The 12 Deals of Christmas!

12 deals of Christmas

Deal 2: Battlefield 3 – Was £59.99/€69.99, now £29.99/€39.99. Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members. Offer expires 11.59pm on 4th December.

Deal 1: 90-day PS Plus subscription – Was £11.99/€14.99, now £7.99/€9.99 (save up to 33%). Offer expires 7.00am on 9th December.

Hi everyone! With Christmas just around the corner, ’tis the season to be jolly! Now you have 12 extra special reasons to celebrate as the 12 Deals of Christmas makes its return to PlayStation Store.

Starting on 1st December 2012, PlayStation Store will feature 12 incredible deals for you to unwrap. You will only be able to redeem each deal from PlayStation Store for a period of 48 hours and then they vanish, quicker than a Christmas pudding!

Just like the presents under your tree, we are going to keep these deals under wraps until it’s time for them to be opened. So make sure you keep checking PlayStation Store to find out what the latest amazing deal is. We’ll also update this Blog post every time a deal is added.

Don’t miss out on some great one-time offers – take a sledge ride over to PlayStation Store and treat yourself to a few extra presents this festive season. Enjoy!

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Not one to usually bash or even comment, but lol at this deal.

Awesome! now I can get Battlefield for £10 more than the disc version instead of £40 more!… :-/

Something really needs to be done to fix the prices of old digital content, it needs to change price over time so that it is in line with retail. Then “sales” like this could be of some use. I really hope no one buys this deal just so it becomes clear how crap a deal it is.

Blame DICE.


I mean, come on, It’s a year old game selling for what? 36€ on a “sale”, digital title, on top of that, that should be naturally cheaper than retail.
I think that even over here in Portugal the game sells for 40€ new @retail (whoever lives here knows how ridiculously overpriced games are due to tax), so please, you can do better “deals” than this.

PlanetOfTheApes 03 December, 2012 @ 00:59

When management gave you this “offer” did they refer to it as “taking one for the team”?

Was eagerly awaiting these deals… wont bother even checking now. Bad promoting guys. Bad.

This is an absolutely shocking deal, cant imagine anyone buying this

When we complain that selling digital copies at 60 pounds is ridiculous, you claim it is the publishers choice and nothing to do with you. But now you are jumping on the back of it by doing 50% off and calling it a sale. Absolute joke of a deal!

Good luck with that one aye.


That is a ridiculously stupid deal. Straight up.

Think il pass the price of digital games is way to much.

just look at Far Cry 3 £59.99 thats £19.99 more than in shops.
its meant to be cheaper due to not having to print manuals or make the Blu rays and box’s , not more expensive

Lego batman 2 £34.99 on PSN. £19.99 on Steam and £21.99 in shops. notice how its cheaper on steam as its a digital version, yet its £12 more on PSN also a digital version why.

automuseprime189 03 December, 2012 @ 01:45

i hope you put lego lego of the ring and family gou on the 12 day of xmas


Absolutely crazy deal. If memory serves me right, was BF3 offered in another sale at this price months ago? 29.99 would be too expensive even at a non-sale price.

29.99 for BF3 with ALL the dlc I could understand, but this, just lol.

Very poor so far, and to think I topped up my wallet.

I have still 10 deals to get excited about. I hope they are very different from the first 2 because they are very disapointing.
I know this is not a Steam sale but I’m not sure why not…

Anyway Dec 5th is comming soon and I get 3 Plus games I don’t have so any sales after that will be very low on my “to buy” list.

@ Chris Howe. Is this Battlefield limited edition or regular? The answer really determines whether this is a deal or not.

Either way offering a highly inflated price game for an in-line retail price and calling it a deal is in poor taste.

I would highly recommend, and most would agree, that this kind of deal not be offered again.

Please let us know if our feedback matters in this case. Thanks.

By the way to everyone who wants to know, I recently got a clear answer from Ninja Theory on this retail vs digital price hoax. They’re basically saying that until digital becomes #1 for popularity big retail releases will always be cheaper than digital. The question then comes how does digital become #1 if it isn’t even attractive to buy?

Go here for full response


is black ops declassified going to be put on here, because i want to get it but i don’t want to pay £45 for it.

i don’t think i will bother checking these offers anymore,i have a feeling the only one worth getting was the 1st PS+ deal, the rest are going to be a joke like this battlefield 3 offer.

I think a deal on the bf3 dlc should be done and that price is ridiculous I bought bf3 in I think the summer psn sale for 23 euro

When the fact is that you can get the retail copy of BF3 shipped to your home almost no matter where you live in the world for 21GBP or less, then 26,99GBP for a digital copy of the game locked to a PSN user and no re-sell or trade after you’re done with the game is pretty expensive, and not exactly a good offer.

I hope you people didn’t need us to tell you what a sad joke this deal is. For 20€ I might have considered to buy this game for my PS3 too, but 40? Insanity.

I’m already disappointed enough that we still don’t have Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross in Europe. At least make those deals a success. Journey for 50% would be a good start.

Playstations DIGITAL content is a rip off, the plus deal is alright, definitely worth it for what you get, but battlefield deal ha, why would anyone pay more for it than the disc version? come on sony, the GTA 4 deal is pretty good tbh

Absolutely ridiculous that this is considered a deal, its 15£ for a copy of the game in cex and bus fare is 3.20£ so it would be much quicker and cheaper to go buy it from the shop and Id get some trade value back on it when I want to get a new game, how can you give away 12 games + 4 more if you have a vita for 8£ (and dont forget thats 3 months worth of psn so you will also fall into the bracket of December, January and Februarys free psn games) 1 day then 2 days later think that this is any form of a deal to get an out of date game above retail price? Really this needs to be stepped up or just cut out the 12 deals of xmas crap now and call it a bad idea, this is just gonna annoy the people who care enough to check the supposed deals if they are all as pathetic as this

Wooo! What a deal! xD

I could have get BF3 premium for half that price on the PC last week on Origin. Regular priced BF3 premium costs as much as this “deal” :D

instead of offering discount on game price (which is overpriced usually), why don’t we get the discount of DLCs or online only contents? maybe for all Asura’s Wrath DLC episodes or Assassin’s Creed 3 Season Pass?

