Spyro the Dragon returns to PSN next week!

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Make way! Make way!

Make way! Make way!

Our little purple friend Spyro is upon us! Your eyes do not deceive you and the words you are reading are definitely real! After a long wait and lots of requests from you, the community, Spyro the Dragon is coming to EU PSN on 12th December 2012!

Hugely successful when released way back on PSOne, I am delighted to finally be able to get Spyro the Dragon back out there for all of you to enjoy. You won’t see one Spyro game either! Oh no! The first, second and third game are all coming on the very same day. How’s that?

For everyone that asked and waited patiently, now is the time to bite! Now is the time to relish in the glorious days of distant past! Now is the time!

With your help, let this re-emergence of Spyro open the gates for more titles from the PSOne era that we shall never forget.

Speaking of help, the encouragement drawings from AlexPSN89 were much appreciated. In fact, I even did one myself to celebrate! Here they are for your viewing pleasure!

Spyro 1Spyro 2

Spyro Drawing

Note: This product is an emulated version of a PlayStation (PS one) classic. Some functionality may vary from the original PS one version of this product or may not be available. All three Spyro titles are emulated versions of NTSC code. English language only.

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Please answer

Now that the Spyro trilogy has been released, can you please focus on getting Crash Bash released on to the store?

Pretty please with a cherry on top, this title was promised to be releasing mid last year but hasn’t.

Will we see it this year if not what’s the hold-up, is it stuck in Q&A? Please shed some light on this title so we can understand what the problem is.

Many thanks


I’ll look into it once more but no promises it’ll happen.

finaly no more questions about spyro lol.

hopefully these play in 60hz from the start and no waiting 3 months for them to be fixed and vita support day 1 please


Those problems should not arise – that was part of the delay.

As long as I can play them on my Vita I will be happy.

Will they be playable on the psvita? Can they be downloaded from the psvita store?


That is the plan, yes.

Well it’s about damn time :D I’ve been waiting for this day for so long :D My Vita just got a whole lot better :D


Hi Jawad

Will these work on the Vita day 1?

Do you know how much they will cost?


Vita compatible!

The price is being confirmed but it should fall in line with previous PSOne titles.

Any news on a price or vita compatibility?


See just above.

Fantastic news! Are they Vita compatible?


Yep :)

Any news on price or vita compatibility?

ChemicalBacon90 07 December, 2012 @ 15:08

Perhaps you could give AlexPSN89 a code to download it for free?

Would be a nice gesture considering his enthusiasm despite how long it has taken.

Great news!

But… I’m fairly sure that Ross (when he was in charge of Plus) confirmed a long time ago that these would be free for PS+ when they would eventually be released, because the US PS+ has offered the whole trilogy for free for PS+ a long time ago.

Any comment on this?


I will bring it up and see what’s possible but can’t promise anything at this time. Remember, Ross is also no longer with SCEE :(

Nice news, these are very good games. I did a re-run of my original Spyro 2 about two years ago or so and it was still awesome, but never got the chance to try the first and third ones.

On a side-note: I was one of the winners of the last weekend debate but I haven’t recieved my PSAS code by neither e-mail nor forum PM. Could you please check with Fred if there was some slip-up?
You know how gamers get when wainting for a new game. =p


Hmmm, I’m chasing this for you now. I’ll have an answer soon…


I’m told it should be sitting in your inbox on the official forums right now :)

supersmith2500 07 December, 2012 @ 15:12

This is awesome, after 4 years the purple dragon finally comes back. =D

So I assume we’re getting the NTSC version of Spyro 2 since it’s called Ripto’s Rage in the US while in Europe Gateway to Glimmer.


It’ll be referred to on PS Store by the EU name, but the game itself will be the US version, thus show the US name.


thats true i also remember ross stating this quite some time ago.

Wasn’t the first one released ages ago, complete with bugs?

Spyro is nice but when comes “Legend of Dragoon” and “Retro City Rampage”?

I am still waiting for those..


Yep Ross definitely stated that they would be free for plus users. None the less I am a very happy gamer right now :D

Awesome news,will be picking these up.Hopefully they’re will a promo for plus,free or at least a discount for the 3.


I understand that Ross is no longer at SCEE, but to make such a promise I would assume that the arrangements to get them on PS+ for free had already been made at the time.


lol, just lol

I knew SCEE would take the lazy route and just give us the NTSC versions. I bought all 3 back in the Summer for about £3.50 each, and I’ll be buying all my future PS1/PS2 Classics from the US Store as well.


