Weekend Debate: Desert island discs

On the assumption that a good proportion of you either a) don’t live in the UK, and/or b) don’t listen to BBC Radio 4, this week’s Weekend Debate probably requires a quick introduction.

Desert Island Discs is a long-running British radio show in which a well-known celebrity is asked which eight pieces of music they’d take with them if they had to spend the rest of their days stranded alone on a desert island. They also get to choose one book, and one luxury item (which can’t be a living thing).

It’s classic pub conversation fodder, and a hypothetical I frequently find myself locked in with chums. So, this week I thought I’d give it a video game-centric twist and throw it out to you guys. I want to know:

  • Which two video games would you take with you?
  • Which piece of videogame music?
  • Which luxury item?

List your picks below, along with an explanation for each choice. For the sake of argument, we’ll say that the desert island in question comes equipped with a high speed internet connection to enable online play.

I’ve got eight codes for the rather excellent PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on PlayStation 3 for the most entertaining responses. Check out the trailer below to remind yourself of its lunatic charms.

Oh, and my personal picks to get you started:

Game #1: Dark Souls – considering how much a blather on about my unbridled love for this game, friends and colleagues would probably welcome my banishment to a distant faraway place. In short, it’s massive, it’s got crazy amounts of depth and the brilliantly weird multiplayer would keep me from feeling too lonesome!

Game #2: Resident Evil 4 – A classic that I’ve beaten umpteen times, and will happily plough-through again and again. Perfect desert island fodder.

Music: Yes, Rock Band is cheating! Having been separated from friends and family, I’d likely be a bit miserable so it needs to be something perky. Easy: PaRappa the Rapper.

Luxury: The thought of life without Maltesers is simply too dreadful to contemplate…

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Uncharted 3, Far Cry 3, Assassins Creed 3, Battlefield 3. So all the games that end in 3 :D:D



Dead Island (kinda creepy)
LittleBigPlanet (motivation to create housing etc.)


The GTA:SA soundtrack, should be enough to keep me busy for quite some time.


PlayStation Vita so I can t@g the desert island to make it mine πŸ˜€


1) Dead Island cause I’m on an Island.
2) Forza4 just to keep my driving up.
3) Guitar Hero. Music game
4) got to be my Bed.

dreaminstereo 30 November, 2012 @ 5:11 pm   4

First video game would be Final Fantasy X. If I’ve been abandoned on a desert island, then I’d like something familiar, comforting, but that can entertain me for hours and hours and hours.

The second video game would be Uncharted 3 so that I can get that whole explorer feel going on. Perhaps there’s some buried treasure on my island, and Drake and co would inspire me to go searching – not to mention it’s got the best multiplayer!

Music-wise, the soundtrack to Skyrim because it’s simply EPIC. If I’ve got to fight off a tiger, I want to feel like a Dovahkiin.

And my luxury item would have to be my Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood hoodie. Ridiculously warm and comfy, and I can hunt down my dinner in style πŸ˜‰

    Fred Dutton 4 December, 2012 @ 1:36 pm    

    Sorry for the delay in announcing this week’s winners – I’ve been away from my desk for a few days. Anyway, first PS All Stars code here – congrats!

badman24-angar 30 November, 2012 @ 5:11 pm   5

I’d do –

Game 1 – Metal Gear Solid 4. This is because it is so notoriously long I will likely still be playing it till I die on the island. It also doubles as a movie.

Game 2 – Crisis Core. Call it cheesy but I’ve played through it loads of times, its story is pure emotion.

Music – Any final fantasy game’s music is pure classic.

Luxury – My phone. I couldn’t live without this thing.