EmperorLawlight 03 December, 2012 @ 04:56

@Chris Howe, and this is why I don’t bother buying content on PSN. BF3 is less than £20 in several UK online stores. Can you put up the AU price as well – I want to have some more laughs.

LOL ‘deal’ that price is still significantly more than what they sell them for in the store. i got my battlefield 3 a year ago brand new for 10$ (AU)


I feel kinda bad for Sony on this, feels like bad research. I do LOL at the comments saying they won’t even check out the rest of the deals (who are you kidding?).
I will admit when I saw deal#1 I was like “meh” (I still bought it, as my sub was going to expire just before the summer) and they did drop the ball on deal#2, but from what I heard, the deals last year were pretty good.
However I have a sneaking suspicion that this does concern the Premium edition because I just checked the prices of both editions in the PS Store and they do not appear to have been updated (so Chris, I think you made a slight mistake in not mentioning it was the Premium edition).
If so, I would love to see the above flamers come crawling back. If not, ouch, prepare for more flamers :/.
Ayways, just here to say I still have faith in you Sony ;) (as I am not so quickly to forget the incredible deals I have got bestowed upon me, being a PS+ member, before shouting “ripoff!”).

£20 on Amazon.


my mum works at Morrisons and has got me 4 copies for 98p each!

If you don’ like it do not buy it. It is that easy

The Walking Dead PLEAAAAAASE :D

I logged in to PSN yesterday and I didn’t see 12 deals of Christmas anywhere. Does someone else has the same problem too ?

Not really interseted in deals on the most expensive games on the store.For the €36 this 2nd deal would cost me i’d be hoping to pick up 3 or 4 games in the sale.Looks like i’ll be holding on to my money and just playing the plus deals this month.

LOL Typical SCEE sale! Even with the 10% PS+ discount it’s still significantly more expensive than retail versions. You pay you PS+ sub just so you can pay more. SCEE need reported for ripping consumers off. More evidence SCEE have dropped PS+ discounts to pay for PS+ Vita content.

Don’t worry guys, I’m sure there will be some good ones. It was like this last year; some of the deals were pointless, but others were great. At least now you can save your cash for when the good deals show up!

ChemicalBacon90 03 December, 2012 @ 07:50

Not for me this one. Started off well with the Plus deal but I don’t think this one will go down as well.

Mind you, if you prefer digital over boxed, then I think this is the cheapest Battlefield 3 PSN has been, so it’s a ‘deal’ from that perspective.

It can only get better from here, right? :p

only an idiot would buy this deal, you can buy the disc for £20. someone should do a a bit of research before setting prices.


Deal #2 Huh!? What a joke!


rather dissapointed with that 1, got some great deals last year, lets hope for something better on deal 3

Unless this is with the premium this is really overpriced. I paid £17.99 for this from psn in August this year in a sale.

Kind of a downer from the first offer, If this included all the DLC then it’d be alright, but charging this much for a barebones copy is just daft.

sorry but the price for the normal bf3 on store is 49,99 and 69,99 for the premium why now change the price???onother anomaly change is mass effect 3 29,99 to 69,99 why??

Bassmonkey_Mike 03 December, 2012 @ 08:27

bargain!! got this for £30 on launch day!!! ;)))

Lol, the price difference is huge (30£) but it still sucks. I saw this game in the store for about 20£ some days ago!

I bought this game for 35 euros a few week after it launched. You can find it in stores now for under 20 euros.


Ill skip this one …

Hope that other deals will be more valuable to buy like for NFS most wanted which is very expensive….

I’m with everyone on this one. Battlefield 3 is one of those games I’ve really wanted but never bought simple because the publisher can’t get the price right.

If this were a sale for the Premium Edition (with the DLC etc) I’d have it in a heartbeat. And in response to what Dominic Matthews wrote about digital vs retail, I have only one thing to say – have Sony and the publishers been drinking?

My Amazon wishlist has about 20 games I’d have bought on PSN if the price wasn’t mental. So even if the games were £20 quid retail, thats £400 in sales that Sony/the publishers are giving up because of the retailers. I cannot be the only gamer in this position.

I only have AC3 because someone at work bought a PS3 for their kids and it came bundled so they sold it to me.

Not even talking about price itself – why the deal is 33% off for EU and 50% off for GB? At lesat get your math right, not that anyone will get it for that price.

Would of preferred a deal on the Premium Edition / Season Pass. Ah well, two deals down – 10 to go!



I don’t complain much on this blog. If I see something I don’t like I just don’t make a comment but……

Who came up with this little doozy??

You must have known that 95%… No actually 100% of the responses to this will be negative?!

You MUST know that people can pick this up for less than 20 quid these days?

Hell, even GAME have a lower price than you for this game and that isn’t in a massive Xmas sale!!

*slow clap*

Battlefield 3:
Was: £59.99
Now: £29.99
Amazon: £20.00

Dear PSN and SCEE staff

Please read the followingn carefully.
A “DEAL” is where you give us an opportunity to buy something at a price that is LESS than the NORMAL PRICE. If you ask us to pay £9.99 MORE than it costs at NORMAL PRICE, then IT IS NOT A DEAL.


really?! poor show

zalwelgoedgaan 03 December, 2012 @ 09:09

Just to clarify, publishers decide the discount price. This game’s from EA, so SCEE doesn’t really have a say in the matter.

That doesn’t mean the deal isn’t hilarious though, haha.


Why is it that you are all (nearly all) expecting 12 deals that you want?

