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So, the Christmas season is now officially upon us! I hope you’ll all agree that we marked the beginning of the Winter silly season in some style this week, with the announcement of both your December PS Plus content and our annual 12 Deals of Christmas promotion. Check them out!

Elsewhere on the Blog this week, we also hooked up with the lovely folk at Media Molecule for an update on Tearaway’s development, and had an early look at a fistful of tantalising new indie titles on their way to PSN, including Labyrinth Legends, Sportsfriends: Hokra, Rocketbirds and Page Chronica. See below for a full news digest.

Enjoy your weekend and do make sure you join in our regular debate. It’s a good ‘un this week, with copies of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale up for grabs.

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manutreble 1 December, 2012 @ 12:05 pm   1

Fred how do I know If I get the play station all star code if I’m pick


howdy fred hope your having a good weekend, im stuck in work but skiving on the blog which is rather quiet atm.

no platinum for me this week 🙁 but i have been loving xcom its a fantastic title and great if your a fun of strategy games( which i am as my weekend debate answer will show:) )

grabbed 2 bargains in morrisons last night god of war 3 (which i had not yet got the plat on) and gran turismo 5 for a fiver each so well impressed with that, i just went into see how much they were charging for playstation all stars and instead i left with 2 all star games for a tenner.

prob wont touch them till after christmas as xcom has me hooked and i want the plat but i see that being a bit of a challenge.

anyway have a nice weekend



fred posts replys under the winning posts sometime on a monday afternoon.



sorry ment to ask seen you on dishonored a bit how you finding it?
you pushing for the plat?

there was a thing last year where someone possibly ross posted a diary of his persuit of a platinum and the members of the blog got to choose the game he should try next ect.

how about it you up for a simular challenge?

JujitsuWarrior81 1 December, 2012 @ 12:41 pm   5

with the day one promotion being 3 months of PS+. Does it tag onto the current time you have remaining on your account? or is it for new customers only?

JujitsuWarrior81 1 December, 2012 @ 12:43 pm   6

sorry wrong thread! DOH!


Hi Fred

Is wake up club app for ps vita releasing in EU soon? i really want it and the U.S got it ages ago 🙁

also, when is spyro coming to ps store? it was suposed to come in november last i heard…

on the weekend dabate, do we get a pm on the official playstation forums if we win?

CoolRichy008UK-3 1 December, 2012 @ 12:52 pm   8



Hello! I’ve two questions.

When will Netflix (PS VITA) arrive for example in Sweden (and the other countries in Europe)?

Will the YouTube app (PS VITA) get any updates? I’m seeking for more navigations (navigate through a specific subscriber’s channel), subscribe button.

And sometimes a comment doesn’t show to what user it actually responded to.


SpitelordDekka 1 December, 2012 @ 1:02 pm   10

Still not seeing a post about removing the SingStar icon.

Voodoo341 1 December, 2012 @ 1:02 pm   11

Another poor week for SCEE and Sony. Refunds not paid back to customers who were over charged. Content still missing, where is CS:GO? Complete ignorance from SCEE on the Singstar icon. Book of Spells, LBP Karting and now PS Allstars dying at sales. The combined sales of the three games will be lucky if it crawls over a million units. Black Ops owners being ripped off for a season pass that SCEE have decided to over charge for. The 3DS is outselling the Vita by a staggering 48 to 1 world wide.

Running out of time Sony.

Dear Fred,

Indeed, Christmas season is upon the world, yet in Europe the PS3 is still stuck in the SingStar season it seems :). Any update from the informed relevant teams on making the XMB icon deletable and/or movable?

Kind regards!

CoolRicky008UK 1 December, 2012 @ 1:13 pm   13


declan__watson 1 December, 2012 @ 1:25 pm   14

Hey there Fred
How is your weekend Fred mines is very nice. Really looking forward to the Christmas holidays I’m sure you will e too, it’s my birthday in 14 days so it will be nice. Really good blog recap Fred my favourite would have been media molecules next IP Tearaway. Looks like a wonderful IP for vita and it will be very different to little big planet. I also loved the weekend debate good luck to other blog contestants. I would really love to try Playstation all-stars battle royale. The beta was really good and looks like a great game for ps3 and ps vita owners.
Thank you very much Fred. I look forward to hearing back from you.
LongLivePlay Sony make.believe

residentSteve 1 December, 2012 @ 1:26 pm   15

I second that cool richy, also anyone else not able to download r&c qforce demo it just says not available right now?

Project2insanity 1 December, 2012 @ 1:28 pm   16

My Vita arrived yesterday, I may have been a tad overexcited for a grown man… But hot-damn, the excitement wasn’t misplaced. First game tested (aside from Welcome Park) was Gravity Rush, thanks to Plus. How do I sum it up so far? Wow!

I’m quickly getting used to the hardware, very intuitive. Gonna give the AR cards a whirl next, methinks.