TOXICDANG3R 30 November, 2012 @ 5:11 pm   6

My 2 games would have to be Uncharted 3 because i too would be on a great adventure just like Nathan Drake & Skyrim because there is Hours & Hours of gameplay to keep me occupied on the long dark nights, Soundtrack would have to come courtesy of my Dj Hero πŸ™‚ keeping it real Ha!! & finally my Luxury item would be a Huge industrial generator to run everything off πŸ™‚ no plugs in a palm tree lol


I would take:
Games:Minecraft (Because I would never get bored) and MGS3 (So I get some survival tips)
Game Soundtrack: Kingdom Hearts 2 (Because it’s awesome)
Luxury: To make an endless amount of twixs

V00D00CHARL1E 30 November, 2012 @ 5:12 pm   8

The first game is an obvious one, derrick the deathfin. Who else is more likely to know the surrounding waters.

The second game would have to be PlayStation home. I would be able to shop, chat, bowl, game, etc all without leaving my island.

Video game music would have to be pixel junk eden soundtrack. What better way to chill under the stars.

My luxury item would have to be my Vita. Game, internet, Skype, email. Who needs civilisation.

CALAVERALMA 30 November, 2012 @ 5:14 pm   9

Game #1:If Im going to be spending the rest of my life playing just two games then I will need a hard game with a lot of replayability and that game is Demon Souls. It can keep me company at day while I play it and also during the night beside my nightmares.

Game #2: Difficult decision,the second game would be a multiplayer game so I can chat with someone and not become insane like Tom Hanks in that movie with the ball…and it also has to be a game that has solid gameplay and addictive mp so I would chose Uncharted3

Music:I was going to chose the original Tomb Raider as my second game option, but since it has no mp and I really need that, then the soundtrack will have to do to remind me the great memories this little game brought to me while i was like 15 years old.

Luxury: Im going to be seating on my ass for a very long time so I would say an expensive, comfortable chair with a hole to put my coconuts (the ones that have water in it, you pervs!) and vibratory seat so my buttcheeks never go numb.

toxic-inferno 30 November, 2012 @ 5:16 pm   10

2 Games:
Skyrim – Would last me weeks! No point taking an 8 hour game to a desert island! I could easily squeeze 500 hours out of Skyrim, especially if I was bored on an island!!

LittleBigPlanet 2 – FINALLY I’d have enough time to actually make those levels that I never got round to finishing! So many ideas, no NEARLY enough time!

Videogame Music:
Has to be the Uncharted theme. A fantastic piece of music (in fact, the entire Uncharted 3 soundtrack is amazing), that I could listen to for hours, while searching for lost treasure on the island. Plus, its triumphant tone would keep me from going mad!

Luxary Item:
Possibly my guitar… then I could sit on the island’s beach for hours and play while the sun sets on the horizon.

    Fred Dutton 4 December, 2012 @ 1:37 pm    

    Heh, I have the exact same problem with LBP. Actually, eternity spent on a desert island would be a great way to clear my backlog in general…

    Enjoy your PSAS code.


Easy one for me this week.

First game I would choose would be civilization as I love that game and I love playing each of the civilizations in a different way. Some times I’m a war hungry tyrant other times I’m a peaceful diplomat. Added bonus is that the games w total time sink where day’s blend into night without you noticing.

Game 2 would have to be the Sims as I’m assuming I would be lacking any form of social interaction on this mysterious island so I’d use this game to create friends so I would not start talking to coconuts πŸ™‚

I’m going to chose the sound track to lord of shadows as its stunning and I love classical style music.

The item it take assuming I have the means to use The other stuff I’m bringing would be a very large lighter with lots of fuel as I don’t know how to get fire from 2 sticks.



Final Fantasy 9

I always struggle to pick my favourite Final Fantasy game. 7 was my first memory of the series so it holds a place in my heart and 8 is just pure awesome, but the characters of 9 are just amazing. Vivi in particular stands out as one of my all time favourites in gaming.

Skate 3

A game I could play endlessly just trying to get a sweet 1440 on the Danny Way DLC. Hall of Meat would keep me entertained for hours as well.

