Access episode 60: Far Cry 3! Metal Gear Rising! The Batmobile!


Access Episode 60 hits YouTube today with a massive, open-world bang. Yes, ocean-deep first person shooter Far Cry 3 is Game of the Week, and it’s absolutely brilliant, with gorgeous visuals, a haunting story, and one of the most charismatic villains in PS3 history.

Then there’s the small matter of coverage from Tokyo as the Access crew head out for an interview with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance developer Platinum Games. As well as seeing how Raiden’s stabby adventure is shaping up, there’s a sneaky look behind the scenes at the working of the studio itself.

Want more? How about a chat with Chris Corbould, Special Effects Supervisor on The Dark Knight Rises, as the Access crew celebrate the launch of Christoper Nolan’s trilogy ender on Blu-ray by taking the real life Batmobile for a spin. Plus there’s your usual weekly roundup of all the latest PS3 news and best content from the PlayStation Store.

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Heyo MusterBuster long time no see :)

i have not seen access in a while but im gonna start watching it again :)

i think you should make a ps access space in ps home

Brilliant episode AcCess team!

Im suprised you didnt sprinkle this one with some christmas festivities.

That being said i hope all the Playstation Access team have a great christmas holiday!


We’ve got a couple more shows before Christmas yet Silent_Gig ;)

Project2insanity 30 November, 2012 @ 14:28

As a fan and supporter of ham, I am extremely happy that Access set aside some time to include ham both visually and in speech.


Ham. Savior of lunchtimes everywhere.

Ewwww Mammary glands before tea time!

mmmwahahahaha FIRE. that will be all.

SpitelordDekka 30 November, 2012 @ 16:10

Will you have an exclusive on when we’ll finally be able to get rid of that ruddy Singstar icon?

TehPhilosopher 30 November, 2012 @ 20:04

For the love of god, where is Access on the new and “improved” PSN store? Even search function can’t find it.



To find Access on the Store, go to Apps, then to Playstation News. Hope this helps.

I don’t think much of the “improved” store either. The old one was far superior.

TehPhilosopher 30 November, 2012 @ 22:16

WTF under Apps? That doesn’t make any sense.

But thanks, found it finally :)

Why i can’t find this in the store?

I wish you guys would get a place on the XMB instead of being half hidden away on the PlayStation Store.

I always forget to download the episodes, you should get your own section in the TV/Video services where we can stream, download, or even with PS+ auto download each episode that comes out for viewing when we want or straight away.

It is something Microsoft does better, they have a video right there in your face on the dashboard and with a press of the button I can view it straight away, no fuss, this is what you guys should have.

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