OK, so this is expensive compared with elsewhere, but you don’t have to buy it do you? For God’s sake cheer up and if something like this makes you moan like it has some of you, you really need to get out more and look at real life to find something real to moan about!!

Come on people. Yes the deal is awful, Chris himself was probably embarrassed enough to post it, cut the dude some slack. The first deal was superb, this one not so much, just look forward to the remaining 10. Yeah some will most likely be terrible too but I suspect there will be better than this one.

seriously, it’s insulting knowing you think we’ll actually accept your continuously ridiculous sales.. we’re not idiots, wake up and show some respect for ONCE, just ONCE give us a real sale.

I just bought Saints Row 3 for $6 on Steam.. it’s $60 on PSN.

Carnivius_Prime 03 December, 2012 @ 09:25

No thanks. It’s a boring game.

After the dissappointment of last year’s deals and the summer sale I knew this was gonna look like this. Only retail games, which are so expensive in digital copies, that even after discount, they are way overpriced. Wouldn’t be too surprised if all the deals were like this one. Seriously, I don’t know what a sucker one has to be to buy digital versions of retail titles.

On a positive note, thanks Chris for posting every deal on this blog, that was something I wanted to see since last year. It’s way more faster and convenient for me to check the deals here.

better get used to useless ‘deals’ like this. rumor has it with the ps4 when you play a game it locks to your game, making it so you HAVE to buy games for sony’s ridiculous prices.

For an extra £10 you can buy the Premium Retail release that includes the game + all DLC!

I hope the other 10 deals are far greater than the first 2!

@ Carnivius_Prime

You forgot to add ‘in my opinion!’ ;)

Also, are you ever satisfied??

SCEE sales… it’s not just a rip off… it’s an SCEE rip off

WHF? Prima Aprilis shuldnt be in April?

BF3 psn: 169 PLN.
BF3 DVD/Blu-ray: 99 PLN.

“Was £59.99/€69.99” This is the starting price, now (before this “deal”) is should be about 40EUR.

brucewillis215 03 December, 2012 @ 10:16

That´s a bad deal even with the PS Plus discount i can get the retail version for 19 Pounds NEW, you really should not give us more thrash deals like these.


I would love to have Journey, Unfinished Swan, Okami or The Walking Dead…please, something of that!

Deal 2 – not for me thanks….nuff said

Thknking about it they must mean the premium edition. Makes more sense to me. Still not interested though, never really liked anything dice did.

this is all very well but will Vita content be included at any point? SCEE do want Vita to have a merry Christmas as well right?

The only way i can see Vita being included is if it’s a multi format game. Otherwise people will be complaining.


What are you talking about guys? This is a great deal!

…For EA. Why charge less when you can charge more?


Battlefield 3 price sure is a joke. Always thought GAME was the rip off store but here’s some prices for ya.

HMV = £25
GAME = £23(new) £15(pre-owned)
Amazon = £20 = £19.85

Anyone want to get this game as brand new for Christmas, buy from I would recommend that store. They have good service.

ChemicalBacon90 03 December, 2012 @ 10:44

Unless it comes with some dlc, then it’s not a good deal at all considering that BF3 was £19.99 (£17.99 for PS+) in the Summer sale.

Hopefully the other deals are better.

Pathetic day 2 deal.

I don’t know where to ask so I’ll have to do it in every blog.

Hi Chris and staff,
I read that Milestone has released free DLC for their WRC 3 game on the playstation Vita but I can’t find anything in the store. I am accessing the EU/Greek store. Is there any information on the subject?
Will it be available?

What do people expect its EA, Thats why i never buy there games

Sorry but deal #2 is no deal :(
You can buy a boxed version of €18,- here in Holland.
Really hoped to see some real nice deals…………

I dread next Gen ‘if’ all games are downloadable only :-/ That will be the death of gaming i think(with dreadful prices like £59.99??? & you know Microsoft will double that to so it will be even worse for the Xbox’ers):D

Ignoring the fact that as deals go this is not attractive in the least, I would like someone from SCEE to comment why the euro price is not €34.99 (half-price like the UK.)

SCEE doesn’t favour the UK?

Pull the other one.

(By the way, I’ll actually be SHOCKED if this comment gets a response. Keep your heads in the sand, guys. We’ll go away eventually.)

On the first day of christmas Sony gave to me one ok deal.
On the second day of christmas Sony gave to me one silly joke.

the PS+ sub it is then! The 1yr would’ve been nice but can’t complain XD

Maybe Sony do have no say over the discount price and were embarrassed to put this up as a deal, Even if that is the case they should have just rejected it and discounted one of their own titles (Unfinished Swan, Journey, maybe a Pixeljunk game) at 10% or 20% off. It would have been a far more appreciated deal

a big discount on Journey would be an instant buy for me! I don’t feel good about paying 17USD on a 3-5hr game, but on discount I’m sure to get it as many others. Unless it’s in the plans to be a PS+ freebie of course ;)

I am laughing at this deal ! Bring on Deal 3 please !

This deal it’s some kind of joke, right?

Also, not that I’m going to buy it, but incase someone is. The extra 10% for plus members isn’t showing up on mine

Battlefield 3 was offered for £19.99 + 10% off for PS+ subscribers justst a few months ago. Not really much of a deal now is it?


Dos anyone else know if this is the Premium Edition? Cant remember the game alone ever being £59.99 but the Premium Edition was.

It’s not the premium edition, That is still £59.99 on the store

Oh dear.

So where’s the 12 GIFTS of Christmas for Playstation Plus Members?


@ Grimmiy…

Ok and the basic game is now £29.99 Im taking it? IM just asking cos you know what Sonys like for updating the Store. You see, how can it BE the basic game if the Premium Edition IS £59.99? Thats the price it gives in the original post. So the basic game cant be the same price can it? Then discounted for this deal.

