The 12 Deals of Christmas!

12 deals of Christmas

Deal 3: Tokyo Jungle – Was £9.99/€12.99, now £5.19/€6.49 (up to 50% off). Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members (£4.67/€5.84). Offer expires 11.59pm on 6th December.

Deal 2: Battlefield 3 – Was £59.99/€69.99, now £29.99/€39.99. Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members. Offer expires 11.59pm on 4th December.

Deal 1: 90-day PS Plus subscription – Was £11.99/€14.99, now £7.99/€9.99 (save up to 33%). Offer expires 7.00am on 9th December.

Hi everyone! With Christmas just around the corner, ’tis the season to be jolly! Now you have 12 extra special reasons to celebrate as the 12 Deals of Christmas makes its return to PlayStation Store.

Starting on 1st December 2012, PlayStation Store will feature 12 incredible deals for you to unwrap. You will only be able to redeem each deal from PlayStation Store for a period of 48 hours and then they vanish, quicker than a Christmas pudding!

Just like the presents under your tree, we are going to keep these deals under wraps until it’s time for them to be opened. So make sure you keep checking PlayStation Store to find out what the latest amazing deal is. We’ll also update this Blog post every time a deal is added.

Don’t miss out on some great one-time offers – take a sledge ride over to PlayStation Store and treat yourself to a few extra presents this festive season. Enjoy!

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With help from commenters:

#4 One Piece Pirate Warriors
#5 Sleeping Dogs
#6 MOH: Warfighter
#7 NBA2K13
#8 Most Wanted 2 (not sure, generic car so could be any race game)
#9 LBP Karting
#10 Unfinished Swan
#11 Hitman Absolution
#12 Far Cry 3

almighty-slayer 05 December, 2012 @ 00:35

Now THAT’S a fantastic deal. Nice work. Let’s hope the rest are as good as this deal and not as terrible as deal #2


10% discount for PS+ members didn’t work. please fix it.

I thought NBA 2k13 as well for #7 but haven’t seen box art that looks like that, it looks like The Last of Us but it’s not out yet

great deal.. im waiting for a walking dead deal tho

Will buy this.
Was interested in this when I didn’t have a PS3 a month ago.

Geez, I bought the game and didn’t get my Plus discount. I really came here to praise Sony that they finally managed to offer something great. But why to hell can’t you do it properly? Any chance that I get those cents back?

Hmm Nothing for me. BF3 is a ok deal but its been out a year and you can get it in shops 2nd hand for a tiny bit more so if anyone was interested they would have it by now, so dont think you will get much $ on that.

Anyway, I’m off to the US store to download the Ni No Kuni demo too. That will be fun. :)

Besides, if there really shouldn’t be a Journey sale, consider me disappointed.

zalwelgoedgaan 05 December, 2012 @ 00:53

Hm, I’ll get Unfinished Swan and maybe Sleeping Dogs if the price is < 30 Euros. It'll probably be 40, though. :/

Waiting to see prices for deals #10 Unfinished Swan and #11 Hitman Absolution. How come PS VITA is getting no christmas love ? Those are only ps3 deals

NoddingPenguin 05 December, 2012 @ 00:56

It’s showing up as £9.99 for me, and even when I try to buy it, it says this product can’t be purchased at this time.

PS+ discount is not working!


In regards to first post where you getting the info on the games?


We are aware there is an issue with the additional Plus discount and our store operations team are working on fixing it at the moment. We hope to have this resolved within the next couple of hours.

You can see the shapes of all 12 sales in the special christmas sale section in the store. Quite easy to guess most of them.

@Luckysalt81 on the store all the deals are now silhouettes that will be revealed at the time the deal goes live, a lot of them a fairly obvious

Will look out for them all but Unfinished Swan will probably be the only future one I go for, The retail games would have to be majorly discounted to be worth it, Sleeping Dogs for example I’m interested but It can be picked up on disc for sub £15 new easily so unless it’s under a tenner (of which there is zero chance) then it’s not really worth going for.

Will pick this one up if they get the plus discount sorted.

Definitely going to buy this, as soon as the plus discount starts working. Realised I didn’t ‘purchase’ the DLC when it was free on launch week, the fool that I am.

Normally, I make sure to purchase anything free on ps+ just on the off chance I buy the relevant game in the future, but somehow I missed this. :(

Deal 4: Okami HD – Was €20, now €10, Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members (€9). Offer expires 11.59pm on 8th December.

