DmC: Devil May Cry – demo and DLC detailed

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Hello, Dominic Matthews here from Ninja Theory bringing you an update on DmC: Devil May Cry.

First off, I wanted to tell you about some DmC add-on content that we’ve just announced in the last few days. Called Vergil’s Downfall, it features six brand new missions, in new environments where you play as Dante’s twin brother Vergil.

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Vergil has his own unique combat system (if you know Vergil from the previous games you’ll recognise some of his signature moves) and the story, which is intertwined with the events of the main game, takes place in Vergil’s very own personal hell. Lovely!

You’ll also get to take on new enemies and upgrade Vergil’s combat as you play. Once you’ve completed all the new missions you’ll have four new difficulty modes to unlock including Son of Sparda and Vergil Must Die, both of which feature unique enemy waves and enemy behaviours that are different from those in the three default difficulty settings.

The reason that we’re telling you about this add-on content before the main game is even out is not because it’s finished (because it’s not, there is still a lot of work to be done!), but because we want to offer it to you for free when you pre-order DmC: Devil May Cry.

It will be available to buy if you wish for €8.99/£7.29, but if you pre-order the digital version of DmC: Devil May Cry on PSN in Europe or Australia you’ll get to download Vergil’s Downfall at no additional cost when it is released early next year. So if you like your add-on content meaty and you like it for free, pre-order DmC.

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The second piece of news I wanted to give you is that the DmC: Devil May Cry demo will be available to download on PSN in Europe and Australia from tomorrow. The demo includes two missions – firstly, Under Watch, which takes place in the heart of DmC’s city streets, and secondly, Secret Ingredient, which is a boss battle against the adorable Succubus demon (you’ll see what I mean when you meet her!).

When you start the demo you’ll have the choice of three default difficulties to select from, but if you complete both missions on one of those three settings you’ll unlock the demo’s Son of Sparda mode. This presents the demo’s hardest challenge, featuring a unique set of tougher enemies and enemy waves to take on.


From the start of the demo Dante is equipped with his Rebellion sword, His Ebony and Ivory hand guns, his demonic axe the Arbiter and the angelic scythe Osiris. We wanted to give you a really good feel of how the combat plays so we’ve started you off with quite a few upgrades on all of the weapons in the demo too. Try my personal favourite, the Stinger (forward, forward, triangle). I’ve been stabbing demons in the eye with the Stinger for a couple of years now and I still get a kick out of it.

If you like the demo, pre-order the game on PSN and get Vergil’s Downfall for free. I’ll be taking your questions below – please fire away.


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Wow first on the thread. First off @dominic, great job with this. From what I’ve seen, this game looks incredible. This is the game I’m eagerly anticipating. Can’t wait for this to release tomorrow so i can give it a shot.

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 14:15

Thanks. We’re really proud of the game that we’ve put together. A lot of love and hard work has gone into it.


Now i have to top up my wallet to get this game. PSYCHED!!!!!

Nice move to have the demo with an actual challenge (defeat two levels, and unlock a third one)! Also, the DLC deal is pretty nice for those that prefer buying digitally. Please don’t over-price the digital version compared to retail, like so many publishers do nowadays.

The graphics look pretty stunning, so I’ll definitely check out the demo when it arrives tomorrow!

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 14:18

Thanks, we added Son of Sparda mode to the demo to give people a taste of one of the harder difficulty levels in the game. Its tough, but there are tougher modes in the full game.

i stil waiting mh3 portabel hd on ps3 / vita
so stil them not release in europe them wil almost not get mi mony

only dragon´s dogma is one exception rest them kan keep so very sory Ninja Theory

no res
no dmc
untile i get mh game .

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 14:21

I am very sorry too.


I can see that. I have played all the games Ninja theory has created and have been a fan ever since heavenly sword. Devil may cry has always been my favorite game of all time, and it’s great to see the new direction here. A job well executed to you sir and the rest the studio.

heavenly sword = top , only littel bit short life span

i have noting against Ninja Theory
only against capcom.

not trying to be negative though, I am really looking forward to this game, enslaved was amazing and heavenly sword had great visuals, I just dont want to be ripped off.

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 14:26

Its fine, I understand. Thanks for the support.

I really disliked the DmC reboot at first. But have been keeping an close eye on the game from the start til now, and have to admit im really looking forward to it. It’s looking really good! Looking forward to try out the demo!

wait is this out already? Didn’t see anything and surprised DLC is out so soon.

