Weekend Debate: Desert island discs

On the assumption that a good proportion of you either a) don’t live in the UK, and/or b) don’t listen to BBC Radio 4, this week’s Weekend Debate probably requires a quick introduction.

Desert Island Discs is a long-running British radio show in which a well-known celebrity is asked which eight pieces of music they’d take with them if they had to spend the rest of their days stranded alone on a desert island. They also get to choose one book, and one luxury item (which can’t be a living thing).

It’s classic pub conversation fodder, and a hypothetical I frequently find myself locked in with chums. So, this week I thought I’d give it a video game-centric twist and throw it out to you guys. I want to know:

  • Which two video games would you take with you?
  • Which piece of videogame music?
  • Which luxury item?

List your picks below, along with an explanation for each choice. For the sake of argument, we’ll say that the desert island in question comes equipped with a high speed internet connection to enable online play.

I’ve got eight codes for the rather excellent PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on PlayStation 3 for the most entertaining responses. Check out the trailer below to remind yourself of its lunatic charms.

Oh, and my personal picks to get you started:

Game #1: Dark Souls – considering how much a blather on about my unbridled love for this game, friends and colleagues would probably welcome my banishment to a distant faraway place. In short, it’s massive, it’s got crazy amounts of depth and the brilliantly weird multiplayer would keep me from feeling too lonesome!

Game #2: Resident Evil 4 – A classic that I’ve beaten umpteen times, and will happily plough-through again and again. Perfect desert island fodder.

Music: Yes, Rock Band is cheating! Having been separated from friends and family, I’d likely be a bit miserable so it needs to be something perky. Easy: PaRappa the Rapper.

Luxury: The thought of life without Maltesers is simply too dreadful to contemplate…

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Uncharted 3, Far Cry 3, Assassins Creed 3, Battlefield 3. So all the games that end in 3 :D:D



Dead Island (kinda creepy)
LittleBigPlanet (motivation to create housing etc.)


The GTA:SA soundtrack, should be enough to keep me busy for quite some time.


PlayStation Vita so I can t@g the desert island to make it mine πŸ˜€


1) Dead Island cause I’m on an Island.
2) Forza4 just to keep my driving up.
3) Guitar Hero. Music game
4) got to be my Bed.

dreaminstereo 30 November, 2012 @ 5:11 pm   4

First video game would be Final Fantasy X. If I’ve been abandoned on a desert island, then I’d like something familiar, comforting, but that can entertain me for hours and hours and hours.

The second video game would be Uncharted 3 so that I can get that whole explorer feel going on. Perhaps there’s some buried treasure on my island, and Drake and co would inspire me to go searching – not to mention it’s got the best multiplayer!

Music-wise, the soundtrack to Skyrim because it’s simply EPIC. If I’ve got to fight off a tiger, I want to feel like a Dovahkiin.

And my luxury item would have to be my Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood hoodie. Ridiculously warm and comfy, and I can hunt down my dinner in style πŸ˜‰

    Fred Dutton 4 December, 2012 @ 1:36 pm    

    Sorry for the delay in announcing this week’s winners – I’ve been away from my desk for a few days. Anyway, first PS All Stars code here – congrats!

badman24-angar 30 November, 2012 @ 5:11 pm   5

I’d do –

Game 1 – Metal Gear Solid 4. This is because it is so notoriously long I will likely still be playing it till I die on the island. It also doubles as a movie.

Game 2 – Crisis Core. Call it cheesy but I’ve played through it loads of times, its story is pure emotion.

Music – Any final fantasy game’s music is pure classic.

Luxury – My phone. I couldn’t live without this thing.

TOXICDANG3R 30 November, 2012 @ 5:11 pm   6

My 2 games would have to be Uncharted 3 because i too would be on a great adventure just like Nathan Drake & Skyrim because there is Hours & Hours of gameplay to keep me occupied on the long dark nights, Soundtrack would have to come courtesy of my Dj Hero πŸ™‚ keeping it real Ha!! & finally my Luxury item would be a Huge industrial generator to run everything off πŸ™‚ no plugs in a palm tree lol


I would take:
Games:Minecraft (Because I would never get bored) and MGS3 (So I get some survival tips)
Game Soundtrack: Kingdom Hearts 2 (Because it’s awesome)
Luxury: To make an endless amount of twixs

V00D00CHARL1E 30 November, 2012 @ 5:12 pm   8

The first game is an obvious one, derrick the deathfin. Who else is more likely to know the surrounding waters.

The second game would have to be PlayStation home. I would be able to shop, chat, bowl, game, etc all without leaving my island.

Video game music would have to be pixel junk eden soundtrack. What better way to chill under the stars.

My luxury item would have to be my Vita. Game, internet, Skype, email. Who needs civilisation.

CALAVERALMA 30 November, 2012 @ 5:14 pm   9

Game #1:If Im going to be spending the rest of my life playing just two games then I will need a hard game with a lot of replayability and that game is Demon Souls. It can keep me company at day while I play it and also during the night beside my nightmares.

Game #2: Difficult decision,the second game would be a multiplayer game so I can chat with someone and not become insane like Tom Hanks in that movie with the ball…and it also has to be a game that has solid gameplay and addictive mp so I would chose Uncharted3

Music:I was going to chose the original Tomb Raider as my second game option, but since it has no mp and I really need that, then the soundtrack will have to do to remind me the great memories this little game brought to me while i was like 15 years old.

Luxury: Im going to be seating on my ass for a very long time so I would say an expensive, comfortable chair with a hole to put my coconuts (the ones that have water in it, you pervs!) and vibratory seat so my buttcheeks never go numb.

toxic-inferno 30 November, 2012 @ 5:16 pm   10

2 Games:
Skyrim – Would last me weeks! No point taking an 8 hour game to a desert island! I could easily squeeze 500 hours out of Skyrim, especially if I was bored on an island!!

LittleBigPlanet 2 – FINALLY I’d have enough time to actually make those levels that I never got round to finishing! So many ideas, no NEARLY enough time!

Videogame Music:
Has to be the Uncharted theme. A fantastic piece of music (in fact, the entire Uncharted 3 soundtrack is amazing), that I could listen to for hours, while searching for lost treasure on the island. Plus, its triumphant tone would keep me from going mad!

Luxary Item:
Possibly my guitar… then I could sit on the island’s beach for hours and play while the sun sets on the horizon.

    Fred Dutton 4 December, 2012 @ 1:37 pm    

    Heh, I have the exact same problem with LBP. Actually, eternity spent on a desert island would be a great way to clear my backlog in general…

    Enjoy your PSAS code.


Easy one for me this week.

First game I would choose would be civilization as I love that game and I love playing each of the civilizations in a different way. Some times I’m a war hungry tyrant other times I’m a peaceful diplomat. Added bonus is that the games w total time sink where day’s blend into night without you noticing.

Game 2 would have to be the Sims as I’m assuming I would be lacking any form of social interaction on this mysterious island so I’d use this game to create friends so I would not start talking to coconuts πŸ™‚

I’m going to chose the sound track to lord of shadows as its stunning and I love classical style music.

The item it take assuming I have the means to use The other stuff I’m bringing would be a very large lighter with lots of fuel as I don’t know how to get fire from 2 sticks.



Final Fantasy 9

I always struggle to pick my favourite Final Fantasy game. 7 was my first memory of the series so it holds a place in my heart and 8 is just pure awesome, but the characters of 9 are just amazing. Vivi in particular stands out as one of my all time favourites in gaming.

Skate 3

A game I could play endlessly just trying to get a sweet 1440 on the Danny Way DLC. Hall of Meat would keep me entertained for hours as well.

Music – Black Mages albums

Technically cheating as it’s not actually from a game but these rocked out versions of Final Fantasy classics would help me fill the lonesome hours

Luxury Item – My Kitten

I could use the company and if I was terrible at finding food I could always eat her

E_Darkness 30 November, 2012 @ 5:20 pm   13

Dark Souls: Spent a massive amount of time playing it. As long as there is an idea of a playthrough to do then I can just keep on playing it. And seeing as I’d be on a desert island I’ll have plenty of time for loads of playthroughs.
Shadow of the Colossus: Perhaps one of my favourite games ever. It’s just so beautifully designed and well done. I wouldn’t mind playing this game over and over again.
Wipeout HD Fury: It’s got a cracking soundtrack. What more is there to say?
Luxury item:
A comfy bed. Got to have a good night’s sleep, plus it’s handy to play games in.


First game – Uncharted 3 – Loved it.
Second game – Gran Turismo 5 – Love simulation driving games
Soundtrack – Uncharted 3 – Just awesome
Luxury item – My phone, where would I be without it?


I get to the island, PS3 in hand, a bit soggy but still working. Assassins Creed 3 and Darksiders 2. Creed because it’s still got loads to explore, need to find those trinkets and Darksiders 2 cos it only arrived today and I’m playing it damn it! I can here the Go Team playing from LBP and then I see the sign 100gb free wifi on this island. Amazing I think as I see a plug socket in a tree trunk. I just wish I’d brought a T.V as my luxury item instead of this massive box of fun size milky ways πŸ™

guitarlawdz1 30 November, 2012 @ 5:20 pm   16

Just Cause 2
Battlefield 3

Assassin’s Creed 2 Soundtrack

A beanbag to sit on.

Niyolpaki 30 November, 2012 @ 5:22 pm   17

Metal Gear Solid: is one of my favorite games
Patapon: is a great game and it requires a lot of hours of gameplay
God Of War 3: awesome game that i could play for a long time

soundtrack: I like the Metal gear solid music

Luxury item: a Car, to travel around the island


Assuming I’d also have the necessary hardware.
Game 1 – GTA Vice City. Epic 80’s setting, soundtrack, characters and story … infinitely replayable.
Game 2 – Legend of Zelda:Link to the Past. Possibly the finest Zelda game. I replay this probably at least once a year.
Music – Flower soundtrack. Just a stunning piece of sound design.
Luxury – Tea. You can’t have a good gaming session without it.


Love this debate question, going to bug all my gamer friends with it πŸ™‚

Which two video games would you take with you?

Firstly Fallout 3, I’d be happy with any Berthesda RPG type game to be honest, but this one I got completely immersed in, and I haven’t yet completed all the DLC so I can start right there!

Second would probably be Alex Kidd in Miracle World for the Sega Master System II, as… rather embarrassingly…I played it as a kid and despite downloading it from PSN a while back, still haven’t managed to get to the end! The games really were harder back in the day, with the exception of Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls of course.

Which piece of videogame music?

Folklore soundtrack. Highly recommend this underrated game, and it’s soundtrack is so, so good.

Which luxury item?

If I can’t take my cat, then I shall make use of the internet connection, and opt for my Nexus 7 to keep me updated with news, socially connected, and able to play games via emulators πŸ˜‰

shaurya44 30 November, 2012 @ 5:27 pm   20

1) Persona 4 Golden
100 hours plus entertaining game with great visuals. The complete jrpg experience. Platinuming it will make time fly quickly. (us version :P)

2) Fallout New Vegas. One of my favourite games of this generation. Obsidian outdid Bethesda.

Soundtrack. Journey and if you allow Skyrim.

Luxury item. My headphones of course. How else would I immerse myself in the soundtracks and the games.

Mattrapid441 30 November, 2012 @ 5:28 pm   21

Uncharted 2

Nathan Drake.. The best game this generation.. hands down and who better to be on a desert island with than Nathan Drake!?


Well you just can’t leave out Sackboy.. now add the imagination and the possibilities are endless! My second favourite game with generation. Create clowns to scare Nate would be pure entertainment.


Dynasty Warriors 7

Japanese battle music to go with the awkward desert island scenario.. doesn’t really suit the mood but it sounds awesome!

Luxury Item

PS3 Controller Charger – NEVER STOP PLAYING

Or Oreos.. its a tough choice!


Afternoon Fred,

Ok Game 1 – Dark Souls/Demon Souls. Either/Or really as both are epic!

Game 2 – Bioshock. Such an awesome game.

Music – God Of War 3 just so I could walk around my island and feel like a God!

Luxury item – A space hopper. Just so I could bounce my way around my island and feel like a God thats been tigger-fied!


1st Game: a fighting game, Street Fighter Alpha 2 Dash or King Of Fighters XIII. I need a fun game that last… forever.

2nd Game: a racing game, probably Need For Speed: Shift (the first one). It can be a simulator or an arcade, so it’s perfect for any time.

Music: Guild Wars 2 soundtrack. I’ve been playing this game a lot, bought the soundtrack and I listen to it all the time. Jeremy Soule is a great musician.

Luxury: A racing will (Logitech G25 or G27), to really enjoy the racing game.

Wiiman1225 30 November, 2012 @ 5:30 pm   24

Game 1: The Unfinished Swan. Just like a bedtime story which I could use to get to sleep in the wilderness. Ahh.. πŸ˜‰
Game 2: Transformers Fall of Cybertron. I just have to had a shooter to past the time with and this would be it. The Multiplayer is just the icing on top of the lovely, hard, metal transforming cake!
Game 3: LittleBigPlanet Karting. Who wouldn’t want a bit of racing action while you’re stranded on an unknown island? The creation modes are great while the story is good and the community will keep me playing endlessly.

Music: This has to relate with gaming right (I can’t think of any soundtracks I really like)? Well, since this relates to gaming, I would take the Wreck-it Ralph soundtrack as the film’s theme is about gaming, It has some really good pieces of music and has the most catchy song of this year: When Can I See You Again by Owl City.

Luxury: Endless amount of Hunter’s Chicken and Wedges. No need for hunting for food ever again with this. The best meal ever!


My games would be.
Uncharted 3 -bbrilliant game. It’ll suit the sandy environment πŸ˜‰
Little Big Planet PS VITA – I’ll use the camera to take pictures for cool stickers.

My music would probably be “Dreamers of the day” from the OST of Uncharted 3

Luxury item? A White 3G PS VITA oooHhhh


*Racing wheel. I don’t know what I write anymore XD

Aloysious 30 November, 2012 @ 5:31 pm   27

First game: final fantasy vii. There’s a lot of hours entertainment there.
Second game: silent hill hd collection. For no other reason than scaring the crap out of myself
Music: Tetris. That tune never gets tiresome
Luxury item: Bear Grylls, coz that man can make a meal out of anything

TheNudgeMan 30 November, 2012 @ 5:33 pm   28

Games: I would take Dark Souls and Football Manager. No excuse to ever get bored!

Music: Has to be the GTA Vice City Soundtrack because the 80’s will never die!

Luxury Item: My ultra-reclining leather armchair!


well let’s be practical

first the luxury item would be a TV and PS3 combo

second music We Love Katamari soundtrack just because lunacy knows no bounds

Far Cry 3 (yes, just what I need to keep me paranoid about those others on the other side of the island) besides its been fantastic fun so far and it looks like it will be epic (enough to wile away the days with massive bloating from feasting on coconuts)

second – not great game but I’m being pragmatic White Knight Chronicles 2 (talk about a way to spend the long days on that desert island – nothing quite like endless epic grinding to help the months pass

not interested in the code just answered for fun

PsychoNinjaKen 30 November, 2012 @ 5:36 pm   30

Game#1: Destiny (because it looks good and last long).
Game#2: Grand Theft Auto V (for obvious reasons).
Music: GTA5 soundtrack (amazing hip hop music).
Luxury: my iPhone 5 because it is a must.

timmy_darco 30 November, 2012 @ 5:37 pm   31

1) Fallout: New Vegas – For the hours and hours of gameplay and also seeing how grim the fallout world is, it would probably make me feel a little better about being stuck on an island.