Music – Black Mages albums

Technically cheating as it’s not actually from a game but these rocked out versions of Final Fantasy classics would help me fill the lonesome hours

Luxury Item – My Kitten

I could use the company and if I was terrible at finding food I could always eat her

E_Darkness 30 November, 2012 @ 5:20 pm   13

Dark Souls: Spent a massive amount of time playing it. As long as there is an idea of a playthrough to do then I can just keep on playing it. And seeing as I’d be on a desert island I’ll have plenty of time for loads of playthroughs.
Shadow of the Colossus: Perhaps one of my favourite games ever. It’s just so beautifully designed and well done. I wouldn’t mind playing this game over and over again.
Wipeout HD Fury: It’s got a cracking soundtrack. What more is there to say?
Luxury item:
A comfy bed. Got to have a good night’s sleep, plus it’s handy to play games in.


First game – Uncharted 3 – Loved it.
Second game – Gran Turismo 5 – Love simulation driving games
Soundtrack – Uncharted 3 – Just awesome
Luxury item – My phone, where would I be without it?


I get to the island, PS3 in hand, a bit soggy but still working. Assassins Creed 3 and Darksiders 2. Creed because it’s still got loads to explore, need to find those trinkets and Darksiders 2 cos it only arrived today and I’m playing it damn it! I can here the Go Team playing from LBP and then I see the sign 100gb free wifi on this island. Amazing I think as I see a plug socket in a tree trunk. I just wish I’d brought a T.V as my luxury item instead of this massive box of fun size milky ways πŸ™

guitarlawdz1 30 November, 2012 @ 5:20 pm   16

Just Cause 2
Battlefield 3

Assassin’s Creed 2 Soundtrack

A beanbag to sit on.

Niyolpaki 30 November, 2012 @ 5:22 pm   17

Metal Gear Solid: is one of my favorite games
Patapon: is a great game and it requires a lot of hours of gameplay
God Of War 3: awesome game that i could play for a long time

soundtrack: I like the Metal gear solid music

Luxury item: a Car, to travel around the island


Assuming I’d also have the necessary hardware.
Game 1 – GTA Vice City. Epic 80’s setting, soundtrack, characters and story … infinitely replayable.
Game 2 – Legend of Zelda:Link to the Past. Possibly the finest Zelda game. I replay this probably at least once a year.
Music – Flower soundtrack. Just a stunning piece of sound design.
Luxury – Tea. You can’t have a good gaming session without it.


Love this debate question, going to bug all my gamer friends with it πŸ™‚

Which two video games would you take with you?

Firstly Fallout 3, I’d be happy with any Berthesda RPG type game to be honest, but this one I got completely immersed in, and I haven’t yet completed all the DLC so I can start right there!

Second would probably be Alex Kidd in Miracle World for the Sega Master System II, as… rather embarrassingly…I played it as a kid and despite downloading it from PSN a while back, still haven’t managed to get to the end! The games really were harder back in the day, with the exception of Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls of course.

Which piece of videogame music?

Folklore soundtrack. Highly recommend this underrated game, and it’s soundtrack is so, so good.

Which luxury item?

If I can’t take my cat, then I shall make use of the internet connection, and opt for my Nexus 7 to keep me updated with news, socially connected, and able to play games via emulators πŸ˜‰

shaurya44 30 November, 2012 @ 5:27 pm   20

1) Persona 4 Golden
100 hours plus entertaining game with great visuals. The complete jrpg experience. Platinuming it will make time fly quickly. (us version :P)

2) Fallout New Vegas. One of my favourite games of this generation. Obsidian outdid Bethesda.

Soundtrack. Journey and if you allow Skyrim.

Luxury item. My headphones of course. How else would I immerse myself in the soundtracks and the games.

Mattrapid441 30 November, 2012 @ 5:28 pm   21

Uncharted 2

Nathan Drake.. The best game this generation.. hands down and who better to be on a desert island with than Nathan Drake!?


Well you just can’t leave out Sackboy.. now add the imagination and the possibilities are endless! My second favourite game with generation. Create clowns to scare Nate would be pure entertainment.


Dynasty Warriors 7

Japanese battle music to go with the awkward desert island scenario.. doesn’t really suit the mood but it sounds awesome!

Luxury Item

PS3 Controller Charger – NEVER STOP PLAYING

Or Oreos.. its a tough choice!