Will you please make my christmas wish come true? :)

Only if you manage to make a white wolf to look like Luffy from One Piece. ;)

Hmm, nothing much of interest there. I’m still hoping for DLC sales, since the cost/content ratio of most of them is WAY off.

Dragon Age II DLCs each cost 3x the street price of the game itself.
Crysis II DLCs would be tolerable at half price.

Prices for all Assassins Creed content on the store are pretty extreme, and the 30% off voucher that came with Revelations doesn’t seem to have affected the prices of ACII/Brotherhood.

@Jawad, please reply to my DOA5 problem. I paid 60,- for it and because psn mixed up the files on the first day I can’t download it!

@Jadaw, I just noticed Sony ‘kind of’ fixed the problem. The download size for Dead or Alive 5 + costume pack is now 5.8 gig.


It charges me €59,95 again! So yesterday I bought it for 60 euro, now they fixed the error and PSN doesn’t know that I already bought it.

I don´t want to risk buying it again and just hope that PSN will refund me the 60,- I paid for the defect version.

What should I do? And I just want to say that the one responsible for this is.. well, I’m not happy with him. This is a really stupid mistake, causing problems for everyone who bought DOA5 yesterday or today.



Please contact customer services ( who will be able to help you with your problem.



@Mr_EDET You need to call them and they will (or should) sort it out over the phone. I had an issue with broken content in the past (TLaD+TBoGT bundle) and that was the only way to do it, if you email them they will likely just tell you to phone.

@RemingtonInk Ah, thanks, never saw that one

I hope the first comment is wrong, can tell right now all those retail game deals will still cost more than actual retail copies.


Remington @ post 1 is spot on with all of them. The only one i thought couldve been wrong was the NBA deal but no….hes right with that one too. As soon as i saw these ‘wrapped’ gifts on the store and worked out what 3/4 of them were i knew someone on here wouldve known the rest! lol

We’re all like little kids feeling and shaking wrapped presents before xmas day! lol

On a serious note though, I guarantee ALL these deals will just be another Battlefield 3…..still higher in price than retail.
Far Cry 3 is £60 for crying out loud, to make it cheaper than retail and therefore worth buying its going to have to be discounted by about 60%.

Its not even been out a week! No Way thats going to happen.
SCEE 12 Days of Xmas Deals=Epic FAIL!!!

@CHRIS, the language under the “packages” is France in the Dutch store. It was reported yesterday but SCUK wasn’t profesional enough to change it or put the right language there in the first place.

If RemingtonInk is right (and I don’t doubt him) only the Swan could be an interesting deal. If the rest is like Battlefield 3 then there was a lot of hoepla about nothing. Lets wait and see.


hey chris can you please sort out the plus discounts as hasnt worked for deals 2 and 3 now which makes it pointless to point out as not available. Remember some of us have had plus before all these great deals on plus and i got it partly for the discounts

Can you confirm to weather or not the first comment is true? if you dont reply to it ill just assume it is and you just want to avoid spoiling anything.

also, much better deal than battlefield. ive heard alot about tokyo jungle and it hasnt sparked my interest but since its cheap i may take a gander.

good Deal to me =
cod bo2 mappack pas under 50 €
other great deal = release monsterhunter portabel 3 hd in europe grrr
u sony + capcom are both to blame we are not geting in europe .
ni no kuni lounch ;) lots more rpg
psn store fix language problems + lots of not used letter of alfabet in search option .
utube on ps3
netflix in benelux
remove lalala on ps 3 menu

well, from what i can see in the store pictures under “12 deals of christmas” there’s not going to be a Walking Dead deal…

While I already have Tokyo Jungle, I can really recommend this game to anyone. It’s a bit strange, but if you think playing ‘I am Legend’ through the eyes of the dog (but without the zombies) sounds fun, this game really is for you. Looking forward to the deal on Unfinished Swan and LBP Karting!

Any chance of a one year subscription for psn plus deal.


Sure hope it’s not like #1 says. Got half of that list recently at full price, would once again be a slap in the face of the early adapter. MOH and Borderlands 2 already got a discount 2 weeks after release here. Really makes me wonder why I support these products from the get go sometimes..

Hoping to see a worthwhile discount on Okami..