2)Crash team racing – I know its old, but there is no game in existence that I would rather be stuck with.

Music – With New Vegas I’d already have some pretty dope music to listen to, and the CTR theme tune will NEVER get old, but I’d go for Uncharted 3 purely to make my time on the island that little more epic.

Luxury Item – Robinson’s apple and blackcurrant juice. ‘Nuff said.

custard666 30 November, 2012 @ 5:37 pm   32

Hmm, OK. Game wise, I reckon I’d take Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater-at the very least, you can learn some survival techniques! Might as well pack a Fifa game as well, I’d finally get enough time to learn how to be decent on it…

Music-GTA: San Andreas soundtrack-nothing but hits!

Luxury thingy-Might as well take my guitar, then I can learn how to play the whole soundtrack, keep me occupied while I’m waiting for my MGS3 style traps to snare me some lunch!


wich 2 video games would i take with me? well number 1 would be far cry 3 as that game is set on an island! and it will be the ultimate survival emulator! (also it may prevent you from going mad)
my 2nd game would be skyrim because you can play that forever and not get bored!

wich piece of video game music? i would have to go with assassins creed 2 ezio’s familly music. it is the main song in ac2 and it will remind me of all the good times in the assassins creed universe.

wich luxury item? well that would be easy: A PS3! and if thats not aloud then A PS VITA!

i would go insane on an island without gaming, *cough farcry 3 cough*

Ikeelunow 30 November, 2012 @ 5:39 pm   34

Assuming multiplayer is out of the equation I would take Final Fantasy Tactics. I have never found a singleplayer game with more replayability then that, the teams you can create are almost endless.

My second game would be Magic the Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers: 2013 as that game also has masses of combinations of deck choices and setups.

I would take the Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack as it is timeless.

And I have to agree that I would have to take tea with me (yes I am british!). A day without tea is a bad day.


GAME 1: Fallout 3. Hundreds of hours of gameplay,keep you occupied for awhile. I have played through numerous times and will glady do so again. You could adapt the survival aspects of the game to your current situation and if you get back to main land and there’s been a nuclear war your covered.

GAME 2: Dragon Age Origins. Because i might actually get around to playing it.I love the idea of it and the feel of it but never got fully immersed in it for some reason. It ticks all the right boxs for me.Perfect opportunity to finally finish it and possibly a platinum trophy.

Video game music: It’s got to be Tomb Raider 1 for me. Whenever the music starts up you know something exciting is about to happen or else you’ve just discovered some ancient ruins and the camera moves back to give you the the full view of what you are about to try to climb.

Luxury item: Ipod can’t live without my tunes.

Phoenixfire90 30 November, 2012 @ 5:40 pm   36

This is a tough one, okay, if I ended up stuck on a desert island with no hope of being rescued, my list would be;

Games: Burnout Paradise and Mass Effect 2 hands down, I have a lot of favourite games but these two always make me come back for more.

Videogame music: Has to be the soundtrack to MGS4 Guns of the Patriots, no question, good music for hunting wild animals on the island. But if I only had to pick one piece of music from that soundtrack it would have to be: The Hunted.

My one luxury item: Cake, it may be a lie but it could be a lifesaver if there’s no animals around or I hunt them all to extinction.

R3dC3llTran3 30 November, 2012 @ 5:41 pm   37

Deserted island ? Hum.. Well its been some weeks now that i started to see LOST again and now i gotta pick what to take to a deserted island o-o Well i hope it doest have the same problems as the LOST one xD

Ok first game i would bring with me would be Crash Bandicoot, why ? Because its there since my childhood and its island themed so. I would waste hours playing it without stop and its a Playstation classic so.

Second game is Far Cry 3. I could learn something about surving with it and how to punch a shark in the face, well if i try that i think my island days would end xD

Music definitely METAL GEAR SOLID Soundtrack i just love it and i cant explain why. Its a soundtrack that i always enjoyed so its the one i would bring.

My Luxury is a box of knifes. I could i play my games without make me a couch from the mother nature ? A knife its the principal item you should have if you in a desert island.

Thats all i hope everyone enjoys their vacations on the desert island. I dont eat my boar ! D:

    Fred Dutton 4 December, 2012 @ 1:40 pm    

    I’m not sure how useful FC3 is as preparation for life on an island. Shark-punching might not be the most effective way of finding your dinner…

    PSAS code here!


Game 1- Fallout New Vegas: Already spent several days on that game and their is still so much to do. It would make me forgot i am on a dingy barren desert island and instead be on a dingy barren desert world. Only with cool guns, giant ants and me being a badass.

Game 2- Eye pet: that way i would have someone to love, talk to and play with…. wouldn’t need a girl if i have an eye pet lol.

Music- Locoroco music.. hearing that always brings a smile to my face and wud make being on an island not so bad.. unless it was attacked by mojo.

Luxury item: My ps3.. so i can play they games and listen to the music… not must point in bringing games along and only being able to stare at the cases…. i think that would push me over the edge.


game 1 – would have to be skyrim, Over 300 hours of gameplay would be just about enough to satisfy me for the long time i’d have to spend on the island πŸ˜€

Game 2 – i’d like to stay alive long enough to play every bit of skyrim, so i’m gonna need a bit of red dead redemption/undead nightmare to inspre me to get huntin and skinning animals! πŸ˜‰ plus, you never know… It might be a voodoo zombie inhabited island…survival tips would be appreciated…

Music – little big planet’s delightfull selection of tunes, which would hopefully keep me jolly through this whole experience, but they may also drive me mental…

Luxury item – dualshock controller charger might be helpfull, unless i want my experience to be short lived! ;D

Sorry if this is already up, tried posting from the app when there was only 9 comments but it doesnt seem like it’s goin up :/

Black_Devils99 30 November, 2012 @ 5:43 pm   40

Game #1:
Borderlands 2. I love playing this amazing shooter with my friends on the PlayStation. The weapons and enemies are so cool. It’s an incredibly addictive game, even after the 2nd playthrough.

Game #2:
Far Cry 3. I haven’t had much time to play this game yet, but so far I’m impressed. Giant open world, awesome story and fascinating graphics. On the island I finally had time to continue playing, there’s still so much to explore.

The main theme of Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty. Definitely the best game soundtrack ever.

My phone. I mean, how else could I get all the news about game releases for my PS3 and PS Vita?

Evil-LoPo 30 November, 2012 @ 5:45 pm   41

First game without a doubt is going to be Dark souls. No matter how many times I play it I just can’t get enough from it. So it is the best thing to take with me.

The second game Tales of Graces f. I just love that game πŸ˜€

I’ll take Nier for the music. That game has the best soundtrack ever!

For luxury I’ll pick My PS3 and my TV or else I wouldn’t be able to play the games that I took with me πŸ˜›

eyez-iz-chon 30 November, 2012 @ 5:45 pm   42

game 1: final fantasy IX – my first final fantasy game! completed more than 50 times literally! played it on PS1, PS2 and on my PSP!! endless fun, even bought the strategy guide as a substitute for a non-existent book of the game πŸ˜€

game 2: Tony Hawk’s Underground! First skateboarding game i owned, countless playthroughs, countless bails – breaking knees, elbows and all sorts! very fun gameplay and story, GOD DAMN YOU ERIC SPARROW!!

videogame music: are we allowed an soundtrack? or just one specific piece of music? if it’s soundtrack, then the entire FFIX soundtrack!! if it’s a single piece, then its either Village of Dali! or Dark City Treno! or maybe Meloadies of Life! it’s a toughie!

luxury item: my guitar! nothing beats listening to a soundtrack from a game, then actually PLAYING the music πŸ˜€


Gran Tourismo 5
Far Cry 3

Soundtrack: Jet Set Radio (need that toe tapping goodness)

Luxury item: my 5.1 sound system


Is this valid for Portugal? If so, here are my choices:

Game #1 – Uncharted 3. I still haven’t aced that one yet, and it would bring me tones of entertainment playing online. And, of course, after being alone in the Island for the long one most start talking to some imaginary friends and hey! who better than Nate and Sully? We would crack jokes as we’d crack coconuts!

Game #2 – Ape Escape. Maybe I’ll learn how to catch something that is not a coconut. Right Nate?

Music – If I could only take one music, then it would be Fallout 3’s “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire”. Just to keep us focused when we start losing our minds. Sully know’s what I’m talking about.

Luxury: Toilet paper. Unlimited toilet paper. It may seem like a joke, but toilet paper is on of those things we take for granted and won’t know how much you will miss it until you do. Like when me and Nate spent 8 days in that jungle because we couldn’t decipher the map.


Little Big Planet 2 and Metal Gear Solid 2

Little Big Planet is a legitimate cheat here. I would get close to infinity amount of games. Metal Gear Solid 2 has insanely hard VR missions that I will never be able to complete in a single life time.

Music: Nates theme 2.0 from Uncharted. It just gives me an incredible feeling Whenever I hear it. I think this is what would keep me sane.

Luxuary item: I want to be cheeky here and say a credit card. If I had that and accumulated a lot of debt I would be sure that the credit card company would track me down no matter where I was.


Game 1 – Mass Effect 2 because no other game has kept me coming back for more as this has (currently on playthrough 14). The suicide mission alone would make it one of my two games.

Game 2 – Journey for when I want to relax and contemplate things; and even though there is no talking it still tells a fantstic story πŸ™‚

Video game music – I’ll have to go with Skyrim’s for its wide variety of epic tracks (especially ‘Dragonborn’)

Luxury – My PS3, how else could I play the two games I brought with me to the island? πŸ˜›

sapateiras 30 November, 2012 @ 5:57 pm   47


GAME 1 – Ratchet & Clank Trilogy. I own all R&C and its one of my favorite games since that christmas i received my precious PS2. Who doesnt love that big eared guy and his little robot fellow ?

GAME 2 – LittleBigPlanet 2 . So i could make my own deserted island and play with my friends, and still the island has internet so i would be hours and hours playing it.

MUSIC – Greed Corp soundtrack. I love that 60s style of music from the game so it would be relaxing when you are alone in a island.

Luxury – My NathanΒ΄s Drake ring . So i could start my journey to find the lost city in the island eh ?

GoodLuck Everyone !

And dont forget to bring Pringles πŸ˜›

HighflyerVII 30 November, 2012 @ 5:57 pm   48

Game 1: FIFA 13, a game in which very few matches ever feel the same, a smorgasbord of online opponents. It’s one of the games that I can easily dive into for hours at any time between other, or storyline-intensive games, and always lasts me until when I get the next one…and would allow me to attempt to recreate the Middlesbrough fixtures that I wouldn’t be able to go to now that I’m stuck on a desert island alone…

Game 2: I’d like to say Final Fantasy VII, but I’ve played that to death already. So I guess Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition, as the sandbox nature of the game offers the potential for so much unbridled entertainment, and I might even have enough time in the confines of solitude to get that Auf Wiedersehen, Petrovic trophy. (I’m taking that if you’d be mean enough to leave me stranded on a desert island alone, that you won’t be nice enough to give me GTA V in advance…)


HighflyerVII 30 November, 2012 @ 5:58 pm   49


Music: If Rock Band is cheating, I’m guessing any of the Dance Dance Revolution series is also out ;). I’ll go for the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack (since I opted not to take the game). Always loved Uematsu’s stuff, and who wouldn’t have the urge to play Those Who Fight Further in the background whilst fighting the monkey who stole your FIFA disc.

Luxury Item: I’d take an In The Groove 2 dedicated cabinet, because I’ve yet to play one, doubles up as a music player (hey, that’s cheating!) as well as a game (cheating again) and keeps me fit whilst I feast on the bountiful fruits and strange creatures of the island.


Game#1: Final Fantasy VII – Breeding and racing chocobos should whittle away plenty of time while i wait for the rescue boat.

Game#2: Resident Evil 4 – This game is pure fun, clocked multiple times.

Music: Super Mario theme – Guaranteed to lift your mood when you inevitably feel depressed and alone on the island.

Luxury item: Mint chocolate Ice cream. Delicious!


*Edit to last post*

Iv just seen someone else put PS3 for luxury item and said something similar to me so I will change mine.

Luxury – Going on the premise that we have a PS3 on the island, I’ll go for electricity….or the PS3 is useless.

MercBusta 30 November, 2012 @ 6:05 pm   52

Game 1: I would probably bring Need for Speed Most Wanted, because of the cross buy I can play it on my PS3 at the shack and when im out fishing (alltough i hate fish) i can continue on my PS Vita

Game 2: Mortal Kombat, just for the chance anyone else would strand on the same island

Music: Well, the music from all GTA San Andreas radio stations. Something for every mood

Luxury: Coca Cola, I can’t live without it πŸ˜›


Game #1: Batman: Arkham City – with Uncharted 2/3 the best game in recent history. Great story, terrific action and a whole city to discover with a lot of baddies. That’s why I would prefer it to Uncharted if I have to go to a deserted island.

Game #2: Hanna Montana The Movie The Game – Everytime I kind of get ‘sick’ of Batman, I would play Hanna Montana for a while. Cause when you play very bad games you get reminded to appreciate the very good games. This way I will never get sick of Batman, so I can play it over and over again. All thanks to Hanna Montana.

Music: Most game music is to draw you in the game. But sitting on a deserted island with 35 degrees I wouldn’t be in the mood for the great soundtracks of inFamous, MGS and Fallout which are kind of dark and not very lifting my spirit. I would like beautiful, but also happy music, so I know Zelda is a safe bet. Especially the Wind Waker, have great memories about that game and it’s music.

Luxury: a hammock. My back would kill me if I have to lie on the sand every night and day. With a hammock I could be comfortable, so I can get a good night rest before playing Batman again.

S-o-h-a-i-l 30 November, 2012 @ 6:09 pm   54

G1 – Far Cry 3 been ploughing through this bad boy and the premise fits itself perfectly with the setting. a) same setting, b) the story is so engaging I find myself leaning in, staring the characters in the eye as they talk to me (so the peace and quite would both be welcoming and terrifying considering the horrific story) & c) the amount of stuff to do in the game is so ridiculous I may not want to get off.

G2 – Final Fantasy VIII, underappreciated in my opinion. I have played this game time and time again (on the PS1, the PC, digitally downloaded on the PS3 & now my Vita). It’s just one of those games I will always love, no matter how far ahead the console generation we are, it’s a true gem that deserves going back to, if not for the deep story or realised world, then the difficult turn based battles that require stratedgy.

VGM – Assassins Creed 3, I fell in love with every instrumental when playing the game, going as far as buying them on iTunes. I can just close my eyes and lose
myself to them.

L – My auto-restocking mini fridge, set up next my sofa purely for TV & gaming purposes (although without my girlfriend, it would just be an empty mini fridge, but I guess I could cool my feet from the hot desert sand).

NV_Misfit 30 November, 2012 @ 6:09 pm   55

Game #1: LittleBigPlanet 2-If I’m going to be stuck on an island for a while I want a game that has endless replay value.With the never-ending new community content of LBP2 I think I won’t ever get bored.

Game #2: Battlefield 3-I can’t go a day without playing some FPS game so might as well take one of the best with me to the island I’m going to be stuck on.Plenty of awesome vehicles to drive, epic explosions and destruction, and phenomenal realistic graphics and sound make this a FPS I could play for months on end.

Music: I have to go back to LittleBigPlanet 2 for my music. It’s upbeat and will keep me in a good mood despite being stranded on an island by myself.I’m also thinking that if there is any other music that I want to listen to it’s probably been recreated in at least one LBP2 community level out there.