Afternoon Fred,

Ok Game 1 – Dark Souls/Demon Souls. Either/Or really as both are epic!

Game 2 – Bioshock. Such an awesome game.

Music – God Of War 3 just so I could walk around my island and feel like a God!

Luxury item – A space hopper. Just so I could bounce my way around my island and feel like a God thats been tigger-fied!


1st Game: a fighting game, Street Fighter Alpha 2 Dash or King Of Fighters XIII. I need a fun game that last… forever.

2nd Game: a racing game, probably Need For Speed: Shift (the first one). It can be a simulator or an arcade, so it’s perfect for any time.

Music: Guild Wars 2 soundtrack. I’ve been playing this game a lot, bought the soundtrack and I listen to it all the time. Jeremy Soule is a great musician.

Luxury: A racing will (Logitech G25 or G27), to really enjoy the racing game.

Wiiman1225 30 November, 2012 @ 5:30 pm   24

Game 1: The Unfinished Swan. Just like a bedtime story which I could use to get to sleep in the wilderness. Ahh.. πŸ˜‰
Game 2: Transformers Fall of Cybertron. I just have to had a shooter to past the time with and this would be it. The Multiplayer is just the icing on top of the lovely, hard, metal transforming cake!
Game 3: LittleBigPlanet Karting. Who wouldn’t want a bit of racing action while you’re stranded on an unknown island? The creation modes are great while the story is good and the community will keep me playing endlessly.

Music: This has to relate with gaming right (I can’t think of any soundtracks I really like)? Well, since this relates to gaming, I would take the Wreck-it Ralph soundtrack as the film’s theme is about gaming, It has some really good pieces of music and has the most catchy song of this year: When Can I See You Again by Owl City.

Luxury: Endless amount of Hunter’s Chicken and Wedges. No need for hunting for food ever again with this. The best meal ever!


My games would be.
Uncharted 3 -bbrilliant game. It’ll suit the sandy environment πŸ˜‰
Little Big Planet PS VITA – I’ll use the camera to take pictures for cool stickers.

My music would probably be “Dreamers of the day” from the OST of Uncharted 3

Luxury item? A White 3G PS VITA oooHhhh


*Racing wheel. I don’t know what I write anymore XD

Aloysious 30 November, 2012 @ 5:31 pm   27

First game: final fantasy vii. There’s a lot of hours entertainment there.
Second game: silent hill hd collection. For no other reason than scaring the crap out of myself
Music: Tetris. That tune never gets tiresome
Luxury item: Bear Grylls, coz that man can make a meal out of anything

TheNudgeMan 30 November, 2012 @ 5:33 pm   28

Games: I would take Dark Souls and Football Manager. No excuse to ever get bored!

Music: Has to be the GTA Vice City Soundtrack because the 80’s will never die!

Luxury Item: My ultra-reclining leather armchair!


well let’s be practical

first the luxury item would be a TV and PS3 combo

second music We Love Katamari soundtrack just because lunacy knows no bounds

Far Cry 3 (yes, just what I need to keep me paranoid about those others on the other side of the island) besides its been fantastic fun so far and it looks like it will be epic (enough to wile away the days with massive bloating from feasting on coconuts)

second – not great game but I’m being pragmatic White Knight Chronicles 2 (talk about a way to spend the long days on that desert island – nothing quite like endless epic grinding to help the months pass

not interested in the code just answered for fun

PsychoNinjaKen 30 November, 2012 @ 5:36 pm   30

Game#1: Destiny (because it looks good and last long).
Game#2: Grand Theft Auto V (for obvious reasons).
Music: GTA5 soundtrack (amazing hip hop music).
Luxury: my iPhone 5 because it is a must.

timmy_darco 30 November, 2012 @ 5:37 pm   31

1) Fallout: New Vegas – For the hours and hours of gameplay and also seeing how grim the fallout world is, it would probably make me feel a little better about being stuck on an island.

2)Crash team racing – I know its old, but there is no game in existence that I would rather be stuck with.