I’am right now playing demo. Visual and game mechanic is very good. But characters and boss are not interesting at all. Especially scene with boss. It’s just about “[DELETED]you!”. Stupid.

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 14:28

The demo isn’t quite out on PSN yet, but it due to be live in the US today, Europe and Australia tomorrow.

Unlike some other Day One Digital Game Experience(s) (or DODGE, I just made that up) this looks great. I hope it’s not stuck at the RRP like all the other DODGEs out there.

Looking forward to playing this DODGE.

Okay, I killed it already. :(

Does the game still contain that great Ninja Theory feel you guys are known for? Or is this something of a new direction?

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 14:34

This is very much a Ninja Theory game. We’ve retained the things that we’re known for whilst building on them with smoother, deeper gameplay.

Dominic Matthews – I’am playing it on xbox 360.

When the dmc demo will be available for the U.S ps3 version?

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 14:35

At some point today.

That’s weird, my first comment never showed, the playstation app on android must be buggy.
I was asking if there was anywhere else we can pre-order from to get Virgil’s DLC? I feel the digital price is a bit much, This is a Day one buy so far, here’s hoping the demo is flawless!

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 14:39

There will be pre-order offers including Vergil’s Downfall elsewhere. Keep an eye on for details

Silver-Seraphim 20 November, 2012 @ 14:38

I had a chance to see DMC at Eurogamer this year, really nice art direction. You guys at Ninja Theory never fail to impress with the art style of your games, they are always stunning :).

Plus the combat is pretty good too. Can’t wait to try it without being glared at to get off the demo :D

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 14:40

We have an awesome art team.

Looking forward to this.

Ive been a Fan from the first one, and tbh, the first anouncments screens and teasers turned me away.

But progresivley, little bu little, ive been growing ampled for this, and now its definitly a day 1 for me!

I also appreciate the demo. It shows you have confidence in your games!

DMC looks excellent but as long as the PSN pre-order price is higher than retail pre-order I’m not touching it.

Could you explain why this is the case?

PSN is 49.99 GBP and is 39.99 GBP.

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 14:44

Game publishers and console manufacturers need retailers to sell their games and consoles. Until digital distribution is the No.1 form of distribution, like in music, prices will remain consistent if not higher than boxed games.

RamboChunkyGun 20 November, 2012 @ 14:41

Just played it on my Xbox and was greatly disappointed :/ it doesnt feel like DMC…

The combat is slow and looks rough instead of the fast smooth combat that was in the previous games and there is nothing in the game that resembles the stylish gameplay of DMC , No taunt , No lock on button.

I would of been alot more happier if this was a new IP instead of milking the name because nothing in the game is DMC the whole story is completely different. Yes its a reboot but you still keep core elements pof the story the same. Personalities of the characters are different and not mature like you said the story would be?

But the character names are the same so i guess that makes this a DMC game? The game will impress casual gamers who are just looking for a new hack and slash game but for a huge DMC fan like me , I was incredibly disappointed.

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 14:45

Have you nailed a SSS in Son of Sparda mode? That’s pretty stylish if you can do it….


Are Gamestop Ireland and UK the only place doing the Son of Sparda Edition? It’s listed on their websites.

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 14:50

Gamestop across Europe are offering it, as well as Micromania in France and EB Games in Australia.

Son of Sparda is real challenge! A lot of fun. Demon hunter was too easy.

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 14:49

Remember that the demo is a pretty early mission in the game and we’ve given you quite a generous chunk of upgrades.

Does this play like the old Devil May Cry games? Fast, stylish and action-y or like Heavenly Sword, slower but each hit feels more connected? I loved Heavenly Sword and I loved the older Devil May Cry games but this game confuses me :S Not going to get into how I dislike what you guys have done to Dante (I don’t mind his appearance so much compared to other things) but the gameplay and story is confusing, I want to like this but I don’t know much.

Also, is this game canon & if so, where does it fall in the storyline?

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 14:53

DmC is fast, fluid and stylish.

The game is a reboot, so it is a good entry point for those new to the story, but those who know the previous games will be familiar with some themes and characters.


First of all, I should say I wasn’t very sold on the concept of the big changes you made on the character, but I wasn’t one of the raging ones either. Now, I can appreciate the concept and understand your reasons and agree with them, creative liberty should always be supported.

But the devil may cry series was more about the gameplay, and so are the questions I have:
1. Are the missions taken “straight from the game” or are more along the lines of a showcase demo?
2. In the final game, does it have secret missions like in the previous games? That for me, really extended the game besides the difficulty settings.