Does anyone get what i mean?

@ Coody-Baroody Yes i know what you mean. Either it is the premium edition or they made a mistake as to what the previous price was.

I know what you mean, The limited edition is £57.99, It shows a link to the offer now on the store but it takes you to the standard version for £29.99 and no Plus discount, Basically it’s a mess.

I know what you mean but I’m not sure Sony know what they mean..


@ Alan @ Grimmy..

Thanks lads, That is a total rip off. It never ceases to amaze me how the prices on the Store are such a joke. I know its a publishers way of guaranteeing we pay the full RRP that retail sellers can seem to get around but now it seems these publishers see that the US RRP is $59.99 so they just thought “I know, we’ll just swap that little $ sign and replace it with a £ sign!”

At the rate of currency conversion that would mean that for EA’s NFS Most Wanted & ubisofts FC3 it would be about $90 in he US!

If this IS the way next gen is going i am going to become a retro gamer exclusively.


But what REALLY gets to me though is the way that those 2 games i mentioned at £59.99 (!!) have a couple hundred RATINGS meaning that their are some people still buying them at that insane rip off price!

Things are never going to change if us gamers are buying these games at these prices. We have to speak with our wallets.

Rant over….thanks again for checking for me Grimmy & Alan2112, if it was the Premium Edition i was going to get it after work…Oh Well.

Merry Xmas to you too EA!!!!


Please stop MOANING about PS+ & Vita in every single blog post here. It’s getting old and frankly nobody is interrested in it. If you’d use your brain for at least a minute you’d figure out, that there might be some other PS+ members who owns only Vita and those are “sponsoring” your PS+ on PS3 so finally shut up and concentrate on something else …

Also UK gets 50% off while rest of EU get 43%? off? [DELETED] is this like?

Exactly. These days people are either too stupid or too lazy and they are willing to pay 30-50% more for a game, just to avoid getting out of the house or (god forbid) stand up from the couch and pop that disc in. It’s the gamers’ fault that publishers do whatever they want.

BTW, stop saying it’s completely publisher’s fault. It’s Sony’s store. They should be the ones saying “Either make that price a real deal or someone else gets the Deal 2”. It’s Sony calling those jokes “Deals” so they take all the responsibility.

“Basically it’s a mess” is the understatement of the year Grimmy. ;)

Deal #1, which couldn’t be discovered as a deal in the store if you didn’t know about it, was already an annoyance.

I’ll do a little list for Chris & Fred and they shall tell me then if I should be a satisfied customer.

1. I check the deals section under games. There is no “12 Deals of Christmas” section.

2. The deals of the week section in the german store is completely empty. No banners and ads as in the UK.

3. When I manually search for Battlefield 3, it doesn’t show me a price in the game section. I can chose between the Plus test version and a full version which is “for free”, while I never bought the game. That’s the old still unfixed issue where the test version interferes. It would be impossible for me to purchase the game.

4. The “deal” is already a bad one. But why the UK receives a 50% discount and the rest of Europe nit is beyond me. It leaves the impression that people just drop some numbers, that mig...

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“Basically it’s a mess” is the understatement of the year Grimmy. ;)

Deal #1, which couldn’t be discovered as a deal in the store if you didn’t know about it, was already an annoyance.

I’ll do a little list for Chris & Fred and they shall tell me then if I should be a satisfied customer.

1. I check the deals section under games. There is no “12 Deals of Christmas” section.

2. The deals of the week section in the german store is completely empty. No banners and ads as in the UK.

3. When I manually search for Battlefield 3, it doesn’t show me a price in the game section. I can chose between the Plus test version and a full version which is “for free”, while I never bought the game. That’s the old still unfixed issue where the test version interferes. It would be impossible for me to purchase the game.

4. The “deal” is already a bad one. But why the UK receives a 50% discount and the rest of Europe nit is beyond me. It leaves the impression that people just drop some numbers, that might look neat. If those prices make sense or can compete is the last thing seems to matter.

5. No replies, as already on the first deal. Leaving the impression that nobody really cares.

So, what is your verdict?


I can buy Battlefield 3 in shops/online in the Netherlands around 20 to 23 Euro.

This isn’t a Christmas deal, this is Christmas rape by a bad digital price…

No one should buy this and go to a shop to get it. And then you can even resell the physical copy if you don’t like it.

What a bad deal.

Project2insanity 03 December, 2012 @ 13:26

Not for me, this one. Am I angry? No. Am I upset? No. Am I disappointed? No. Can we exercise a little more maturity, people? That was going to rhetorical but I guess that’s a no as well in reality.

@Coody-Baroody; I’m glad you pointed that out. Just because the opinion on this blog says rip-off, doesn’t mean it is one. I don’t personally think it’s a great deal but ya gotsta chill.

@Voodoo341; You finally got your Plus discount, buddy! Oh, wait… you still aren’t happy getting what you asked for… Um… This is awkward…

UK gets 50% off while rest of EU get 43%? off. What’s up with that? Is that better Mr Moderator?

zalwelgoedgaan 03 December, 2012 @ 13:28

If there’s a nice discount for Unfinished Swan then I’ll be totally on it, fingers crossed that it’s one of the deals.


Brilliant deal :) Its almost equal to price of game on release day.


Wasn’t there a 12 Gifts of Christmas for plus subscribers as well? I’ve been logging in everyday but I can’t seem to find the gifts.

Appreciate its the publisher that sets the price Chris but £29.99 is too much. End of.

£14.99 would have been a more attractive price, especially now that Black Ops 2 is out.

Dont pretend to know how getting reductions on the store works but if EA said “Yes, you can have BF3 on the store for £29.99” I would have told them “er, thanks, we’ll leave it”

Im sure you agree its too much (but not as a reply on the blog though!)