PS3 isn’t being neglected, though, have delved into Sleeping Dogs and has impressed so far.

@Hayzink; It was his predecessor, Mr Gallagher and he tackled Yakuza 3 if I recall correctly. I’m sure some of us would appreciate another quest being undertaken.

declan__watson 1 December, 2012 @ 1:29 pm   17

Hey again
Forgot to mention for some people who hate on Singstar I don’t know why. What’s all the fuss it’s a great game it may not be everybody’s type but its a fun game to play get a good laugh with your friends.
Anyway guys just commenting don’t want any rude comment aimed at me.


It’s not about the SingStar program, I don’t hate it at all, it just doesn’t fit with the kind of games I play. Hey, if you like SingStar, that’s great and I’m happy for you! <3

However this really is about the SingStar icon and the way it has been placed very prominently in the Games XMB with no option to move and/or delete it. SingStar doesn't mesh with my personal taste in video games, so I don't want to see it in my personal Games XMB, but I would be okay with the icon if I could move it some place else. I am certain that that is not difficult to accomplish for SCEE at all.

Now Fred told us, weeks ago, that they are aware of the issue and that the relevant teams are discussing it internally. I am simply asking for a status update. No big deal, right?


Hi Fred, I hope you’re reading this and will reply.

For the past year, I’ve been having a problem with my PSN account, I used to get through this on the PS3 by creating anothr account, but since that’s not possible with the Vita, I need your help. I dont kno what the Bulgarian PSN card looks like, can you or anyone else post an image of the flag on the PSN card case thing that works for Bulgaria?

Thanks, posted from my Vita 🙂

my advice to anyone still thinking about getting far cry 3 …. get it now… so real a great not even near 20% and its funny, scary like you always on the edge , a real challenge ..& full of(taa taa)you will know this once u start the game lol..

supersmith2500 1 December, 2012 @ 2:28 pm   21

Get it retail, £59.99 for just a digital copy is a rip-off and seriously, I can get like 3-4 pre-owned copies of PS3 games within that price. Jesus christ EA, Activision and Ubi Soft.

@supersmith2500 i know what u mean bud ,i spent 13 years in UK and i understand ur point , but 70% of my games are digital and i’m big fan of the digital games for many reasons one of which is im always on the road and hardly spend 3 months without traveling so carrying your games around is not ideal for me. im sure the price of digital games wont stay like this forever

zxRATTLExz 1 December, 2012 @ 4:31 pm   23

Another week goes by without me spending a penny on that disorganised, hard to use store. Sort it out Sony

declan__watson 1 December, 2012 @ 6:41 pm   24

I’m sorry but is this all you do? Another bad week for scee and sony I’m sorry but what’s so bad I think it’s actually another good week for them selling more consoles than xbox and wii u and also like I mentioned last weekend new games which haven’t sold good yet that’s because there not even fully released yet they will start flying off shelves in a couple of weeks. And what do you mean by time is running out sony just because the 3ds has sold more dosnt mean its better. The vita is extremely better better games, better features, better online, apps, etc. I’m sorry for any inconvenience
@CoolRichy008Uk and 008Uk-3
And why should they get rid of home, there is nothing wrong with home it’s a really great place try out new games, have your own apartments, avatars, clothes etc there is nothing wrong at all with home. Anyway you 2 sorry for any inconvenience and please don’t write any criticising comments back to me. I am not being rude to you true just correcting what you said. Thank you LongLivePlay Sony make.believe

Jamesyp00 1 December, 2012 @ 9:05 pm   25

Hey Fred, is there any more news on an option to remove the singstar icon for those who don’t want it?
I know the US store got an option if they wanted it or not, i’d also like that option.
I don’t hate singstar it’s really fun with friends, it’s just messing up my harddrive since it sits atop my folders and i keep accidentally clicking it when quitting games.
Looking forward to the rest of these Xmas Sales!

supersmith2500 1 December, 2012 @ 9:15 pm   26

Another issue with Store.

In Games –> Collections –> Batman, Disney or Final Fantasy

Instead of game content, there is movie content instead. Please look into it.



HOME is making a profit for Sony why would they remove it?

I bet you will moan about Sony removing features if they ever removed it.

redalertrules 2 December, 2012 @ 12:23 am   28

hey fred can you please answer if sega all stars racing is delayed till next year for vita, as will buy for ps3 or xbox if it’s the case but nothing has been said on it




Is there anywhere I could find every single title that’s been in playstation plus? Any chance of a blog post? Or a general direction to be sent in?

Iv looked but there’s nothing like it on the internet.

Would be cool if you could do this… Cheers

TINTINTB303 2 December, 2012 @ 10:44 am   31

I agree with Mattbrad.


An easily accessable database of all PS+ content that is updated every month would be great as I often add the games to my download list and a few months later I’ll stumble across a game I forgot we had with our PS+ sub.

We all know how bad the downlist is to navigate even if you know what you are looking for. It’s even worse if you are wanting to window shop for your next gaming adventure.