The EU versions just weren’t possible due to many, many issues arising with gameplay.

I love that the very first comment is someone complaining about the next game they want released.

Shame that it will be the NTSC version, although hopefully there won’t be too many differences between the two versions besides the logos in game.

Fantastic news, just got a Vita, so these games will be perfect.

Will there be a starters bundle with all 3 games for one price?


No plans for the time being.


Jawad you are a legend when I saw the title I just imagined you with a big smile as you submitted this post now.
Every week I check out the store update post and there is always this one guy asking for Spyro (can’t remeber his name)and you always take time out to give him updates on the situation but if he doesn’t buy it from psn he should be banned for pestering you.

Now you just have the Crash Bash, Retrocity Rampage and Counter Strike moaners to worry about. Happy Friday everyone!


I’m sure those who had intent will not let me down!


Im So Happy ^^

Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger next please. Square Enix Europe seems quite ignorant on that topic.

Oh and I absolutely wouldn’t mind if we’d receive the NTSC versions of those 2 games. Something is better than nothing, right?

Amazing news! I freaking loved those games as a kid :D

Great news. Is there a chance Chrono Cross or Dino Crisis 2 will be coming to EU Store as well?

Any chance for Legend of Dragoon or Wild Arms 2?

Would love to return to these games. They don’t make 3D platformers like they used to. Here’s hoping you can keep your old promise and give them away free on PS+ as you did with Crash Bandicoot. :)


Awesome! Perfect for Christmas, nice one dude!



Yes! Great news.

Now can we have the proper PS1 version of Ape Escape be Vita compatible please?

Also, Netflix!

This is the best news ever! So happy!! Thank you guys :D


You’re welcome :)



It’s a shame I got it from the American store ages ago.

I’d buy Ape Escape thrice though. The PSP remake is borked because of the one stick functionality.


@Golwar those games are ONLY available in NTSC lol


Oh and that drawing was awesome.

I’ll buy Spyro again to support the classic games effort, I need it on my Vita.

I missed Spyro back in the day and seeing all the excitement about it (and begging for it’s appearance on PSN) I might just grab it once it’s available. I love old-school platformers anyway :]

declan__watson 07 December, 2012 @ 16:14

Hey bloggers
Hello Jawad this is fantastic news one of playstation exclusives coming back, I’m sure it will be a great edition.

This game is still a playstation exclusive anyway but activition just took it from us it still is owned by naughty dog and insomniac so they should just buy these back because this and crash bandicoot are still ps3 exclusives and these games can only run the best on playstation no other console.

If you agree with me feel free to reply. Thanks guys!! LongLivePlay Sony make.believe The World Is In Play :) ;)

Hey Jawad awesome to see spyro on the store and Vita compatible.

But speaking of compatible Theme Hospital/Populous/Theme Park/Future Cop LAPD are still not supported and ive been waiting since the Vita launched.

It wouldnt suprise me if it has something to do with EA as if I remember correctly EA bought out Bullfrog years ago. Plus the fact the Sims games and Burnout games that were released for PSP for the ps store are also not supported for Vita :(

Jawad fixx please


Yay, finally! So happy to finally get Spyro :) I think I might have to visit our local multimedia store this weekend for a psn card. If only I knew how much they’re gonna cost.


And oh, thanks Jawad for getting them out there for us! :)

now… bring GTA 1&2 back to the store, go on I believe in you, you can do it

COOL:P More PS1 & PS2 classics please, ASAP :D Like GT1 + 2? Can’t believe those are still not on PSN? + PS2 – The Getaway 1+2 + GT3 + 4 + Ape Escape 1(PS1)/2&3 + TimeSplitters 1/2+FP + SSX 1/2&3 etc etc… :P Don’t game companies what our money erm again??? :D


I am so glad this is finally happening. Even though I all ready bought these off the american store I can’t play them with my uk account on my psp, so I will gladly buy these again just for my psp. Thanks for the excellent news Jawad. :)


Thanks for releasing the 3 spyro games, you’ve made alot of gamers happy!

Can you please look into getting xenogears, crono cross, breath of fire 4 and legend of dragoon on the scee store as well? And vita compatibility would be awesomesauce!

Cheers :-)


and perhaps Driver 2… Quake 2… Die hard trillogy

now its time for the spyro PS2 games! :D


Trickier for those, but hey, if these prove to be successful (hint, hint!) then who knows?


Thanks SCEE!!! Really looking forward to these. Some of my favourite games from the PSOne era!

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