UNCHARTED: Fight For Fortune launches tomorrow on PS Vita

UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune on PS Vita

Last month I announced that UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune, an original PS Vita title building on the UNCHARTED universe, was going to launch exclusively on the PlayStation Store in December. I’m here now to let everyone know that you can download it tomorrow!

UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune is a turn-based action-adventure card game featuring all the heroes and villains that you’ve met throughout the UNCHARTED games, including Golden Abyss on PS Vita, which directly ties into your experience in Fight For Fortune.
The learning curve for card games can be steep, but rest assured we spent a considerable amount of time in the early design of UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune to make sure it was going to be easy to learn, engaging and a whole lot of fun to play. You will be playing within minutes of booting up the game.

UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune on PS Vita

The first thing you’ll probably want to do once you boot-up UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune is kick off the Fortune Hunter single player campaign. This campaign features more than eight hours of gameplay that will be spent playing against various characters from UNCHARTED, and the first couple games will teach you everything you need to know — with a gentle learning curve.

Games you win in the campaign will unlock not only Trophies, but also new items, including characters, weapons and armour, artefact cards, and player avatars and backgrounds. Use them to customise the game to suit your personality, and use the items to create powerful combos to devastate your opponent.

Speaking of unlocks, everyone who’s played UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss, in the last month can start powering-up and collecting cards for use immediately in Fight for Fortune! You’ll just need to make sure that Fight For Fortune is installed on the same memory card as your Golden Abyss save, and you will be good to go.

UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune on PS Vita

Already collected everything? No worries. Just launch Golden Abyss to receive your cards and they will all be available automatically in UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune.

If that wasn’t enough to keep you busy, Fight for Fortune also includes competitive asynchronous multiplayer. Play against your friends in the same room with a Pass & Play option, or over a WiFi/3G connection via matchmaking competitions. Impress your friends and start making a name for yourself on the leaderboards (which reset monthly) today.

UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune is available tomorrow on PlayStation Store priced at £3.19/€3.99. It includes all your favourite heroes, villains, weapons, and artefacts from UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune, UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss, and the motion comic UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra.

UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune on PS Vita

Although you’ll have more than 100 cards to unlock and Trophies to collect, we didn’t stop there. DLC packs are available next week bringing both UNCHARTED: Among Thieves and UNCHARTED: Drake’s Deception to the table, along with expansions to the single player campaign, more unlockables and, of course, even more Trophies to earn.

Download the trial today and find out for yourself what this new UNCHARTED experience is all about. I look forward to putting your new-found strategies to the test online!

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nice to see new way to play games but i skip


That looks weird. I want uncharted 4 :(

PARAN0ID_PANDA3 04 December, 2012 @ 19:12

even though i love the uncharted series this game just looks terrible


I was hesitating when looking at this game but a pick up for £3.19 is a steal!

For all those imbeciles who will judge th game by just looking at 2 pictures, TheSixthAxis says it’s a good game:

almighty-slayer 04 December, 2012 @ 19:21


almighty-slayer 04 December, 2012 @ 19:21

Ah poo, managed to skim over that price point. Ignore me!

Will definitely try the demo. Not big on card games, but will give it a go :)

no, no, no. wrong. release that city rampage game already/instead PlayStation. what are you guys doing? American psn is kicking European PS ass. they are making you look bad at this moment.

Download the demo today? ;)

I must be one of only a few people that has been looking forward to this game. Used to play MTG on Xbox, Yu-Gi-Oh! On DS and more recently Shadow Era on iOS, so glad that a CCG has made it’s way to the Vita and at an excellent price too.

It’s funny that people think that the whole Bend studio is working on this. It’s just a few + help from loop games.

That being said I really don’t like all that DLC I’m seeing day 1 for this game :/.

Been looking forward to this since it was announced. Been going back to Golden Abyss to collect everything there. So I’m ready. Bring on tomorrow!

CoolRichy008UK-2 04 December, 2012 @ 19:54


The whole “try it today” and “more DLC” was so off putting.
First, trying it today is impossible on the EU store.
And more DLC next week sounds like this isn’t a full game.

CoolRichy008UK-2 04 December, 2012 @ 19:59


CoolRichy008UK-2 04 December, 2012 @ 20:00

@SteveS-71 im gonna laugh WEN U BUY IT AND CRY

@16: I’m going to buy it, and I’m more than likely going to enjoy it. I’m also going to buy the DLC.

I don’t mind you not liking this game, but move on man. What’s it to you if other people like stuff you don’t.

@Pesico ignore this loser, he’s a troll been spamming almost all the posts with his babbling, he’s probably an xbox fanboy trying to be a bad seed


he does not care he is just trolling.

the blog needs to introduce some kind of ip ban to stop people just setting up random accounts to spam the blog.

@17: That’s because people who wouldn’t care about a CCG suddenly feel outraged because they think Bend spent a great deal of time and effort in making FFF rather than making a new AAA game when in fact it was just a fraction of their team providing support to One Loop. FFF was planned and developed alongside GA, the reason it was released later was because card games need plenty of testing and tweaking to assure the game is balanced. Deal with it.

I’m a fan of card games so i’ll try the demo without caring about the “Uncharted” in the title. If the mechanic and gameplay are good, i’ll buy it.

I am a PSN+ subscriber. Darksiders – one of my PSN+ full games, has now “Expired” and I can no longer play it.



You know what? I think this is a pretty cool idea. I like a lot that you can play Uncharted: Golden Abyss to earn new cards for this. And if it’s a good card-game, then I’ll be sure to play this a lot, especially against friends.

As for the rest, AlucardDHK couldn’t have said it better.

Is it like Top Trumps?

I’m impress I was worry bend you would go the free to play/pay to win card game route I don’t mind buying a game then DLC for content that we would get unlike 2 free to play games.

Gaurdian cross & ghost guild you got 2 routes in free to play the slow progress that is free or the speed progress but you have to buy coins for items or cards even then there no positive way you will get the cards you wanted I been playing GC every day I even buy some coins to go on the special grounds I & others have not gotten the 5 stars cards same with the ghost guid over 50 quid on that net me F A.

But this way it fair & cheap if only GC & GG do the same. :|

I’ve never understood the point in digital card games – I still don’t…

I really like the fact that when you unlock treasure in Golden Abyss you get cards in Fight for Fortune. There should be more games willing to expand their titles like this.

I respect the decision not to have a vanilla multi-player and try something new. Keep it up!

This should be perfect for Vita, Metal Gear Ac!d was a fun divergence from the series. Bring Metal Gear Ac!d 1 & 2 to PSN!

just bring out a uncharted top trumps what works on ps3 and vita.

Bah, I’m holding out for Uncharted, Monopoly, Guess who and Buckaroo.

Great price point, and good to see creative use of add on’s for titles rather than just the usual v’s network version of the game itself – which isn’t for everyone.

This is on the Vita store now, just search for it.

I second KillaT2501’s post! Both Metal Gear Acid games on PSN please!

Just downloaded Fight For Fortune, looking forward to playing it when I get home!!!

Has anyone found the demo for this? I can’t see it on the store.

I can’t find the trial version either, as promised in final line of the article above.

@Chris Reese: Is it on its way?

In the absence of a demo, I’ll have to rely on reviews. PocketGamer say 6/10, which isn’t a glowing endorsement, regardless of the price.

The trial version has now appeared on PSN, if you want to judge it for yourself

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