Music – With New Vegas I’d already have some pretty dope music to listen to, and the CTR theme tune will NEVER get old, but I’d go for Uncharted 3 purely to make my time on the island that little more epic.

Luxury Item – Robinson’s apple and blackcurrant juice. ‘Nuff said.

custard666 30 November, 2012 @ 5:37 pm   32

Hmm, OK. Game wise, I reckon I’d take Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater-at the very least, you can learn some survival techniques! Might as well pack a Fifa game as well, I’d finally get enough time to learn how to be decent on it…

Music-GTA: San Andreas soundtrack-nothing but hits!

Luxury thingy-Might as well take my guitar, then I can learn how to play the whole soundtrack, keep me occupied while I’m waiting for my MGS3 style traps to snare me some lunch!


wich 2 video games would i take with me? well number 1 would be far cry 3 as that game is set on an island! and it will be the ultimate survival emulator! (also it may prevent you from going mad)
my 2nd game would be skyrim because you can play that forever and not get bored!

wich piece of video game music? i would have to go with assassins creed 2 ezio’s familly music. it is the main song in ac2 and it will remind me of all the good times in the assassins creed universe.

wich luxury item? well that would be easy: A PS3! and if thats not aloud then A PS VITA!

i would go insane on an island without gaming, *cough farcry 3 cough*

Ikeelunow 30 November, 2012 @ 5:39 pm   34

Assuming multiplayer is out of the equation I would take Final Fantasy Tactics. I have never found a singleplayer game with more replayability then that, the teams you can create are almost endless.

My second game would be Magic the Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers: 2013 as that game also has masses of combinations of deck choices and setups.

I would take the Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack as it is timeless.

And I have to agree that I would have to take tea with me (yes I am british!). A day without tea is a bad day.


GAME 1: Fallout 3. Hundreds of hours of gameplay,keep you occupied for awhile. I have played through numerous times and will glady do so again. You could adapt the survival aspects of the game to your current situation and if you get back to main land and there’s been a nuclear war your covered.

GAME 2: Dragon Age Origins. Because i might actually get around to playing it.I love the idea of it and the feel of it but never got fully immersed in it for some reason. It ticks all the right boxs for me.Perfect opportunity to finally finish it and possibly a platinum trophy.

Video game music: It’s got to be Tomb Raider 1 for me. Whenever the music starts up you know something exciting is about to happen or else you’ve just discovered some ancient ruins and the camera moves back to give you the the full view of what you are about to try to climb.

Luxury item: Ipod can’t live without my tunes.

Phoenixfire90 30 November, 2012 @ 5:40 pm   36

This is a tough one, okay, if I ended up stuck on a desert island with no hope of being rescued, my list would be;

Games: Burnout Paradise and Mass Effect 2 hands down, I have a lot of favourite games but these two always make me come back for more.

Videogame music: Has to be the soundtrack to MGS4 Guns of the Patriots, no question, good music for hunting wild animals on the island. But if I only had to pick one piece of music from that soundtrack it would have to be: The Hunted.

My one luxury item: Cake, it may be a lie but it could be a lifesaver if there’s no animals around or I hunt them all to extinction.

R3dC3llTran3 30 November, 2012 @ 5:41 pm   37

Deserted island ? Hum.. Well its been some weeks now that i started to see LOST again and now i gotta pick what to take to a deserted island o-o Well i hope it doest have the same problems as the LOST one xD

Ok first game i would bring with me would be Crash Bandicoot, why ? Because its there since my childhood and its island themed so. I would waste hours playing it without stop and its a Playstation classic so.

Second game is Far Cry 3. I could learn something about surving with it and how to punch a shark in the face, well if i try that i think my island days would end xD

Music definitely METAL GEAR SOLID Soundtrack i just love it and i cant explain why. Its a soundtrack that i always enjoyed so its the one i would bring.

My Luxury is a box of knifes. I could i play my games without make me a couch from the mother nature ? A knife its the principal item you should have if you in a desert island.