Now that’s deninitely a better deal than the previous one, which shall remain nameless. 50% discount on PSN games is the way to go imo. Unfortunately I won’t be buying this game, no demo/trial means no buy for me. I won’t buy something, cause someone said it’s cool. Why can’t Sony make trials mandatory for PSN games, like it’s on XLA? If the guy in the first post is right, then it looks like I’m not spending any money on PS Store anytime soon. I really thought Walking Dead would get a discount, but it seems it’s still selling well, so there’s no need to charge less for it.

Most are easy to guess but Tokyo Jungle is a steal at that price..

if post number one is correct then ill be sad as ill not be getting anything from the sale :(

but im hoping some of that list is wrong, i thing number 7 is wrong it looks more like a guy holding a gun at just below waist height, i recognise the shape but just cant figure from what.


walking dead has been on sale before and im just gutted i never bought it at the time :(


Ugh, I hope poster #1 is wrong, because that’s a terribly uninspiring list. Unfinished Swan is the only one I’m remotely interested in, especially as, like someone else pointed out, it’s very unlikely that the retail games will be discounted enough to make them worthwhile.

Personally I was desperately hoping for a discount on Okami HD, especially as it didn’t have any offers at launch, not even for Plus members…


Yeah, but it was only like 15% off, so it wasn’t that good a deal.


Am I right in thinking this works on the vita with remote play too?


Hi! Is expected to arrive in Europe of EVERYBODY’S GOLF 6 on PS3 ?

#41: Remote Play was announced as a patch back in september, but I don’t think it has actually materialized yet.

the ps+ discount didn’t work. i still bought it, it’s a great deal for $11.

i really dont know what all the fuss is about. If u dont like whats on offer dont pay for plus. It works out about 4 quid a month and for me having ps3 and a ps vita its an absolute bargain with all the stuff. Regardless if its stuff i would never play i download it and then have the option to play in the future. Must admit some of the digital prices are laughable as its a far cheaper way to distribute but no amount of moaning will change that. What i would love to see on plus is some movies getting added for free or discounted for owning. Other than that its a million times better than it was when plus first came out.
Well done sony its a step in the right direction

Well if that list in post 1 is accurate there is nothing that i would be interested in. I’m not prepared to buy digital copies of retail games until the prices are right and i doubt there will be that much of a saving on games such as Hitman or Far Cry 3 since they have just come out. They’ll prob reduce them to be inline with stores. Hardly what i call a sale. Next….

Carnivius_Prime 05 December, 2012 @ 09:07

I’d like Most Wanted and LBP Karting so hoping some of that list is true. I couldn’t care less about stuff like MOH, Hitman and Far Cry 3 though.

I might buy this tokyo jungle game. Would really have appreciated a demo though even at this price. Been stung too many times by games that have looked kinda cool, bought without a demo available and then turned out to be a boring waste of money.


will there be any vita stuff included in this 12 days? if not will there be any kind of vita sale.
it must be hard with vita as i know there isnt a great deal out there to offer. kudos on the first plus content though as surprisingly i had none of the content and i am patiently waiting on mortal kombat too :)


Afraid not, you are exactly right in your assumption, its difficult to arrange discounts on VITA titles simply due to the lack of them as the range is still growing

@ Chris Howe

Hi, I am a PS Plus member since July (bought the 12 month subscription). I bought yesterday the 90-days PS Plus Christmas deal for €5,62 (yes, €5,62!), hoping it will stack in my current account and extend its duration. My downloaded PS Plus games still display the same message, “213 days remaining”, while I thought it would say “303 days remaining” or something like that, by adding 90 days until they expire. I’d like to think I didn’t waste my money.

Carnivius_Prime 05 December, 2012 @ 09:25

I don’t seem to be getting the extra Plus discount. The store’s asking me for £5.19.

Tokyo Jungle is a steal at that price. I put together a pretty positive review for it here:

Don’t worry, once your yearly sub runs out the games will say 90 days left once your 90 day sub kicks in.


i did the same thing and after research apparently the expire date of games just doesnt update upon getting a stacked membership, but it wont actually expire on that date. the best way to check how long you have is under account management, i cant remember the exact path but it was under ‘services’. hope i helped.

Carnivius_Prime 05 December, 2012 @ 09:52

Nuts. The buy screen said Plus discount price but then when it actually bought the game it still took £5.19.

And I didn’t realise this game was over 4GB. I should have checked but it didn’t seem like the sort of game that would need so much HD space…

@ #52 zxRATTLExz, #53 Terarded

Thanks guys for the information!


