The 12 deals of Christmas!

12 deals of Christmas

Hi everyone! With Christmas just around the corner, ’tis the season to be jolly! Now you have 12 extra special reasons to celebrate as the 12 Deals of Christmas makes its return to PlayStation Store.

Starting on 1st December 2012, PlayStation Store will feature 12 incredible deals for you to unwrap. You will only be able to redeem each deal from PlayStation Store for a period of 48 hours and then they vanish, quicker than a Christmas pudding!

Just like the presents under your tree, we are going to keep these deals under wraps until it’s time for them to be opened. So make sure you keep checking PlayStation Store to find out what the latest amazing deal is. We’ll also update this Blog post every time a deal is added.

Don’t miss out on some great one-time offers – take a sledge ride over to PlayStation Store and treat yourself to a few extra presents this festive season. Enjoy!

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TerrorOfDeath86 29 November, 2012 @ 12:02

Will you give us any hints about the deals :) ?


Now where would the fun in that be! There are some very good deals lined up though so make sure you have your wallet topped up!

TerrorOfDeath86 29 November, 2012 @ 12:03

Also any news about RDR for PS+?


I’m still chasing this, apologies for the delay

I remember this from last year. Looking forward to it.

Oh yeah, I definitely want some. Last year’s were really good.

I hope Back to the Future is in that sale. It really needs to be in some sale :)

Will there be any freebies for Plus members? Last year there was a catchup game everyday.


No freebies this year but there will be some additional plus discounts on some very very good titles :)

Hopefully we will see a discount on some DLC, for example the Saints Row the Third Season Pass and LA Noire Season Pass (hint hint!). Both games have Complete Editions out at retail but their DLC on the Store is still full price. Maybe you could have a look Chris? Cheers.


Sure thing, I wll take a look and see if there is anything we can do

When will the Christmas sale start that has a number of games for sale at once? That is what I’m waiting for! I’m assuming it will be December 12th or 19th as they are the two closest Wednesdays to Christmas, so could you give me any clarification on this, please? ;)

In reply to TerrorOfDeath86 on his RDR question. If you’re refering to the main game itself then I’m guessing you missed out, as it was FREE for PS+ members throughout September and October. If it’s DLC you’re after then I honestly don’t know. I wouldn’t mind the Cheats and Liars add-on at a reduced price though! *wishing thinking*



Will each deal have an extra saving for PS+ subscribers??

Just call me Mr Greedy ;-)


Haha sorry guys my lips are sealed for now, it’s far more exciting when its a surprise!

Oh sweet, I’m excited to see what gets included.


Hopefully this year something will be of interest to me unlike last years…


Actually his country never got it for PS+


Please, pretty please do something for the release of Mass Effect 1 when it is released early December. :)
I thought this would have been the big game for Plus in December because it is not possible for anybody to have it already because it is yet to be released :(


I have the feeling that most deals will be PS3-only…

Will the sale prices be actual sale prices or just discounts off the over priced content on the store? In other words will it be cheaper than retail?

Please have Journey, The Unfinished Swan and Okami HD among the deals and I’ll buy them instantly :)

crackalakaling 29 November, 2012 @ 12:35

Please let dishonored be one of them. :)

Hopefully some vita stuff too, (ps1 classics, minis, psp and vita games)

Love this sale, need to make up for not buying anything in the last 12 days sale.

I hope there will still be the normal christmas sale at the end as I always splash out then. Anyway you could try and get the luminies PS3 game discounted, as its never dropped in price

Are you giving free games to PS Plus subscribers like last year? If you are going to do this, New Instant Game Collection games + 12 Deals of Christmas + discounted games = best Christmas ever! :D

Please put Journey on sale (PS+ extra discount wouldn’t hurt) I would buy it so fast!

are you going to do the ps plus catch up games like everyone is saying happened last year? i only got my ps plus membership a couple of months ago and while i love it, i kick myself for not getting it earlier to enjoy all the games that were out before i subscribed

Hey Chris

Will There Be Any chance of a Discount on the Plus Subscription over christmas, ?