Luxury: Biggest and best 3D HDTV with online movie streaming that is available to buy.What good is having some fun games to play without an awesome TV to play them on?


My games would probably be Final Fantasy X and Gravity Rush. FFX would be for the gripping, emotional storyline, not to mention all the brilliant side-missions you can do. Then again, combining the loneliness of a desert island with the stress of filling up the Monster Arena might not be the best combination. As for Gravity Rush, I just have so much fun hurling Kat around the city to not take it with me. Then again (again), being stuck on a desert island with a game about a girl who can make herself fly would probably depress me.

On the music side, I think Assassin’s Creed II’s “Venice Rooftops” wins it for me. It’s just so energetic and lively, not to mention a stunning piece of music. It’d do a great deal to keep me going.

Lastly, I’d have to take a toothbrush. I could survive a desert island, but doing it with bits of coconut stuck in my teeth? No, thank you.

Have a nice weekend, Fred!

Frederik__93 30 November, 2012 @ 6:12 pm   57

Lets start this shall we ?

GAME 1: Monkey Island. So i could prepare myself if some meany pirates attack me and my little monkeys.

GAME 2: Sly Raccoon . Always love that game so why not bring it and have some fun playing it with my feet full of sand πŸ˜€

MUSIC: Warhawk main theme. I love it and i enjoy songs like that one.

LUXURY: A box of bananas. So i could eat them and feed my little monkeys.

And thats all !

RossyWilson 30 November, 2012 @ 6:13 pm   58

Right first game is an easy choice The Jak and Daxter Trilogy as this is my favourite game series of all time. (Im assuming that counts as one game since its on a single disk)It would also help take me back to my childhood and bring back memories of my family who i will probably never see again :'(

I was thinking for the second something open world or an rpg so it would take me a while to complete it but i then changed my mind deciding on Lbp2 since this island magically has an internet connection i would be able to play the millions of user created levels giving me a lifetime of games to play.

Game soundtrack would have to be Uncharted. Might get boring after a wee bit but it will help me to feel like an adventurer when stranded on the island.

My Luxury Item would have to be my ipod. Assuming that the island comes with a ps3 installed that is. I was going to go for a ps plus membership but i thought that might be cheating and i doubt a desert island in the middle of nowhere would have very good download speeds :p

BeanoJr274 30 November, 2012 @ 6:15 pm   59

OK then…

Game no. 1: LittleBigPlanet PS Vita (if there’s no plug socket on the island in question [which I imagine there won’t be], then you may as well take a portable console with you for SOME form of creating).

Game no. 2: Any ONE game from a PS1 series I remember from my childhood (I particularly remember playing Rayman 2 and Crash Bandicoot 3 on it. Heck, given that you can now download PS1 games, I guess this would pretty much be a loophole if downloadable games were allowed) or (if I lacked just about enough common sense to remember that desert islands don’t have plug sockets) Portal 2 (clever puzzle game, with some rather dark humour that is complimented by the game’s voice acting).

Soundtrack: Either LittleBigPlanet (eclectic range of indie and world music, and the original music compositions are wonderful to hear, particularly ‘My Advice’) or Crash Twinsanity (the a capella-style soundtrack has some rather catchy music and, compared to other soundtracks I’ve heard in the series, pretty unique to listen to).

Luxury item: Either a bed or a replenishable source of water that ISN’T the ocean! Goodness knows how long it may take until I see a false source of hope on the horizon.

declan__watson 30 November, 2012 @ 6:18 pm   60

Hey there Fred and fellow bloggers
1. Killzone an amazing first person shooter the best i have seen. Great online connectivity, fantastic gaming and great weapons.
2. Little big planet Media molecule have made one of the most amazing creative games ever. Great campaign, amazing online, family fun and friendly game.
3 Music from black ops 2 zombies I remember the feeling it’s very creepy. You can hear echoes in the background and one point where there is a little girl who laughs in a very creepy way makes you shiver.
4. Gaming and blogging my joy and my life. LongLiveSony
Thanks guys πŸ™‚ LongLivePlay Sony Make.Believe

Tsubaki_14 30 November, 2012 @ 6:19 pm   61

Skyrim – practically endless amounts of awesome gameplay, fitting for an endless amount of being stranded ;p

I’d take Pokemon W2 as 2nd, but I can’t have my DS so.. second choice is:
Modnation Racers – one of very few racing games I really enjoy, and it’s got pretty much endless content thanks to community creations!

For the music any final fantasy soundtrack CD would do! @.@

Luxury Item:
This is a pretty big cheat ;D I’d take my PS3, besides those two disc-games above, my PS3 is cram-jammed with +160 PSN titles and even full games so I got PLENTY to play through >:D haha!

CloudsurferTom 30 November, 2012 @ 6:21 pm   62

Hi all my first post πŸ˜€
My first game would have to be Final Fantasy 7, why I hear you ask….. Because it is epic I have only played it a few million times and I still believe I can kill Ruby weapon. Hey a few weeks on a desert island and I’ll probably have nailed that b***h haha

Game two would have to be metal gear HD collection that way I would have four great games to play whilst running away from pirates and what not haha (far cry reference)

Game music would have to be metal gear solid 2 theme man i love that tune
And finally my luxury item would be huge crate of carling zest because that drink is the bomb. Thanks for reading πŸ˜€


Games: Top Spin 4 and F1 2012. My 2 favourite sports and the 2 games I play the most. Unlimited replay value and will never get boring to me as I love the sports.

Music: Flower’s soundtrack. Absolutely beautiful! Makes a great change from common music nowadays.


Game 1 farcry. So I could learn how to survive on the desert island

Game 2 grand theft auto vice city. Need a game that will take some time to 100% and the sound track will keep me going is my music choice fails

Music. metallica \m/

Luxury. A car door. So I can roll the window down if it gets too hot.

grimbarian 30 November, 2012 @ 6:23 pm   65

Awesome debate topic – well done Fred.

Game 1: Thinking longevity on this one and something that needs time invested into it to get the best out – So going to go with Dragon Age Origins here. Great game but not one to be rushed – should whittle away some time whilst sipping down the coconut milk…

Game 2: One of the biggest things I would miss if stranded, is driving. I know the M25 isn’t fun (nor any London road for that matter) but I live in open countryside where roads are bendy and plentiful. So I would have my trusty copy of the truly awful Test Drive Unlimited 2. Purely because it’s the only open world driving game against other real people.

Game Music: Seen as rockband is cheating – and there’ll far too many puns about singstar seen as it’s on the XMB – I’ll stick with the driving theme and take the soundtrack to Gran Turismo 3. Can’t think of anything better than blasting around the Ibiza world of TDU2, listening to “Just a Day” by Feeder, in my…

Luxury Item: Playseat GT with Steering Wheel.


burstfire-dragon 30 November, 2012 @ 6:28 pm   66

Without a doubt, my favourite game of all time would be taken with me, being Kingdom Hearts 2. The story was absolutely brilliant, the graphics are still amazing, lots of stuff to do, battle NEVER get boring for me, and there isn’t a world that I hate (Yes I ENJOYED ATLANTICA)The reason I bought a PS2 was for this game.

For my second game, it would have to be Final Fantasy X. My introduction to RPGs and has an absolutely amazing story, amazing characters, brilliant soundtrack, and I happily replay through it all the time. One of my personal favourites.

My music would definitely be the Persona 3 soundtrack. Infectious J-pop is amazing, and it has it’s share of dark themes, and light hearted fun.

Finally, my luxury would be a keyblade, to defend myself from the incoming heartless that would attack the island (because it WOULD happen at one point, and I’d be prepared.)

mattledger 30 November, 2012 @ 6:29 pm   67

I’d take Journey, it’s basically a dream in a desert so that would keep me distracted during the day and Tokyo Jungle to hone my hunting skills! Music I would have the Uncharted theme to make me feel like I was on an epic adventure and I guess Vita is too obvious a luxury item but I don’t care, Vita it is!

A_Nonny_Moose 30 November, 2012 @ 6:29 pm   68

Game 1: Shadow of the Colossus. A game that I would probably never get tired of. I still haven’t explored all the Forbidden Lands despite the dozens and dozens of hours I put into it over the years, and discovering new methods of climbing the colossi and exploiting the game’s physics are always fun. If the game ever had leaderboards I can honestly say I’d have been near the top, if not #1, for a couple of them (as far as I know, there were a few fan sites that competed in these things and my times got smashed eventually).

Game 2: Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Loved Tekken 6 and played it constantly for about a year. Bought Tag 2 on release but have just been too busy with other games to play it seriously. But on a desert island that wouldn’t be a problem.

Music: Well, my favourite piece of game music is Gun Jack’s Theme from the PS1 version of Tekken 3. But that’s a DLC track for Tag 2, so I’ll assume I have that already. In which case it would have to be the theme from Queen Himiko’s Throne room in Okami. Sometimes when I played Okami I’d go and sit that room for a few minutes just to hear the music.

Luxury Item: A complete men’s grooming kit. I want to be able to shave and trim my hair.

AsmodeanBT 30 November, 2012 @ 6:33 pm   69

Oh, I dunno, SingStar I guess? Not because I want to, but because I -ing have to. Let us get rid of the damn malware already!

whosane3450 30 November, 2012 @ 6:35 pm   70

1) THe Elder Scrolls 5 -Skyrim

in my hypothetical universe skyrim has all dlc πŸ˜€

plus its like one of the longest games ever πŸ˜€

2) fifa 13

id never get bored f this baby

game music :

god of war theme …. whenever im feeling bored an not upto catching some fish n climbing a coconut tree id just listen to this for inspiration πŸ˜€

luxury item

the cristopher nolan blu ray bundle .. which has all of his movies till date …. which are all awesome …. i mean who would ever get tired of … WHY SO SERIUS?

BeanoJr274 30 November, 2012 @ 6:42 pm   71

In reply to my earlier comment
Whoops, I meant ‘…if there’s no plug socket on the island in question [which I imagine there will be]…’ Little typo there.

Game #1: Tekken Tag 2
I’ve been a Tekken fan since my older brother bougth Tekken 3 all those years ago. Fighting games have infite replay value, so that’s great for a deserted island, and the latest Tekken is simply too good.

Game #2: Kingdom Hearts 2
Mixing Disney with Final Fantasy has got to be one of the most random ideas ever but what came out was a great game. The mix of the ammount of action, platforming and rpg was just right for my tastes. And while the first one had a better story, the second one had an incredible improvement on the gameplay.

Music: Final Fantasy X
The soundtrack usually wooshes above my head since I’m paying more attention to the story or gameplay but FFX’s OST was just so good it left a mark in me. I have yet to find another game with music that makes the digital world feel so alive and the story so important.
(a runner up would be Tekken 3 OST. Those were just ass-kicking tunes to kick some ass)

Luxury: Well, pen and papper would be simple and entertaining but maybe I should take a tv since I can’t hook up my PlayStation to a palm tree.

    Fred Dutton 4 December, 2012 @ 1:41 pm    

    Even if I played Tekken exclusively for 10 years, I’m pretty sure I would still be utterly terrible. PSAS code for you.


Game1: mgs2 as game was very surprising in both ways as in cutscence s was unbelievable to watch on ps2 and other u never eyed with snake.

Game2:uncharted drakes fortune.showed da world what ps3 was all about and set a new bench mark for videogames and close to a interative movie wow

Soundtrack:guitar hero 3. Dragon force end track wow 1st tIme u play it it kills ur fingers after 4mins but I became a fan of them from then.

Luxury: my girl friend to share these moments of games and she is my world and love games

Falcon1991 30 November, 2012 @ 6:48 pm   74

Game 1: I don’t think I’d need a desert when I have the wasteland! At first I couldn’t get into Fallout 3 but after nearly a year I gave it a go and got completely immersed. I looked about every nook and cranny and it is one of only few games that made me feel absolute remorse for killing some ghouls after learning about some of them. πŸ™

Game 2: Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I’ve always liked some anime and some cyberpunk. So I took a gamble on this game and GOD, I’m so glad I did. This game was so atmospheric for me. I loved the multiple ways you could play the game (I personally tried to do no kills, did it on my 4th or 5th playthrough). The game was such a joy for me that I got the platinum and 100% of the trophies.

Music: This is rather hard for me. I’ve always found the Kingdom Hearts series to have luxurious soul entering music. Then I played Street Fighter/Super Street Fighter/Street Fighter X Tekken and I just have such a thing for techno-awesome-pumpyouup-tunes. I could also add the Mass Effect series and, whisper it, the brill Smash Bros games.

Luxury: An endless supply of Playstation Access. I love dem fellow UKers sense of humour and their guest hosts.


Definately Gravity Rush as my first game. My personal GOTY which happens to solve two points as it’ll double up as my videogame music too.

Second game Virtues last reward to keep my brain busy and lasts ages and ofcourse my luxury item is my beloved Vita!! I can’t go anywhere without it let alone an island in the middle of no-where

KavinSarragin 30 November, 2012 @ 7:00 pm   76

Game #1 – FTL.

It’s an evil game, that one. Thanks to its rogue-like, randomized gameplay, it’ll last for ages. The music is nice and trying to beat the game is really relaxing. Except when you want to scream, ’cause your pilot has been eaten by space spiders.

Game #2 – Guild Wars 2

The island is deserted, right? And I’ve got access to the Web? So why not play something, that allows you to interact with other people, chat with them and it won’t bleed you for more money?

Game Soundtrack – The second album from .hack//G.U. , Double Prayer to be more precise.

Why a single song would be enough? Let me tell you a story. I’ve had a very…interesting lecture recently. Almost fallen asleep during the first half. But during the break I’ve played Double Prayer and my energy came back. That’s the power of this track.

Luxury item – Kopiko

I’m addicted to those coffee sweets. That’s reason enough.

Coody-Baroody 30 November, 2012 @ 7:08 pm   77

Mine would have to be;

1) Dead Space to put the jeebies up me so ill be glad that im all alone when i turn off the game!
2) Dead Space 2 to REALLY put the jeebies up me so ill be glad that im all alone when i turn off the game! No necro’s on a desert island! Id hope.
3) The music from Uncharted, really gets my goosebumps going that theme and it’d make me want to explore where im at.
4) My luxury item? Probably have to be the Solar powered generator i been cooking up to keep everything powered! XD

Just to confirm i dont REALLY have a solar powered generator in the works!

Notlaw1976 30 November, 2012 @ 7:08 pm   78

Right then…

Game 1: Dark Souls solely for the longevity of it. The fact that its one one the finest hacky slashy RPGs of this generation is merely a side note. I do love Dark Souls…

Game 2: Hitman Absolution. Okay, so I’m wrapped up in it right now and that sways my judgement, but I’m loving the more sedate pacing and more challenging difficulty of it. Not many games of thus generation can boast this.

Soundtrack: Probably Burnout Paradise, I loved all the songs in that game. Either that or the first Darksiders, that was cool too.

Luxury: Cheese… need I reason why? Cannot contemplate life without cheese.

Come at me bro….

Jestersoil 30 November, 2012 @ 7:08 pm   79

that’s tough… well i’d say:

1st VG: Skyrim
2nd VG: Dark Souls
both choices made not only because these games are AWESOME but also because their huge and especially Skyrim is unending!! this would give me time until a rescue team is their way! haha

Music: Skyrim (Incredible relaxing soundtrack)

Luxury: mp3 player with all of Mnemic, In Flames, Soilwork albums!!


Video Games:
Final Fantasy VIII – I still have not played this game & I am sure the time alone will be thing I need to finish it!

