Music Unlimited wants to hear your “Best of 2012”

Music Unlimited - Best of 2012

And so, at last, 2012 draws in and we round off another 12 month chapter, jam-packed with hit releases, band reunions, scandals and break-ups in the world of music. As the final weeks of the year line up, we’ve decided to provide you with a rundown of the remaining releases that we’re excited about before it’s time to chalk off another, and raise a toast to the New Year.

With a reformed line-up, Boys like Girls release their long awaited 3rd album “Crazy World” on 10th December, Green Day’s “Tre” is released the same day and completes the final part of their trilogy, whilst Ben Harper’s new album comes early in the New Year.

Meanwhile on this side of the pond, London rockers TOY release the next single from their self-titled debut “Make it mine” and guitar god Eric Clapton celebrates “Slowhand 35th Anniversary”, both on 7th December.

Elsewhere, world-dominating Coldplay showcase the highlights from their recent critically-acclaimed tour with their “Live 2012” DVD, their first live film/album in nine years! Here’s a taster.

So, what’s been your favourite track this year? Which breakthrough artists blew you away? Which DJ took over your dance floor or rock legend resurged to take over your airwaves?

Here at Music Unlimited, we’re devoting a carefully selected music channel just to you, with all of your highlights of this year included. Tell us below what you think has been the best of 2012, and we’ll include each one where possible on our playlist so that you can listen and re-live this year’s finest!

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why no music from videogames on music unlimited? sony most have the rights to a lot of them?

hi there Matt , is Music Unlimited available in saudi arabia? thank you


Hi MA76_666, unfortunately not at this time. Stay tuned.

@rytteren The IS music from game’s on there… but not all of it.

I’d like to ad Carice van Houten – “See you on the ice” to the 2012 playlist! A must hear for every one that likes Radiohead and/or Muse.

Anything by Plan B is brilliant, they just keep getting better.
Let You Go by Chase & Status
Alone Again by Alyssa Reid

There’s been many more but I’m a busy man. lol

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I Like Music Unlimited but would be betetr with support ;)

Jason Mraz – I Wont give up
Jason Mraz – 93 Million Miles
Ke$ha – Die Young
Will and the people – Full album


Hi all. Rytteren, we’re hearing more and more requests to incorpoate video game music into the service and creating special channels for big releases is definitely something we’re looking at for the New Year. Thanks all for your suggestions, keep them coming!

I still listen to albums instead of individual tracks. A few of my favourites are:

Michael Kiwanuka – Home Again ( A mix of jazz and soul that sounds like it came straight from the sixties.

Mala – Mala in Cuba ( A dubstep producer takes a trip to Cuba, resulting in a fusion of sub bass and latin jazz.

Ladyhawke – Anxiety ( The second album from a New Zealand indie rock group.

Lau – Race the Loser ( The latest album from a folk trio whose songs tell tales in their rhythm and flow.

I could play this game all day, so I better stop there for now.

One thing that blights the service, is having to sift through cover versions of songs before you can find the original – but this is not unique to Music Unlimited.

Any chance of making an app that works with the Logitech UE Smartradio like spotify have?

Song for this year….

Coldplay Every Teardrop is a Waterfall as it closed London 2012 at the Paralympics.

If you love suggestions…….

OFFLINE Mode for iOS devices (half the mobile market) and consistently the most asked for feature across blogs & forums.

Many thanks.

will we get the option to delete the unremovable singstar application in future ? we need to have it optional like US

Not quite emerging, but still best of the year is of course Adele – Skyfall…
For me, surpise artist of the year was Sia, or Sia Furler. Originally a jazz singer, but with David Guetta, she scored hits like Titanium (but that was 2011) and She Wolf (this year), which seems to note her breakthrough to dance music.
She has a great, great voice, and I hope to hear much more of her.

Last nomination: Eva Simons. Beautiful, powerful voice. Worked with many big names like LMFAO, Afrojack and This year’s nomination is her collaboration with “This is Love”.

When will be aviable Music Unlimited and youtube service for Vita to Slovenian customers? Hello, Slovenia is one od EU countries!

O Children, Apnea

A must listen :)
(New-wave, dark-wave influences, but also rock, pop, electro.. a bit of everything)


We can’t purchase the Music unlimited PS+ offer in Turkey.
Will it be avialable till end of December, before the offer expires?


How fast is the the recommended broadband speed for using music unlimited?

Hi I’m just curious, when will the ios app be updated as its somewhat lacking compared to spotifys ios app.
I don’t understand why it won’t fast forward or even rewind.
Personally I would like a music to start play right away also instead of the fade out.

The selection of music is fantastic but the functionality of the ways we are given to access the music seems to hinder the whole experience across the board.

ed-said-you-dead 04 December, 2012 @ 13:58

Katzenwaffe & Vexare – [DELETED] agression.

Oh wait thats on Soundcloud.

My favorite album of this year is Motif by the indie artist Matthew Schoening. I bought it directly from the artist himself, and there aren’t many more places you can get the physical CD from, unfortunately.

He only use an electric cello and a looper to make his music, quite impressive. Here’s a short little video, but due the nature of looping, the beginning is quite slow so be patient.

Alt-J – Tesselate

I can’t find movie music like Bond or LotR.


What?? its a catchy song :P


The XX – Angels
Bloc Party – Octopus
Cloud Nothings – Wasted Days
Ben Howard – The Fear

Girls’ Generation – All my love is for you

Which is not available on your crappy service. Also, some SNSD tracks are available in the web client but not on the android app, pretty crappy as well.

Wingus-Maximus 04 December, 2012 @ 18:41

Best of 2012

Muse – “Panic Station”
Muse – “Supremacy”
Olly Murs – “Troublemaker”


Thanks for all your suggestions, a real eclectic mix from all bloggers! A mash-up of Muse, Ke$ha, Bloc Party and Sia – it’s going to be some mix. Keep them coming and we’ll let you know when the channel goes live. Regarding the ioS offline functionality, we’ve been listening to the community this is still something at the forefront of our considerations, we’re close and we’re working hard to achieve this.

ed-said-you-dead 06 December, 2012 @ 14:19

Lol @ the track title sensor.

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