PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Hands-on with Kat and Emmett

It’s been a couple of weeks since Seth let the Kat (and the Emmett!) out of the bag, so I thought I’d stop in and give you guys some insight into the philosophy behind putting these two great characters into PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

The team and I attended an event at Santa Monica Studios last night where we gave media attendees the first hands-on look at our new DLC, including the unveil of a brand new level, so I wanted to give you all a sneak peek at some of their moves and show off our newest level, Fearless!

PlayStation All-Stars: Gravity DashPlayStation All-Stars: Gravity Attraction

Gravity Rush landed on PlayStation Vita earlier this year, introducing us to Kat. Her tremendous gravity powers, combined with a really charming personality made her an instant fan favorite, and thus an obvious candidate for PlayStation All-Stars.

When looking at Kat’s play-style in Gravity Rush, two things immediately stood out to us: her reliance on aerial mobility and her arsenal of powerful kick-based attacks. We felt it was important to use these two elements as the cornerstone of Kat’s play style, and as such, her move set in PlayStation All-Stars makes liberal use of both.

For example, Kat doesn’t have a double jump! Instead, she relies on her Gravity Dash, an eight-direction mini-flight mode to move through the air. This cancellable move affords Kat an unprecedented degree of air mobility and attack potential.

PlayStation All-Stars: Kat Level 1

Another example sees Kat using her powers of gravity manipulation directly against her rivals. Kat creates gravity wells, which draw in nearby players via her Gravity Attraction attack. Kat’s playstyle is such that she’s most effective when close to her opponents, and while her air mobility and varying kicks allow her to get in close pretty well, Gravity Attraction lets her pull her opponents directly to her. Success with Kat will require players to use all of Kat’s abilities in harmony, and Gravity Attraction plays a key role in accomplishing that.

I also want to give you guys a look at one of Kat’s Supers. Kat’s Level 1 Super, Gravity Squeeze, is based on her finishing attack so often used to dispatch the bosses in Gravity Rush. Kat leaps at her foe, stealing a giant orb of energy. As she destroys the orb, her victim explodes. If anyone is caught within the resulting blast of energy, they explode too! This is a very powerful Super, but one that will require Kat players to be clever in order to score maximum points.

This year also saw the release of Starhawk, a game set in the wild galactic frontier where the quest for Rift Energy comes with a terrible human cost. Starhawk’s main protagonist, Emmett Graves, is a man all too familiar with that cost, his body forever transformed by exposure to the toxic Rift Energy. Emmett makes wide use of varying weapons based on advanced technology, most notably through Starhawk’s Build & Battle system.

It’s this particular mechanic that made Emmett such a compelling character to the PlayStation All-Stars team.

PlayStation All-Stars: Shotgun Mine

The first of Emmett’s two most important Build & Battle moves is his Aerial M.A.W Rocket Launcher and Tetranite Grenade Bunker move. This allows Emmett to call down a bunker that completely changes his weapon loadout. The Rocket Launcher gives Emmett access to a long range, powerful, aimable projectile.

The grenade launcher provides an equally devastating attack, both in terms of AP generation and versatility, and is used primarily to stop the advancement of opponents in front of Emmett. Both weapons are somewhat slow moving, but more than make up for it in terms of sheer firepower.

The second, but equally important Build & Battle move that I want to tell you about is the Union Shotgun and R-Secs Proximity Mine Bunker move. Like the previous Build & Battle move, a separate bunker is brought in from low orbit, this time with ample shotgun and mine ammunition.

Choosing this loadout supplies Emmett with devastatingly quick-hitting, short-range firepower via the shotgun as well as excellent space control through persistent mines. Neither weapon offers the range of the rocket launcher or grenade, so good Emmett players will need to be able to master alternating between both loadouts depending on the situation.

PlayStation All-Stars: Rocket GrenadePlayStation All-Stars: Hawk

What better piece of anti-personnel weaponry is there in the Starhawk universe than the amazingly versatile Hawk? As the ultimate Level 3 Super, Emmett takes control of a Hawk in mech configuration, and is able to chase down his opponents with terrifying machine gun fire and tricky floating mines. And when all else fails, Emmett can transform the Hawk into flight mode and rain down a final hail of bullets that’s tough to survive. It’s an impressive Super, befitting of a universe filled with amazing technology.

Before I go, I want to give you all a look at what we have planned for our newest level, which during development has earned the codename Fearless. Fearless is a mash-up level that sees the fantasy world of Heavenly Sword meet the futuristic race tracks of Wipeout. In the short time we’ve been working on it, Fearless has become one of the team’s favorite levels, and we think you’ll see why.

PlayStation All-Stars: Fearless Top

The action in Fearless starts out atop a high column supported by gigantic ropes, creating a scene pulled straight from the world of Heavenly Sword. Our players will battle it out on this high column under the watchful eye of the forces of Bohan. It’s a medium-sized space, free of any platforms, and offers some of the most uninterrupted calm you can find in PlayStation All-Stars.

PlayStation All-Stars: Fearless Bottom

In the distance though, the hum of anti-gravity racing can be heard, and over the course of the match, a familiar floating race materialises. Soon, the battle is interrupted as stray fire from the famous racing ships of Wipeout hits the fighting column, and our fighters come crashing down into a new, more vertical part of the level, the race track cutting straight through the fight space! Any fighter unlucky enough to get knocked into the track or in the way of one of these terrific ships will pay the cost – literally – by receiving a hefty AP penalty.

Knowing how to best leverage your character’s moves while avoiding the dangers of the race track are key tools to mastering your fear, and mastering Fearless.