Batman Arkham City – Finding those damn Riddler Trophies will take a little time

Bioshock Main Theme *The Ocean on his Shoulders* – Hauntingly Beautiful plus the sound of the sea will counter the feel

Luxury Item:
Simple…. my fiance – with out her I would be nothing & she will support me whilst defeating those games πŸ™‚

MZPerX_EU 30 November, 2012 @ 7:09 pm   81

LittleBigPlanet Vita! what else? You can play wherever you want (beach, cave, jungle) and you can always make a new game 4 your self: Life at the desert island 1,2,3… πŸ™‚


Game 1: LittleBigPlanet 2. Since there is always something to do in that game, i will never get bored.

Game 2: Dark Souls. The need to beat this extremly hard and yet awesome game, will completely overshadow my need for food and water.

Music: Final Fantasy VII. FFVII was the first PS1 game I played, and I was just blown away because of how great video game music can be.

Luxury: My first thought was a PS3, but then i change it to PSVita. Since it’s much easier to carry around with you.

chelski2009 30 November, 2012 @ 7:19 pm   83

Game 1: GTA Vice City – The soundtrack to that game alone made it one of my most played and rather than just take the soundtrack as my music choice I’m going to take the whole game.

Game 2: Hitman Absolution – maybe because its so fresh in the memory but I love Hitman. Trying to get that Silent Assassin rating on Purist difficulty on every level is going to take a loooooooong time. Just as well I’ve got nothing else to do apart from sit in the sun.

Music: I’ve already got Vice City for a wide range of 80s hits so I’d probably take the Metal Gear Solid Theme – more specifically, the re-orchestrated version from Metal Gear Solid 2. Still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I hear it.

Luxury Item: Simple. McCoy’s Sizzling King Prawn crisps

extermin8or_ 30 November, 2012 @ 7:19 pm   84

Music:It’s got to be Uncharted’s soundtrack being on a desert island and listening to that would be great, from Uch1’s great unique pieces to Uncahrted 3s more guitar based nathan drake theme they’d all fit the location perfectly. Now for the Games:
Game 1: Fallout:New Vegas Complete Edition-Skyrim is broken so Fallout NV can take it’s spotlight, massive game, with the dlc even more content, plays fine, loads of quests that will kill loads of time and just generally a great replayble game πŸ˜€
Game 2: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2-recent addition, the multiplayer has bots(im assuming no internet connection?),zombies(solo)and the singleplayer with it’s multi paths and choices and challenges, should be able to kill time and would be a nice change from the apocalypse plus it plays better than any other COD in recent years sorry BF3 but you don’t have bots.
Game 3: Uncahrted 2: Pinnacle of storytelling and gaming this gen, icy settings to maybe cool you down just by seeing them? great gameplay and I love it so much it’s just fun to play over and over πŸ™‚
Luxry Item: COmfy Gaming bean bag or chair or something so I can be comfortable whilst playing all these great games and listening to Uncharted’s epic music πŸ˜€

Hmm… A desert island?

I guess I’d take God of War III with me, to keep my skills in shape – you never know when Wilson, the Volleyball will turn into an angry Zeus – (and because it is amazing!); and LittleBigPlanet, which is fantastic and would keep me entertained till the end of times.

Mafia’s would be a pleasant soundtrack to have around.

Sadly, my luxury item would have to be paper tissues. I can never leave the house without a healthy amount of them and, in a desert island, my allergies would definitely act up.


2 games:
LBP2 – I’m building and building and building, and when I’m bored building I can play all those awesome user created levels, clips, etc.
Singstar – Yep I hate the forced thingy on the cross bar but the game is fun. But what’s even more fun is watching other people making fools out of themselves. It can become lonely on an Island so this keeps me in touch.
Journey – Hey if I’m forced to stay in one place I still can dream to go places!
luxury item:
My own bed. Sure a hammock is fun but nothing sleeps like my own bed and it makes a great couch to play games on and drink coconut milk.

stealthstu007 30 November, 2012 @ 7:26 pm   87

First game – Red Dead Redemption. I love this game and could easily replay it over and over, throw in the DLC and ill be happier.

Second game – Dino Crisis, theres something about this game that makes me want to play it again, need it on PSN!

Music – Sonic the Hedgehog, need I say anymore!

Luxury – a full fridge of beer lol

doomsday619 30 November, 2012 @ 7:36 pm   88

Game 1: Assassins Creed Anthology (see 5 games in 1 :P)
Game 2: GTA IV so i can finally finish it plus its quite fun online.

Music: Brutal Legend because of all the rock music in it

Luxury Item: My PS3 so i can play them on lol.

CometOnFire 30 November, 2012 @ 7:39 pm   89

1. I probably would choose GTA IV, so I can dream myself back to the citylife, when loneliness comes over me.

2. The music of Uncharted 2,which suits perfectly for the exploration of the deserted island. Plus the effect of it, when thing turn to the wild side in my persuit of mapping the island.

3. I hate missing my PS3, but since there probably won’t be any electricity, it wouldn’t of much use. So the hunting store’s Super duper luxury survival kit would do ;D



Fallout New Vegas: There is just so much to do and such a big world to explore, packed in with it being very fun to play and do these tasks, this game would keep me entertained for a very, very long period of time

Call of Duty Black ops II: For when i get bored with Fallout, i always love to play a good multiplayer shooter and you can’t get much better than BOII πŸ˜€

Music – Pacman Fever, i just love this song, its really catchy and addictive to listen to. The pacman sounds that they’ve put in with it are especially brilliant, its a really well put together piece of videogame music!

Luxury – My computer, because how else would i be able to read this awesome blog? πŸ˜€

The_Cannon-MOS 30 November, 2012 @ 7:46 pm   91

Game 1: Dead Island – Because every time I felt like life on the island couldn’t be any worse I’d play this to remind me it could.

Game 2: Mass Effect Trilogy – The chance to play through the whole story in one epic plus I’d have the time to replay it again and again to get all the endings πŸ™‚

Soundtrack: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010. Loads of my favourite wrestling themes plus proper rock tracks from Skillet, Sick Puppies, Trivium, Adelitas Way and Lynyrd Skynyrd. The last great soundtrack before WWE focused on Nickelback and Kevin Rudolf.

Luxury item: A La-Z-Boy reclining chair. I’m stuck but at least I’ll spend the hours gaming/sleeping in comfort and style.

SuGaR_rAy_RiDeR 30 November, 2012 @ 7:48 pm   92

Game 1: Final Fantasy 7!!!

Been playing this since it’s release in 1997. The storyline alone I can keep on replaying over and over, just for it’s immense atmosphere, also I would just keep levelling up materia until I have the perfect game file, 99 of all items too (darn you Vagyrisk Claws & Earth Mallets). Gaming at it’s finest!!

Game 2: Tekken 5!!!!

Love the game, how else am I gonna let off some steam on a desert island? 10 hit juggles here we come.


Hell, I don’t need a whole soundtrack, all I need is the intro music to Metal Gear Solid 2, love the part where the music hits it’s highest level when Hideo Kojima’s name is displayed, pure classic inspirational uplifting music to remind me of the good times.

Luxury Item:

Red Bull of course, so I can grow some wings and get other luxury items whenever I want :-). This maybe cheating a little, but hey, it’s my desert Island and I make the rules.

TheMighty_MuMbY 30 November, 2012 @ 7:48 pm   93

On a desert island my:

Two games would be:
1) Skyrim – I’m guessing I’m on the desert island for a long time so for me it has to be skyrim. Would defiantly keep me entertained for about 300+ hours. Plus talking to residents would be all the companionship I needed.

2) Little Big Plant – kinda cheating but with a whole plethora or user created levels would keep me entertain indefinitely. Even create my own levels if I desired.

Game soundtrack
GTA – San Andreas – A classic sound track with all the hits. One condition though I want a boom box to play the cd so I can put it on my shoulder and rock the island

Luxury item
Defiantly my ‘MW3 Night vision goggles’ they look cool and would come extremely handy for when darkness descends.Β 

TheMighty_MuMbY 30 November, 2012 @ 7:49 pm   94

Oops meant mw2.

manutreble 30 November, 2012 @ 7:51 pm   95

I would take assassins creed 3 and fay cry 3 …..sound track its got to be uncharted and luxury item would be my iPhone

angusinthearoara 30 November, 2012 @ 7:51 pm   96

Game 1: Borderlands 2

Game 2: Battlefield Bad Company 2

Game soundtrack: SSX

Luxury: Would have to be internet access or electricity. Saying that i’d also need my PS3 & television so really the problem would be deciding which luxury item would give me the most pleasure. So taking all of the above into account i think if possible i’d take Stephen Fry…….


Okay here goes;

Music – Nier soundtrack. It can be my Wilson (I guess I’m Tom Hanks on this island, though I don’t work for FedEx)

Games – So if I have “magic’d” up a PS3 or simply built one with some sticks and stones I find scattered on the island (after all I’m Tom Hanks combined with the intellect and skills of Macgyver).

The games I will be choosing are Dead Island. Because living on a deserted Island isn’t enough, I want to also kill the undead on it. Along with some tedious fetch quests to pass the time. And Call Of Duty, because just in case my Plan B fails I’ll need to get in contact with a random angry 13 year old teenager in the feint hope of rescue.

Whats Plan B you might ask? Well that’s my luxury item;

A speed boat. Who wants to be stuck on a desert island their whole lives? Not Tom Macgyver that’s for sure. Now all i need is a little petrol…

Hold on, who stole my Nier soundtrack?!? Wilson!! Wilson!!

silmorat1 30 November, 2012 @ 7:59 pm   98

Game: Sonic adventure
Great game loved it played for hours, the Blue hedgehog zooming about on the island was pure awesomeness, not forgetting the rocking soundtrack too.

Music: Crazy Taxi
The original dreamcast one ofcourse, The Offspring tracks just made the game solo good. Loved it to bits I did.

Luxury: PS3 or Vita
Life without my babies would be terrible, who would look after them like I do. Giving them the love and attention they need to grow. I can’t decide which one, don’t make me decide!

dogwalker4000 30 November, 2012 @ 8:05 pm   99

1st game would be Final Fantasy 9. One of my favourite games of all time and always seems to be overlooked by some who prefer FF7.

2nd game would be Monkey Island 2. Can’t beat a bit of Guybrush humour, can’t remember how many times I’ve played this game and it still never fails to entertain.

Music would have to be Final Fantasy 7. Despite my love for FF9, it’s FF7 that has pips it as regards music, the boss battle theme in particular stands out for always being able to get the blood pumping.

As for the luxury item, that would be a PS3 of course. What else would I play these games on? I just hope this island has some sort of power source on it πŸ˜‰

silmorat1 30 November, 2012 @ 8:05 pm   100

Sorry forgot to add the 2nd game

Resistance Fall of man
My first PS3 game, ahhh the joy it brought me, to replay this would take me to that happy place!

Chipworm 30 November, 2012 @ 8:11 pm   101

I did try and post this from my phone but it didnt seem to work, so sorry if it duplicates.

My first game would be Chrono Trigger. What better way to pass the time (see what I did there?) than in the company of Squares finest?

My second game would be Shenmue. Then I could spend the day harrasing monkeys into playing Lucky Hit and searching for sailors. Doubt I’ll find the black car though…

Music would have to be Escape from Monkey Islands soundtrack, epecially the prosthetic shop. Some much needed upbeat tunes!

My luxury item would be wasabi peanuts. I cannot get enough of the spicy little blighters.

Kandracar 30 November, 2012 @ 8:11 pm   102

Great topic for the debate Fred.

Game 1: Dynasty Warriors 5, my first ever game on Playstation. I played it endlessly, the pure excitement when your the ultimate one man army taking to the battlefield to fight for honour and justice with the exhilarating music kicking in when the tide of battle changes in your favour. It reminds me of how it feels to really enjoy a game, plus I need to hone my battle skills for any dangers on the horizon. On a side note it has led to a real fascination of the history of the Three Kingdoms era which the game is based on for me.

Game 2: tough one but I choose The Last Of Us. It’s not out yet but we all know it’s going to be absolutely incredible, another Naughty Dog adventure. The setting seems sort of appropriate too, survival without all the amenities we have.

Game music: would be the Uncharted 3 score which really conveys such emotion, and could transport me in mind to such wonderful places when in need of an escape.

Luxury item: a samurai sword, a durable trusty blade would be invaluable for all sorts of activities, fishing, hunting, crafting, making my camp-fire, fighting of marauding pirates….

    Fred Dutton 4 December, 2012 @ 1:43 pm    

    Playing The Last of Us while all alone on a deserted desert island? Sounds like a recipe for the blues. PSAS winner here.

Tecnoboy1 30 November, 2012 @ 8:14 pm   103

Game 1: need for Speed most wanted, as much as it’s early days I’ve pumped 50 hours in already, and I just love everything about it.

Game 2: Just Cause 2. Why? Just ‘Cause…..2.*

Music: Hot Pursuit 2010’s soundtrack, not one bad song on that list!

Luxury Item: My Vita as you always need to have a back-up plan, because a high-speed internet connection is dead handy to order Dominos.

*30 hours and 30%. Wha?

sancristal 30 November, 2012 @ 8:16 pm   104

Please HELP: Why the games of the welcome back are not functioning? When it finishes the download and I am going to install asks for connect the system psp or vita, detail: the games are Infamous, LBP, dead nation, do not they be games of PSP. And also that yellow bar of version appears trial 60 minutes and my account is not plus. thanks.

jimbob12345678 30 November, 2012 @ 8:16 pm   105

Game 1 would have to be Final Fantasy VII. Boring choice I know but it is the best game I can play over and over without it going stale.

Game 2 would be Uncharted 2, my favourite online shooter to date. I wasn’t much of a fan of the third as I prefer to find the high power weapons in a shooter rather than spawn with them.

For the music I can’t think of single track that would keep me happy alone so its a difficult choice. The closest one that would fit the bill however is the track ‘Faze’ from Tetrispehere, techno gold! πŸ™‚ At least I’d have the OST from FF7 and U2 to go with it right?

Does a PS3 headset count as a luxury item? I hope so cause I’m going with that. Uncharted wouldn’t be the same online on my own πŸ˜›

bondington 30 November, 2012 @ 8:17 pm   106

1. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories – 1 game should have depth

2. Virtua Tennis 3 – 1 game should be “pick up and play”

3. Soundtrack from the original PS1 – Great for when losing your mind stranded on a desert island

4. PSP with solar charger accessory – Great for playing games and listening to music where there isn’t usually a console, TV or electric πŸ˜‰

Mikal_Drey 30 November, 2012 @ 8:23 pm   107

hey hey

For my first game, I’d take MGS4. What I would do is to play it over and over again to get every single animal emblem.

As Metal Gear would be for those deep intense gaming moments I’d balance it with a more drop in/out game. Something chilled but still challenging. PEGGLE \o/

Music has to be Wipeout. Certain to keep you alert and funked out of an evening.

My luxury item is my kindle. Kinda cheating and I wouldn’t be tied down to one book but its always in my pocket. Being able to flip from Pratchett to Asimov at the press of a button still makes me smile.

fps_d0minat0r 30 November, 2012 @ 8:26 pm   108

Game #1: Demons’ soul’s (have i got the apostrophies in the right place?)
As much as I like how much i’ve played of the game, its far too time consuming and I know i would only finsih it on a deserted island.

Game #2: MGS4….I was hyped up for the trophies for years and when they came… I cant explain how I felt. 10 PLAYTHROUGHS just for the platinum!! yep, need a deserted island again to get this one.

