Community update: FIFA 13, Gran Turismo and Xi

Hello and welcome to my weekly update on what’s happening in the Official PlayStation Community.


FIFA 13 – King of the Hill

FIFA 13 is all about those bragging rights, correct? Well, here is your opportunity to be known as the community’s best FIFA player! How does this work? Simple! There can only be one King of the hill in the PlayStation Forums, and he shall remain the King until he is defeated.

If you want to attempt to be King yourself, you must first put your name down in this thread to be considered a challenger.

The current King of the Hill will then take on the challengers, but on a first-come first-serve basis. If the King manages to win, he will then have to work his way down the list of challengers each week until he finally gets knocked off his perch.

If the challenger wins, he shall become the new King. The King is dead, long live the King!


Gran Turismo 5 – Dude, what’s My Car

Think you know the cars from Gran Turismo? Then you should totally try out our community game! We take snapshots of the different cars available in Gran Turismo 5 from strange and obscure angles, and if you are the first to correctly guess which car it is, you then can post your own picture to try and baffle the community!

Here a challenge for you!

Which car is this?!


PlayStation Home – Xi Party


News has recently broken that the highly popular in-Home alternative reality game Xi: Continuum is heading back with a vengeance!

Tomorrow we will be hosting a gathering at the Xi Museum so you can talk all things Xi! Whether it’s about the latest video, leaked emails, pictures or even your own theories as to what Xi Continuum is all about.

We will be joined by nDreams’ very own Joey!

Want to pop along? Find more details in the thread here!

Until next week!

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The car is the RenaultSport V6 Clio (with carbon bonnet) is it not?

You can find the answer here :)

Hi SCEE staff,
I don’t know where to ask so I’ll have to do it in every blog.

I read that Milestone has released free DLC for their WRC 3 game on the playstation Vita but I can’t find anything in the store. I am accessing the EU/Greek store. Is there any information on the subject?
Will it be available?

Community Team Leader? Then may I request that there be a link to the forums on this blog somewhere? These things should all be interconnected for ease of use and therefore to encourage the community.

If there is a forum link on this page, I don’t see it, and I needed it yesterday so I could make a post defending the SingStar icon!

Add me Ethansch

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