@ Vortexrange

“Posted on 3 December, 2012 at 1:35 pm by vortexrage
Wasn’t there a 12 Gifts of Christmas for plus subscribers as well? I’ve been logging in everyday but I can’t seem to find the gifts”

That is the extra discount on the normal PSN deals. Like the 10% discount on the current bad deal. Which gives you still a bad deal, just a bit less bad lol.

It seems Santa turned into Scrooge this year :P

Maybe Sony learns from todays non deal that the remaining 10 deals will be fixed, who knows…


@ Vortexrange..

There is no 12 “Gifts” of Xmas this year for us Plus subscribers mate. That was last year but the service wasnt as good last year really was it? Cant see the publishers of AAA games letting us download them for free again if we missed them 1st time around.

As TheMART said above we’re just getting a further discount on the items in the “sale”


Thanks for clearing that up!


Awful…just just awful… for all the reasons already stated.

Really have to wonder why SCEE didn’t stick to giving discounts on digital only games. They’ve never shown any ability to match retailers for discounts so stick with the games that don’t have retailers. Not really rocket science! Now they’ve lots of angry customers and another bad PR session. Well done!


It’s tragic that a digital copy of the same game can cost more than in retail. Regarding Battlefield 3 (though I’m not interested in FPS games), I could buy it for €30-35 in retail (new copy) instead of the Deal’s €40 price. I am pleased by PS Plus, that’s for sure, but price tactics like this contradict the PS Vita’s price strategy, where the digital copy of a game is actually cheaper (even if it is by a margin of a mere €5) than a physical one.

when I bought my ps3 back in 2010 – the sales at that Christmas were fantastic. Last year, yes it was nice to pick up some plus titles that came out before I had a ps3, but the sales were a disappointment.

Personally I think the 12 deals of Christmas promotion is a bit poor, you have people awaiting a deal and it just leads to disappointment. If you listed all the deals in a sale at once would be much better, that way people would be more inclined to look. As it stands the store isn’t for browsing which is something most shops do (have sales to get people in the door and allow for easy browsing to incur further purchases.

In 2010 I spent lots of money in the Christmas sale, in 2011 I spent none…at this rate it looks like 2012 will be a repeat of last year.


Oh dear….this offer is a fail. Hopefully the next 10 days will ACTUALLY see some good deals on digital only products ( personally i would like to see Okami & Journey reduced) rather than putting the overpriced items at a slightly less overpriced price for 2 days.

What’s the next deal ? Assasins Creed 3 Gold Edition for £70 ? Of Orcs & Men for £39.99 ?




Come on peeps – “Don’t miss out on some great one-time offers – take a sledge ride over to PlayStation Store and treat yourself to a few extra presents this festive season. Enjoy!”

there were a few deals last year that seemed to be a bit high compaired to retail but there were more good than bad in the end up.

so hold fire guys things will start picking up.


great, the second deal in the “amazing” 12 deals of xmas costs more then the ultimate edition cost me RETAIL 8 months ago, some great deal that is sony, great work, still costs more then retail….i bet they will fly out the door

wouldnt be so bad, but, the first deal was all about making sony more money and not really an actual deal for customers, yes ok its cheaper then it is normally but so what it doesnt make it more appealing, or better

ironic though, if i went for deal 1 then id get deal 2 at a better discount then if i only bought deal 2

i can see these deals all being an absolute load of garbage, bring back the psn that was up till the end of 2010 i say…used to get GOOD deals, every single week….now it seems i have to pay for those deals by means of ps+

sony, you are a rip off and i will not be buying anymore consoles as its a sinking ship that you keep charging more and more for, for less and less

Haha i think the term “deal” was used very loosely on this one.

Seriously that’s not a deal in the slightest SCEE Fail once again *slow clap*


Oh my, these “deals” keep getting better and better (not) haha you’re a joke of yourselfs mr. sony.

The best part is the fact that the first blog entry about the deal got 130+ comments and you didn’t even bothered to answer a single post, nothing new and/or that we aren’t already used to. But damn this second entry has already 120+ comments and you still don’t give a fck?

You sure work hard to satisfy your costumers indeed /s

Good luck with those so called “deals” LOL

You guys always nag about this kind of deals, do you even think that a game can be activated in two different consoles? So you can buy this game with a friend? Never think about that? Well, just bring Youtube to PSVITA and ill be happy. OHHHH, Counter Strike GO, btw.


i see where your coming from there but thats classed as gamesharing and its not the reason for the 2 activations.

What complete ad utter crap.

Can get the Premium edition in stores for less than this ‘sale’ price, and if want Premium digitally then that is another £40 more on top of this £30 ‘deal’.

So £20-25 ins tores vs £70 on PSN, and the PSN is on sale…

I don’t care if publsher sets price…you set what the 12 deals of christmas are, find a nother publisher with a deal that isn’t utter crap.


What angers me is that Sony blames the Publisher, Sony set the rates for Publishers and it’s up to Sony to get the best prices for us the customer. Sony need to lower there fees/charges…

Lets all hope the PS4 doesn’t solely rely on digital content :/


i just love to get ignored ;)

Project2insanity 03 December, 2012 @ 14:57

Why does anybody expect a reply on this? Do you think you deserve an apology? If so, why? An offer’s been made. Take it or leave it then move on. There’s actually nothing more to it.

@ Shavers007

the ps4 or orbis or whatever its going to be called wont be 100% digital.

console companys still need retail channels to much at the moment and id personaly say we are at least 1 full generation away from home consoles being 100% dd.

calling it now.
the next playstation Will use bluray
you will still be able to use second hand games.
it wont be backwards compatable with ps3 retail games.
possible will be b/c with psn titles.

thats just my guess.


we all love Sony because they make great hardware & software plus the company takes risks all the time to bring us new innovations so full respect to Sony for all of thier brilliant work & we will always be loyal fans in return BUT one thing must be said here,SONY is probably the most butt tight company in the world. Sony & Bargain are 2 words that will never be seen in one sentence. getting a bargain from Sony is like getting a blood out of a stone.

