PS Vita app t@g launches today


Good news everyone – our free PS Vita app t@g will finally be available to download later today.

t@ is an augmented reality social graffiti application. You can create your very own t@gs using different fonts, fills and effects and go out and place them in the real world using the camera and GPS on the PSVita. You can also overt@g other players, advance through the ranks opening up new fonts and fills, and earn respect and kudos by following other t@ggers.

It’s been a while since we started developing t@g – well before the PS Vita was really publicly known. So much so that our initial devices didn’t even resemble the final product – no touch screens, battery, 3G or GPS. As you can imagine for such an application that is so dependent on all these features it did cause us a few difficulties on the way!

One of the most memorable moments was field testing on the local cricket pitch with two 100 meter extension cables leading back to the office. The developer was stood in the middle of the field with a Vita in one hand and a laptop perched on his knee testing the latest build for GPS and network connectivity handling and caching.

We’ve had some funny looks from local businesses wondering what we’ve been doing with groups of developers and designers walking up and down the industrial estate, huddled around a device held up in the air, looking this way and that!


However, over time, the hardware moved towards the final release and once the software patches became more robust and the features we needed opened up to us we started to see what a fantastic title and application this was going to be.

Working on such a new ‘genre’ of game/application we’ve had a lot head scratching, trial and error and testing to do. Right from connectivity, GPS smoothing algorithms through to developing game progression and the social elements. The t@g creator took a lot of iterations to get something that was on one hand simple to use but gave the level and depth to allow each t@g to be unique to each person. Although we weren’t short of volunteer testers, to come into the office and have a chance to play on a PS Vita long before the general public!

We hope you love the game and we looking forward to seeing everyone’s t@gs out and about!


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Got this the other day, the editor seems slightly lacking. But haven’t had a good play yet.

Is there any benefit downloading this app then if you have a Wifi-only Vita?

Pretty much every Vita owner got this “exclusively” 2 days ago anyway…

Does it have trophy support?

3G only.

I’m kicking myself for not dropping the extra $50 for a 3G…

wow tody we have more suprises in vita stor (PSVITA TIIIIIME)

supersmith2500 21 November, 2012 @ 14:27

Nice to see t@g around, too bad it’s useless for Wifi models though because I got a wifi model. :(

Its a great app. loving it so far. just some feedback though. Trophies would be nice for the app but i’d also like to see more variety in FX etc and more selection in the taggit store. Also I would like the option to make text smaller and use more than 5 characters. All in all though a good start and i hope to see some of the feedback implemented. Good job. Now wheres those other Vita apps like Netflix,NicoNico,Wake up club and imaginstruments. :)

Had a bit of a tinker with this the other day…can see it becoming quite addictive.

Have seen loads of tags popping up near me on the map. Was hoping to get out today to overtag a few but it’s raining heavily…grr.

I’m presuming trophy support will be coming with some paid DLC in the future?
I’d happily drop some cash down for it. Being able to use a couple more letters/symbols would be good too.

I noticed that this states a 3G Vita is required (presumably because it needs an internet connection while out and about) but I can’t see any reason why you couldn’t simply tether a WiFi Vita to a smartphone allowing you to use your phones 3G.

we got this through email a few days ago! i wont be downloading this because i dont have a 3G vita. BRING ON THE PS BLOG APP!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s the reason it does not work on wifi? When trying out multiplayer on a vita game I need to be near a wifi connection. Would that be the same with TAG – it only works when near a connection otherwise it doesn’t?

not somting i like
( wiffi )


Quite odd this app, Love it though Stomped my Mark on my street quite strange seeing my tag floating over a house lol.

i hope them not steal vita ore beat peopel up
if u play on street !

I wonder how many of Vita users are 3G model Vita users?
I personaly have Wifi only. Pretty lame for a free app.


great app!oh wait…


Meh, I didn’t get the 3g model because I thought I could share my mobile phone’s connection through wifi. Guess not.


hi as has been said previously is it not just a case of using your mobile as a tether please confirm thanks

Trophies WOULD be cool, but I had fun with the app last night already.
I’d drop a few Rand on DLC to get trophies, if that is an option later.

Thanks for a fun little app, guys! :)


because it uses GPS and only the 3G models have GPS.

location from wi-fi isn’t accurate enough.

Ohh too bad I only got wifi only can I tag around my house, so you can’t come round get in my house and untag it.:P

But here a thought what will happen if ppl that tag in there own home I suppose that wont be allow for safety reason.

there is going to be a lot of “[X] was here”


Just tested, you _can_ use this with wifi-only model, as long as you are connected to a network.


if the above its true then im taking my oh wait comment back :P

For all the Wi-Fi model users: you do have a 3G model without knowing (of course there’s a little “but”)

If you own a smartphone or anyother other phone that allows you to turn your phone into a hptspot (and if you have a 4g network even better) then just do it and then connect your vita to that hotspot and voilá.

If you’re like me, you probably have even more data traffic available in your mobile than in a psvita 3g plan, that I guarantee as I work for Vodafone Portugal. And if you have a top up plan already on your mobile you also have data traffic for free for sure and certainly not only 500Mb like the Vita plan but probably a minimum of 1Gb.

I own a PS Vita Wi-Fi (3G) as I like to call it ;)

Back on topic, didn’t liked the app, careless if its free or not.

This app is designed for the 3G version as that has a GPS which gives an accurate position everywhere meaning you can tag anywhere. The wifi version will work but not as well and you may not see all the tags!

were is it then iv tryed but it just not there ??)

Would be nice if my town’s name wasn’t regarded as profanity! For shame Sony. Don’t you have a list of towns in this app?

#29 Scunthorpe??

Good t@g

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