Ratchet & Clank: QForce is incoming!

Ratchet & Clank: QForce launches on PlayStation 3 across Europe from Wednesday 28th November.

As many of you already know, when you purchase Ratchet & Clank QForce for PS3, you’ll also receive a digital version of the game for PS Vita at no additional cost.

The team at Tin Giant has been working hard on the PS Vita version to ensure that your experience will be packed with all the action and polish that you’d expect from a Ratchet & Clank game. In order to provide the best gameplay experience possible, the PS Vita version of Ratchet & Clank: QForce will be releasing later than the PS3 version, and will follow in January 2013 on PS Store.

When you purchase Ratchet & Clank: QForce on PS3, you will still receive an entitlement to the PS Vita version and will need to visit PS Store in January 2013 to download the PS Vita version. We will update on the exact release date for the PS Vita version very soon.

To reward you for your patience, we’ll be giving you the very first piece of DLC for the title, the Miniboss multiplayer skin pack, for free. This will be available at launch on PS Store.

If you’ve any questions on the above, please ask away below.

QForce Miniboss DLC

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Whoo!! I’m not getting this at launch but I will be getting it by the end of this year. It looks good but I’m upset that the Vita version is delayed. I was looking forward to playing this on the go. Oh well, something to look forward too anyway.

I got two questions:
1: Will there be more DLC like the one mensioned (if he isn’t in as a costrume, please add Dr. Neferous as a Costume)?
2: Will there be avatars at launch?

Ross Alexander 20 November, 2012 @ 10:08

Keep an eye on the blog for further updates on DLC skin packs ;-)

You are joking, I pre-ordered this so I could play this both at home and on the go, now I got to wait atleast a month for the vita version to arrive. and even then you may delay it even further as you cant promise it will release then.

Close to deleting the order, only thing stopping me is the games cheap

I can’t wait for this game(PS3 version) :P Love anything R&C ;)

supersmith2500 19 November, 2012 @ 19:25

No love for European Vita owners what a shame! Does it affect US as well or just Europe.

Also 30th for UK then and do you still get the Vita version or later? other wise not getting it this year.

Ross Alexander 20 November, 2012 @ 10:10

This affects both EU and US.

In the UK on the 30th Nov, you can buy the PS3 version which includes an entitlement to the PS Vita version (via your PS3 game disk on the PS3 XMB) at no extra cost. Then when the PS Vita version launches you can trigger that entitlement and get the PS Vita version.

MordecaiHunter 19 November, 2012 @ 19:28

i’ll pick this up day 1 seen it for £15,

iam also having fun playing all 4 one which i did not think i would tbh but yeah good little co-op game

supersmith2500 19 November, 2012 @ 19:34

So wait, US gets the Vita version same time as the PS3 version but not for Europe because the Vita version is delayed? I mean come on the Vita needs more good games or else it will sell really poor in Europe due to lack of good games.


The US version is held up as well – they’ll be out at the same time.

Didn’t like the demo and didn’t like All 4 one.
If we only could get a nice, good old fashion, R&C.

I know it’s coming out on Blu-Ray with a Crossbuy code to download on Vita; but, is it coming out on Vita Game Card with a PS3 Crossbuy code eventually too? (I’d prefer it this way to save space on my Vita).

Ross Alexander 20 November, 2012 @ 10:13

Nope, PS Vita will be PS Store only.

When PS Vita launches, you’ll be able to buy it on Vita (via PS Store) and you’ll receive an entitlement to download it for PS3 too at no extra cost. And vice versa if you’re buying the PS3 version on PS Store.

supersmith2500 19 November, 2012 @ 19:50

You know since the Vita version is delayed, I’ll wait and get it on February 2013 instead. Sorry R&C. :(

Btw is the Vita version delayed for US has well?

Ross Alexander 20 November, 2012 @ 10:13

Yes, the US version is coming out at the same time as the EU one.

supersmith2500 19 November, 2012 @ 20:08

Thanks for the reply. That’s know I need to know. Comment #9 also answered. ^^

supersmith2500 19 November, 2012 @ 20:24


CoolRicky008UK 19 November, 2012 @ 20:47

ok im DONE

supersmith2500 19 November, 2012 @ 20:52

How am I annoying you? Just leave me along alright. I can complain what I want.

Nice right


will there be a PS store pre-order?

In my ear this actually sounds good. I would rather wait a little longer and get a better product than buy a rushed half finished game.

let me guess, it will cost 40% more in NZ than the US PSN store right? know where I’ll be buying it.

CoolRichy008UK 19 November, 2012 @ 22:55

8.47pm i was watching tv and i was not on my playstation 3 it was turned off

CoolRicky008UK 19 November, 2012 @ 23:07

supersmith2500 this is my back up account

CoolRicky008UK 19 November, 2012 @ 23:12

@supersmith2500 my brother was on this account earlyer he was rude to you NOT ME

CoolRicky008UK 19 November, 2012 @ 23:14

this is my BACK UP ACCOUNT not my main account cuz people (catkiller1) likes to report me thats why i made THIS ACCOUNT

CoolRichy008UK 19 November, 2012 @ 23:15

I’m sure you lot have noticed but CoolRicky008UK is not actually CoolRichy008UK … spot the different character!!

So if CoolRicky008UK says bad stuff … make sure its CoolRicky008UK that you report for abuse *NOT* CoolRichy008UK

CoolRicky008UK 19 November, 2012 @ 23:16



Wait supersmith2500 , it mattered to you if the US one was delayed too? What difference does it make? The game is delayed here and that’s it?
Can’t wait for this game guys but as RoboAddy asked above does the PS3 version of this on Bluray come with a code for the Vita one? I don’t remember reading anywhere that it does.


Why don’t companies spread their releases? This will be the 10th game I’ve picked up in the last 2 months (!!) It’s been like that for as long as I can remember, an overload of games at the end of the year and the occasional release in between. A lot of good games probably lose sales in this abundance of releases..

Anyway, ontopic now. Why is this game so cheap? Isn’t this a full R&C experience like “A crack in time”?

I reported BOTH of your CoolRichy accounts because you’re both annoying kids who spam the blog, seriously just listen to yourself.

Can people gain some perspective here, the PS Vita game isn’t cancelled, just delayed. It’s still an amazingly good offer and a great game. You all still get to play it on the PS3, but just have to wait a little bit for the Vita version.

Thanks for the heads up Ross, keep up the great work.

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