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Apologies that the last couple of days have been quiet on the Blog. The Thanksgiving holiday in the US means it’s always a sleepy time of year in the games industry. That said, we managed to squeeze plenty of activity into the first half of the week.

You got your first look at Uncharted: Fight for Fortune, a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes at how PlayStation All-Stars’ special edition art was created, the lowdown on the latest PS Vita system update, and word on an intriguing new indie compilation called Sportsfriends. See the full content list below.

And there’s plenty of great stuff to look forward to next week including, hopefully, details of your December Plus content.

Enjoy your gaming this weekend. It’s been a bumper week for new releases – do let me know what you’re all playing. Until Monday…

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Hi Fred

I have a problem with my PS Vita, Whenever i send someone a message on my vita and then i go on my PS3 i get recieved the message i sent, so basicly i go on my PS3 and see that i sent myself a message when i did not. The message i sent to a friend via my ps vita gets sent to my PS3 in the recieved box, now i know im not the only one with this problem as someone reported the same problem last week, please look into this, infact, you try it yourself and you will see what i mean, just send someone a message on your vita and then check your PS3 messages.


I’ll look into this one for you…

Also Fred

Whenever i get sent a Party Invite it shows on my PS3 straight away but it shows up on my PS Vita about 5-10 mins later wich means if its just 1-1 party chat the host probly has left by then, its verry annoying because sometimes im just on my ps vita.

One more thing: PLEASE ask whoever made the facebook app for vita to MAKE THE TEXT BIGGER! i have bad eyesight and its near impossible to read! making the app useless!

(please reply fred) thanks.


Facebook make the Facebook app, so there’s not too much we can do about that I’m afraid.

Dear Fred,

Your apology is of course kindly accepted, however there was the opportunity to liven things up and render quite a few European PS3 users happy with a post on how the SingStar icon is now movable and/or deletable :). I take it that the informed relevant teams have not yet been able to formulate a response to the matter?

Thank you for reading, as always.

Hi Fred, just out of curiosity, is Vita included in the next plus update?

I just thought what with only just having it are we getting more content or a quick change…


There’ll be a batch of new PS3 content at the beginning of the month, and then new Vita content towards the end of the month.

Hey Fred,
Just wanted to give a suggestion, I hope now that igc has been added to vita, I hope for some months of the year “Plus game of the month” is a vita game instead of a ps3 one. It may be a minority demand, but I hope that you can do to keep plus members like me who use vita more than ps3.


There’ll be plenty of big games for both platforms – you have nothing to worry about!

A bit disappointed there wasn’t a blog post for the release of Virtue’s Last Reward. Even though I chose to import the North American version because the European release won’t include the English dub, it’s still a fantastic game and I hope it does well for Rising Star.


A great game indeed. Sorry we couldn’t sort a Blog post. Often the language barrier with Japanese third party developers make these difficult to arrange.

Another week of broken store content. Does anyone at Sony actually ever test anything first? Of course Sony have a conflict of interest that they fail to declare. You’ll never get a refund for broken store content, just credit for the store but to get that you’ll have to ring a paid help line service. So it’s in Sony’s interest to put broken content on the store. No update on Singstar, no update on the missing games and Youtube app, no improvement to the store. Wonderbook and LBP Karting bomb spectacularly. PS Allstars gets less than average reviews and looks set to bomb. Cloud saves don’t work on the PS Vita.

Not good is it.

CoolRichy008UK-2 24 November, 2012 @ 13:26


supersmith2500 24 November, 2012 @ 13:41

A good week, still upset with QForce on the Vita got delayed and also poor Activsion sale but hey. All-Stars Royale was an awesome game.

Ordered a shiny new Vita yesterday despite my disappointment about how it handles account switching. But Persona 4 Gold & Plus … I simply couldn’t resist any further. :)


Please enjoy! Looking forward to Persona 4 myself…

1. QForce looks cool, Polish Preorder price is 199 PLN, on amazon its £13.99 that is 75 PLN ;D that is a RIP OFF ;D

anyways im guessing Polish voice over wont be available outside Poland

2. Singstar topic is like a vermin, give us choice.

3. CoolRichy008UK-2 for behavior like this you should be banned to hell with all your consoles, accounts, laptops, smartphones etc.

4. Vita is getting some fuel now, it is nice to watch as it speeds up


Agreed on CoolRichy. Fake account or not, Sony should be able to uncover all other accounts related to it with ease. Be it by IP or Hardware ID. Send him one final warning and then ban everything.

Project2insanity 24 November, 2012 @ 15:05

What I’m playing? Find the best price on Vita, of course. You caved too, Golwar. I’m aiming to order this weekend.

Also playing Love is the Drug from the Sucker Punch soundtrack- it’s awesome! Getting to the intended question, Okami HD and Syndicate, the latter I bought around March but barely touched, it’s actually really good, especially to those who enjoyed the Mirror’s Edge/Deus Ex futures.