Why is it you can get these deals on the store in the morning, yet when there is other store and PS+ content deals to go on store, we have to wait untill between 1500-1700?

For those of you who haven’t purchase Tokyo Jungle then this is a fantastic deal. Unique title to say the least ;)

@ Chris

If you do secure a discount deal for Batman Arkham City DLC then please try & make sure that the combined total is less than £14.95 otherwise there is no point! You can purchase the GOTY Edition with all DLC for the price that I mentioned.

Am I the only person that misses the good old days where Sony would send you goodies for Xmas/birthdays?

Still I’m going to be buying this when the discount kicks in :-)

Also it would be nice to discount the game first and then the add-ons although I understand you’ll likely get less money that way… but happy customers will most likely spend their savings on something else (assuming they actually had the extra to spend in the first place) :-)


When’s the Remote Play patch for this actually turned up?


All I want for Christmas is PSN digital downloads and Blu-Ray games to have cross-compatible save files! Makes no sense that they don’t.


how about some vita loving feeling left out


how about some vita loving feeling a bit left out


Will PS+ subscribers get a discount on the Batman: Arkham City DLC? I asked this last week and was supposed to wait on a reply.


Yes there will be discounts on Batman DLC starting December 12th, more details will follow in Jawad’s store update next week

ZACHSP8 56 @ = kontent unlock by date ( lockt by key untile date )

but i also not understend why them canot do to normal update so we have ore tings + – 12 :00 miday so lots of pers. can enjoy their dowload almoast ful day ( place u stuf day before in store on background , unlocks + – 12 :00 / why not update every day instead of everiting in once ??? more peopel in store every day .

also like others = ps+ beter then wen ith louncht
sony top priority = rendabel ( no bankrupt )
playstaion priority = corect prices in store + corect way of converting from dollar to euro
geting kontent out like al other consoles = not 1 jear later
giving service u promised wen u louncht ps3 ( video service )

+ no more leting big ip geting excl. to other companie
like monsterhunter – gta – dragon quest ….


Some games do have cross-compatible saves actually.
For instance, I downloaded the digital version of Red Dead Redemption when it was free with PS+ and that works fine with my save file from the disc version.

continu = gta not jet but u are capebel to leting even gta slip

I’m feeling mixed about upcoming deals. Hitman, MOH, Far Cry & NBA. They will likely be another Battlefield style deal with price reduced to just above retail price.

@ Overlord1304, acridweasel. The only game saves i’ve had trouble with seem to be EA games, Dead Space 2 and Burnout Paradise didn’t work me. Red dead,Just Cause 2, Res Evil 5,Borderlans, Dead Island, Dead Rising2 OTR, they all worked for me and i’m sure i have more as well.


To find when it expires, go to Account Management – Transaction Management – Service List – PlayStation Plus

I bought a year subscription in the last deal and it stacked for me. As long as yours says it expires on October then you should be fine.

daxterstarsriba 05 December, 2012 @ 11:27

I’d like to get Far Cry 3 at a discounted price but I don’t see that happening to be honest.

I somehow hope that Sony will have an additional x-mas sale besides those 12 candidates. That simply isn’t enough, especially considering that there are just 2 PSN and no Vita games.

Platforms as Steam manage to offer several games each day, be it as daily deals or flash deals and not to mention that they usually drop prices for around 90% of their complete content library by 20-50% besides those specials.

So far I’ll only pick Tokyo Jungle and maybe Unfinished Swan, depending on its price. Both the 2 exclusive PSN titles … in case that SCEE didn’t get the hint: *nudge*

Bought PS+ 3 days before the deal.


Aaaaargh! I actually bought this last night. There’s no chance of getting my £5 discount I missed out on back is there? :(

Guys, why do you buy games or services for the full price when you must know that sales are just around the corner? Either wait till x-mas passed by or don’t complain if you paid too much.


You’re in luck sir, Far Cry 3 is the final deal (23-24th).

No doubt the discount will be terrible though, and it’ll still be cheaper to buy on disc.

I cannot buy Tokyo Jungle!!!

are you working on this issue and when will it be fixed?

will the deal be prolonged due to this?

@dark_angel6 @69

there is no option named transaction management and I cannot find Service Lists anywhere,

does anyone know where it is?

Will we get some great PSVita deal the coming days???

Like LittleBigPlanet for Vita with a nice real Christmas present discount like this Tokyo Jungle game got?

