The Walking Dead: Episode 5 launches this Wednesday

Great news for fans of top-drawer adventure games. The Walking Dead: Episode 5 – No Time Left arrives on PlayStation Store this week, rounding off Telltale Games’ exceptional video game adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s acclaimed graphic novel series.

All the choices you’ve made and the lives you’ve saved (or sacrificed) will all add up in this keenly-anticipated finale. Discover what happens to Lee and his gang after the shocking events of Episode 4. Will they survive to walk another day? Find out this Wednesday.

To make the wait slightly more bearable, Telltale has been kind enough to share the launch trailer with us. Take a look below.

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Great news. Glad we dont have to wait for this one =D

great games great story great developer great service for European gamers provided by Sony, one of theses statements is not true


is it the last 1? do I win a cookie?! :D

Unfortunatley i accidentally deleted my TWD save data so ill have to replay from ep 1 :O before i can 5

Good news however the walking dead has never come to the Australian psn store. What was the reason for this? After all it is available on Australian iTunes Store.

looks epic cant wait

Telltale games didnt bother to submit the game for classification for PSN or XBLA in Australia or NZ. I dont know why considering its available on iTunes in both countries.

Proves it was SCEE’s fault all the time. No PS+ discount though means you have to mad to buy this at full price. There’s every chance SCEE will list this as a PS+ game in a few months.

Bassmonkey_Mike 20 November, 2012 @ 08:01

when will people stay on subject???

Bassmonkey_Mike 20 November, 2012 @ 08:01

when will people stop complaining???

Bassmonkey_Mike 20 November, 2012 @ 08:04

never played walking dead, will there be a whole package discount in the near future?? :))


promises, promises, wouldn’t be the first time sony failed to looking forward to your 70 million ps3s sold blog, wonder how many were replacement units!


Not sure how this “proves” anything but heyho.

Fred any chance of a Telltale Games sale at any point? Would love to pick up their take on the Monkey Island series, especially for a cheaper price ;)


Nothing planned right now, but yes, there’s always a chance. Hop on over to Chris’s sale post and suggest it to him in there!

This is going to be so gut wrenching. Episode One grabbed allready grabbed me on all emotional levels, and it went uphill since (only episode 4 felt a bit like a filler, but maybe that was more so because Episode 3 had some twists that punched you in the gut and put you for some choices you’d never want to make in real life)…

I hope thay make a Season 2…

(Oh yeah, kuddo’s for getting this to us on the same day as the rest of the world and gaming systems). No need to only speak out when there is a snaffu)

Cool, might actually buy this now since it’s all available. Don’t usually get sucked into these season pass deals. Might wait for it to go on sale as i have enough to play at the moment.


Wednesday Sine Mora is also available on PS Store!!! :w000t:

YESSSS!!!! :)

Sine Mora:

Fred, I respect this isn’t the right place to ask such a question but where would one report a User whom you know is using a Hacked PS3. In any other worldly situation I would never dream of “grassing someone up” (except for a heinous crime), but with regards to game piracy it’s something I personally loath.

This particular person isn’t a Hacker Hobbyist, they simply bought the hacked PS3 purely to play pirated games upon it. They have one legit console for playing online with bought games, and the other used as stated.

Anyway, advice as to whom I report this piece of feces would be appreciated.


This is great news, i can now invest in the full pass.

Thank you Fred and all involved bringing us so many fun games and news.



Thanks for the confirmation, glad we don’t have to wait an extra week this time..I accidentally stumbled across a major spoiler before I got to play the previous episode.





Off Topic question:

Can I buy on PS Store with Paypal?



You cant do it on the store but go to Sony unlimited website, log in with your PSN details then go to account details add funds by paypal :)

I wish the disc based version of this was going to be released in the UK as I would prefer this on disc.

Now that all the episodes will be out is the time to finally purchase the game – maybe by importing the disc to the UK

supersmith2500 20 November, 2012 @ 16:15

No need to complain about when Episode 5 will come now which is awesome. Well done to Telltale for releasing it tommorow on time. =D




Uh, I downloaded and played TWD on my US account but I wanna get EP.5 on my EU account. Will I still have all my choices and saves? Or will I have to restart from EP.1 on my EU now…?

Why was my valid question removed?

I will ask again. When will spamstar be removed from my XMB?


this looks amazing!


Where is it?!
1:30 and no update, great work SCEE, bravo.


Store updates are around 5pm.


Yes lfcwillow88 as Dogwalker4000 says

the store update late in the day like for a long time now :P

So Fred as Sony closed the comments on singstar-spam without any solution you get my final remark here. Your company deeply messed up my gaming experience on which I spent a lot of money. When I do my Christmas shopping and the spam is still on my ps3 I’ll by a XBox. From then on I’ll stay clear off any Sony-Product for ever.

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