Thats all i hope everyone enjoys their vacations on the desert island. I dont eat my boar ! D:

    Fred Dutton 4 December, 2012 @ 1:40 pm    

    I’m not sure how useful FC3 is as preparation for life on an island. Shark-punching might not be the most effective way of finding your dinner…

    PSAS code here!


Game 1- Fallout New Vegas: Already spent several days on that game and their is still so much to do. It would make me forgot i am on a dingy barren desert island and instead be on a dingy barren desert world. Only with cool guns, giant ants and me being a badass.

Game 2- Eye pet: that way i would have someone to love, talk to and play with…. wouldn’t need a girl if i have an eye pet lol.

Music- Locoroco music.. hearing that always brings a smile to my face and wud make being on an island not so bad.. unless it was attacked by mojo.

Luxury item: My ps3.. so i can play they games and listen to the music… not must point in bringing games along and only being able to stare at the cases…. i think that would push me over the edge.


game 1 – would have to be skyrim, Over 300 hours of gameplay would be just about enough to satisfy me for the long time i’d have to spend on the island πŸ˜€

Game 2 – i’d like to stay alive long enough to play every bit of skyrim, so i’m gonna need a bit of red dead redemption/undead nightmare to inspre me to get huntin and skinning animals! πŸ˜‰ plus, you never know… It might be a voodoo zombie inhabited island…survival tips would be appreciated…

Music – little big planet’s delightfull selection of tunes, which would hopefully keep me jolly through this whole experience, but they may also drive me mental…

Luxury item – dualshock controller charger might be helpfull, unless i want my experience to be short lived! ;D

Sorry if this is already up, tried posting from the app when there was only 9 comments but it doesnt seem like it’s goin up :/

Black_Devils99 30 November, 2012 @ 5:43 pm   40

Game #1:
Borderlands 2. I love playing this amazing shooter with my friends on the PlayStation. The weapons and enemies are so cool. It’s an incredibly addictive game, even after the 2nd playthrough.

Game #2:
Far Cry 3. I haven’t had much time to play this game yet, but so far I’m impressed. Giant open world, awesome story and fascinating graphics. On the island I finally had time to continue playing, there’s still so much to explore.

The main theme of Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty. Definitely the best game soundtrack ever.

My phone. I mean, how else could I get all the news about game releases for my PS3 and PS Vita?

Evil-LoPo 30 November, 2012 @ 5:45 pm   41

First game without a doubt is going to be Dark souls. No matter how many times I play it I just can’t get enough from it. So it is the best thing to take with me.

The second game Tales of Graces f. I just love that game πŸ˜€

I’ll take Nier for the music. That game has the best soundtrack ever!

For luxury I’ll pick My PS3 and my TV or else I wouldn’t be able to play the games that I took with me πŸ˜›

eyez-iz-chon 30 November, 2012 @ 5:45 pm   42

game 1: final fantasy IX – my first final fantasy game! completed more than 50 times literally! played it on PS1, PS2 and on my PSP!! endless fun, even bought the strategy guide as a substitute for a non-existent book of the game πŸ˜€

game 2: Tony Hawk’s Underground! First skateboarding game i owned, countless playthroughs, countless bails – breaking knees, elbows and all sorts! very fun gameplay and story, GOD DAMN YOU ERIC SPARROW!!

videogame music: are we allowed an soundtrack? or just one specific piece of music? if it’s soundtrack, then the entire FFIX soundtrack!! if it’s a single piece, then its either Village of Dali! or Dark City Treno! or maybe Meloadies of Life! it’s a toughie!

luxury item: my guitar! nothing beats listening to a soundtrack from a game, then actually PLAYING the music πŸ˜€


Gran Tourismo 5
Far Cry 3

Soundtrack: Jet Set Radio (need that toe tapping goodness)

Luxury item: my 5.1 sound system


Is this valid for Portugal? If so, here are my choices:

Game #1 – Uncharted 3. I still haven’t aced that one yet, and it would bring me tones of entertainment playing online. And, of course, after being alone in the Island for the long one most start talking to some imaginary friends and hey! who better than Nate and Sully? We would crack jokes as we’d crack coconuts!

