PlayStation Home update: Welcome to D2O District

PlayStation Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am GMT on Wednesday 21st November for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

Heavy Water’s D2O District


Come explore the dystopian future within the D2O Universe; complete with floating structures, flying cars, Enforcers, shops, dance-floor and the popular Surveillance Helicopter. Every week, each guest will received a freebie item for a limited time! Be sure to follow Heavy Water on Twitter and Facebook, or check out their blog  for details!

Make the most of the two week Lockwood Gift Machine sale, with 50% off selected items including Animated Neon Furniture! After the sale these items will be gone, so get in there while you can.


33% off Panthabots Introductory Bundle – there’s only one week left to take advantage of this offer. The bundle will be removed from the store next week but you’ll still be able to get the Panthabots individually at full price.

Lockwood also launches a selection of classic hairstyles as well as some vibrant streaked variations.

Coming up over the next few weeks in the store and Gift Machine – Wings by Lockwood. Take a look!

Hitman: Absolution
To celebrate the release of Hitman: Absolution, we’ve made all of Agent 47’s PS Home items available in a great value bundle for a limited time. Wear 47’s iconic suit and wield his trademark dual Silverballers. Also included is a barcode tattoo, t-shirts in three colours, 47’s briefcase, and a Silverballer display case for your apartment. Only available until 5th December!

Snow & Ice & all things nice…
That’s what JAM Games are made of! As the festive season approaches we have our first of two Christmas collections for you to enjoy.  In Part One, inspiration has been gathered from winter with some chilled out, cool and fun items!

Nautilus Adventure Pack
Juggernaut Games is pleased to announce the Nautilus Adventure Pack! This bundle is perfect for anyone who loves the life aquatic. Join the Adventure! Juggernaut is also releasing the Essence of the Tides active item which creates an undersea paradise in any apartment. Also includes optional swimming animations!

Atom Republic
Meet the second batch of RadPetz, a new generation of advanced companions! Also discover the hover bike collection. Zoom around at high speed with these gleaming locomotion items, hear the engine roar, and watch smoke and flames coming out of your engines!

Pick a moustache for November ranging from classic through to comical styles. Nobody will feel left out: there’s even a fake moustache for the ladies!

GZ Burger


Open your own burger shop with the GZ Burger Personal Space from Granzella! Change the colour scheme, lighting, music, and time of day, creating a shop the way you want. Also available in the store, free of charge, is the GZ Burger uniform.

Make your very own original burger with the Big GZ Burger Set! This item is only sold in the GZ Burger personal space’s store.

Hot Zone
The Hot Zone just got even hotter! Take control of a spaceship in our brand new minigame: Hot Rocks! Earn Hot Zone Points and unlock fabulous new prizes such as the Hot and Bothered minigame and even more Hot Zone attire.

Home Tycoon Cars


Own the streets of Home Tycoon with four new premium car colours from Hellfire Games! These new paint-jobs are available in the Vehicles section of the Home Tycoon in-game store.

Konami Hairstyles


Konami releases their latest updates to hair this week. Check out their newest additions such as the flowhawk at the Threads Store!

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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hi there!

i have a question ok?

about home typoon…

do i have to pay (real money) to drive cars in my city? also do i have to pay real money to build my city because i can only choose road and houses and thats it.

thank you :)

blacklagoon-REVY 20 November, 2012 @ 17:54

Woot Woot! More heavy water, water and jet bikes! Great update!

thunderking1981 20 November, 2012 @ 20:22

hi very good update for this week i hop you have a good christmas and new year

Do thos Hover bikes really make thos sounds? If not then i think that advertisment is a scam! (I Wont be disapointed if i dont get a reply as im used to it by now)

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