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 14:52

1. The missions are not exactly the same as they are in the game, but are very similar.

2. Yes, there are secret missions in the full game. And there are a few secrets in the demo.

Also, Dominic, I have noticed you have been replying to most comments, even negative ones, very commendable and refreshing. Your boss should give you a gold star ;)

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 14:54

Thank you. I agree on the gold star part.

Ahhh,I see.Also just noticed

“The reason that we’re telling you about this add-on content before the main game is even out is not because it’s finished (because it’s not, there is still a lot of work to be done!), but because we want to offer it to you for free when you pre-order DmC: Devil May Cry.”

First,is it day 1 DLC.

Can I ask why if it’s free,doesn’t everyone get it.Are you hoping people buy it day one and not at a reduced price.Is supposed to combat used sales.

I never understand why this is done.As a consumer it looks bad,”hey order at this store and you get content”.If I was selling this I’d say “Hey,not only can we bring you the main game,but we also had spare resources and created an extra mini campaign”

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 14:58

Vergil’s Downfall is not day 1 DLC. It will come out some time after the launch of DmC: Devil May Cry.

Its free when you pre-order because we want to encourage people to pre-order the game. If you don’t want to pre-order and but still play the DLC you can buy it separately.

Dominic – how much is there a keys in the demo? I was find 2 bronze and 1 silver.

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 15:00

You can see on the Mission Complete screens how many keys there are. Finding the keys is one thing, finding the doors is another.


the DmC demo allows you to accumulate both upgrade points and red orbs. is there any way to spend them during the demo? is there anything we can do with either during the demo besides accumulate more?

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 15:01

There is nothing you can do with the upgrade points in the demo I’m afraid. They are just there to show you how you will accumulate them in the main game.

1.Its not that “fast” compared to 3/4
2. With half the frame rate its not as fluid. Animations look rough.
3.Its not stylish when you can repeat the same two moves over again and get a decent rank.

There is no need for this to be a DMC game. Should of been a new Ip.

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 15:02

Have you played it?

“Until digital distribution is the No.1 form of distribution, like in music, prices will remain consistent if not higher than boxed games.”

I’m not trying to be picky :) I’m really interested in all this.It’ll affect my future as a gamer.In a closed environment like consoles,what’s stopping you selling at 59.99 when digital only is number one,it wont be retail.

And I can already see Sony,MSoft and others offering publishers cash for cheaper launches on one system over another.

As much as I love the pre-order incentive, will it also be available as a free bonus to physical copies (w/ preorder)? Mainly because it’s not really free in Australia or NZ with a digital pre-order… because of Sony’s pricing structure, digital games here are actually $10 more expensive than retail… that’d be the price difference of Vergil’s Downfall.

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 15:06

Keep an eye out at retailers in your country for upcoming offers including Vergil’s Downfall.

Since you have the cheek to hold back content from your game to sell as dlc before the game is out i will be buying your game pre-owned later next year. Can’t abide companies who do stuff like that. They don’t deserve my cash.

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 15:11

Its entirely your choice, but just to correct you we’re not holding back any content from the game.

A big chunk of the work on Vergil’s Downfall has taken place after the completion of DmC: Devil May Cry. It was never intended to be part of the main game and has always been a separate project.

It is 6 new missions, a new character, new combat and lots of replay value. Whether you pre-order and get it free or buy it separately I think it is a pretty good deal.

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 15:05

You might be right, but I expect game prices to remain reasonably consistent with the current prices once there is a full move into digital. If anything, prices will go down.

DMC avatars on ps store please :-)

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 15:13

Yes. Great Idea.

Complete demo on Son of Sparda. Well, it’s play fun. Need to buy.

Well I guess the ultimate question is, does it contain Andy Serkis? :p maybe as a lowly demon or something :D

After all he has become something akin to your wilhelm scream

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 15:17

Andy Serkis isn’t in DmC. We didn’t work with him on this project, but he is still a good friend of the studio.

+1 to the idea of DMC avatars on the store. If Ninja Theory feel like it then maybe Heavenly Sword and/or Enslaved too.

I’ve never played any of the previous DMC games but I know that they’re iconic to gamers. Having seen a fair deal of gameplay of DMC I defo like the style it has going so I’ll be downloading the demo tomorrow.

By the way, a hello to Oli the programmer, he’s my brother. :)

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 15:23

Its a small world. Hi Oli’s brother!

Just wondering, will it be freely avaliable on PSN, or will it be only avalible to PSN plus subscribers (like it is on Live)?