Now THAT would make my Christmas!!!

ni no kuni demo = u are abel to download
latest adition – new this week

very good now i can dowload then i can play ( vert sad no ful game )


@Alan2112, 68
Weird because my digital copy of Borderlands doesn’t read my disc-based saves. Burnout Paradise as well (as mentioned). Haven’t tried RE5 yet as my HDD is full (damn + for all the games)!


Will get One Piece if there’s a decent enough price…

if anyone hasn’t bought Tokyo Jungle it’s a really good deal.

it definitely looks like the next one will be One Piece Pirate Warrior (really hope it is a good deal as well but not holding my breath)

will wait for the Unfinished Swan – hoping there would be The Walking Dead but maybe in the new year

I’d really like to see Journey on sale. It would be an amazing X-mas gift. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

Hi Jawad,
I read that Milestone has released free DLC for their WRC 3 game on the playstation Vita but I can’t find anything in the store. I am accessing the EU/Greek store. Is there any information on the subject?
Will it be available?

i am downloading ni no kuni :)
next problems in store =

-under search option 0-9 a – z ( – = to ) corect but 20 other leters not needed in ore language = ???

under deals = 2 problems =
1 – Christmas deals under almoast every paket french language instead of Dutch.

2- under playstation + % pre ordering section name =Germany tekst

jes i now ore contry have 3 language but mi 1st language = dutch
second french ( but some dutch not understend french ) 3 language =English ( al 3 language i talk very good but write = a disaster )

Germany i not understend one ting

also 2 x MAG game in esentials = ??? u tink u gone sel 2x more ;)

@Chris Howe

Seems like you are somewhat reliable, so I’m gunna bring this up here (I contacted the support and I cannot use the hotline). I bought Mass Effect 2 on the 1st while using the trial for Plus members. I didn’t redownload the game cause it’s advertised as not needed.. Back in the game a few mins later it kicked me out and said my trial expired. I ended up being charged again when I downloaded the game. So now I bought the game twice but only got it once.. The transaction is listed in my account and I forwarded the infomation to the support including my PSN ID etc. I want a refund, after all I didn’t get what I paid for!

I’d be nice if you could look into that..

good idea psn suport on blog !!! 24/24

other mistake , lol them are coming
1st icone terraria ps3 ful game = video ( ful game means i can dowload )
second icone = anouncement ( trailer ) = video
gta v preorder = no price no abel to pre order ( already preoderd in real store 60 € )


I’m in contact with the support since the 1st.. they just work so damn slow and I’m just trying to speed things up. Chris Howe stated in several comments he’s having contact with the PSN team etc. So whats wrong with me trying?


appreciate your candid reply to comment 48 but what about PSP and PS1 games?

that’s now 3 sales in a row with nothing for vita.

Ps, lemmings is free on ps mobile (at the moment, may change) if anyone’s interested.


no problem
like i post = need suport on blog 24/24 where we can talk to peopel who put tings on store ore peopel wo can do refund wen them have made problem whith downoads .


Ah.. sorry mate I thought you were being sarcastic. my bad. Yeh I agree, they need some sort of support chat.

no no i never sarcastic if u are not to me ;)

jes to sony sommetimes when them make lots of mistakes ( makes me angry ) i have love hate relation whith sony .


Transaction Management is found inside Account Management. It is the 3rd option.

Here is the order they are in:
Account Information
Redeem Codes
Transaction Management
System Activation
Privacy Settings

Maybe you have a different name for it seeing your in a different country but the image beside the name looks like 3 circles connected with the last 1 being shaded.

Inside Transaction Management you will find Services List as the last option. Hope this helps

Now Tokyo Jungle is a good deal :]
I just got Vita yesterday and now I’m kinda sad there’s not a single deal for that, but at least it motivated me to get PS+, even if only to get the free Vita games, so I’m happy with that :]

I haven’t been on the store yet but I seriously hope that the list of deals turns out to be false. Don’t me to sound whiny or entitled but this looks pretty bad.

A lot of people will be getting games like Far Cry 3 and Hitman for Christmas anyway. Seeing as the games are £60 anyway, I don’t imagine they’ll be any less than £40 and will probably be more than that.

I remember reading a post by Chris saying that the sales were going to be exciting, but it certainly dosen’t look like it’s going to be.

The sales would be better if it was discounting PSN games, or HD remakes like Killzone, Okami etc. I honestly don’t see why they don’t try and discount the games that people actually ask for rather than trying to sell overly expensive digital versions of retail games.