Not much of a deal unless its the Premium edition. Might be cheap compared to the normal store price but even the best titles depreciate over time and that should be reflected in the price regardless of whether its physical or digital copy. Normal retailers have this for around £20-25 for disc version and yet the ‘deal’ is more expensive even with an added 10% Plus discount and no resale value.
Its probably Sony’s biggest failing with the store in that by maintaining RRP’s for full titles even years after release on the store also means a potential lost sale if the consumer then doesn’t buy physical copy (and even then the majority of the profits then go to the retailer rather than Sony) that could create further revenue through dlc.
Pricing strategy seriously needs rethink
Also, I would much prefer all the deals listed in advance so I can add credit to my account in advance


Ahh.. just checked the PS Store and it would appear to be the normal edition.
So yeah, Sony dropped the ball on this one (even if EA is responsable for the price. This is Sony’s promotion and EA’s “deal” is just a part of it, a part which Sony should have declined in my opinion).

That having said, I am still optimistic for the remaining deals.
Hoping for some discounts on Journey, The Walking Dead and Batman Arkham City DLC.

lol notice there isnt a single positive comment in this whole page. hopefully that will show ’em

supersmith2500 03 December, 2012 @ 15:35

Seriously, I can get BF3 for cheap price at Grainger Games.

@ supersmith2500

fps games are not my cup of tea hence the reason i never jumped on this when i saw it but when i was in morrisons i noticed its £15 in there.

they have loads of cheap games atm think there clearing there older stock out.

merry Christmas and happy next deal ;D

supersmith2500 03 December, 2012 @ 15:44

You know, not every game has to be a major FPS such as Battlefield and Call of Duty and not to mention, not EVERYONE is a FPS fan. Other people also like RPG’s but those kind of games never been on sale once.

supersmith2500 03 December, 2012 @ 15:45

Oh and sorry for the double post, Steam has much better deals on there. I’ll stick to buying retail for PS3.


i never said every game does have to be a fps title so im a little unsure why you reply at 137 makes it seem like i did, i have also said im not an fps fan so your reply has left me

id love a discount on disgaea 3 vita myself.

every time when people start to complain in comments, no one from sony answer on people questions

zalwelgoedgaan 03 December, 2012 @ 16:25

I don’t care for FPS games either, but if standard Battlefield 3 was like €10 or something, you could at least say “Even though this is not my cup of tea, the price is great and it’s a Merry Christmas for people who do like shooting things. Good job, SCEE and EA.”

There are still 10 deals left, we’ll see if we get better offers. :)

@ kan_lia

Which is dumb from Sony, as other customers read these messages too. And they see zero response from Sony.

So this will be double the bad marketing. First, the ridiculous price still for this game, it is no deal at all. Not even close. Second for no response given.

EA should be ashamed of themselves for the crazy digital pricing on PSN and $ony even more for allowing it to be one of their 12 days of xmas deals. Steam sales will get all my money this year and next.


@Wiipass. Quote. one thing must be said here,SONY is probably the most butt tight company in the world

Way off the mark there mate. These deals may be useless bit you can’t fault Sony overall in there PS+ endeavours.
Your mannerism speaks of greed and spoilt brst syndrome.



Hi All,

Some of you may have noticed that the PS Store is currently down for maintenance. Please note that both the deals for the PS Plus 90 day subscription and Battlefield 3 will be extended by 7 hours each where needed to ensure that both these deals are available to for the period specified

@ spagetti69

you sound like the typical sony ……. :)

if or when Sony does give us a bargain then its done out of desperation not kindness.

try STEAM for geniune bargains sony boy.

@ Chris

LOL don’t extend this bad deal, it should be taken offline instantly.

Humphrey_Bogus 03 December, 2012 @ 18:43

Great Management, 150 posts commenting on the hugely out of touch price of this ‘sale offer’, ignore all of the posters and advise the deal will run for a further 7 hours… Fantastic!

UK Gamers, save yourself a further 50%, Go to Morrisons and pick up a brand new boxed copy of BF3 for 15GBP, their standard price, this is not a special offer.

I agree with TheMART.

And even if this would be a good deal, an extension by 7 hours would seems stupid. I mean, if the deals get usually replaced midnight and you leave it online for another 7 hours … don’t tell me you expect to do many sales in the night?

A lost evening, when everyone is around, gets replaced by a night with only a minority around to shop?
Is seriously SCEE’s wisdom that 7 hours in the night equal 7 hours of the best online shopping hours of the day?

Geez, with that kind of logic I’m not really surprised about several other letdowns.

And damn give us a comment edit function. I’m too lazy to check before I submit my comment. ^^

Why Chris? Why? I thought that PS3 was supposed to have the best deals. You have failed with this deal. Why would anyone pay more for a ditital version than disc version. This is the most terrible deal! Hope that the next ones all all better.

I cant agree more with what people are saying, if Sony (companies in general) want people to embrace the digital content then they need to do some soul searching and stop being so damn greedy. If the Digital download dont offer much better prices for me i rather buy the disc.

You can’t be serious…

wtf kind of ‘deal’ is that? Wake up.

“Starting on 1st December 2012, PlayStation Store will feature 12 incredible deals for you to unwrap.”

It’s day two, I’m still waiting for 2 incredible deals.

3* haha owned myself, confused because god knows why they’re not doing them in days.


I got a retail copy of Battlefield 3 for $10 at Best Buy over 2 months ago :)

Already bought BF3 for less than that off PSN. Weird.

These ‘secret sales’ are dreadful. I’d be far more likely to buy something if I had time to plan & budget my purchase. Instead, any potential good deals here will probably get missed because I forget to check back on them.