A database/list of ALL PS+ content would be a very useful tool.


Until the download list has search filters and just generally made easier to navigate this would be great.

Even after the download list is fixed (hoping sooner rather than later) this would be a great addition to Sony’s services.

TINTINTB303 2 December, 2012 @ 10:50 am   32

@ redalertrules

As far as I know, both the Vita version and 3DS version has been delayed until early 2013.

I hope this doesn’t point to the Vita getting a crappy 3DS port!?!

Does anyone know the answer (100% fact) to that?

Is the Vita version going to be a crappy 3DS port???

God I hope not!


I had both the PS3 and Vita versions ordered from wowhd, they had a 20% off games deal a couple of weeks ago.The date they have for the Vita version changed to 7/12/12,hope it’s right.

CoolRichy008UK-3 2 December, 2012 @ 12:32 pm   34

@Lucreto acTULY i like PS HOME NOW So SHut THe HELL UP KID

Panos_GRE 2 December, 2012 @ 1:07 pm   35

Hi, Fred and staff,
I read that Milestone has released free DLC for their WRC 3 game on the playstation Vita but I can’t find anything in the store. I am accessing the EU/Greek store. Is there any information on the subject?
Will it be available?


some nice tings
but stil not happy
1 = icone of spamstar
2 = stil no facebook ps3 + film renting in Benelux after 5 jear = disgrace

3 = in searsh option in store = 9 to 0 then a to z but i not get 18 !!!
new letters ???? ( u now more then i then , lol .)

give peopel option on icones on them system ( make option goast icone like pc )

also prices of u psn shop = not suport them + u need 100% retail +100% digital , but corect prices = some games are never come out like disgaea 4

mi ps+ abo = good til 7/12/13 ten i pick next gen console ( sony – ms ?)

ps3 supper slim = ugly price increase if u need extension hd u need to pay 259 € + 89,95 € to get cady + 250 gb hd. =348.95 €
so 5 j old console = 348.95 €
x box 360 250 gb + hallo 4 = 249 € = u are 99.995 € more expensive !!!

supersmith2500 2 December, 2012 @ 1:54 pm   37

Shouldn’t be a crappy 3DS port. Sumo Digital did a good job with F1 2011 so they should port it from the console again.

Panos_GRE 2 December, 2012 @ 2:05 pm   38

Actually, F1 2011 was a crappy 3DS port on the Vita.
Although I did enjoy it enough to put 50 hours into it, the truth is that it was the same as the 3DS, except for higher rez textures (but not good looking) and much better framerate.
If Sumo had made this from scratch on the Vita it would have been a great looking game.

tom-359-ds 2 December, 2012 @ 2:06 pm   39

… where are some news about removing Singstar SPAM?


– MA76_666
will only get worse when to retailers are no longer there, sony need to be more like steam with their supper discounts!
-dlc content for cod bo 2 = just an insult.
-many games are 10 € more expensive than the real shop while no disc cover + no transport must be paid = no gasoline (if they are arogant they will ever get a gaming crach like in the year 1983)

declan__watson 2 December, 2012 @ 7:08 pm   41

Hey again bloggers.
Hi Fred I have something to ask is sony buying back the crash bandicoot and spyro the dragon IPs, I know that these games are technically still owned by insomniac games and naughty dog because they made them. Universal or as its now know as Vivendi (Owners of activision blizzard) only helped to publish the game and had no right to take it away from us. Technically speaking these should still be playstation exclusives as they were made by two amazing developers who are under management by sony. Thanks Fred hope they do make a comeback. LongLivePlay Sony make.believe

ADAMJAMESXX 2 December, 2012 @ 8:14 pm   42

Paid for grand theft 4 complete but it comes out showing me I have 201 left to play this something is up does anyone at all have the place to get in contacts number its annoying its treating the game like a plusrental 🙂

declan__watson 2 December, 2012 @ 10:04 pm   43

They sold crash because they had to not because they wanted to. Universal the publishers made naughty dog with the hurtful decision to leave crash and spyro behind so activision took over but crash and spyro are better being made by sony and not activision. LongLivePlay Soy make.believe


@declan__watson Activision are making too much money from skylanders so can’t see them giving that up. Have heard that these franchises were up for sale or are you just asking random questions?


Have you*

declan__watson 3 December, 2012 @ 4:11 pm   47

Activision can’t keep these games though these games are made and owned by naughty dog and insomniac games Vivendi only published them and had no right to take the franchise away from us. Naughty dog were left with the harsh decision to leave the games so activision came in and swept all the ashes and made these games really bad these games are only better on playstation platforms. And I did not just make up a dumb question I like many playstation gamers out there know that these two games are only better on playstation and that they should still be on playstation platforms which they should. I’m sorry for any inconvenience. LongLivePlay Sony make.believe

markymillertime5 4 December, 2012 @ 1:23 pm   48

Still “discussing” spamstar are they fred?