I’am Waiting to stack 8-)


Maybe……..maybe not, it all kicks off tomorrow!

supersmith2500 29 November, 2012 @ 12:57

Btw, don’t ruin it with weak sales like the Halloween Sale.

TerrorOfDeath86 29 November, 2012 @ 12:58

Another question will one of them be a recent entry to the store? As I plan to get DOA5 & AC:AA and I don’t want to get them to find out late that they’ve got discounted after a week or 2.


You are safe to buy those two

TerrorOfDeath86 29 November, 2012 @ 12:59

Sorry I meant Ace Combat Assault Horizon.


I would like to see The Walking Dead as one of those twelve offers.


ooo i hope the walking dead gets in this sale ;) and i hope i can get loads of work soon coz right now im broke as a joke :(


With limited funds at this time of year it’s difficult to pick and choose when to take advantage of the offer. If something pops up that I want then 2 days later something I wanted more comes up, it gets very difficult but that’s the joy of sales too. Gotta get in at the right times for the best deals!

As for those wanting The Walking Dead, it’s worth the asking price as it is at the moment. It might be a downloadable title but there’s around 10+ hours of emotionally charged gameplay. There’s a reason why it’s up for Game of the Year ;)

PSN releases of Crisis core and VC3 please!

(dream on i know!)

playstation plus promotion pls……Chris <<BOSS

I happened to subscribe to plus near the beginning of the 12 christmas deals last year, I was really thrilled with the stuff I was getting back then xD lets see what you got this time!

Which reminds me though I need to renew -w-‘


good point Tsubaki_14. will there be any Christmas deals on the plus subscription?


Hey Chris,
Can I assume some vita love there too:)
Loving plus on vita, GR and now MK, both awesome games on vita. I hope you continue the the great work.

Is there any chance of Mega Man Powered Up arriving on PSN, I would love to rebuy it on the Vita.

Oh come on!
PS+ or deals T_T
A deal for PS+ wouldn’t hurt anyone xD


Star Wars Force Unleashed 1 DLC,
Shift 2 Unleashed DLC,
Uncharted 3 DLC…

Please make it so St. Christopher! ;)

I’d love a catch up service too, kicking myself for not getting Deus Ex HR when it was up just because i have the disk, Would love an Okami discount :)

Please, give us an option to buy PS3 titles from the Vita store, I will be away for December with no access to my PS3 ;__;


Ok .. Let’s see then :)

CS:GO…….Joking, joking!

I know Doom Classic Collection has just been released but any chance of a discount for PLUS members?? I can’t justify £11.99 just for Final Doom, as I own Doom 1 & 2 within the Doom 3 BFG release. I would have thought Final Doom would have at least been released, as DLC for DOOM 3 BFG…..a bit silly really!

John_Mc_Clane_4 29 November, 2012 @ 14:16

Please add Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 dlc in sale =)

I hope there’s some free Singstar content. :)

Hopefully one of them will be to be able to get rid of the damn SingStar malware.

Will there be PSVITA games?

I am hoping for a Singstar Icon uninstaller and an updated download list for the PSN store :P

Hoping we are going to see some Vita games in the sale :)

Can we get LA Noire Season Pass discount?
And maybe XCOM classic from PS1;)

Singstar Final Killer

almighty-slayer 29 November, 2012 @ 15:24

Hope it’s a lot better than last year. It was utterly terrible last year. Didn’t buy anything at all

awww brilliant lol :) thanks sony can mirrors edge be in the line up thanks if use do :)

xxSamuraiGirlxx 29 November, 2012 @ 15:49

i didn’t buy anything last year either.

i hope the walking dead season pass will be included, it’s the only thing on the store i want atm.


Will you “update” post about the deals as “fast” as you did last year? Hope you guys do it better this year…

Отлично, посмотрим что Sony предложит в этом году!


lol dont think you will get an answer to that Alex_Skape, maybe if you asked in english ;)

hope its got some good ones on the vita

The difference in communication and offers between the US and EU is getting really annoying. Hats off to the guys working the EU store, they are making the US team look like amateurs.