Didn’t find info about attacks like: double tap forward + attack, in list of moves.


Hi Dominic! I’m really impatient to try out the Demo. I must say that when DmC was first announced, I was one amongst the people who yelled “Who is that guy!? Where’s Dante?”

However, I’m now not that bothered about it, specially after seeing a few gameplay vids — Vergil’s one specially.

I’m not sure if it’s been commented or it’s something you guys have yet to announce, but as I’m sure you know, in past games there was a Bloody Palace mode. Is it back? Would Vergil be unlocked for it by purchasing the DLC?

On the other hand, I agree with some people’s opinions: The art style in this game is quite unique ans it’s really impressive and imaginative. Just remembered one screenshot of a giant head made of some kind of cubes or pixels.

So yeah, I hope the Demo is good and this becomes another title to look forward in 2013 :)

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 15:41

Bloody Palace isn’t something that I can confirm nor deny right now.

anybody who buys this game is making sure more original I.P get destroyed for quick profit just because off the name.

Dominic Matthews 20 November, 2012 @ 15:39

I don’t understand the logic in this.

Once again, it’s nice to see so many replies. I have never played DmC before, but with the announcement of this demo and DLC, it’s giving me an incentive to pre-order.

I appreciate the reply Dom and i understand that it is not ready for launch and that it can be obtained for free if i pre-order. However, like you say, it is my choice and it is my choice to boycott full price games that go down the dlc route. I would prefer companies to spend longer making the game and release all thier ideas in 1 package, like it was until this gen. If it was that the game was priced at around £10-£20 i would have no issue with dlc but £40-50 and then DLC ?? No way dude.


where would i go to leave feedback for the demo?

I’ll hot download on the US store in a minute, the game looks like a bundel of fun!

Games not out yet and already has dlc planned, it’s just a pre order incentive. It’s just wrong in so many ways. What happened to buying a game complete eh

no thank you.. i’ll stick around with devil may cry 1, okami, bayonetta not to tell resident evil 2 for little while

anything but … this? wft is that dmc??!

EternalChaos72 20 November, 2012 @ 16:59

dominic can we please get the DMC avatars? you should throw them into the processing stage now :)

@ ukcrazyguy

Every developer who is intending on publishing DLC for their game has it planned from the outset. It has to be budgeted for, scheduled, developed, tested and submitted. This isn’t done over a three month period once the game has launched, but part of the main development cycle.

Developers can’t win with some people.

They announce forthcoming DLC during the titles launch and they’re accused of cutting it from the main game.

They keep quiet and announce forthcoming DLC six months after the initial release, and they’re still accused of cutting it from the main game.

They choose to release any intended additional content free at the launch of their game, and they’re accused of not supporting a title with further DLC in the following months.

How would you suggest developers approach DLC?

@Dominic Matthews

it’s just a reboot off the original DMC but you made it lame it looks like a B movie. everything from this game is basicly taken from original DMC there is nothing original about this game.
basicly the game is more a take on realism and considering everyday live it’s pretty boring. the original DMC broke all the limits and that made it cool. this just feels like a rip-off.

Hey Dominic. I was wondering. Will Dante get some new guns in this reboot aside from E&I & the shotgun?

Devil May Cry is one of, if not my favourite game series of all time, and yet I’ve been extremely excited in the knowledge you were rebooting it. I normally hate developers drastically changing games for the sake of it, but after playing Enslaved and having it become one of my favourite games of all time, I was really excited to see what you’d do with the licence. I can’t wait to try the demo, hopefully the combat system is deeper than Enslaved, while retaining that excellent sense of weight and impact.

In terms of the story, I want to keep my eyes and ears closed. I know it will be brilliant, but want surprised.

Scruffy_P I’m an old school gamer, been at it since the c64 and Atari 2600 days, I just feel dlc in games has got out of hand. For example dead or alive 5, been out just a couple of months and if I buy the dlc I will be paying almost the same price I paid for the game. I know that’s probably not he best example as they are only costumes and don’t add to the story, but it’s a fact that developers are cutting content to sell for extra further down the line. A couple of years ago if content a developer wanted in game wasn’t ready they would simply delay release, now they simply release a half finished game and patch and release dlc shortly afterwards for most of the time extra cost. So to answer your question the approach should be to release a full product. Don’t even get me started on online passes lol