I don’t remember reading anyone asking for a discount for Far Cry 3 or MOH.

Well it is rather easy to not remember reading such comments, when you ignore them. See #70 for someone asking for Far Cry 3.

I agree that the selection isn’t really representing the interest of the majority of customers though. TJ is great, Unfinished Swan too. The rest probably not so much.


the store allready started updating downloading vanquish now from igc hey chriss how about some new avatars


meant avatars for plus chriss

@ me (comment 91)

oops, lemmings is skeleton, full of microtransactions.

my apologies guys.


I noticed that there are big discounts added today on Vita that aren’t mentioned anywhere.. for example Lumines and Rayman Origins are half-price… are these separate to the christmas deal? where can i find information about this promotion?



It’s part of the december plus content.

The store’s been updated early today. All the other plus stuff’s live as well.


I must have forgotten that post, I read all the comments that had been posted at the time about an hour or so before I made a comment myself.

It’s an honest mistake on my part, and if I could edit my post to rephrase the point that I was trying to make I would. Although I hope you aren’t implying that I was being ignorant for the sake of it just so I could complain about the sale, because that would be completely untrue and certainly not something I would do.

I have no doubt that Tokyo Jungle and The Unfinished Swan are good games (even though they don’t appeal to me personally) and I would rather see more deals like that, rather than having a sale on games that will still arguably be more expensive than they should be.

As I said in my previous comment the majority of people would probably prefer seeing PSN games or HD remakes. I’ve already seen plenty of comments asking for The Walking Dead, Okami etc which plenty of people would be willing to spend money on.

supersmith2500 05 December, 2012 @ 14:37

Downloading Limbo right now on Plus since Store is updated. Oh and about Retro City Rampage anyone wants to know still nowhere to be seen unfortunely but it will get there soon.


@Jawad (Hope you are reading this)
Why did we not get the store update news from you? :( Was bored so just had a look on the store and noticed Mass Effect is up. Would have been nice for a heads up.

Got one question and would appreciate anyone that can reply, is Mass Effect download only like the Killzone HD or can it be bought on disc on its own?

I think I’ll grab Tokyo Jungle at that price.


Oh and forgot to ask another question related to the previous. Can we import the save file from that ME into ME2 to continue the story like the xbox done or does only the comic from ME2 make the choices?



Thanks man, I guess i’ll wait for the next store update post.
It has really only just hit the store, so I guess there will be a post about it soon.
Interested in what other discounts there are.. but so far, even though I already own them, the half-price Lumines and Rayman are very good deals for others who don’t own them. Two of the best Vita games right there!

This game actually looks fun, but I am not sure it is my cup of tea. For those all wondering what it is about IGN has a good (video) review up!

@ TASHBOY Agreed, i’d much rather see the majority of games in sale being psn and hd remakes with maybe 1 or 2 retail games. The fiancé is getting me Hitman as part of my christmas present,simply because she didn’t know what else to get me. So you spot on.


Mass Effect can only be bought in disc form if you buy the Mass Effect Trilogy. The only way to buy it on it’s own is from the store, or if you can find someone on Ebay or somwehere selling the game by itself.


Ha, no problem at all. Don’t take my comment too serious, I was just surprised as we had an example of someone asking for FC3 on the very same site. ;)

And generally I’m on your side anyway. I often get the impression that the Sony staff somehow doesn’t follow industry news. Otherwise I couldn’t imagine why their sales are mostly so … unmotivated … in comparison to Steam.

I mean that are mostly the very same developers and publishers on both platforms, who are so eager to offer so many sales on Steam and make a little fortune there. Why is it that have so few sales on the PSN stores and often enough with lacklustre discounts? Offers as Tokio Jungle are great, but generally it lacks quantity and quality.

But hey, CS:GO already had its first huge sale on Steam while the SCEE folks still wait for the release. So I really shouldn’t be too surprised. ;)


Thanks for your reply. Such a shame it isn’t on disc alone. Not much of a digital fan unless it’s free games on plus. Might put it on hold for a while and see what happens. The hdd is already full and I can’t delete anything just yet. :(


Yeah 1 or 2 retail games would be absolutely fine, especially if they were a decent price. But they should use these sales for trying to convince people to try unusual games like Tokyo Jungle or The Unfinished Swan. But I would be happy with just getting the sale on regular PSN games or HD remakes.


