Community update: Retro gaming, Tekken Tag 2 and Smart As showdowns

Hello all and welcome to the latest news update from the Official PlayStation Community!


I’m sure, like me every now and then you reminisce about those old classics that first drew you into the world of gaming! We have an awesome discussion thread on the forums talking about everything from the Atari 2600 – which of course I’m too young to remember ;) – to the Amiga 500.

Come and join the discussion here and let us all know what sparked your passion for gaming!


As for events, I have a couple to inform you about this week.  First off, our weekly Tekken Tag 2 event! If like me, you get utterly thrashed when playing fighting games online but still want to get your online gaming fix, you should pop over to our Monday Tekken Tag Brawl where the emphasis is on fun!  Host ‘Legendary_Vicki’ will be your host and she’ll be assembling a team of willing fighters in the World Arena Mode. All details can be found in this thread!


With the release of ‘Smart As’ on the PS Vita recently, myself and the team here in SCEE Towers have discovered we are not actually as Smart As we thought we were! If you would like to show off your smarts to the community and see if you are cleverer than the Community Team (not that difficult!) then come and show us your scores in our ‘So You Think You’re As Smart As’ thread!

I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your notice that Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re looking to buy anything game related for a friend then check out our ‘Bargain Bin’ thread. We have some really useful community members posting information about any deals they find when scouring the internet. Check it out and see if you can pick up a bargain!

Until next week!

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retro games can be fun , like pac man – space invaders – pong
i have playd on Atari 2600 ( faters console )
mi first = nes
but i like to see more games like minecraft – farmvile …. on ps3/4/ vita . lots of tings are beter in gaming hobby but some are worse then past .

I think the game that got me addicted to on-line gaming was SSX 3 on the PS2! That game has a lot to answer for!


Any news on when the december playstation plus content will be announced?

1st week of december maybe ??? :)


I’m getting old… I remember those good old days with my ZX Spectrum and play games like Jet Set Willy, Manic Miner and R-Type.. :)

Guess were all spoiled now, every game looks the same and games need to be different imo…

We need more games like Sine Mora, shoot ’em ups are awesome! :)

It’s fine, I remember the good old Spectrum gaming days too! (although don’t tell everyone that!)

Darn it, When I saw the partial headline thought it was a Retro City Rampage update :-(

to me game monsterhunter on psp goth mi addicted = lots of time went in de game .

like to see more games like mmo but only paying game + big dlc = no monthly fee .


Speeking with Retro
Where’s Retro City Rampage ?


what got me into gaming was not a game, it was a company. It was SEGA! When i was young i had had several Atari clones, but it was when an uncle of mine gave me a Mega Drive I with several games and a subscription to club SEGA that i started to delve deeper into gaming. Since then, gaming has evolved and took a great share of the entertainment market, however i’m not as satisfied playing nowadays, as i was several years ago. As someone stated on a comment, the games look the same. I feel that there’s not as much space to pursue new ideas as there was. Still, i had quite a few surprises this generation. For instance, i’m currently playing Gravity Rush and i’m quite pleased with it!

Gravity Rush is awesome! I’m also a huge fan of anything by thatgamecompany.

Here I was, thinking it’s the Retro City Rampage announcement… silly me. I forgot PlayStation Europe blog.

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