Music: LBP, awesome varied soundtrack to suit every mood possible.

Luxury: Private aircraft so I can fly back when i’m bored.

I guess my luxury choice wont count, but I hope it ends well.
It didnt end well when my last wish to the genie was to give me an unlimited number of wishes. that noob!

simojonat 30 November, 2012 @ 8:30 pm   109

Game 1: LittleBigPlanet Playstation Vita. I could contine creating and playing levels without much risk of not being able to continue.

Game 2: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Music: Otherworld from Final Fantasy X.

Luxury item: My computer.

solarwind12 30 November, 2012 @ 8:30 pm   110

Not sure, 1st game is a CoD, it is just simply longer, more awsesome and generally fitting for such a predicament i mean can you imagine the killstreak you would end up getting, on the occasions when frustration at situation overlaps into getting some virtual payback, You did say high speed internet is allready available, hence my saying CoD would last long time.
2nd game, well IF it’s classed as a game, then playmemories, to remind me of why i must not give up, and help me wether the bad times. If this is not classed as a game then undoubtedly it would be my luxery item, If it can be classed as a game then my luxery item will be a book, but, that is a very difficult choice, of course it should be a King James.. but i am ashamed to say i might just opt for the complete works of the bard. soundtrack, well my favourite is gta san andreas, but allready know it by heart, so for volume and variety i to will say Burnout Paradise.
But, If we have internet, could i not connect to ps store and buy more games, or is the internet restricted to online play only.
Good topic tonight, and more excellent prizes for the posters who’ll deserve them.
possible 2nd game, well ps all stars, i hope.

iwantafryup 30 November, 2012 @ 8:36 pm   111

1.Far cry 3
2.All star battle royal

Simply because i haven’t played them yet and if i have to go to a desert island to play them before xmas then that sounds like a pretty sweet idea.

Any Nba 2k soundtrack, Since they are half the reason that i get them games, their soundtracks are always amazing

Luxury item
A knife, it may not seem like a luxury but bear grills says that its the most important item you can have. An plus i could pretend to be big boss πŸ™‚

XzSlLENTSNIPERzX 30 November, 2012 @ 8:39 pm   112

Game #1: Just cause 2 – an absolutely massive game with an insane amount of content.

Game #2: Medal Of Honor: Frontline – A personal favourite of mine with a superb soundtrack and brilliant level design.

Music: Silent Hill: 2 – I couldn’t pick between this and MoH:F; however, this received the vote because it has some chilling and sad tracks. A classic!

XzSlLENTSNIPERzX 30 November, 2012 @ 8:40 pm   113

Luxury item: Chocolate raisins. I adore them so it would be nice to eat them when on the edge of death. If they’re unavailable at the time then I’d take some Cornflakes.

sabi8600 30 November, 2012 @ 8:46 pm   114

1. Skyrim: So many, many hours that can be spend in that fantastic game.
2. Mass Effect Trilogy: A fantastic series of games. Some of the best games I have played, and it is 3 games in on box, so it must count as one game. Which means, I got 4 games.

Music. Have to be GTA San Andreas soundtrack. So many hours I have spend on that game, and not once have I been tired of the music.

Luxury Item. Well, it is a tough one. I’ll bring a fantastic internet connection, so I’ll be able to download more games, and tell the world where I am.

Mattbrad 30 November, 2012 @ 8:53 pm   115

game one, fifa, gotta have a footie game if theres a high speed connection

game two, final fantasy viii, my favourite rpg, takes hours to complete

soundtrack has to be the uncharted theme song. love the tune and could listen to it for days

luxury item, unlimited suply and red bull to keep me going on fifa

DrClayman 30 November, 2012 @ 9:00 pm   116

Game #1: Duke Nukem 3D – Simply my favourite/most entertaining game I’ve played. And since I’m still occasionally putting it on, 15 years after release, I’ll probably not get bored of it soon

Game #2: Skyrim – First time round I clocked in 170+ hours. I’d gladly do many more.

Music: Silent Hill 2 soundtrack. For me, the best music ever written for a video game. Uncharted series comes very close, but doesn’t beat this masterpiece.

Luxury Item: Fleshlight. Cause, you know…

chrisy21 30 November, 2012 @ 9:21 pm   117

Game #1: Skyrim – Game with over 100 hours so will keep me busy. Don’t want a game that I’ll get bored with quickly.

Game #2: Dead Island – Need a game with zombies. Plus it has mutiplayer so I can chat to real people other than a football which I drew a face on and call it Wilson!

Music: Metal Gear Solid – Great music.

Luxury: PlayStation Vita so I can play all around the Island. Wait does that mean I have no games to play it? I could use it for others things sure.

Tycharben 30 November, 2012 @ 9:21 pm   118

Ok so this is obvious, you have full access to a ps3 set up tucked in a straw hut.
So here we go:

-game 1 has to be Arkham City; Batman can train me to fend off any freaky things lurking on the island.

-game 2 would be Uncharted 3, I know Nate could inspire me to explore my surroundings.

-music would be the God of War Trilogy soundtrack it’s so damn epic.

– luxury item would have to be Bear Grylls survival book, I could then live easily.

Project2insanity 30 November, 2012 @ 9:24 pm   119

Game 1: Okami HD, it’s a ridiculously epic game with a strong focus on life and resolve. That would certainly keep spirits high.

Game 2: As tempted as I’d be to take MGS or FFVII since those along with Okami are my favourite games, I’d actually take Deus Ex:Human Revolution because it would be a consistent reminder how be stay super cool despite being so far from civilisation. Sure, you could argue the same for MGS. Difference is Jensen wears shades.

Soundtrack: FFVII, aside from the obvious point above, it’s a 4-disc soundtrack so plenty listening time and it has music for every situation. Yes, even for when you go completely insane from being completely isolated.

Luxury item: Toaster, I might want Pop-Tarts… Desert islands have Pop-Tarts, right?


Game #1: Well the first game I would take would be The new Tomb Raider: Survival Edition! It would definitely help me survive while on a desert island + I get Lara πŸ˜›

Game #2: The second game I would take would be Chrono Trigger as I could live in this fantasy forever!

Music: I would have to take the music from the legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu the music from the Final Fantasy Series is simply amazing or if it was only 1 track I would take MGS “Calling in the Night” by Natasha Farrow since it’s my all time favourite video game vocal πŸ˜€

Luxury: Would be a ball and I would call him Wilson it’s always good to have a friend ;_; (Castaway film)

Crimboski 30 November, 2012 @ 9:56 pm   121

Game#1: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – This was the game that really cemented my love for games. Before this, most of the games I played were very short bursts of fun, but playing this, I was in another world. It’s still my favourite, 18 years later.

Game#2: Fallout 3 – There’s just so much to do and see here, and no two playthroughs will be the same. Sure, some of the Elder Scrolls games may be bigger, but to me, Fallout is so much more interesting. Almost infinite fun, perfect for the situation.

Music: Flower soundtrack – This is just beautiful. I think Mr. Diamante had been listening to a lot of Sigur Ros when he wrote this, which is never a bad thing.

Luxury item: An acoustic guitar – I’d finally manage to find the time to learn to play the damn thing! Well, maybe not with all that Fallout to play…


Fallout New Vegas. Need to learn the essential survival skills on my Desert Island
Civilisation: Its just an epic game. It would also teach me how the skills I need to rule my new empire of sand

Music:I always liked the soundtrack to Splinter Cell chaos theory.

Luxery Item: If I have to be island bound (no yachts, helicopters or Lamborghini that turns into a submarine) I might as well relax in my very own pub and enjoy a guiness.

CookieMonsterES 30 November, 2012 @ 10:29 pm   123

So, two games, some VGM music and a luxury item… tricky question, Fred, what are we supposed to do with the games or the music if we have no way to play them or listen to it? πŸ˜› I’ll assume it’s one of those desert but not console-less island out there πŸ˜€

Games: Uncharted 2 and Final Fantasy VII, two games I know I’ll never get bored of playing them. And if none manages to rescue me alive, at least when they find me they will say, they guy had good taste.

Music: Since I already have Uncharted 2 and I can listen to it’s music whenever I want, I’ll go with Shadow of the Colossus, any track, they are all awesome.

Luxury: A Fred Dutton to play some co-op games and if you are too busy, then my Plus subscription, loads of good games there and plenty of time to enjoy them!


the two games i would take are
1.uncharted 3 ( for some multiplayer shootout/s)

2.wouldn’t need two you already said there’s a internet connection
i could just download mine from the psstore

Music i would have to go with Beaterator i could make my own
(not sure that’s cheating or not?)

and my luxury would be a generator because you said nothing about power which i need.


1) LittleBigPlanet 2 is just a must. The possibilities are an endless skew. Without it on an island I’d have to adjust, to replayability levels of poo.

2) Uncharted 3 always serves well, cinematic story, adventurous smell. Nathan Drake’s a gem, a real comedic lad! Living without it’s multiplayer would just make me sad.

3) As for music, I’d have to choose Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: the Game, from which my mind was blew. Anamanaguchi composed their chiptune to a tea, they’re music striking an old, but modern nostalgic key.

4) Luxury on an island you say? I couldn’t live without, my Chicago Town Takeaway Pizzas, there isn’t any doubt! The cheese, tomato and cheese filled crust, make other foods taste like rust.

I hope you like this debate of rhyme, were you reading in good time? It was a fun question, and interesting too! I enjoyed this answer, but reading it, did you?

    Fred Dutton 4 December, 2012 @ 1:45 pm    

    Sir, you have terrible taste in frozen pizza, but impeccable taste in video games. Kudos for the dodgy rhymes too – Dr Suess would have been proud. PSAS winner here!

ESPGANESAIII 30 November, 2012 @ 10:37 pm   126

Game#1: Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Can’t count how many times i have completed this glorious game, dare not count how many times i will play through it again. So much love for this classic title.

Game#2: Skies of Arcadia Legends. It’s still the most entertaining RPG i’ve played to date topping FFVIII and Grandia II.

Music: If its allowed then Demetori’s Septette for a dead princess from Touhou. If not then the Jet Set Radio soundtrack.

Luxury item: My Ibanez Euphoria acoustic guitar so i can play away in the beautiful sunsets.

eoghaner_2k10 30 November, 2012 @ 10:57 pm   127

Playstation All Stars
Sonic Generations
Sonic CD Soundtrack
FOOD or Ps Vita with Assassins Creed III Liberation


Game 1 Skyrim – If I’m going to spend the rest of my life in a desert I would love to get the maximum gaming per pound (but has to be good games still) plus I can lose myself in its cold climate and forget the heat , the fact I’m stuck knowing what’s around me and last but not least some interactions (abet fake) (on a side note Persona 4 barely lost out)

Game 2 Valkyria chronicles (the newer the game in the series is preferable) still can’t find a game to come close to its gameplay mechanics I’m still playing them still ps. Need the 3rd game in English!!!!

Music sound track – Persona 4 – man could listen to that all day due to its varied music repertoire of j-pop (on a side note Flower barely lost out)

Luxury item well a games console (with a TV or screen) to play it on would be useful other lol. (Sure this is definitely cheating) Otherwise a 10,000Β£ card for PSN to get movies and games etc. If that’s not allowed a DVD box set of 007 movies for when not gaming or listen to music.

First game? LittleBigPlanet 2 is a given. That’s hardly the kind of original and creative choice that’s going to win me the game, but I’d rather be an honest loser than a lying winner! I can make stuff, I can download new levels, and I even get to interact with other players, which would help me feel a bit less lonely.

Second game? Disgaea 4. Disgaea has always been the perfect time waster, as far as I’m concerned, and I’d have a ton of time to waste while on a deserted island, that’s for sure! I can always waste a few hours going through the item world and leveling up all my characters to 9,999. Aimless? Kind of, but it gives me something to do, and I have fun with it!

Soundtrack? Easy, Sonic 06. See, if I listened to the soundtrack of a good game, but knew I wouldn’t be able to play it again for the rest of my life, it would drive me mad. By listening to the Sonic 06 soundtrack, I get to enjoy a good video game soundtrack, AND I get to enjoy the best part of that game. Would rather not play Sonic 06 again!

Luxury? A lifetime supply of soap. You know you’d miss it if you had to go the rest of your life without it too!

tiago-kun 30 November, 2012 @ 11:07 pm   130


I would take Little Big Planet 2 for the obvious reasons: with a connection to the internet, that would be a lot of friends and strangers to play, levels and levels of platforming fun. And some people even manage to make entire new games with the editor πŸ™‚

My second game took me quite a while to figure out, it had to be a great singleplayer game and something that could not easily bore me, but I made up my mind, it’s Uncharted 2. The fantastic adventure, the variety of locales, the fun characters and the pacing is something that I find amazing. I’m quite a fan of pulp fiction, and although I enjoyed Uncharted 3, the second one is the best in my opinion, so that’s my choice.

For the music I’ll cheat a bit and pick “The Greatest Video Game Music 2” by The London Philharmonic Orchestra, from Assassin’s Creed to Portal, it’s a great album of video game music (and if you don’t know it, give it a listen).

And I’m picking Coca Cola as my luxury item. It’s a great drink that can be enjoyed on the hot and cold days. I can live without chocolate, I would have a hard time getting by without pizza, but no Cola? That can not be! πŸ˜€

Which two video games would you take with you?
SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection and Skyrim.

Which piece of videogame music?
The Chrono Cross soundtrack, still the best soundtrack ever.

Which luxury item?
My mobile phone (Nokia N9).

tiago-kun 30 November, 2012 @ 11:15 pm   132

Quick fix, I meant pulp adventure and not pulp fiction, somehow the movie came to mind πŸ˜€ (And I’m great fan of it too but that’s off topic)

ExtremeGamer1995 30 November, 2012 @ 11:53 pm   133

First game- Far Cry 3, I haven’t got it yet but I think it’ll teach me some of the skills I need to survive on the island, and also stop me from going insane.

second game- Red dead Redemption, a long single player campaign and wealth of online options it’s a no brainer

Soundtrack- journey, nice to relax to

luxury item- I’ll be alone so I’ll need something to “keep me going” if you get what I mean, I’ll take my cat because he’s so sweet and cudly and has really nice fur, but I’ll kill him so he’ll be dead. I’ll break his limbs so he won’t struggle then I’ll break his neck because I love him.

Did I ever tell you the definition of instanity?

SlimeTyrant 1 December, 2012 @ 12:11 am   134

Being stuck on a desert island for the foreseeable future, I suppose I’d be after longterm entertainment. With that thought, the first option would be Skyrim. I’d set out to complete everything the game has to offer and knowing how big it is, I should be set for a while. For the second game, I’d grab Black Ops 1. It has Combat Training, which is essentially offline vs bots, for those moments when I’m angry at my situation and need to blow the heads off some virtual foes.

As for videogame music, I knew my answer immediately. The victory battle music from Final Fantasy VII. When I first make fire, completing shelter, finding edible berries… everytime, I’d hit that victory theme while spinning around, before throwing my arm in the air emphatically. I wouldn’t feel like an idiot; not because there’s nobody around to see me, but because while those berries -were- edible, they were also poisonous and now I feel delirious.

Luxury item is TOILET PAPER. As much as I can get! I can do without everything else, so long as I can put off the inevitable… wiping my butt with leaves. Knowing my luck, I’d get the leaves that leave your butt red and itchy.

AlexTheStampede 1 December, 2012 @ 12:44 am   135

First of all, I need something without a fixed ending, so it’s going to be probably Dead or Alive 5. I can fight as much as I want (also: eye candy)….. and then I’d need something virtually endless: Disgaea 3 with the item world is going to keep me more than busy! Possibly insane, but busy.