It’s like SCEE don’t want my money…

I’m not a person who make any complaint before in here but this extra deal is a bad joke…

Price is a secondary thing in here and the most concern me that someone can name it like “extra christmas deal”.

It’s look like SCEE think that we are stupid or something?(I really don’t want to use any bad words in here).
Please don’t insult my intelligence like that.
Sorry but I feel it on that way.

Overpriced … Next.

We start to get very good deals compared to Xboc Live.

epic fail


Please remember guys that there are still 10 more deals to go with the next one coming tomorrow so if the Battlefield 3 deal wasn’t for you then keep checking back as I sure there is something for everyone in here


man.. there’s a bunch of spoiled little children here.

if you don’t like the deal then ignore it.

it’s basic.

Cheap Sony.. they will never come with a “real” sale . becouse they are low on cash and sony is so greedy and they are trying to make a profit, on the kids!!.. so sony will never give you a decent sale with prises that will compare too steam.. but i know that this is my last Playstation.. next i’m going back 2 pc or maybe try the new xbox.. but get the new ps4 or whatever.. no way!! this is a joke each year the same.. i’m tired of BS.. psn is jsut a $$$ machine and don’t think theyre costumers have value.. be fair and not degrading your costumers intelligence..


the second deal is overpriced as hell u can get it for a lot less if u walk to a store.
sony people if u are doing something like this add some dlc to cushen the blow the money u ask for some stuff are just really silly. supposed to be a SALE no?


Wow Chris! Talk about slapping your loyal customers in the face!!
Haven’t seen a deal this good since you had a sale on resident evil 4 at 3% off, for a total saving of 0.90 cents!!


It seem that there is an awful lot of upset people here. I also agree that the pricing is a bit steep. But most digital content on the store is the same. HD movies costing more to rent than SD?? What video store does that?

Anyway bad news travels to 11 times the amount of people than good news which is why there are not many positive comments. ANY damage control would be appreciated, they obviously are reading this but to make no comment is fuelling the fire.

At least admit this is a joke of a deal.


don’t be an idiot. you go pay $10 extra for a game off PSN and then come and tell me about the great DEAL you got.

you missed the point everyone made its not a deal in anyways it was cheaper in the summer sale for one.

if you can grasp the concept of what a deal is meant to be, don’t comment calling us spoiled kids .. its basic

Most shops in UK what sell console games have this new for £20.

This was in sale few months back for less than £20.

Both the deals so far have been cheaper earlyier in the year.

deal nr. 2 – what? I got battlefield 3 few months ago totally new with online pass for 20eur. If that discount was for Premium: i would totally buy it but 40eur just for a digital copy is overpriced. And btw why is Dirt : Showdown going up and down? once it was 30eur or something now it’s over 50….why?

^ maybe Dirt: Showdown is getting “prepared” to be tomorrow’s deal?!!!

Seriously, this is PS Blog, the space we have to voice our opinion, so to all those unhappy about the number of posts moaning about the BF3 “deal” you could just as easily avoid reading these posts, just as you advise others to avoid buying the “deal”…

Sony you need to get serious and stop this abuse of the PS Store. A “deal” should be an actual deal. If unsure what the word means just look it up in a dictionary. A digitally distributed game should be cheaper than the physical copy. And movies should be one price for BOTH SD and HD versions. For every single step in the right direction (cross-buy, PS Plus) Sony you seem to make 2 steps backwards. Get real.

Users, please, for the love of Playstation, every time you see a “deal” like this don’t just ignore it, but also make sure you let Sony know how you feel about it. If they can’t see simple things like these maybe they need us to point them out!

I’d typed a long reply but apparently Sony only accept 1250 characters and can’t be bothered to re-type.

Basic premise.

Steam is cheaper than retail
iTunes is cheaper than retail
XBox is sometimes cheaper, but usually comparable to retail
Sony is almost always 25%-50% dearer than retail
Nintend is 25% dearer than retail on their digital Wii-U stuff

Stop ripping us off Sony. Digital distribution has way higher profit margins than retail. And stop giving us the old story of publishers dictating digital prices. If Steam, iTunes and XBox can do it then why can’t you?

But many people have said this many many times before and you haven’t paid any attention so i suspect my words will be falling on deaf ears once again.

Know this though, your promises of platform exclusives will not be enough to convince me to buy your platform come the next generation. Once bitten, fool on you. We’ve been bitten over and over this generation, more fool us.

Is there any deals coming for PS Vita? Except ps+.

You really don’t get it Chris do you? The vast majority of people don’t see a ‘Battlefield 3 deal’. They see a ‘SCEE Battlefield 3 ripoff’! If you’d any business sense or moral backbone you’d write day 2 off as a poor idea or a mistake and do another day 2 deal. You’ve further damaged SCEE’s reputation and that’s saying a lot. It’s time SCEE actually employed a few gamers.


I just went onto the store and noticed there’s pictures for each deal. Haven’t been on store in a while so never noticed this before. Here is my guess:
#3 looks like a lion so maybe – tokyo jungle
#4 looks like a fighting/running so no idea
#5 – spell book out yet? :S
#6 no idea
#7 a sad person, no idea
#8 some kind of funny ship?
#9 little big planet. karting perhaps?
#10 – swan
#11 – hitman/black ops1
#12 no idea

What you think they are?

If I guessed any of these right how about giving them out for free? :D

Definitely not a Deal which is a shame as there were some good ones last year – unfortunately i only found out about some of them after they had expired.

this DLC Pricing really needs to be sorted though… ESPECIALLY since the fact that Sonys servers are soooo slow!! with my connection it should take roughly 1hr45mins to download a a full 6GB title however its often alot longer than this (usually double). AND then there is the fact that that it takes another 45mins ++ to install.. Your “Instant Game Collection” Yeah Right! it’d be quicker and cheaper for me to go to the err Shop.