Game #2 – Ape Escape. Maybe I’ll learn how to catch something that is not a coconut. Right Nate?

Music – If I could only take one music, then it would be Fallout 3’s “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire”. Just to keep us focused when we start losing our minds. Sully know’s what I’m talking about.

Luxury: Toilet paper. Unlimited toilet paper. It may seem like a joke, but toilet paper is on of those things we take for granted and won’t know how much you will miss it until you do. Like when me and Nate spent 8 days in that jungle because we couldn’t decipher the map.


Little Big Planet 2 and Metal Gear Solid 2

Little Big Planet is a legitimate cheat here. I would get close to infinity amount of games. Metal Gear Solid 2 has insanely hard VR missions that I will never be able to complete in a single life time.

Music: Nates theme 2.0 from Uncharted. It just gives me an incredible feeling Whenever I hear it. I think this is what would keep me sane.

Luxuary item: I want to be cheeky here and say a credit card. If I had that and accumulated a lot of debt I would be sure that the credit card company would track me down no matter where I was.


Game 1 – Mass Effect 2 because no other game has kept me coming back for more as this has (currently on playthrough 14). The suicide mission alone would make it one of my two games.

Game 2 – Journey for when I want to relax and contemplate things; and even though there is no talking it still tells a fantstic story πŸ™‚

Video game music – I’ll have to go with Skyrim’s for its wide variety of epic tracks (especially ‘Dragonborn’)

Luxury – My PS3, how else could I play the two games I brought with me to the island? πŸ˜›

sapateiras 30 November, 2012 @ 5:57 pm   47


GAME 1 – Ratchet & Clank Trilogy. I own all R&C and its one of my favorite games since that christmas i received my precious PS2. Who doesnt love that big eared guy and his little robot fellow ?

GAME 2 – LittleBigPlanet 2 . So i could make my own deserted island and play with my friends, and still the island has internet so i would be hours and hours playing it.

MUSIC – Greed Corp soundtrack. I love that 60s style of music from the game so it would be relaxing when you are alone in a island.

Luxury – My NathanΒ΄s Drake ring . So i could start my journey to find the lost city in the island eh ?

GoodLuck Everyone !

And dont forget to bring Pringles πŸ˜›

HighflyerVII 30 November, 2012 @ 5:57 pm   48

Game 1: FIFA 13, a game in which very few matches ever feel the same, a smorgasbord of online opponents. It’s one of the games that I can easily dive into for hours at any time between other, or storyline-intensive games, and always lasts me until when I get the next one…and would allow me to attempt to recreate the Middlesbrough fixtures that I wouldn’t be able to go to now that I’m stuck on a desert island alone…

Game 2: I’d like to say Final Fantasy VII, but I’ve played that to death already. So I guess Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition, as the sandbox nature of the game offers the potential for so much unbridled entertainment, and I might even have enough time in the confines of solitude to get that Auf Wiedersehen, Petrovic trophy. (I’m taking that if you’d be mean enough to leave me stranded on a desert island alone, that you won’t be nice enough to give me GTA V in advance…)


HighflyerVII 30 November, 2012 @ 5:58 pm   49


Music: If Rock Band is cheating, I’m guessing any of the Dance Dance Revolution series is also out ;). I’ll go for the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack (since I opted not to take the game). Always loved Uematsu’s stuff, and who wouldn’t have the urge to play Those Who Fight Further in the background whilst fighting the monkey who stole your FIFA disc.

Luxury Item: I’d take an In The Groove 2 dedicated cabinet, because I’ve yet to play one, doubles up as a music player (hey, that’s cheating!) as well as a game (cheating again) and keeps me fit whilst I feast on the bountiful fruits and strange creatures of the island.


Game#1: Final Fantasy VII – Breeding and racing chocobos should whittle away plenty of time while i wait for the rescue boat.

Game#2: Resident Evil 4 – This game is pure fun, clocked multiple times.

Music: Super Mario theme – Guaranteed to lift your mood when you inevitably feel depressed and alone on the island.

Luxury item: Mint chocolate Ice cream. Delicious!

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