Music, you say…. Bayonetta’s soundtrack is varied, with plenty of tracks (helps that I love most of them) and awesome remixes of classic games music.

Luxury? Easy, my iPhone. First of all I’d Wikipedia those weird fruits to see if any of them are edible, see if the island is known or uncharted (!!! albeit some doubts would be understandable thanks to the free wifi), become the island’s Foursquare mayor and call it my very own island. Also I’d email everybody I know “I’m in ur unknown island, being lost. PLZ send halp. KTHX BAI”


I’d take:

The Uncharted franchise. Simply the best games ever made, and once I’d played the hell out of them I would use them to train me up to fight the locals in random tropical locations.

I would also take Tom Clancy’s HAWX. Yeah, a random one I know, but this game got me into many things including online play, harder difficulties and tough trophies. I owe it a lot and it was incredible fun to play.

Music: a very hard choice, I’d go with GTA Vice City, some of the radio stations were epic, nothing like running over old ladies to the tune of Billie Jean!

Luxury: A mini fridge filled with Pepsi. In fact no, a massive fridge. Can’t game without a seriously nice beverage nearby.

darth-cruncher 1 December, 2012 @ 12:52 am   137

Game 1: LBP – You can never get bored with that game.
Game 2: Just Cause 2 – You need to know how to survive on an Island.
Music: Killzone – I have already picked this for my funeral. Weird I know, but wonderfully stirring stuff.
Luxury Item: Solar Powered PS3 and TV Combo – We can but dream!


I think I give these kinds of debates way too much thought, because straight away I am thinking that I can’t pick games that would be story heavy because I’d get bored of it in a week, so what we need is a game that does not end; that keeps going but is still entertaining.

There’s really no other choice, in that case.

Game #1 – World of Warcraft

I know, it’s not a Playstation 3 game so I’m sure I’ve lost any chance of winning a code haha, but as great as Uncharted 2 is, playing it 3 times a day until the end of days is going to end with me drowning myself!

For my next choice I’d need something engaging in short bursts to break up the incessant WoW playing, so I’d go with…

Game #2 – Super Stardust HD.

Music – Journey Soundtrack

That’s a soundtrack for all moods isn’t it. From excitement, to fear, hope to melancholy – it’s an emotional swatch card, and is quite nice and relaxing to just have on in the background.

Luxury item – A gaming chair with a built-in desk for keyboard and mouse. Practical until the last!


Game 1: Persona 4 – it has the two things I’d be mostly looking for – immersion and depth. For at least the first 60 hours of my ordeal I could forget my woes and imagine I’m a Japanese highschooler who also happens to be a badass demon slayer in his spare time.

Game 2: Shenmue – the game which, more then any other, I’ve always wanted to play but never quite got round to. Presumably this would be my last chance.

Music: The theme tune from Bubble Bobble – mindlessly cheery and would bring back a lot of happy childhood memories.

Luxury Item: Breaking Bad season 4 – It’s awesome, and I’m about three quarters of the way through. I wouldn’t want to leave it forever on a cliffhanger.

mattybwbafc 1 December, 2012 @ 1:17 am   140

Game#1: Little big planet vita – The game of the year to me and a must for creating Desert Island themed levels and imagine the inspiration you would have lol. Also with the fantastic online multi-player you could literally waste hours upon hours and you could be stranded for years but you wouldnt care as you scratch your long frizzy beard searching for those hidden prize bubbles.

Game#2: Borderlands 2 – This is one of my all time favourites and being alone on this island this is the game I would want with me. I mean this game has it all, it has beautiful cel shaded graphics, Funny and humorous dialogue, Bazillions of generated guns and a wee bit of frustration whilst trying to defeat teramorphous the Invincible.

Music: For some reason I cant seem to get the main song from Retro/Grade out of my head. Whenever I hear it I start to nod my head like I am a DJ or something.

Luxury Item: I have to agree with you that I would also take Maltesers but it has to be the white chocolate ones they are so much tastier when they melt in my mouth (droool).

ps: I just hope that this island we are meant to be on isn’t Dead Island otherwise my luxury item would of been something much more appropiate for the situation.

Superbuu3 1 December, 2012 @ 2:46 am   141

Game 1: Ultimate Mega Drive collection – Just like the kind of person to wish for more wishes I’d rather have a collection of classic games for gameplay over graphics.

Game 2: Yakuza 3 – Probably my favourite beat em up of all time, I could quite happily play the game over and over again. With the large number of side missions and length of story

Music: Castlevania Soundtrack, its my second favourite gaming franchise in terms of music number 1 is the streets of rage games but I already will have all the games complete with sound options in menu to enjoy the music.

Luxury Item: Laptop – Was originally going to say phone so i could call people but most laptops have built in mics so i can use it for that anda bunch of other stuff so i can stay in contact and up to date with the outside world.


Game #1 – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – My favourite game of all time, beaten it 9 or 10 times and it never gets old. Killer Soundtrack too.

Game #2 – Minecraft (yes I know it isn’t on PS3, yet ;). – A limitless world to build or destroy at my leisure, mostly destroy ;D

Music – The fallout theme, good god is that theme stirring, makes my hairs stand on end.

Luxury Item – A fully functioning toilet. People really have no idea how much we would miss these bad boys. No pooping in holes for me πŸ˜€


I would have to go with the underrated yakuza 3 and 4, both games have lots of replay value and good stories that follow through in each game.

Music:final fantasy 7 ost, if only for the one winged angel song.

Luxury: my iPod classic, goes everywhere with me with all the games and anime ost’s aswell as movies and tv shows.


Game n.1 – Borderlands 2. Initially I’ve got Playstation Plus speciffically for Borderlands in IGC, and now literally can’t stop playing it. I assume second part is at least 200% more fun, and with co-op, up to 800% (have yet to try it, but Christmas is coming, so fingers crossed).
Game n.2 – GTA 4. As a reminder of civilisation, and, though I’m no psycho or anything, doing… Ahem. “Stuff”, like playing tag with police, can be very relaxing after long and hard day.
Music – Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack. For me it’s Nobuo Uematsu’s best work, loved it long before even touched the game itself. It has music for all sort of occasions, and I can listen to it for hours.
Luxury – BIG, comfortable bed. I know Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe by heart (and got decent brain/imagination), so I’d say I can get workarounds for all other things, but sleeping for over 1.5 year in small hotel beds makes me cry with joy each time I come back to home and my own bed. And – where else to play those games in? On palm tree? πŸ™‚

PIREDERAS 1 December, 2012 @ 8:41 am   145

Video game No1: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. I’ve beaten it 8 times in the past, because MGS3 (like all good MGS games) is a videogame with very deep gameplay, a beautiful and well-grounded, Cold War-era, story (James Bond-style, with girls and some gadgets!), and with a top artistic design.

Videogame No2: I’d like to play an ONLINE (in the bizarrely high-tech, desert, lost-in-the-middle-of-the-ocean island of ours!) co-op videogame. Resident Evil 6 is a very good choice, I ‘ve completed it with a very good friend of mine, and it was a very fun experience!

Videogame music: It’s a tough question. I’d pick a Final Fantasy XIII-2 soundtrack, because the music included in there was fantastic! Suffice it to say that “Dash (Battle Theme)” is a piece of music that’s stuck in my mind!

Luxury item:I’d like to have my smartphone with me, so I can download apps, check on Facebook, listen to my favorite music, and best of all? So I can check out what’s going on the EU PS blog! ;-P

THE_FORCE 1 December, 2012 @ 8:55 am   146

Games – Singstar and Ni No Kuni. Sweet as a coconut.

Music – ‘Magical Sound Shower’ from Outrun. Perfectly apt for an authentic desert island experience.

Luxury Item – My Continental GT. As much as I love desolate, white sandy beaches, I’d like to retire to my Bentley’s interior at the end of the day.

mojobrew 1 December, 2012 @ 11:21 am   147

Game 1: GTA. The original. Justifying a purchase is so much easier when you have played the 10 minute demo about a million times already – this really was an instant classic. Whether you want to get involved in missions or just run around the sandbox like a loony, it was perfect. GOURANGA!

Game 2: Sensible Soccer. The purest football game ever created. Long after picking up a PSX, my Amiga lived on in the corner purely as a Sensi-machine, and probably got as much play as Wipeout, Ridge Racer and Tekken put together. Plus, creating a team of your mates with you up front? Why not!

Music: Katamari On The Swing. Lets face it – it’s going to be going around in your head forever anyway, might as well be able to listen to it properly. OK Mr Sunshine…

Luxury item: A tennis ball & a wall. Sounds stupid, it’s probably a bloke thing, but if you’re on your own you can make up a million games to play with a tennis ball and something to throw/kick it against.

Love sport, love music, love video games… think I’ve got it covered.

Well, I’d have to pick games that grant eternal entertainment options and don’t require an online connection for multiplayer. There are only few of those.

Game 1: Football Manager

Game 2: Europa Universalis III or Crusader Kings II
Can’t really decide between those 2. But if I’d be allowed to use mods, I’d probably pick CK2 for a finished Game of Thrones total conversion. πŸ™‚

Music: All alone an island? I’d need a charming female voice. Guess Jem would do fine.

Luxury: Are yachts allowed? I want the option to escape. πŸ™‚

Adie_Stone 1 December, 2012 @ 12:20 pm   149

Need for speed Underground. Best racing game ever.

Dark Souls Prepare to die edition. Damn hard to play anyway so PTD edition will take forever.

The music would have to be the original Sonic from megadrive soundtrack. You cant go wrong.

And luxury item. Well you said the islan has internet but where is the console? So the 60gb PS3 to play my Dark Souls and NFS PS2 game on of course


Fallout 3
GTA SA soundtrack
Lucy item would be lighter

NiroseDK 1 December, 2012 @ 2:41 pm   151

The 2 games would be Star Wars Battlefront 2(Favorite game of all time) and Skyrim because its a big game that has many hours of
Soundtrack from The Impossible Game.
And my Laptop so i can watch movies on Netflix and play games on the console at the same time.

Deepfriedsoldier 1 December, 2012 @ 2:57 pm   152

1st Game: Minecraft – So I could play being stranded on an island while being stranded on an island. πŸ˜€

2nd game: Dungeon Keeper 2 – By the giants of the past Bullfrog, their humor is enougth to get me through.

Music: Tetris Theme A: If I need to do things quicker I just speed it up. πŸ˜›

Luxury Item: I’m a man of simple tastes so I would have to say good quality toilet paper. XD

dimikiller 1 December, 2012 @ 3:39 pm   153

game1: defenately gran turismo 5. best game ever, and just keeps going!

game2:allthough i love ratchet and clank they aren’t big enough to keep playing, so i’ll go for borderlands 2. i think ive done everything physically possible in borderlands (split-screen co-op with my best friend, for 12 hours a day, months on end. i fear i shall miss him on my island…) and borderlands 2 would just keep going for longer. can’t go wrong with that

music: i’m guessing my custom music list from gran turismo(and during all gaming) isn’t allowed :P, so i’ll defenately go for the radio from GTA:vice city. K-CHAT and radio ESPANTOSO!!, so funny, and the only ever game soundtrack i’ve got on my laptop just for the lulz.

luxury item:best friend for the split screen , mom for the cooking, girlfriend for the “company”? probably not allowed…

i’ll have to go for a B&O 103″ flat-screen tv(assuming i don’t have to actually have one in real life) and not just for the personal on site assistance that could get me off the island, but so people on the other side of the sea can see me play!

    Fred Dutton 4 December, 2012 @ 1:47 pm    

    Great thinking on the 103″ TV! Excellent problem solving. PSAS code is yours.

dimikiller 1 December, 2012 @ 3:42 pm   154


i must say the music from double dragon neon is fun, not too annoying and super hilarious. so thank you playstation PLUS for learning me the training wheels song!
but probably would kill myself if it was for all eternity…


Are we assuming that a games console and internet are included? if not then honestly video games would be almost useless (bar as like…idk for a tiny SOS beacon >_>)
and does it have to be PS3 games?
If not then game 1: Skyrim on the PC, if I have internet access then there are loads of mods, and the game would actually work right :X, been wanting to pick it up, but Bethseda hate the PS3 =/.
game 2: hmm, if I have internets? LBP2, people will keep making insane and amazing games, and that would keep me going for a long time.
If no internets? Id be tempted to say Dead Space, would eventually get the super annoyingly difficult meteor trophies (extractions is so much easier πŸ™ )
but im going to say FF7, I really should play tht game, people have been recommending it for years.

Music: Just a game sound track? if so then hmm… Ocarina of Time, was a toss up between it and Wind Waker (opening tune is epic)
or if non gaming prolly a Blink 182 compilation album, whichever is biggest :p.

Luxury:Next post


Luxury: can I have a super long range radio? for rescue when I get bored? Im assuming thats cheating
so if internet and PC/PS3 are provided then. Im tempted to say an oven, I mean I have electricity for the games, and whilst Im not fond of the idea of eating scavenged food at least it would be slightly less deadly if cooked ?


Luxury: can I have a super long range radio? for rescue when I get bored? Im assuming thats cheating
so if internet and PC/PS3 are provided then. Im tempted to say an oven, I mean I have electricity for the games, and whilst Im not fond of the idea of eating scavenged food at least it would be slightly less deadly if cooked ?
(it didnt post last time, if its a double post disregard this or delete this one :X)

zxRATTLExz 1 December, 2012 @ 4:57 pm   158

My desert island discs would be :

1. Gears Of War 2.
I cannot deny a game that i spent the best part of 3 years playing, forsaking all others. I have still to play Fallout 3 and various other games i bought during the time i spent addicted to Gears2. I played Horde mode mostly and to this day i have yet to find a game where the characters,maps, weapons and gameplay all felt bang on. Also met some great friends ( and rivals ) through this game. My #1 game of all time.

2. GTA San Andreas.
The best entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, Large map, great characters, a cracking soundtrack (as is usual in GTA) and simply the most fun GTA to date. I’m hoping that GTA 5 will replace this on my desert island.

The game soundtrack i would take would have to be Secret Of Mana on the Snes. Sometimes i just load the game up to listen to the ingame music which brings memories of being desperate to get home from school so i could continue what i consider to be the only JRPG i was ever bothered about.

BurnWitchBurn 1 December, 2012 @ 5:19 pm   159

Well i would take Metal Gear solid 2: Substance (plenty things to do and improve on them, vr missions) and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (i could literally play it till the end of time)
So, an action game and a rpg. I guess it would keep the madness at bay for a while.
For music, the complete collection of the Final Fantasy games would be my choice (there are tons of discs, there variety to some extent and they are very pretty, imho)
About the luxury item, i thought about a refueled aquaplane near the beach. But since it is cheating, i would require a sofa with a tray for coconuts.

Ps: I’m not in it to win it, because i don’t own a ps3, only a psvita, it would be a waste. πŸ˜‰

ducky1549 1 December, 2012 @ 5:38 pm   160

i would have to go with
Game 1: Final Fantasy VII due to it’s huge replay value and endless hours of fun with a great story line.
Game 2: Mass Effect Trilogy playing through the first to the end of the third would take a while and there’s alot of add-on content to keep me busy for ages also it had a big replay value to it so it would keep me happy for a very long time.
music: Otherworld by rammstein from Final Fantasy X the opening tune is a great music track for any Final Fantasy fan.
luxury item: my ps3 then i can download all my 200+ bought games from the ps store to keep me busy for a very very very long time :).

