Whose Side Are You On in Marvel Pinball: Civil War?

For well over two years now, I’ve had the honour of working with Zen Studios on video pinball tables based on Marvel characters and events – and we’re not done yet. Civil War is one of the biggest events ever told in comics, and as you’d suspect, Zen takes representing it in pinball form very seriously. Here are a just a few ways they’re demonstrating this with the Civil War table for Zen Pinball 2, which hits the Store tomorrow (priced at £2.39/€2.99)…


1. Whose Side Are You On?
No, really…
When Zen and Marvel decide what tables to do, it’s a truly collaborative process. Sometimes they’re Zen’s idea initially, sometimes they’re ours. It’s Avengers- level teamwork, I tell ya!

The idea to do a Civil War table came from us, and with it a mandate: If you choose to do Civil War, you have to let the player decide if he’s with Iron Man and Pro-Registration or with Captain America in opposition to the Superhuman Registration Act. “Whose Side Are You On?” was the slogan for the event, and it’s the event’s central theme – choosing sides simply had to be there. And, after a bit of a prologue involving the Stamford incident, that’s exactly what you’ll do…


Your side determines your experience. Choosing sides doesn’t just reflect your beliefs on who’s right,
it also affects gameplay. Most of these are quite subtle (different bonuses and ramps to hit and such),
but you’ll also see a story-based link: Go Pro, you’ll get help from the Thunderbolts; side with Cap, Mr.
Frank Castle comes along to lend a hand (whether Steve likes it or not).


2. Your skill recruits undecided heroes to your cause

See those fine folks on the Allies/Enemies board above? They’re all up for grabs to be recruited to your side, and doing so – by nailing ramps and targets, of course – helps to affect the difficulty of the epic one-on-one battles between Iron Man and Cap.

According to this particular play-through, Iron Man has recruited Spider-Woman, Tigra and Vision, while Spidey, Human Torch, Ms. Marvel and Luke Cage favor Cap. Sentry? Still deciding. (Oh, I suppose I should also mention that your actions can steal a character’s allegiance…)


3. You’ll relive huge moments from the story
If you’ve read Civil War (and if you haven’t, do it now!), you’ll remember some huge events, from – SPOILER ALERT – the fall of an Avenger to the wedding of Storm and Black Panther. And the one that made national headlines, of course, as you see (and hear, if you click it) above – which of course only plays if Iron Man recruits him from the Allies board.


4. You’ll relive not-so-huge moments from the story
We worked with Zen to dig really deep throughout the entire epic Civil War event – not just the core six issues, but the tens of issues spanning other Marvel series as well – to jam in as much authenticity as possible.

Above, you can see Iron Man and Cap discussing Tony’s decision to go Pro via Iron Man/Captain America: Casualties of War, and you can hear it come to life as you will in the Civil War table by clicking below the image. Needless to say, this is by no means the only nearly verbatim conversation of this type that you’ll hear play out between the two.


5. You’ll experience things you’ve probably never seen with any pinball table, real or video
Without fail, Zen continually impresses players with their ability to innovate with each new table. That’s no different with Civil War. In addition to everything I’ve mentioned so far, you’ll also get to do things like start the whole thing with a two-ball multiball (representing the clean-up after the Stamford incident), or marvel (heh) as tracks manifest from thin air (above) – the kind of thing only possible in videogame pinball.

6. It’s made by a bunch of really nice Hungarians
I realise this has absolutely nothing to do with how Civil War plays, but I just have to point out how great the Zen guys are to work with. They’re awesome, and not just because they have names like Viktor with a K and Zsolt with a “rhymes with ‘jolt’ so you know he’s a badass.” They deserve to be thanked in public for doing such a great job, not just on Civil War, but for all their Zen Pinball greatness. So… thanks guys!

If you’re as big a fan of Zen Studios as I am, go ahead and let ’em know in the comments below. Ask
questions, too! I’ll try to respond to everyone…

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So will this one work on the vita. Hope so because the fantastic 4 one did not. Well not for me..


Mel at Zen Studios has the answer: “We are aware that some users are still having issues importing Fantastic Four into Zen Pinball 2 and we are working with Sony to fix it. Try downloading the table directly from the store for now.”


Available on vita too as a cross buy?

Massive fan of zen pinball!


Yes, Vita too! Glad you love ’em as much as I do.

CookieMonsterES 20 November, 2012 @ 18:38

Awesome news, Marvel Pinball is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

Also, Chris, it would be cool if we could have some Marvel avatars and dynamic themes in the Euro Store, who do we have to talk with? :P


Thanks for the kind words! Here in the States we have quite a few Marvel shirts available for Home, plus an Iron Man theme. If you don’t have them too, my apologies! I’ll have to figure out who to talk to about that.

happy happy joy joy :) love zen pinball and particularly the marvel tables.
i personaly need more spiderman so i suggest either a table based on maximum carnage or spider island please :)

also can you tell is if the zen marvel deal still has a while to run and we will continue to see marvel tables supported?


the fantastic four table is now working on vita just check out the store and download it, its showing as free for me as i had bought it before.


Glad you’re such a fan! All I can tell you at the moment is that we’ve definitely got at least one more in us. We’ll see where it goes from there.

also i have asked fred a few times i NEED a spiderman avatar, seriously its so not cool ;P i cant already give you my money and buy this, id also take a dynamic spidey theme also.