5 dec Tokyo Jungle
7 dec – One Piece
9 dec – Sleeping Dogs
11 dec – MOH:W
13 dec – NBA2K13
15 dec- Most Wanted 2
17 dec- LBP Karting
19 dec- Unfinished Swan
21 dec- ???
23 dec- Far Cry 3

PS3 site forum team


#3 Tokyo Jungle, i dont think it’s Okami
#4 One Piece Pirate Warriors
#5 A cube, hope it’s not Cubixx HD…
#6 Medal of Honor Warfighter
#7 Looks like a sort of person, Testament of Sherlock Holmes?
#8 A car? Need for Speed Hot Pursuit or Most Wanted?
#9 Little Big Planet Karting
#10 Unfinished Swan
#11 Hitman Absolution
#12 Farcry 3

My guess:

3 Tokyo Jungle
4 ???
5 Transformers Fall of Cybertron
6 Medal of Honor Warfighter
7 ????
8 Need for Speed Most Wanted
9 Little Big Planet Karting
10 Unfinished Swan
11 Hitman Absolution
12 Farcry 3

That just looks like the most uninspiring sale in history. No wonder they wanted to keep is a secret. Can’t wait to see what price they stick on Farcry 3.


#5 A cube, hope it’s not Cubixx HD… NO!
5 Transformers Fall of Cybertron NO!
#7 Looks like a sort of person, Testament of Sherlock Holmes? NO!

this is true
5 dec Tokyo Jungle
7 dec – One Piece
9 dec – Sleeping Dogs
11 dec – MOH:W
13 dec – NBA2K13
15 dec- Most Wanted 2
17 dec- LBP Karting
19 dec- Unfinished Swan
21 dec- ???
23 dec- Far Cry 3


Wow nice catches. Doesn’t seem like there will be anything for me down the line. Too bad, I hope the prices are ok for those who are interested.

#3 Tokyo Jungle (not sure, definitely a lion though)
#4 One Piece Pirate Warriors
#5 Sleeping Dogs
#6 MOH: Warfighter
#7 NBA2K13
#8 Most Wanted 2 (not sure, generic car so could be any race game)
#9 LBP Karting
#10 Unfinished Swan
#11 Hitman Absolution
#12 Far Cry 3

supersmith2500 04 December, 2012 @ 20:30

It’s going to suck, notice the shape of the presents?

1 – Plus offer
2 – BF3
3 – Tokyo Jungle
4 – When Priates Attack?
5 – Bundle offer or not???
6 – MOH-Warfighter (another EA game) -_-
7 – Sleeping Dogs?
8 – Need for Speed Most Wanted (EA again!)
9 – LBP Karting
10 – The Unfinished Swan
11 – Hitman
12 – Far Cry 3

Notice the shapes give it hints?

supersmith2500 04 December, 2012 @ 20:31

4 – When Vikings Attack not pirates.

lets hope the fantasy price settings is down untill absolution and far cry 3 hits the deal of christmas..;)

where do you find the deals section actually????
cant find my way in the ‘new’ store


5 dec Tokyo Jungle
7 dec – One Piece
9 dec – Sleeping Dogs
11 dec – MOH:W
13 dec – NBA2K13
15 dec- Most Wanted 2
17 dec- LBP Karting
19 dec- Unfinished Swan
21 dec- ???(Hitman)
23 dec- Far Cry 3

We don’t have 1 game because in Polish PSS Hitman doesn’t exist(empty window)

If MOH:WF turns out to be more than £10 it’s not worth it, and judging from BF3’s price, EA’s “sale” price will probably be just as bad if not worse.. looks like this sale’s over before it’s even begun.

SCEA is a LOT more realistic when it comes to sales.

If it started on the 1st of december why was it posted on the third???


I haven’t checked the store but judging by the guesses i’m sure they’re correct.

I can’t see any of the full PS3 title deals being worth it. They will obviously lower the price of the store prices which would make it seem like a good deal but the prices are too dear in the first place to justify a purchase.

Tokyo Jungle & Unfinished Swan will be the only decent deals that I can see happening imo.

I haven’t checked thoroughly but a quick search online retail for the following prices: One Piece £24.95 Sleeping Dogs £14.99 MOH:W £19.95 NBA2K13 £19.85 Most Wanted 2 £27.99 LBP Karting £24.95 Hitman £24.99 Far Cry 3 £29.99 (Lost Expeditions Edition). If the store discounts aren’t marginally better than that, then there’s no point.


Why is so many people saying Far Cry 3 is the final deal? The game has just released. Surely they wont do a deal for it that quick. Perhaps you all mean Far Cry 2?

today is the 4th. Should mean where is the third and forth deal. My store is showing only two

next deal is the 5th. 1st,3rd,5th,7th,9th…..etc

Anyone else checked these deals on the PS Store? The ten veiled ones are silhouettes of whatever the offer is on.
I think deal #3 is probably Tokyo Jungle if that’s right.
Cant get most of them but I think the following too…
#8 Forza
#9 LittleBigPlanet Karting
#10 the Unfinished Swan
#12 Farcry 3

@hsf93 see above for other guesses,hope your right about forza though lol.

Tokyo Jungle says from £4.67 for plus members, seems like a good deal, not actually updated the price from £9.99 when you select it yet though


lol Forza is on the lesser console, it’s what you’d find each time Gran Turismo goes to take a dump

£5.19 for non plus members now live, still no plus discount though, might pick this up when it does discount


Я думую это както скучно а скидки есть всегда только они не обьявляются вот и всё.

Looking at the rest of the deals, and going by Sony’s tendency to over price products in the store, there’d need to be at least 60% OFF the prices for the future deals to go down well. As far as I can see I doubt Sony will be selling FarCry 3 for less than £30 (yeah, it might match some high street prices but this is meant to be a Deal)

+Apple give 12 items free from the iTunes Store for their 12 days of Christmas deals ( take the Hint guys)