Apologies if my response came across as rude or hostile. I just don’t want people to think i’m ranting and disregarding comments that don’t share my opinion.

Steam really does put PSN sales to shame. Even if we could get cheaper deals on exclusive games I would be happy seeing as most of them are good. I’ve given up hope for CS:GO to be honest, I’m not even sure I would buy it if we do get it eventually.


No problem. I know how you feel, I really wanted to have a standalone disc just so I could have all the games in my collection. I’ve bought it off the store but prefer disks like yourself. You’re best bet would be on Ebay or similar sites but I would im...

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Yeah 1 or 2 retail games would be absolutely fine, especially if they were a decent price. But they should use these sales for trying to convince people to try unusual games like Tokyo Jungle or The Unfinished Swan. But I would be happy with just getting the sale on regular PSN games or HD remakes.


Apologies if my response came across as rude or hostile. I just don’t want people to think i’m ranting and disregarding comments that don’t share my opinion.

Steam really does put PSN sales to shame. Even if we could get cheaper deals on exclusive games I would be happy seeing as most of them are good. I’ve given up hope for CS:GO to be honest, I’m not even sure I would buy it if we do get it eventually.


No problem. I know how you feel, I really wanted to have a standalone disc just so I could have all the games in my collection. I’ve bought it off the store but prefer disks like yourself. You’re best bet would be on Ebay or similar sites but I would imagine people will be asking for stupid amounts just because they know the demand for the standalone game.


Hi All,

We would like to apologise to our consumers who experienced a technical error on the PS Store over the past couple of days resulting in the additional Plus membership discount not being applied to products within the 12 Deals of Xmas sale.

For those Plus users who purchased the product during the eligibility period (03/12/2012 00:01 to 05/12/2012 07:01) we will credit their wallets with the value of the additional Plus saving. This will be done automatically and will take around 1 week. There is no need for customers to contact us or take any further action.

jimbob12345678 05 December, 2012 @ 16:44


A little bit random of a request but could we get a deal/price drop on the DLC charaters for Blazblue: Continuum Shift? There’s long been a extended cut of the game available with the extra characters included and the limited edition of both that, and the original Continuum Shift are cheaper to buy new than the DLC!

Thanks in advance :)

argh should have waited, bought this as soon as it came out :/

Now Deal#3 is more like it. Looks like i wasnt the only one to notice the silhouettes. After a pathetic start things are looking up me thinks.

bought it. thanks


@Chris Howe

That’s fantastic news, thanks for the update!

Might be an idea to update the blog/forums with that, rather than page three of the comments section. :)

Great suggestion. One I’ve already asked for a few times but they don’t do it. But if you find the right information on this blog you supposedly get a trophy.

Maybe I would buy something if Sony would stop denying my perfectly fine credit card.


Does the new suscription to PS+ stack with old ones? I have still one month to go but i’m interested in buying the 90 days deal.
Will i get the 90 days on top of the month i already have or will the 90 days from the moment i activate them and delete my remaining time?


Yes you can stack your memberships


darn, bought Tokyo J for a full price ;> now im gonna cry and swear to anyone ;)

and for real its a good game, buy it :)
also Unfinished swan is a deal for me

and FTL for Vita ;> and XCOM classic ;>

Hello Chris, Fred, Jawad.

I’m unable to make use of the plus memberships, whether it’s the 3 or 12 month version. My plus logo doesn’t show up in crossmedia bar either. Is this a technical issue?

@ Chris Howe

“Afraid not, you are exactly right in your assumption, its difficult to arrange discounts on VITA titles simply due to the lack of them as the range is still growing”

How is over 70 titles for PSVita a lack of titles again?

I call bull on that ‘reason’ not to give any Christmas deals for PSVita, really. What a nonsense. It shouldn’t be difficult at all. You could start with deals on the games made by Sony studios, like Unit 13 (that studio has been axed anyways). But even 3rd party games wouldn’t be too hard with over 70 titles out.


Uhm, could someone please explain how I can actually download the Limbo trial????? I’m getting VERY frustrated with this new store. It’s hard to figure out where to download stuff.
No matter what I do, I just keep downloading the 6KB unlock file, with no option to download the actual game.
Someone PLEASE point me in the right direction. Thanks.

Well I was just about to buy Tokyo Jungle and it’s still £9.99 on the store for me. Sort it out Sony.