@AshishSahoo; Didn’t quite understand what you meant. Game of the month is little more than a timescale. Only thing I’d say is important is that the focus isn’t shifted enough to negatively impact the other console which is highly unlikey to happen anyway since the details have already been outlined.

Really enjoying plus on Psvita *oops are my on about the psvita heeeyy coolrichy hahah

declan__watson 24 November, 2012 @ 15:12

Hey there bloggers
As usual fantastic blog recap Fred, big fan think your doing an amazing job. So yes I’ve had a really good week Fred hope you have a good weekend yourself. I have a question do you think maybe in the future we could have remote play connectivity on all our sony and playstation certified smartphones and tablets? Ill talk to you again soon. Bye guys :) LongLivePlay Sony Make.Believe


I meant vita offerings should be as good as ps3 ones, like there should be at least a good retail offering for vita every month with 1-2 good downloadable games. I only bought plus for vita and am missing out on ps3 igc games because you cant put ps3 games in your download list using vita or pc, and I rarely use my ps3 now.I hope vita igc is good enough to justify full plus subscription for people like me.


Generally I think you’ll see one big release added to Vita every month and one smaller downloadable or PSP game. That’s alongside your two big games – Uncharted and Gravity Rush – which will be updated less frequently.

The schedule looks really good for the next few months – I think you’ll be happy.

my playstation freeze on main menu after i install the update 4.31!

I friends, i install in my ps3 the update 4.31 and the sistem freeze on main menu after i login.

Project2insanity 24 November, 2012 @ 18:52

@AshishSahoo; I see what you mean now. I’d personally say Uncharted and Gravity Rush alone justify subscribing to Plus for Vita. Heck, those are the reasons I’m fast-tracking my plan to buy a Vita. It’ll be difficult to match the PS3 effort since its library is much smaller, still early days.

I noticed you mention you ‘rarely’ use your PS3 so I gather from that you still have one. Even if you rarely use it, I’d totally recommend switching it on at least to put content on your download list so you won’t ever miss out but rather always have the choice there.

alrighty fred,

seems im getting dejavu another blog recap and another platinum trophy in the bag :)

great week for gaming again been playing mutant blob’s thanks to plus and its fantastic, nevermind gravity rush(yet lol) this game is amazing and so much fun :)
tryed to start ac3 but it just seems so slow to start i gave up for the time being but ill have to dive back in later today its either that or xcom.

hoping to see the plus heads up for December next week along with possible news of a Christmas sale for December, wondering if we will get the 12 deals of Christmas again as i picked up a few titles last year in that.

anyway have a good weekend :)


I should be able to fulfil both of those wishes!


I was lucky yesterday, when Amazon Germany offered a flash deal for the Vita. Paid 25% less for my Vita + LBP for free. But damn are those memory cards still expensive.


Great pick-up!

Project2insanity 24 November, 2012 @ 20:33

@Golwar; Good stuff you caught that deal. I was hoping for the same over here but Amazon bundled it with a PS3. Still an immense deal and went extremely quick. Memory cards are a concern too but I’m just gonna get it over and done with, get me a 32GB. Overall, I think it’ll still work out good value thanks to Plus.

It good to see ppl cave in for a wonderful little wonder vita, I have not regret my purchase of the vita I say to ppl that slag off the vita get it @ Xmas beg to family members or better still save up look around shops online etc.

For the vita getting a 2.01 to fix the auto saves I’m holding off getting P4 golden for the moment it may be a plus next year plus I haven’t finish P1 P2 & P3 yes I’m so slow playing my game I don’t speed run.

I’m 1 of those ppl that talks to every NPC then again & again after each story events lol :D


but ya gotta agree with 1 thing Vita here in europe hardly has any games it’s funny it ain’t taking off in japan they have all the Vita games.

Hey, Fred,
I signed up for the thirty day trial on Facebook nearly a week ago, but I still haven’t recieved my code. Any idea when I’ll recieve it?


I’ll look into this for you. Have you had any kind of verification messages?


I am like, super-busy. So when at home, consoles are last thing on my mind, so handhelds all the way for me. Besides I don’t have my ps3 right now, and it will probably stay like that months. I also don’t know anyone near me who owns a ps3, so unless sony unifies psn so that it can accessed fully by vita or pc, only advantage I can take of plus is vita igc games. Vita has a smaller lineup, so obviously difficult to match the 7 years of ps3, but what I don’t want doing is diluting vita igc by offering psp games, which would suck as I have played most of the great games on psp, which incidentally was the best handheld before vita :)


Just to add to my previous comment, I already own both uncharted and gravity rush on vita, so this months vita update was not good for me, maybe we can get disgaea 3 next month? :)

@ AshishSahoo

good shout my friend disgaea 3 would be amazing as a plus game, i already have 1 and 2 digitally and would love 3 as i have been meaning to buy it, if not free then even a plus discount would be nice.

