New versions of Alundra, Tomba! and Tomba! 2 now available


Hey there PlayStation Blog. Christmas is right around the corner and MonkeyPaw Games would like to add to the list of good things that you could be doing during the holidays.

First, we have some fantastic news for our fans that downloaded our classic titles Alundra and Tomba over the past few months.

These games were emulated from their North American versions. In the process of emulation, the games were afflicted with periodical slowness during some video cut scenes and audio playback. While the games were still playable, they suffered in that users had to endure what was less than perfect condition.


Users who purchased these titles can now re-download the game to get the newly emulated versions. There is no additional charge to do so. Of course, new users can also download the latest version through the PlayStation Store in the Classic section.

For this, we would like to offer our sincere apologies and to thank users for their patience as we worked with Sony to correct the issues. It’s taken some time and we hope that we have not dulled your enthusiasm for the games!

Emulation is a tricky process and many great games don’t get to see the light of the virtual Network shelf because emulation can’t guarantee the game will perform as it did in its packaged condition. These titles are 15 years old and so much can go wrong. But we still want to try to bring out classic games from the retro vault so we ask your forgiveness when problems like this occur.


And with that, we’d like to announce the release of a title we hope will make up for your trouble. Tomba 2: The Evil Swine Returns is now available on PlayStation Store section for €7.99!

We know Tomba fans will go bananas over the ability to romp through their favorite jungle quests with their pink-haired hero. And just for bragging rights, we’d like to announce that the game has been released before players in North America get their paws on it!

So it looks like we’ve all been good and Santa will deliver on time this year. Again, we thank all of you for your patience and loyalty. May the holidays bring good cheer and health.

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1. Is Tomba 2 Compatible with PSVITA?
2. When you guys gona release Tomba 1, and will it be playable with PSVITA???
3. I love Tomba Since Playstation 1. I LOVE IT(7^_^)7


Hi DarkHero,
Tomba 1 and 2 are still not compatible with PSVita yet. This is an internal Sony process so we don’t have any control over it except that we’d love to see it happen too. Most likely, there is a queue and Tomba (and others) will eventually be compatible. We’ll keep you informed.
The new Tomba 1 is now available.
Thanks for your support!

next up vita support please, americans can play tomba on their vita :)

Thanks for the update.

Is Tomba 1 and 2 and Alundra compatible with the Vita? My brother has my PSP so I can’t play it.


They are not yet capable but will be in good time. Please be patient and we will update you on news as soon as we hear.

Tomba rocks… they were amongst my favourite games on the PSone.


Btw, Alundra is compatible with Vita, both Tomba, no :(

I played Alundra way back when it first released on playstation 1, and i would go as far to say that this is one of greatest games i have ever played. Getting a vita for xmas so this will be the first game i buy. Really happy to see i’ll be buying the better version. Cheers!

*cough cough* Lunar Silver Star Saga Complete & Eternal Blue Complete, Vanguard Bandits, Jade Coocoon *cough cough*

Pretty sure you won’t get hold of them but Xenogears, Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger, Parasite Eve, Suikoden & Suikoden II? Always worth a shot since Square & Konami seem to have forasken us in EU.


There are a couple of games on your list that we are in deep talks about getting but we can’t report on just yet. We’ll keep pluggin away.

Can you tell Sony to get a move on with releasing Crash Bash on to the store please? Its been over year since it was promised.



Wish we could. Don’t think that one will happen though.

I’m glad they finally work. I redownloaded Tomba earlier today, it works perfectly now.
Will you also go back and fix all of your other releases?


None of our other games had this problem except Tomba and Alundra. Most other games were Japanese imports where as these games were US imports. But if you have had similar problems with other games, please let us know. Thanks!


Not in PS Vita Store, i just checked it out.
Playable on PS Vita= Instant Buy.

Alundra is one of the best games ever, brilliant puzzle game and a very hard one in places too. Well worth the cash.

Will only buy if they get available on psvita.


Coming! We’ll keep you posted!