In the late evening hours of Wednesday 5th of December Tokyo Jungle was discounted by both Christmas deal and PS+.

Now it’s 01:02 GMT 6th of December and the game costs 9.99 GBP.

Is there a reason as to why this is happening? It would be nice if you sorted this out and gave us an extra day to buy the game.

I never regreted a few matches of Mortal Kombat so much, I thought to myself “I’ll buy Tokyo Jungle later, still got a full day of discount.”

We are looking for a way to give you our money and it looks like you are not cooperating :)

Do you have a ETA on the fix for the PS+ discount? I would like to purchase Tokyo Jungle at the discounted price. Otherwise I hope you extend the offers until it is fixed as I will not be paying full price then waiting weeks to be re-credited for all of the deals I am intersted in.

I’m trying to buy Tokyo Jungle and its trying to charge me $19.99AUD which is actully higher than the original price before the sale. It displays the correct price in the store but when I access the details its more than double.

SuperTurboHyperG 06 December, 2012 @ 02:05

Trying to buy tokyo jungle for discounted price like the user above, but its still showing $24.90 nz. Can you please fix this before the sale ends?

Link from store front page shows Tokyo Jungle as €5.84 but on the item page and in the cart it shows as €12.99, ignoring not only the Plus discount but the 12 Days offer too. At the accused sale price I’m interested, can this be fixed and the due date of sale’s end pushed back?


chris its the same for me too as above, Tokyo Jungle is back to original price of 24.90 when you click add to chart, please fix as topped up wallet to buy.

I’m also having problem with Tokyo Jungle.
In the “The 12 Deals of Christmas!” section i see the Plus member price as 57kr but when i add it to cart its 114kr (double the price) so i dont get the discount.

Went up early to get this one so a bit disappointing really…

On the up side there are 4 awesome games added on Plus. I’m extremely happy to be a Plus member really.

rainbowstar209 06 December, 2012 @ 08:10

Trouble with Tokyo Jungle on uk playstation store.

No discount says its £9.99 please sort this out.

Thanks very much

I want to buy tokyo jungle but the price shows as £9.99 – sort it out!?! (the offer runs out soon!)

I have the same problem with Tokyo Jungle on polish store as well. Should be 21,60 PLN but when I try to buy the game it shows full pricing for 47 PLN. I called PS support phone but they dont know if it gonna be fixed on time. Maybe someone here can help. It is also good if everyone who have this problem to call sony support.

same problem here with Tokyo Jungle. It was showing the 6.49 euros up to this morning, just when I was going to buy and now it’s 12.99 euros.

Happen the same to me at the Halloween sale with Medievil. That time it was fixed on time, hope now also, pleeeeeease

Here the same problem,I want to buy it please sort it out.


And me. I tried to buy at £4ish last night but the store crashed and tried again this morning but doubled in price!!


Apologies all, we’re working to fix this now. Update asap.

Saint-Jimmy-13 06 December, 2012 @ 09:47

Same here in german store. It displays the sale but when I show details it’s 12,99€ again. Please fix that soon!


Right, this was due to a technical issue last night, and has now been fixed. You should be able to see it on the live store within the next 30 minutes or so.


Fixed :-) Thanks Sony, downloading now!

rainbowstar209 06 December, 2012 @ 11:58

Thanks for sorting the discount price problem out with Tokyo jungle.

I’ll be playing it later.

keep up the excellent work sony


I tried 5 times to buy Tokyo Jungle via my account but the Sony servers kept saying cannot establish connection and now the deals expired.

They didn’t have trouble to add funds from my CC to the wallet but when I tried purchasing the game, every time at checkout it failed. This is a good money making strategy. Good going!!

Yupp confirmed its fixed, downloading it now….Thanks!

Did the PS+ Discount on Tokyo Jungle get fixed before the deal expired? I checked yesterday and it was $19.99AU (no discount) and today it say’s that the deal expired. Would you consider exending the offer for those that got borked by the store?


Is there any chance at all that the posts on the blog could show the AU pricing as well as GBP and Euro?
You show the region eligibility but don’t show any extra currencies
Would be nice not to have to get onto the store to check prices

Can Canada become part of SCEE please? We are after all part of the Commonwealth!

(SCEA is giving us coal this year)

can anyone tell me when the hitman deal for 17 gbp ends please?

Hitman deal is over since midnight,check the latest 12 deals post for all details.

We close the comments for posts after 30 days.

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