1= great week on psn store + free stuf ( good to see + also on vita )
2= store update hour = lots better + u can fix tings if them go bad
so i hope new hour stays :)
3= ps vita needs folowing games = MONSTERHUNTER !!!!! gagnorack : odesy
new fantasy star online – gta
gmail = graet

4= prices on psn + relase date between continent = :(

howh long u spam gone stay on my console ?
have informed by email. european court = against ore wil !!!

ganorack = ragnorack

if u talk more when u gone remove spam we not neet to take aktion .

Been brilliant playing Gravity Rush for free, and of course more great fun playing Singstar. BEST GAME EVER. :)

Book of Spells first week global sales – 14,000 units
LPB Karting first week global sales – 80,000 units

Uncharted 3 and GT 5 sold more this week than Book of Spells. That’s what happens when you ignore your user base Sony.

declan__watson 25 November, 2012 @ 14:29

As I have told you millions of times before you are not welcome here. All you do is come in and say silly things on a blog and so book of spells isn’t even out for like 2 weeks yet I’m sure it will sell soon. You don’t have to be so hasty all the time please show some respect and sony aren’t ignoring their user bass just stop writing silly immature things in a blog post. LongLivePlay Sony Make.Believe

declan__watson 25 November, 2012 @ 14:47

Hello again Fred
I have another question is sony buying any big studios I understand they own abit of square enix and some other studios just another thought though also I saw this on Internet I thought it sounded really good but is Apple Inc acquiring sony corporation in the future I saw it on internet flagged as a rumour but I thought it sounded great I asked a lot of fellow playstation gamers they thought it sounded cool. Anyway thanks hope to hear back from you soon. LongLivePlay Sony Make.Believe


It isn’t your blog, don’t even try to dictate who can and can’t comment. If you don’t like it don’t read it. It’s a bit rich you complaining about immature, silly things. Your daily spam posts about Apple buying Sony are being ignored for a reason.

ryannumber3gamer 25 November, 2012 @ 15:19

Hey Fred any news if these games will be added to the PS1 & PS2 classics part of the PS Store?

Parappa the rapper 1 & 2
Umjammer Lammy
Ape Escape 1-3
Spyro 1-3, Enter The Dragonfly, & A Heroes Tail
Crash Bash, Wrath of Cortex, Twinsanity, Tag Team Racing, Crash of the Titans and Mind Over Mutant.
Klonoa 2
Shadow The Hedgehog


Jawad will know more in the weekly Store post. Spyro is definitely on the way.

Project2insanity 25 November, 2012 @ 15:39

Book of Spells first week global sales – 14,000 units
LPB Karting first week global sales – 80,000 units
Voodoo341 lifetime global sales – 0 units

Well, guess the figures do tell ya something…

@ryannumber3gamer hi there, Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex is on the store, its called crash bandicoot 3

ryannumber3gamer 25 November, 2012 @ 16:01

No Crash 3 is the much better Crash game :D But still i do like Wrath of Cortex…Not as much as Crash 3 but i still like it.


thanksgiving isnt really any excuse for no reply on the singspam thread… this is the EU blog, whats thanksgiving got to do with us?

while we are on the subject of ps3 crash games id take some crash nitro kart if someone could make it happen :) not tag team, nitro kart ;)


that should have been ps2 not ps3 grr

ryannumber3gamer 25 November, 2012 @ 16:44

Yeah i forgot to say Nitro Cart sorry :)


so when can we see some improvements in the store update cause your 2 months are up this gonna be the last week. and can you tell Q&A 2 hurry the hell up with the games.

aim3210000000000 25 November, 2012 @ 18:44

Ребят,такой вопрос:есть сонька 2.хочу купить UFC.но на соньку 2 он не вышел.вопрос:если купить UFC который вышел на первую соньку,то будет ли графа лучше?

Nice update Fred!

aim3210000000000 25 November, 2012 @ 18:51

Guys, this question is Sonya 2.hochu buy to Sonya he vyshel.vopros 2: if you buy UFC which came on the first Sonya, would the graph better?

declan__watson 25 November, 2012 @ 21:42

There not Dailey spam posts if it was spamming I would be saying it over and over again and don’t need to be so cheeky I only asked like I said I saw it on the Internet flagged as a rumour I’m just seeing if its true or not and its not that I have anything wrong with what you post it just looked not nice just saying that oh book of spells hasn’t sold good in sales yet it was only released last week give it another week and they will sell more. I don’t know why you were impersonating me I was just asking about the rumour anyway sorry for any inconvenience. LongLivePlay Sony Make.Believe


No word on the COD season pass pricing yet?

Fred, any idea if Lego Lord of the Rings will actually download this time either automatically or manually today or tomorrow :P? I’ve already been charged for it and it claimed to start the auto-download at 2 am, but checking the PS3 shows no download in progress or any game to install.

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