Let’s not pretend like it was an emulation issue that caused this. They run perfectly fine if bought off the US Store. This was entirely SCEE’s fault. The wrapper they created for the ISO would have specifically been setting the emulator to force the games to run at 50Hz and it took SCEE this long to finally get around to fixing it.

Good news anyway. I’d gotten a refund for Alundra and had refrained from buying Tomba due to this issue, guess I can now buy them again.

Now how about all the other ruined imports? Up until now, RE2 and RE3 were the only imports that ran properly, so all of MonkeyPaw’s other games, plus Klonoa, are still running at 50Hz.


Not sure of the real reasons for the slowness. We were not told of the specific problem, only that it was within emulation. It could very well have been a wrapper problem but we really don’t know. The only written word we have is through emulation.
On our other games, we have not heard of complaints so please let us know. Thanks!

Problems with emulation, eh? I have three words for you: HIRE PCSX STAFF. There’ problem solved and all PS1 games will even run in PSP/Vita/PS3 native resolution, not that upscaled crap you conjured up.

Glad to hear you at least fixed something. I’m gonna see how Tomba! performs on the Vita/PSP after re-downloading.

Congratulations… well done… you’ve added back content to the store that originally was faulty, broken and poor quality. The QA department must have been on holidays that week! Not really something to be proud of it.

jimbob12345678 07 December, 2012 @ 16:29

Not to be picky but now Alundra is in full working order you may wish to update its ‘preview’ on the store. The one gameplay screenshot that is given isn’t of Alundra, its of Alundra 2…

I did mention this when it was released the first time but its still the same!

@Ray Almeda

bought it when it wasen’t supposse 2 be released. anyhow great seeing more import games. also vanguard bandit how is that progressing and the other few we are still missing?
anyhow gungho online entertainment america has also started releasing jap imports in america if i recall they said nothing about doing europe any chance you guys could do their european publishing.
asked at their facebook but like with you they need fan support.


Vanguard is in the queue, we just don’t know how long it will be. Its been a long time, quite honestly. Hope to be able to give more info soon.

also look hard at SCEE pricing they released tomba 2 by accident with a price off 3.99 euro so take the missing money out off the paycheck off the SCEE store employee’s.

It’s great to see some of the best PSone games coming to the PS Store, but the games I really would like to see are Suikoden I and II. Good work MonkeyPaw and having a game (Tomba 2) before SCEA is good for a change.


So… Will new version work with saves from the old one? I’m in the middle of playing through Alundra, and I don’t want to lose my progress.


Sorry to say but I don’t believe it will save as it is a complete new version. You would lose your save data. So you might want to endure with what you have. Regretfully, MPG

also while i’m here any off you who want more japanese ps1 plz go 2
GUngho online entertainment america and ask them 2 bring their ps1 japanese import games they just released on U.S psn 2 europe they said they would try if ppl asked them 2.

@Ray Almeda
srry 2 use this blog like this i just want as many japanese import games or classic.

Would be neat if both Tombas were on the Vita store also.

Excellent news, will Klonoa which suffer from the same problem be fixed too?


Could be. Its not our game so we can’t tell you. But we suppose this will fix all the other game problems as long as Sony re-emulates them.

Thanks ray it too late for lunar this side of Xmas but I hope it be coming next year have a happy Xmas too. :)

Still not available on Vita. Cannot download from store and can’t transfer from PS3. Very disappointing.


Can we please get some idea if Tomba 1 and Tomba 2 will be getting PS Vita compatibility.. Ever?
Tomba 2 is my favourite game of all time, and I can’t play it since I don’t have a PS3.

Still not yet on the Vita, sorry to say. We hope to be able to tell you some good news soon. Please wait.

We’re pretty sure you’ll get PS Vita compatibility. It is not up to us (or you’d have it already!) but it is in everyone’s best interest. So we think the delay is mainly due to the queue, which will eventually get processed. Please keep the faith.


Sorry but cannot find Tomba!2 on the store


Checked in the classic sectrion and laos via the search and it only finds Tomba!1

tomba runs fine…however tomba 2 fmv’s and when people in the game talk the voice comes a few seconds after the dialogue box… i fear that tomba 2 is also running at 50HZ in NTSC that why its like this?
does anyone else notice this problem im running this on my ps3…thanks


did ya download it after it got taken from the store cause it was still broken when it got released the first time. try redownloading if you did.