There’s No Christmas Without
Okami HD
The Walking Dead
CS:GO for 1$
Max Payne 3
and most importantly Mass Effect 1 without any delay.

The real question is, how will we find those deals lost in the awful, AWFUL new Store?

zalwelgoedgaan 29 November, 2012 @ 18:07

Got my wallet ready! By the way, the Dutch store needs to be fixed, there are Finnish/Swedish/whatever language it may be translations in the PS+ and Pre-order sections.

FlyingUberHuzo 29 November, 2012 @ 18:44

I’ll hope there’s a Saints Row 3 deal! :) something told me to wait until december with the purchase via PSN.

I hope Assassin’s Creed 3 is in there!

OMG!! and i ordered Vita today…im already scared of the next month and psn deals !! :D


are you going to do the PlayStation Plus Presents ‘The 12 Gifts of Christmas’ this year?

Will there be 12 gifts of Christmas like last year where plus members
Got a free game 12 times in December???

How about Black Ops II season pass for £35 it meant to be…

Hopefully lots of PSN games in this sale, since your ‘sale’ prices on retail games still cost on average 50% more than a new disc costs in a shop. Very rarely will a digital sale price be lower than a shop normal price.

Guys we got so much free stuff that i wait for my retirement to finish all the games thanks to ps+ and u still want more and more !? :D

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas this year is a PSOne Classic RPG that I have played many years before. It remains the best RPG I have played to this day, and I would like to revisit those memories of my youth on my brand spanking new Vita. I admit I haven’t been all that good this year but please Santa, please bring me some discount on Wild A.R.M.S.

I promise I will be good next year…

What’s the point in announcing a sale then not having a single piece of information about the sale? Amateur hour.

i hope the deals are a bit better this year.

sounds good hav to get my wallet toped up

Ditto to fellow PS+ers wanting the catch-up game thing, I’ve just joined and I’m totally bummed I missed Red Dead Redemption!!

Will these deals bring Playstation AU store titles down to the standard U.S rate. IE Brand new game in AUS Playstation store $100… New game elsewhere $60. So will it be Americans get good deals and Australians get to pay what Americans are accustom to paying on a regular day?

topped up my wallet last night £30 in it and im ready to add more if theres bargains :)

i know its a bit late to request stuff as the 12 deals are prob already signed off but im also a +1 for walking dead as i held off getting it as most of it was free on usa plus and i though we would get it also but its been a while now and i dont see us getting it free so a discount would be nice.

nothing says christmas better than zombies :)


Can you please make Hyperdimension Neptunia and Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2 avatars available for purchase at the store?

They are available at the US store.

We want them, please.

Please please please please…

SpitelordDekka 30 November, 2012 @ 16:11

Is one of the deals “Getting rid of the Singstar icon” ?


I’ll have to keep an eye out then. Hopefully some stuff I want… well… hopefully not too much so that my wallet hates me

When is this going live? Its 6pm on the first, unless it IS live and lost in the new stores wonderful interface…

I have looked for the psn+ Sonic 2 gift on the store yesterday, and again today, but it appears for purchase only (and at full price). Can you verify that the gift is up?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Chris, is there something wrong with the Playstation Store? I bought Music Unlimited Premium from my Vita and then I was going to download the app for the PS3, the app isn’t available for download…

FreddyGPaulsen 02 December, 2012 @ 22:49

Can you please comfirm of deny if Lego Lord og The Rings are in the lineup for the 12 deals of christmas ? I don’t want to buy that now then discover a discount later in december…

A good idea for a gift would be to change back to the original psn store!! Me and many With me miss the old one. The new one takes forever to start, buggy and slow, you have to make about 6 clicks to make a download. I loved the old one but I hate the new one!! Please change it…
Merry christmas

why i cant see any discount or free stuff for the hollydays
im from israel and i cant see nothing pls help i don want to miss it

i suppose there will be great deals on far cry3, hitman ect. just go on psn store and you all will see those pictures and recongnise lots of games.

Please put spider man 2 from PS2

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