself in for respawn hence now you can find him in a Pawn Chamber by hearing his dulcet tones wafting entrancing all listeners anon. Alas now minus his maidenly locks which wereentrapped on a nail as he jumped & ripped from his skull as he made good his escape(climbing over the late entrammelled duchess’ heavily pregnant with a dragon’s fœtused cadaver(which as our heroine nimbly climbed atop the duchess & out thru thenow open ceiling via the roof of the turreted tipsying tower top, the fœtus which had been growing in the pregnant duchess’ cadaver erupted angrily out of herstomach in revenge for it’s soon to be dead by it anyway now ruined very public exiting, dragon’s jaws dogmatically snapping off our heroine’s wo/manly jewels. The cadaver of the poor duchess had became so when a skewed locket hair of our pawn’s hair had doven thru her eyeball bullseying into her brain so ending the duchess as he femininely swung that sling for freedom. Hence we see his coiffure bobbed à la mode for & at your entranced enraptured pleasure and command!! USE IT! Procyon

timdogs007 27 November, 2012 @ 6:39 pm   7

Hey peeps i have had the worst time with blkops2 it keeps losing connection during games and going back to my lobby!
I have just logged on 2 my other psn account to try it out and what do you know its working fine fist game of free for all and i won 30 kills to 3 deaths but i want to use my original account which i have had for 4 yrs. i have trtied to contact psn to no avail whats going on any ideas thanx for reading! happy shooting!


black ops 2 has bin ruined. Were is hardcore headquarters ??? Weres normal kilstreaks and perks. mw4 that what black ops 2 is