OMG!! Tombi! 2!! :)

My favorite game of all time is Tombi!, but Tombi! 2 follows the same formula that made Tombi! great, though a bit different graphics.

@Ray Almeda
I can confirm at least that all the import games from MonkeyPawGames that I own run at 50Hz on the PS3. That means I can confirm it for all Arc the Lad games, for Shienryu and for GaiaSeed.
I guess it’s safe to assume that it’s the same for all of the other games.

If you need proof, I can send it to you, if you give me some kind of contact information.

@dgnfly yes i downloaded it twice yesterday fmv lags and people in the game talk the voice comes a few seconds after the dialogue box…. I *think* its running at 50HZ on my ps3…. does it work for you at 60HZ? i might redownload again..

So glad to hear this Ray, well done to you guys at MonkeyPaw & Sony. I bought Tomba 1 when it came out all those years ago, and was delighted to hear it coming through digital download.. But then i bought it, after that i was done buying games off MonkeyPaw and was just going to download *elsewhere*. So glad you fixed it though, will re-download this beastly game again and enjoy it \m/

Thanks for all your support everybody. We’re making sure each of our titles are done the right way. You guys deserve it. The original creators of these games deserve it. Vita compatibility is coming and we’ll make an announcement when it’s ready to go. For any further comments, feel free to contact us on Twitter at @monkeypawgames.


Might as well ask here:

Will you ever bring over Brigandine and Shadow Madness?

Hi ^^ I noticed that tomba 2 and especially klonoa work slow. Can you please fix these? Thanks in advance ^^ .

I was super disappointed to see that Tomba! doesn’t work on Vita, but I’m glad you work on it.

Big thanks to Monkeypaw Games for getting Alundra and Tomba working correctly! Unfortunately, Arc the Lad 1 still has the slowdown issues, and needs fixing, as can be seen in this video:

Klonoa is also still affected, as can be seen in that video, but that’s nothing to do with Monkeypaw. Hopefully Sony will fix that one themselves.


I asked once I am going to ask again. Ca anyone find Tomba!2 on the store. I searched and it is not there. I can only find Tomba!1


Its there, but its at the very bottom of the Classic section. The last game, actually. There is no more import store so we are going to suffer from being lost. Not sure about what people think about the new look of the store, but personally, I’m not thrilled. Anyway, please take a look and let us know if you can find it.

@Ray Almeda

im not the biggest fan myself as it takes lots of effort to find stuff when it should be easy.

the web store is a joy to use in comparison.

with publishers like yourselfs expressing dislike for the format of the new store mabye the correct people will take notice as how can you make money if people cant find your games.


Hi Ray

Thanks for your reply.
I found it now but the search engine is truly broken as it could not find it.
In fact, as soon as I managed to write the word TOMBA it only displayed the first one.
I like the idead of the new store but they really need to fix all the problems, including the time it takes the boot, the search engioen and the way the itesm are categorized.
Also having the old LATEST section with EVERYTHING that has come out on the week available from there would also help.
Ideally, I would love to have the new web store on SEN (which I know will be launched shortly) to give us the ability not only to purchase games but to also push the download on the PS3 so we could do this from any web browser and find the game already downloaded one we are back home.

PhantomOfOpera 09 December, 2012 @ 13:31

Glad it is fixed. Will re-donwload them.

So let me get this right, vita compatibility is sitting in SCEE approval queue. GTFO! This whole time I have been waiting for this fix thinking it will fix vita play only to find out SCEE have yet to sort there $hit out. COMPLETE BS.

SCEE have some serious improving to do if you want me next gen.

@Ray Almeda “On our other games, we have not heard of complaints so please let us know. Thanks!”

So you’ve heard no complaints about Arc The Lad?

omg omg omg!!
Thank you! ive been waiting for this for soooo long!!

The next release please be Harvest moon! my all time fav PS game!!

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