I played the demo on my xbox 360 and I’m very disappointed its too easy too slow I get SSS combo on son of sparda easily with no afford sure its a Reboot sure DmC is a different universe than DMC but I’m so disappointed cuz you change the game to much its not DMC anymore I’m also disappointed cuz you ninja theory insults the DMC fan-base cuz they don’t like the game then ninja theory call us haters crybabies whiners and thinks that we only complaining is about dantes hair?. there is allot more then that like the game itself doesn’t play like DMC and that ninja theory is insulting the fan-base and you ninja theory dont even care about the fan-base and there customers. if you ninja theory had some respect to the fan-base and your customers then I will buy the game and maybe the game will sell lots of copies but no instead ninja theory insults the fan-base never cares about the there customers or the sales of there games ninja theory only cares about themselves

the price on PSN is ridiculous and your argument flawed. How can Digital become no 1 distribution if publishers and developers set the price higher. Also it fails to explain why when reducing costs in producing boxing materials and manuals you still charge more for the same product that does not contain said items. The price should be on a par with retail at the very least you may then actually see more digital sales which ensures you get a bigger slice of the pie profits wise. Pricing higher turns people off purchasing it digital which means that instead of getting more of the profits pie you get less cause they go out and buy it cheaper at retail and means that retailers take part of your chunk. I would suggest as feedback you look into this further because the longer your price things higher on the PSN the less likely people are to purchase it.

Project2insanity 20 November, 2012 @ 23:55

@Dante_Zero; Get a grip, dude. You realise Ninja Theory is the developer rather than the publisher? You’re actually trying to argue with another who doesn’t set the price. In either case, the bottom line he was getting at is retail stores are still needed.

Lowering digital prices below retail may alienate those stores, in turn losing a sales market leading to reduced revenue. Bringing it to equal cost may have a similar effect due to having little/no incentive for us to buy at stores.

@Cyberendpunk; I disagree about Heavenly Sword and Enslaved. They were awesome. We need more games like them. Or are you happy with an oversaturated choice of first-person shooters?


@ Project2insanity

I never touch FPS games, not my style. Heavenly Sword and Enslaved are the games I like, or rather the genre’s. Except these games are downright poor representation of the action/platformer genre. They come off as run of the mill and by the numbers, budget titles if you will. Really terrible experiences, if you like them that’s fine it’s just there are far superior story driven and action games out there.

I wouldn’t want the market to be oversaturated with FPS or crap like HS and Enslaved. Well this is NT’s third title and you know 3rd strike and your out, not that they will be missed. Essentially a poor mans Naughty Dog and that’s putting it lightly.

Well I wasn’t going to buy this day one, but I was going to buy it.

Now I know I will not be getting the full game when I buy it, I will not buy it at all. I’ll rent it instead and you’ll never see a penny from me.

I know Ninja Theory not the publisher and cannot be helped, but tough luck. Capcom business practices suck.

I’m super excited for a demo. I’m a big DmC fan and I can say I’m impressed with what I’ve seen so far.

I’m from NZ and the demo won’t be out till tomorrow? Also the are there different pre order packages? cause I’ve seen different trailers for the samurai pack, skeleton pack thing etc…

Game publishers and console manufacturers need retailers to sell their games and consoles. Until digital distribution is the No.1 form of distribution, like in music, prices will remain consistent if not higher than boxed games.

1 = no box – no transport – not middel persone like retailers but more expensife = choice of game publisher + sony .

psn have diferent price then ms = ????
if u have free game on tabllet ore gsm why on ps vita them ask 3€ ???

the day digital = biggest markt u say games are 70 € but no more retailers to compare prices u are gone rip us more then i love .

i tink u not understend = when online games are more expensife
we wil never pick a game in store ( also internet download zise + speed )
if game relase 59 € in real store ( normal price no deal
,u ask 69€ = 10 € i put in other game.

free dlc 50% paying dlc 50 %
+- 3 weeks after release paying dlc


I don’t need a demo to know I’m getting this (although I’d might give it a try anyway, if it wouldn’t permanently end up in my download list *hint hint*.) Love the “level development” I’ve seen in footage. The only thing that still bothers me is the maincharacter. I love the old Dante, but this kid just doesn’t do it for me. I’ve been playing with him in AllStars too and I just can’t seem to like him as a character. Maybe if I play this game and get to see some more of his story in his younger years I’ll get to like him, but I don’t know, I doubt it :p Oh well, I’ll still love the gameplay and it looks technically acceptable too :p

Terrible music in this trailer.


Hey dominic. Will you be creating any themes and avatars from this game. Please say Yes. Would love some great dynamic themes on my XMB. Also an awesome Dante avatar.