Nuff Said! ;)


Thanks, True Believer! :-)

CookieMonsterES 20 November, 2012 @ 18:49

I was aware of the existence of those items and the Marvel (vs Capcom) avatars, that’s why I asked. Thanks for your interest, Chris.

Also, fingers crossed, I hope that table is Doc Strange’s :P


By the hoary hosts of Hoggoth, there’s a pretty decent chance of that…


We’ll be thankful? You do realize we don’t celebrate thanksgiving, right?


Heh… I do! I actually didn’t realize this blog post was going global until just a couple hours ago. I don’t know about you, but I’m thankful for Zen’s pinball games (Marvel and otherwise), American holiday or not. :-)


Just updated it to read more internationally for you, sir…

Love zen pinball! Is there any plans to port the pinball fx 2 exclusive tables? Also, being a big popcap fan will you be releasing anymore popcap themed tables? Plants v zombies table is epic and look forward to more in the future.


I asked Mel at Zen for you: “Right now we are not able to bring the Pinball FX2 exclusive tables to Zen Pinball 2. This could change in the future. Who knows what other PopCap tables might be coming!”

keep up the fantastic work! Any more popcap tables incoming?


Mel says, “We have had a great time working with PopCap. It is possible that more tables could happen.”

Any chance of a sale or PS+ discount on the older Marvel tables ?


Zen has done it before (at least here in the U.S.) for Plus members. You never know…

PS. Great to see so many responses to comments.


Happy to oblige!


Great news on having another brilliant table to play, the quality of your works are outstanding, keep ’em coming.

1 thing though, I have noticed that the price is £2.39, I liked the £1.99 prices better, however any chance of a good sale or even the Monster sale you had in the US at Halloween?


Any sales would be up to Zen and Sony. Hopefully you’ll get one, but being from Marvel, I just don’t know.

Im glad the tables are finally cheap. After spending £7.99 each I was pretty miffed when they came to the mqin Zen Pinball for as cheap as they did but then I know this is also a good thing.

Not coming to the original marvel pinballl? This will make hulk angry!


It works on Marvel Pinball! ZP2 is just more current.


Can you sort out the pricing for the tables for Australia, they are ridiculous, tables in america are for $3 but all the tables in Australia PSN are $16.

So even if I wanted to buy all the tables including this one well I am looking at $100 price range.

Why is that, why are we being ripped off. If you noticed lack of sales in the region maybe you need to get pricing sorted out because it is a major joke especially with you tables.


@Chris Baker Thank you, sir. How considerate of you!
I just hope I don’t become drunk with the power and influence I apparently wield.


With great power comes great responsibility, yes.

Marvelous – Yes I went there.


Excelsior to you, sir.


I love all the Zen Pinball Tables, but I must say, with the exception of the PvZ table, the Marvel tables get by far the most play time!

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Please keep more Marvel tables coming!
If you keep making them, I promise to keep buying & playing them!

Suggestions for Tables:
Avengers Vs. X-Men
Dark Phoenix Saga
House of M
Daredevil Table
The Punisher Table
Another Spider-Man Table?


There’s certainly no shortage of options, is there? :-)


Hey Fred, sorry for the off-topic post but I figure these comments you’ll gloss over when you get into work.

Is there an ETA for the Store update today and is it possible to push the PS+ Vita goodies at an earlier time to the rest of the publish?

The Store usually updates at 4AM local time, I’d rather download them overnight then have them downloading all day tomorrow. Cheers.

Cool to see someone whom I only really know from the Player One podcast (where you’re typically referred to as C-Bake ;) ) and now post and reply to comments on a new table for my favorite Pinball game of all time! :)

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of all the Marvel pinball tables, and I have all of them. So I’ll be sure to add this one asap!


Ya hoid’a me? I’ll tell the guys they’re a worldwide phenomenon! I actually had Thanksgiving dinner with Phil and the ever-so-missed Greg Ford on Thursday.

Glad you like the tables! They’re all kinds of fun to put together.


Another Player One podcast listener, yeah! Great to see another table C-Bake (enemy of the show), be an insta-purchase on the Vita later today.

Any chance of a new Marvel Ultimate Alliance? Particularly on vita?


Another one? Wow! They really are a worldwide phenomenon. As Enemy of the Show, I must plot to destroy them!

I’ll answer your question the way I answer anything hypothetical: There’s always a chance of anything, but there’s nothing to talk about now.

DieFliedermouse 21 November, 2012 @ 13:37

Hey, thanks for getting the Fantastic Four table on Vita after some delay – it was my personal favourite of the Marvel Tables. Now any chance you can get the trophies working? I finally managed to light the 4 yesterday and kicking myself for not having a trophie to show for it. Thanks :)

i very like zen pinbal
u give some free stuf tabels i give some €€€ in return if i like game
only 1 ting = u have other dlc maps in zen 1 them also coming + need to pay again ?


Chris, I’ve just bought Civil War table on PS3, downloaded and installed the package and it’s not showing up on my Zen Pinball 2 game :(


Ok, nevermind, seems that I’ve downloaded Marvel Pinball version instead of Zen Pinball 2 one, duh! though I’m sure that the import function worked for all other Marvel tables before…


Shew! Had me worried there for a second. I hope you’re enjoying it!

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