LittleBigPlanet Karting demo hits the road today

LBPK lead iamge

Still haven’t got behind the wheel of LittleBigPlanet Karting? You’re in luck: the official LBP Karting demo is available today!

Containing a Tutorial track, two Story tracks, a mini-game and a solid selection of costumes, karts, stickers and more to customise your experience with, this demo is a fantastic way to try out the game before you buy.

Give it a go and if you enjoy it, remember that the full game contains over 10 times more tracks, costumes and other content than the demo. And that’s just what’s on the disc! Add to that all of the content made in Create mode and the list becomes pretty endless.

LittleBigPlanet Karting has only been in the hands of the community for a few weeks now, but there is already tons of content to download and explore – just have a look at for the latest and most popular creations. So, if you’re not feeling especially creative and would rather jump right into some pre-made levels, there’s plenty to choose from.

Having said that, we wanted to show you the massive potential of the game’s Creative toolset with an all-new trailer. We could keep on talking forever, but let’s allow the trailer to speak for itself! ;)

Lastly, you can also get your hands on a free exclusive LBPK PS3 theme just by racing your Facebook friends in our mini-game, Sackboy: Race the Unexpected! Will you set the fastest time?


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That’s good.

I hadn’t really gotten to playing it because, as much as I love the franchise, this one I at least wanted to put off because of the mixed reactions to the game. Thanks for making a demo available.

I have completed it already :D Brilliant game;)
A few things tho –
In 3 or 4 player split-screen modes there are no computer controlled characters to in races? :-( I am sure the PS3 can take it?!?! :D
Player 2 & 3 & 4 in split-screen mode are just called, say – ‘Carl-2’ & ‘Carl-3’ & ‘Carl-4’? Why can’t i load my friends names & they can keep their Stats etc etc for the next time they play? The ‘TimeSplitters’ games did it perfect last Gen i.e player 2/3&4 Stats were saved all the time etc etc.

Or it would have been if it were actually download-able

unfortunately it is not under the latest demos and can only be found with the new stores dreadful store function

Having managed to find it i click add to cart and oh guess what download error
nice one not the first time Ive had this happen on the new store either has happened several times

Are you ever going to have smooth week or are you just going to keep adding to that huge back-log if things totally wrong with scee that you are making no headway with???

disgruntled loyal and long term customer but for how much longer?

Can’t find it on the store =( I will have another look tonight.

Not sure how long I can keep sticking up for SCEE.

i played the demo and really expected more kinda gutted to be honest, n makes me glad i cancelled my amazon purchase, hopefully it’ll hit ps+ in a few months n ill give it a chance but its nowhere near mario kart, and defo not an 8/10 game in my opinion i would say more 6 or 7 at best


I agree with what jbpcrepairs said ^


hi can anybody help me please how do you get credit to play the bingo on home page

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