Just played through the demo (from the US store). And IMHO the combat is too slow for a Devil May Cry game. Plus the frame rate is terrible, even during the cutscenes. I read on GAF that it performs somewhat better on the 360.

Still don’t like the new Dante persona, such a douche. (And reminds me too much of Hayden Christensen)

One other thing: the battle music…. ugh. Horrible!

I do love the use of colour in the game (as always with Ninja Theory – thumbs up), but the design of the city still reminds me too much of Bayonetta so far.

wait you said you press forward forward x? WHAT HAPPENED TO LOCK ON!!! really need this awnser plz

SCREW Ninja Theory and SCREW your new Dante. This is a massive insult to the original fans. I’m not buying this, instead I’ll do my best to discourage as many people as I can from buying it.

Ninja Theory, kill yourselves, it’s the least you could do for ruining our favourite gaming protagonist.

the new devil may cry seems pretty good from my playthrough of the demo. the game has certain qualities that keeps the game devil may cry however i miss the lock on system and camera angels that the previous games had. another thing that annoyed me was the fact everytime he took a swing of the sword there would be a small pause until he swings again. this game looks promising and im willing to ignore the negatives as long as the game features a good amount of puzzles and isnt linear like DMC 1, 3 and 4.

DarkManipulative 22 November, 2012 @ 09:32

I’m a huge fan of the series and after getting over the initial ‘ZOMG Dante doesn’t have white hair no more?!?’, I got excited for this. The trailers have been solid, the rebooted story seems good so the demo must be good right?

The demo is damn good. Sure we’ve lost the traditional lock on system but we’ve gained new mechanics with the arkham city style grappling scythe thing as one example. The combat is traditional DMC enough for me, switching between multiple weapons mid flow with guns and sword being the primary tools of destruction. The art style and the dynamic environments look awesome. I also adore the new devil trigger with it’s nod to the Dante we all grew up on. The only issue I saw with the demo was the audio seemed to cut out fairly often but it’s a demo, this should be worked out when the full game launches.

DarkManipulative 22 November, 2012 @ 09:33

To people like supvic (comment 68) who claim this is a massive insult to original fans with immensely compelling arguments such as ‘SCREW Ninja Theory and SCREW your new Dante.’ I’ll say this:

Play DMC 4. That wasn’t a bad game by any stretch but it wasn’t the game it could have and should have been. Linear levels which you have to play with a tuned down Dante (Nero) before playing with actual Dante with a HD character upgrade based on DMC 2 and cloned moveset from DMC 3. It was a bit of a mess.

This game seems to do what it needed to; It refreshes the series while maintaining elements we know and love from the series. He still has a Rebellion sword and his guns are called Ebony and Ivory. He can still Devil Trigger. ‘True’ fans such as supvic should take note of this before they see black hair and immediately flame the developers.

If you are a true fan, pre-order the game. I’ve gone for the Son of Sparda edition. I hope the Vergil DLC is included with the pre-order but if it isn’t ...

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To people like supvic (comment 68) who claim this is a massive insult to original fans with immensely compelling arguments such as ‘SCREW Ninja Theory and SCREW your new Dante.’ I’ll say this:

Play DMC 4. That wasn’t a bad game by any stretch but it wasn’t the game it could have and should have been. Linear levels which you have to play with a tuned down Dante (Nero) before playing with actual Dante with a HD character upgrade based on DMC 2 and cloned moveset from DMC 3. It was a bit of a mess.

This game seems to do what it needed to; It refreshes the series while maintaining elements we know and love from the series. He still has a Rebellion sword and his guns are called Ebony and Ivory. He can still Devil Trigger. ‘True’ fans such as supvic should take note of this before they see black hair and immediately flame the developers.

If you are a true fan, pre-order the game. I’ve gone for the Son of Sparda edition. I hope the Vergil DLC is included with the pre-order but if it isn’t I’ll end up buying that too. This is in my opinion what a true fan does to support a series they love because if this isn’t the best game in the series and it very well may be, it’s a step in the right direction and I want more.


supersmith2500 22 November, 2012 @ 15:43

Quick question, did Capcom had little involvement with the reboot?

Firstly Dominic, I’ve played the DmC demo… multiple times. I think that says how I feel about this game (wonderful work of art, graphically & play-wise. Had to mess with the controls a bit, but I’ve gotten the hang of it.)

Secondly, if (I mean WHEN) I buy the full game, will any of the progress made on the demo be carried over to the full game?

And finally, avatars/themes… a must!

(Oh, and 1 more thing… No plans for any “edition” packages/releases?)

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