DoYouLikeMyID 1 December, 2012 @ 5:47 pm   161

A desert island? That’s a horrible thought! I’d get so lonely πŸ™

Anyway, I would bring:


Kingdom Hearts 2 – Simple, it’s my favorite game of all time (And I’m still waiting for KH3) I’ve got 2 saves that I’ve played for over 200 hours each, and a couple that are at about 100 hours, and again a couple that are at about 60 hours.

LittleBigPlanet 2 – It’s the game that never ends! I can imagine if I only had 2 games to play, I would probably like always having new content. πŸ˜€


Well, I’ve already got the Kingdom Hearts 2 soundtrack in the game itself, so this would just be a bonus. I would have to say Assassin’s Creed II – A very beautiful, yet somewhat underrated soundtrack.

Luxury item:

My house!

Hmmm… This desert island doesn’t sound half bad now that I think about it… πŸ˜‰


My 1st game would be LittleBigPlanet 2. Not only is it my favourite game but it would provide me with endless levels and mini games. Not to mention that I could use it to recreate many of the games I miss from back home.

My 2nd game would be God Of War 3 (Or the God Of War Saga collection if it’s allowed). The reasoning being that if I’m only allowed two games, then I need to pick two that are as different from each other as possible for variety’s sake. And ripping the horn off a monster and shoving it through it’s eye is as different to LittleBigPlanet as it gets. (Plus it just never gets old).

I would also choose the Parappa The Rapper soundtrack. Not only is it cool to listen to, but I could use all the spare time I’d have to brush up on my martial arts skills with Master Onion.

For my accessory. I think I’d go with a Playstation Move kit, since it would allow me to play the Move based levels in LittleBigPlanet 2. Plus when it gets dark, I could use it as a torch. πŸ™‚


This is a tricky list to make as there are hundreds of good possible choices.

Game#1 Okami. It is one of my favourite games of all time. Being stuck on a Desert island this game is a must. As my sanity slowly drips away I would be playing the fishing minigame for hours on end. I would be cursing the game and wishing catching fish would be this easy. When I finally lost it I will be fishing the same way thinking I have the gods and goddesses favour that will bring the fish to me.

Game#2 PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. In the need to keep my sanity some social gaming would be needed. I would play single player first and then teach my good friend Bob the Coconut how to play. He will soon surpass me in ability and he must go. It was a pity which he was strolling on the beach and the tide suddenly changes and he disappeared out to sea. Now Barry the Coconut is my new best friend and doesn’t have a good handle on fighting games so he should be fine. I would them play online and be kicked or be muted because of my incoherent shouting over the mic.


Music: Distant Worlds Final Fantasy. Any shred of sanity remaining would appreciate orchestral music. I would feel an affinity to one track in my new state of mind. Dancing Mad.

Luxury: My Uncharted 3 Drakes Ring which I wear all the time. I would hold it, stroke it, talk to it and keep it hidden from Barry as it is MY PRECIOUS.

xenokiller90 1 December, 2012 @ 7:33 pm   165

Fred how are you gonna play your games? lol

xenokiller90 1 December, 2012 @ 7:38 pm   166

but seriously
halo 4
walkure by Wagner
a supply of US army rations( good for ten years apparently)

pokersean 1 December, 2012 @ 8:06 pm   167

I must admit the name kind of threw me on this one as I don’t plan on bringing any “discs” at all. I would bring cartridges for vita so I could explore the island freely instead of having to sit with my console and t.v.

Game 1 would have to be little big planet vita. A bit predictable but I could make the best games ever and download hundreds of games from the community before going onto the Island. I could play one a day for years, that is if it fits on the vita. I could also make the best games ever. I couldn’t however post them online. I will get back to this a little bit later.

For game 2 I wanted to pick a game I have yet to play. So I decided to go for mortal kombat. It has been repeatably been praised by how much single player content. I could be the king of mortal kombat and if I was ever rescued I would be awesome by that time. And it would last ages if I wasn’t saved.

pokersean 1 December, 2012 @ 8:07 pm   168

Continued from post 167.

For music I would have to have the soundtrack from sonic adventure 2. It would make me feel so up beat. Some stand outs include live and learn and city escape songs. It would really help sheer me up on a rainy day (literally).

For the luxury item I would want a flask of hot chocolate, one big enough to fit the vita in it. It would make me really warm for the first few nights and by the time I’m out I would be used to life on the Island. Then when I’m really old, about to die, I could put the vita in it with little big planet in it. Then I could let it out to sea and someone would see my awesome levels. It would probably be really old at that stage though.

Nazar_Ops 1 December, 2012 @ 9:38 pm   169

Game#1: Absolutely LBP for PS vita, i can organize my plans in the game on how i will survive on the island.

Game#2: Uncharted Golden Abyss. Im not actually a UC fan, but when i got 30 days free trial of PS+, i tried UC GA and it was actually pretty amazing compared to the rest of UC games. It felt so original and i just loved the characters.

Music: Adventure Begins from the game called Croc. Its very nice and i get my childhood memories back.

Luxury item: Absolutely PS vita, i am not going anywhere without it! That’s why i mentioned those two VITA games, they are simply amazing and fits well on the system. Also PS vita will help me take some pictures of the beautiful island, once i get back home i will have some sweet memories.


Game #1: Well, if I were to be stuck on a desert island for the rest of my life, an RPG is just what I would need! And since Final Fantasy is my favourite RPG series and I’ve yet to beat Yiazmat… FFXII would be the one I’d take with me (don’t even get me started on all the speed and low equipment runs that are still ahead of me ;)).

Game #2: Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition. No doubts here whatsoever. I can’t express my love for hack ‘n’ slash games, especially the one and only DMC3. And if I should get bored with doing the same 20 missions over and over, then there’s the Bloody Palace, which I could beat floor by floor, one at a time. Hell, makes me want to escape from Survivor recording session just to do that! By the way, are HD Collections allowed? Cause if they are, then I’d obvously take DMC HD Collection!

Soundtrack: The World Ends With You OST has so many vocal pieces that it’s almost like buying a CD at the local music store. Almost, because regular CDs aren’t composed of pure awesomeness and can’t really compare to TWEWY OST. Not to mention all the memories that come with it.

Continued in the next post…


…that is here:

Luxury: Actually, I’d have to take my beloved ginger & honey flavoured tea… Seriously, I’m addicted to it and can’t live without it. The familiar burning in my throat would replace any friends and family and it’s almost like alcohol that doesn’t get you drunk πŸ˜€

SumbodySumOne 2 December, 2012 @ 12:04 am   172

Hopefully this desert island isnt like the desert island I already live on (Australia) and ban every good game that comes out, so in saying that my first game is :

Game 1 – Mortal Kombat 9, I have always loved Mortal Kombat games and MK9 is one of the best, it would keep me entertained for a long time, I could get platinum trophy on it easily and it has multiplayer online which would keep me entertained for a long time

Game 2 – Im going to cheat a little here by saying the Mass Effect Trilogy, I dont mean all 3 individual games, I mean the trilogy that is coming out, so its 3 games in 1. I havent actually played these games yet (didnt want to buy number 1 on Suxbox 360 and didnt want to play number 2 until I played the first one) and by what I have heard they are really good games and take quite a long time to finish and then once I have finished them I can go back and play each one again making different choices along the way to see how different it all is.

SumbodySumOne 2 December, 2012 @ 12:04 am   173


Music – I will go with the island theme here and say Crash Bandicoot, what better music to listen to while out collecting Wumpa Fruit or whatever native fruits this island has

Luxury Item – My car, all islands need a car to get around on, just look at Far Cry 3 to see how much better it is to get from one side of an island to the other

DayDr3emrs 2 December, 2012 @ 1:25 am   174

Game 1 – Gta:San andreas. Large enough and varied enough to keep me occupied for a long time.

Game 2 – Little Big planet 2. A large community with the ability to create games from different genres, but would also give me an outlet for my creative side while deserted.

Music – Ni No Kuni Ost. Listened to this a lot recently(so pumped for this game) and just amazed by it. Would make the perfect relaxation mix.

Luxury item – hot,running water. Can’t live without.

Dreadaxe 2 December, 2012 @ 1:28 am   175

Game #1: Has to be a Mp game, so going with the biggest fps out; Planetside 2 (SOE outdid themselves).

Game #2: Uncharted 3, loved this game and think it was a great conclusion to the trilogy (make more).

Music: Tetris, could hum that to myself all day.

Luxury: Considering most desert islands are tropical and therefore wet, I go with a nice big american RV with some solar panels cuz deserted islands are not big on electrical outlets or for keeping my stuff dry.

Litegamer 2 December, 2012 @ 2:29 am   176

Both of my games go pretty much hand in hand.

Game#1: Pokemon White Version 2 – Any of the Pokemon games would do but I decided to go with the most recent.

Game#2: Persona 4 Golden – Much the same as Game#1 I chose the most recent though any game from the series will do.

Reason: My reason for choosing these games is; If I am stuck on a Desert Island I want games that can last me as long as possible. Both Persona 4 and Pokemon White 2 can take 70+ hours to complete each, plus they have incredible replay value. No 2 playthroughs are the same πŸ˜€

Music: One Winged Angel – Cliche I know, but One Winged Angel just seems fitting y’know. Plus thinking of FFVII always cheers me up, no matter how bad the situation.

Luxury Item: Coffee, can’t live without it in Civilization let alone on a Desert Island. Life without Coffee, no thanks.

HPOOTP23 2 December, 2012 @ 6:45 am   177

Game #1:Fallout:New Vegas-A great RPG with many paths and always plenty to do following the main quest.

Game #2:Uncharted 2:Among Thieves: The best of the Uncharted Series is a joy to play and the last sections of the game might not effect my mood as much as Uncharted 3. I prefer to not linger on the warmth of the sun in a desert environment.

Music:The Fallout Series Soundtrack: Makes me think its not the end of the world.

Luxury Item: An endless supply of simple Milk Chocolate. Simple and improves anyone’s mood.

Catkiller1 2 December, 2012 @ 11:50 am   178


Space Taxi – I had this gem of a game on the Commodore 64 back in the day & it was simple but effective & addictive. You had to land on the platforms delicately or you would explode. A stickman/stickwoman (Not sexist here) would wave & state what platform they wanted to travel to & you had a depleting fuel gauge. Excellent stuff & here is a video for you young ones who may of not heard of it:

Solomon’s Key – This was also another gem that I owned on the original NES. I was only 9 but that game was fantastic & frustrating at times but I was only 9! The simple use of adding & removing blocks along with magic was highly addictive. You would collect a key whilst avoiding the enemies to open the door & escape. Here is a video:

Soundtrack – Distant Worlds CD that covers various Final Fantasy games, puts a smile on my face whenever I listen to it. I instantly recognise the titles that are included & for any Final Fantasy fan out there, you owe it to yourself to own this masterpiece.

Luxury Item – This would have to be chocolate covered Flapjacks πŸ™‚

bobopudge 2 December, 2012 @ 12:46 pm   179

Let’s start off with the music. Undoubtedly, that has to be from Tales of Monkey Island. It will just fit in perfectly, an island β€˜adventure’ where I’m stranded and need something soothing and inviting to listen to which also reflects the atmosphere.
Now for the harder bits, the games. First one has to be Civ 5. Yeah, it’s replayable and whatnot but it would be a videogame representation of what I would be going through. Settle on a piece of land, search ancient ruins and villages for help. Research around the island to build certain things to ease my stay, occasionally go to war (against the little poisonous snails and snakes) so it’s just a bit of role playing of the game.
Second one would probably end up being Pokemon Black 2 just because it’s a pretty long game which can be played an infinite number of times. Additionally, I’ll have enough time to catch all the pokemon and train them to level 100 and I could perhaps also use the high-speed internet to play online to just battle with some friends.
The luxury item is my I-phone. One just has to update their FaceBook and stay current with the daily news and be able to surf the web, YouTube etc.

MissDreamer 2 December, 2012 @ 12:55 pm   180

Game would have to be Skyrim or Oblivion.
Music would have to be anything from the Final Fantasy soundtracks.
My one item would be my ipod since I take it with me everywhere.


Game Number 1 – Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. Yes, yes, it’s buggy and awful and what have you but not to me. It represents the start of the more story-driven games of the world, games that are truly starting to become more mature and adult (but not from excessive gore and sex). I love the story, I love the gameplay and infiltrating the Louvre is still one of my most favourite gaming moments.

Game Number 2 – Bully. Very well written, fantastic gameplay, amazing characters, a nicely sized world and magnificent music. It seems to have got school *just* right – the cliques, the interactions, the feel of it. A perfect balance between the stereotype of school and how people actually remember it. Plus, the music.

Soundtrack – Britney’s Dance Beat. Who else do I need to listen to other than The Holy Spearit? Plus I can always perfect the Slave 4 U choreography and everyone should know that choreography.

Luxury Item – A yacht. If I get bored of the island I can escape. More than likely I’d go on the yacht and just stand there since I don’t know how to drive one. If I can’t have a yacht then a never-ending cup of tea. Some people have high blood-alcohol levels; I have blood-tea levels.

spaceace007 2 December, 2012 @ 1:21 pm   182

Games – One game is definitely going to be LittleBigPlanet Vita because of the UGC, I’m sure I’ll find plenty of new content to keep me entertained and in case I’m stuck with an undesirable create a message in game that gets me rescue.
The other is most likely to be a fighter, since TTT2 isn’t out on it as yet and DoA5 plus was just announced; it depends on when I get stuck there if it’s mid 2013 DoA5plus if it’s earlier it’s going to be Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend.

Music – it’s most likely going to be the OST to SMT3:Nocturne (aka Lucipher’s Call here).

Luxury: A Swiss army knife. Who knows how long I’m going to be stuck there.

maverick2056 2 December, 2012 @ 1:22 pm   183

Game 1, Would be gran turismo 3 just because on a desert island I will have time for the endurance Races

Game 2 Would have to be little big planet as you will need a constantly
changing game so you cannot get bored replaying it over and over.

Music would be would the smooth sounds of flash FM from Grand theft vice city, 80s classics all the way.

Luxury item has to be toilet paper (the good stuff not recycled).


Fallout 3 (So I can learn on the island how to mend items together)
LittleBigPlanet (To get the idea of how I want to convert the island so I like it)

The Gta4 soundtrack, so I can always listen to any genre I feel like.

PlayStation Vita including a solar panel so I can keep on playing and don’t have to befriend a coconut. πŸ˜‰

RoninDennis 2 December, 2012 @ 3:27 pm   185

There’s no two ways about it, when you’re on a deserted island loneliness is a reality to contend with. And when you take some nostalgic favorites, you’ll only feel bad. So, I’ll take two games I’ve just begun:

Game 1: Persona 4 Golden – the hero feels as if he arrives at a deserted island filled with unknowns and slowly builds up a relationship to the place and its people. Social Links are just the thing when you’re feeling lonely! And these guys don’t troll, flame or annoy you.

Game 2: Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes – this one keeps your brain fresh and agile. You can forget about your vapid brain games, this is the one to sharpen your mind and retain your sanity. Great story to boot!

Soundtrack: Chrono Cross, the ultimate feel good while sad OST. CC goes with anything, any mood, any weather, any situation. I know many people who aren’t gamers who own the Chrono OST, and for good reason!

Luxury item: Well, basically, one book:The Collected Works of Plato. It has everything: conversation, drama, anecdotes, spirituality, humor, and hope – life between two covers. Just the thing to keep you going for a looooooooooooong time.

Great debate, btw!