We’ve still got a long way to go to complete Kat, Emmett, and our new level Fearless, but I hope you enjoyed this early look into where things are going. We think these new characters and level fit well into the gameplay already established in PlayStation All-Stars, while at the same time expanding the notions of what’s possible within our fight system.

We can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on this stuff early next year, but there’s still quite a bit of work left to do before we can call anything finished. With that said, I’ll get back to work.

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Will this dlc include new trophies

Cool:P Keep’em coming;) But i really want the ‘PS1’ iconic Characters i.e Crash Bandicoot & Snake & Lara Croft :P

nice…..look forward to giving them a bash when the DLC is released…..Is it too early to ask do you have an idea of price for the DLC?

PARAN0ID_PANDA3 04 December, 2012 @ 14:20

they look really fun characters to play but having vass from far cry would be brilliant

zalwelgoedgaan 04 December, 2012 @ 14:33

They look like very unique characters and it’s nice to see WipeOut finally getting a stage, looking forward to it!

It’s a bummer that this game didn’t sell so well, maybe a (temporary) price cut before Christmas could help? All-Stars was released in a busy period, maybe people will bite once the price is lower. If anything, the game didn’t lack in exposure (plenty of demonstrations everywhere) so people definitely know this game exists.

I’d also like it if the online issues would be fixed with today’s patch. 8 times out of 10, at least 1 person does not load for me. It doesn’t help that the playerbase isn’t that big… :/


thank you for the sneak peak. kat seems like she’ll be a popular choice when she arrives.. flying around… i look forward to bringing her down to earth ;D

I am having a fun time with this game except it feels a little underdone – I really hope there are far more DLC characters coming, I am very happy they have announced another level too, but there needs to be a lot more of everything – characters, costumes, levels….


Also this game should be Sony’s flagship title for Cross(buy/play) – why the heck don’t trophies sync?

Forget Singstar stick this on the XMB!

Give us Crash Bandicoot and Cortex, they have well deserved their place in this game. Character roster feels empty without them – main reason why I haven’t bought this game is it still lacks essential characters.

I wasn’t too keen on PSASBR before release but I figured it would be good fun on the Vita so thought why not. I’m so glad I did pick this up as it’s such a fun fighting game, there’s a lot of depth there but the controls are really accessible.
I love the variety the game provides, the authenticity of the characters and the level design is great too!
I was slightly disappointed by the intro and outro storyboard sequences in the Arcade mode and thought more could have been done with these using the game engine.
Still new characters and levels are very exciting news and I can’t wait to hear who’s coming next!
One thing I wanted to ask was will everybody get a chance to access the pre-order costume pack at some point?

supersmith2500 04 December, 2012 @ 16:22

AWESOME!! A stage with WipEout mixed in! Now if only we get a stage with Modnation Racers mashed up with either MediEvil or Starhawk. Make it happen Superbot. =D

It all looks incredible. The new fearless level looks like a blast. I can’t wait to to try it for myself. As for Emmett and Kat I’m so excited for them. Hearing that Kat is a close fighter sounds right up my alley.

I can’t wait to see what more surprises you all have coming out for the game. Keep up the great work guys.

Playing as Emmett Cole is gonna be awesome but daaaaaaaaamn the new “fearless” level looks spectacular.

Game is amazing btw. Love it.

declan__watson 04 December, 2012 @ 18:18

Hey Omar
Great to finally get to speak to you, playstation all stars looks really amazing its a wonderful IP for ps3 and ps vita.

You guys at super bot are just incredible you have alot of great ideas I hope sony acquires you to keep your projects only on playstation because these type of games should only be on playstation. Great work Omar and co keep up the good work. LongLivePlay Sony make.believe
The World Is In Play :) ;)

Why does PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale not have a buy button?

Great, a shame I can’t actually purchase the game from the PS store anymore. Stupid trial version has screwed everything up, the option to buy the game has dissapeared, but it let me download the network pass for free on the PS3 store.

And to top it off, the trial is unplayable!

I understand I could buy the retail version, but I prefer my Vita games all on the one card.

I know this is a pretty widespread issue, is it being looked into?
My enquiries with Customer Support have yet to yield any further info.

Pleaseeeeee get in touch with oddworld and get Abe in the game. On Facebook they said they really wanted to get him into the game.

Kat sounds perfect! Really happy with everything you guys have done with her character.
If this game is a celebration of Playstation’s past, present and future, I sure hope you guys are allowed to make a few stages that also poke fun at some of the more uh.. “embarrassing” moments in PS history (all in good taste of course). I can see it now – You could be fighting on a Riiiidge Racer track, cars are flying past at high speed, then *BAM!*, a giant enemy crab from Genji 2 appears. I’d pay for that DLC ;P


@Adin75, Simojonat and all those unable to buy in the store or those having issues with the trial.

We’re currently working to have the accounts and entitlements for a great number of users with this problem. As there are quite a few of you – you can imagine this may take a while.

We are on it – but it requires the work of quite a few departments within SCEE.

For the trial users. This content should not have been made available to you at all. Again this is on us.

We apologise for the complications and hope that you see fit to remain patient whilst we address your concerns.

All good, thanks for the update :)



All resets took place last night. You (and all other affected) should now have the ability to buy the game once more – should you choose to.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for providing the feedback you have to date. Its been invaluable to us.

For those with the trial – we apologise once more. This was not supposed to be published and it will not work. Please delete the file as it may still affect your ability to purchase the digital game should you choose to.


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