ChemicalBacon90 2 December, 2012 @ 3:36 pm   186

Great idea for a debate. Lots of interesting posts so far, here goes mine…

Game #1: Fallout 3.
Vast wasteland to explore: [Yes]
Tons of loot to hoard: [Yes]
Will keep you busy for hours upon hours: [Yes]

Well that’s all good and all. But none of that really matters…You know why?
Because Fallout 3’s game manual is called a “Survival Guide”! That’s gotta come in handy right? Not only that, it’s massive. Around 50 pages long! Not only is that some good reading material right there, those pages are bound to come in handy when lighting fires. Oh, and wiping one’s…You get the idea.

Game #2: Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection.
Has to be. Over 40 classics on a single disc. Sonic, Comix Zone, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Alex Kidd and many more. Just think of all those hours. All those high scores that you could keep coming back to try and beat, time and time again. How else would you keep sane?!


ChemicalBacon90 2 December, 2012 @ 3:36 pm   187


Music: GTA:Vice City soundtrack.
So many great songs. So much nostalgia. It’d almost be like having a third game there just by listening to that soundtrack and reminiscing about the times spent cruising around VC on a bike to Twisted Sister’s I Wanna Rock:

“Turn it down you say
Well, all I got to say to you is time and time again I say No, no, no, no, no, no, no
Tell me not to play
Well, all I got to say to you when you tell me not to play I say, No, no, no, no, no, no, no!”

And don’t get me started on Billie Jean either.

Luxury: A lifetime subscription to PlayStation Plus of course.
Given that you can’t exactly pop down to the local shop or have games delivered to you, it’s a no brainer. Forget 2 games, with Plus you’d be getting over 45 a year! Now Chris Martin, how does that sound for para-para-paradise. I thought so too.


Game 1: would be Final Fantasy X my favourite game of all time. I could easily sit and play for days on end and forget i’m on the island.

Game 2: The second game is harder to pick but would possibly be the first Tony Hawk game so i can start and stop playing as i please.

The music is easy it would be the Fallout 3 soundtrack especially the civilization song.

Luxury item: Well assuming there’s electricity, a backwards compatible PS3, a TV to play it on etc. It would be a years supply of food then i’d only have to build a hut to play games in and then when i’ve done i’ll message someone on PSN to come and get me.

sneakygriff 2 December, 2012 @ 6:10 pm   189

Game 1: Baldur’s Gate I & II + Expansions and Mods packed in a bundle. I replay through the whole thing at least once a year, fantastic role playing and epic dragon battles. I can never get tired of it + I seem to find new stuff with each new playthrough.

Game 2: World of Warcraft, what better way to spend time on a desert island than chipping away at that achievement carrot all day.

Music: The Elder Scrolls soundtracks, mainly the ones from TES III Morrowind,brings out the thrill of adventure in me every time.

Luxury item: Decanter of endless water, because’s a desert island and you have to stay hydrated!

bradleyEIRE 2 December, 2012 @ 7:12 pm   190

1. Red Dead Redemption, cause I think it is the only game that I have never got bored of playing, not even for a second.Epic.
2. Crash Bandicoot, Almost 15 years on this is the only crash I have yet to finish 100%. Hopefully a desert island will finally give me enough time. What better game to play on an uncharted desert island than crash? πŸ™‚
3. Soundtrack? Easy; Assassins Creed 2, Greatest soundtrack ever recorded. “Ezio’s Family” still sends shivers down my spine.
4. Boring choice, but got to be tea. Probably end up mad without it.

Solid_Snake1987 2 December, 2012 @ 8:45 pm   191

A mysterious desert island which has every technology available to play any game? Shame I couldn’t choose to play the lottery or I’d pick 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42!

Game #1: Dark Souls – Rock hard so it’d take me a good while to complete, plus there’s New Game+ to keep me busy. Well that’s if I could work up the courage to risk my character’s life by leaving the safety of the camp fires!

Game #2: Disgaea 4 – Haven’t played it but I’ve played the others. Hundreds of hours of gameplay with lots of stat grinding. Nothing whiles away the hours like an RPG and Disgaea is an RPG in overdrive…

Music: Distant Worlds: Final Fantasy – Bit of a cheat as it’s a soundtrack to a whole series, but a disc does exist as I have it. It’d also allow me to reminisce about the games without having them there.

Luxury Item: Crumpets – What Englishman could survive without them? Even on a deserted island you’ve got to have your Elevenses!

    Fred Dutton 4 December, 2012 @ 1:50 pm    

    Crumpets? You’re making me hungry. How are you going to toast them though? Final PSAS winner here.

    Thanks everyone for taking part. It was a fun one to read this week πŸ™‚

    As ever, winners should check their PMs on the official forum to pick up their codes. They should be sent out in the next 24 hours. Enjoy!

Luna_Dragon 2 December, 2012 @ 9:05 pm   192

Which two video games would you take with you?
1: have to go with the majority and say Skyrim or Fallout, youd need something big to keep you occupied – all those quests!!
but also for me, its more about the emotional attachment. those games have been there for me through tough times; i think it would be comforting to have a game that meant so much to you, with a world that you could feel at home in to take away your worries of being on this lonely island!!

2. the next would have to be a co-op game, so you could feel that bond between yourself and others as you try to survive together, keep you connected to the outside world. i loved Resident Evil 5 for this, the sense of relying on each other even if it was a random person you had just joined. it would give you a sense of companionship.

Which piece of videogame music?
Dynasty Warriors is my all-time favourite video game music. lovely mix of beautiful chinese music and awesome power metal to get you pumped!! perfect mix for keeping you relaxed and giving you the energy and drive to tear that island apart!

Which luxury item?
a lilo, so i could go for a good old float πŸ˜‰ and who’d need to worry about bedding!

mattias-47 2 December, 2012 @ 9:46 pm   193

video games

Uncharted 3 – I played Uncharted and Uncharted 2 and I just cant die on some island without beating Uncharted 3. Even if it should be last thing I ever do.

Flower – If it is only desert on that island, i would like to see awesome flowers grow at least in video game. It could help me to stay sane.

piece of videogame music

Probably Burnout paradise – I like that soundtrack and there is a big chance that if i turn it really loud, i could attract any rescue.

luxury item

If PS3 is already on that island, than full HD TV. I have never played on it and I would like to try it.

Tangerineroach 2 December, 2012 @ 11:21 pm   194

As a first game, I would take something with good replay value and scoreboard- maybe the latest Stardust or Virtua Fighter 5- to sink my inevitable frustration into.

I would choose something demanding patience and dedication as the second one, because being stranded on an island means a lot of spare time… Dark Souls, Maybe.

Music: Max Payne 3. I’m not crazy about the game itself, but the soundtrack is very close to what I normally listen to.

Luxury item- audio workstation. I will be the first castaway to send their discography in a bottle, instead of a letter.

Heartsbane 2 December, 2012 @ 11:48 pm   195

The first game would be Suikoden II, being one of the RPGs that I can play repeatedly and never bore of. Also, it’s high resale value on eBay will probably make it useful to trade with native tribesmen for food and tools.

The second game would be Burnout Paradise, because it’s an endlessly playable and enjoyable game, as long as the deserted island’s internet connection doesn’t make me lag too badly.

The music I’d bring would be the Distant Worlds concert tracks, as I also never tire of those Final Fantasy orchestral arrangements.

The luxury item would be my bank card, so I could buy more games using the deserted island’s high-speed internet connection. Hopefully Amazon deliver to deserted islands.


Game 1: call of duty modern warfare 3- this Is due to the amount of time I could spend on it without even realising how much I’ve done, bringing this will stop me getting bored.

Game 2: burnout paradise- this is my all time favorite game, also as the game is very socialable you would ever feel lonely on the desert island :).

Music: the original locoroco soundtrack- I just loved those little guys singing :D.

luxury item: I’d have to say coca cola, water gets a bit tasteless after a while!


was I 2 late to enter?


I know a lot of people are saying Dead Island but I think you often want escapism when playing a videogame rather than a reminder of where you are so I would take SSX and Killzone 3 so that I could escape to the snow whenever I needed.

Maybe the music from Loco Roco but just for when I was getting a bit down. That stuff was like sugar turned into music the way I remember it.

Luxury item:
Speed boat with GPS… sorry I am that guy.

Alex-1124 3 December, 2012 @ 8:11 am   199

Hmm it’s now Monday so I’m not sure if that automatically disqualifies me but I doubt a few of us will even get a look in to winning being at the end of page 4 but hey ho I’ll still give it a go.

My first game would be Deus Ex Human Revolution. The game is simply amazing, by far my favourite game this generation, need I say more?

Second, BioShock. Everytime I go back for another playthrough I love it more and more, truely one of the greatest atmospheres created!

As for my piece of music, Icarus track from Deus Ex HR, best piece of videogame music I’ve ever listened to, goosebumps each time I listen to it. You might say why take a track from a game you’re taking with you, well I can listen to it all the time instead of hearing it once towards the end of the game.

And finally the luxury item of choice would be my PS Vita, I already have a bunch of games on there so my only worry would be the battery, so luckily the desert Sun is included on the island and the heat should be able to charge it.

kalel1981 3 December, 2012 @ 10:29 am   200

Game 1 would be Need For Speed Most Wanted, the multiplayer is the most fun I’ve ever had in a racer game, and with the autolog I have hours and hours of challenges ahead

Game 2, Dark Souls. I love the idea of the game just never gotten into it properly, this desert island would help

Music – the Dirt Showdown ost is awesome, even though I platted the game months back I still have it in my phone

My luxury item would be my ipad 2 so i can get help with Dark Souls (I’ll need it) and still watch great tv and movies on Netflix while playing games!!


Game #1: Provided that I win this contest ;): the rather excellent PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. A good ole beat’m up with lots of replay value is what you need on a desert island (that and coconut cocktails).

The local monkeys will be decent adversaries for day long gaming sessions. Winner gets a free coconut cocktail!

And I can look forward to some great DLC.

Game #2: Fallout 3: whenever I want to pretend I’m not on a sunny desert island with coconut cocktails, I can disappear into the gloomy postapocalyptic world of Fallout 3 for hours on end.

Music: The fantastic soundtrack of Machinarium. Out of this world. You pretty much are out of this world on a desert island anyway. Especially when you’ve had three or more coconut cocktails.

Luxury: I’ll bring a book. “How to make your favourite desert island coconut cocktails.”

Omegastoopreme 3 December, 2012 @ 1:20 pm   202

Game 1, gotta be Fallout New Vegas, I could play it a hundred times and do it differently every time.

Game 2 Jak and Daxter HD Trilogy, there HOOOOGE!!!

Music The music from Wonderboy 3 on the Master System πŸ™‚ Its impossible to be grumpy while listening to that.

For a luxury item is a 40ft motor yacht too much?

Daboiflip 3 December, 2012 @ 1:28 pm   203

ok here goes..

Game 1 would be Final fantasy 7 old i know but i would loose countless amout of hours on this game. And when i went exploring id hope to find my own party and solve some mysteries and hopefully solve the world from and evil being who has got some weird wish to cleanse the world.

Game 2 would be assassins creed as if im going to save the island/ world im going to need to be stealthy at some point

music has to be from GTA awsome sound track for every situation

Luxury item would be ezios costume id have style and look the part .

Jestersoil 3 December, 2012 @ 9:51 pm   204

no winners this time? πŸ˜›

Fred Dutton 4 December, 2012 @ 9:24 am   205

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven’t done the winners yet – I was out of the office yesterday. I’ll get on it this morning!

Coody-Baroody 4 December, 2012 @ 12:14 pm   206

@ Fred

Hi Fred, if you were out of the office yesterday, any chance you could see why yesterdays “deal” in the 12 days of xmas promotion seemed to be a tad wrong? It said that Battlefiled 3 came down from Β£59.99 to Β£29.99 but how could it?

You see the “Premium Edition” was Β£57.99, Β£2 cheaper than the standard version before the “sale” but with ALL dlc included? Somethings wrong somewhere isnt it? The post yesterday received tons of replies asking a similar question but up to now Chris hasnt replied to clear it up.

I know PSN had maintanence yestaerday so you guys were probably busy but any chance of a reply today? Im holding off buying it in case it IS the “Premium Edition” thats meant to be on sale as im not paying Β£29.99 for the standard game when i can get it half that price retail.

Coody-Baroody 4 December, 2012 @ 12:19 pm   207

Also, even if i DID want to buy the standard version im unable to. I downloaded the Hour Trial a while back and now the Store only says i can either have the Trial for free or download the full game for free but when i do its still just the trial.

Its been like this for a while now too mate. Any news on a fix?

Sorry for multiple questions.

ChemicalBacon90 4 December, 2012 @ 12:47 pm   208


To fix that problem with the full game trials, I think you need to play the trial for 60 mins until it expires. Then go back to the store and you should be able to buy the full game.

The only games that display correctly after downloading the full game trial are the first 2 on the list: two of the Assassins Creed games. They’re the only 2 that, after downloading the trial, still show the trial as free and the full game as a price. The rest are broken, so hopefully they can fix it!

Coody-Baroody 4 December, 2012 @ 1:16 pm   209

@ ChemicalBacon

Ahhh ok thanks for clearing that up mate! πŸ˜‰

yume_2501 4 December, 2012 @ 1:24 pm   210

Game #1: little big planet 2 – virtually lbp2 is a game library himself because of the created levels with so many different type of games so… it’s like cheating because actually it’s one game, but we know what can be done with the creation mode πŸ˜€

Game #2: fifa 13 – we all need at least one sport game, and fifa at the moment is the right one.A lot of modes (love fut) and you can play in pro club with up to 10 friends (11 in total). so a perfect multiplayer co-op game to enjoy in a distant island…

Music: there a lot of great soundtack to choose from…dark souls. it should be awesome to listen to the bonfire music (firelink shrine is the title) while you actually light a bonfire on the island πŸ™‚

Luxury: An ADSL connection so i can playing lbp2 and fifa online πŸ™‚



fred just counted your 1 code short.

missed comment 11 πŸ˜‰ lol

I experienced the very same issue as Coody-Baroody in #207.
Already posted a list of issues directed at Chris and your here Point 3 is what Coody mentioned too.

Meanwhile there is the christmas section that I demanded, but once more this section is just filled with empty boxes. At least in the german store.

Btw., I also mentioned some weeks ago that games appear in the store for sales sometimes, which are otherwise untraceable in the store. All games that I mentioned then, can be found now. So thanks for delivering the message and fixing it.

A lot of other content is missing though and I wish your team would check that stuff on their own, without requiring us to name every single object.

toxic-inferno 4 December, 2012 @ 2:45 pm   213

Thanks Fred! Any idea when the codes will be sent out? πŸ™‚

Sirpartyboi 4 December, 2012 @ 4:21 pm   214

if take god of war 3 with the wipeout soundtrack, and the luxury item would be duct tape. duct tape fixes everything

Since my birthday was just a few days ago I guess I can still count this one as a present, haha.
I really wanted to take a swing at All-Stars but the budget is tight. Thank you very much! πŸ˜€

P.S. Tekken combos are just like playing an instrument. Pay attention to the tempo and see what connects the best. =p

alasdairelmes 7 December, 2012 @ 5:17 pm   216

Game #1 – Persona 4 Golden edition
Amazing game, so replayable and has great music.

Game #2 – Skyrim
Another game with a lot of depth, hundreds of hours worth. (as long as I can bring the patches as well)

Music – This is slightly cheating but the soundtrack of Soundshapes. What a game

Luxury Item – Rum