Spyro the Dragon returns to PSN next week!

Spyro Image

Make way! Make way!

Make way! Make way!

Our little purple friend Spyro is upon us! Your eyes do not deceive you and the words you are reading are definitely real! After a long wait and lots of requests from you, the community, Spyro the Dragon is coming to EU PSN on 12th December 2012!

Hugely successful when released way back on PSOne, I am delighted to finally be able to get Spyro the Dragon back out there for all of you to enjoy. You won’t see one Spyro game either! Oh no! The first, second and third game are all coming on the very same day. How’s that?

For everyone that asked and waited patiently, now is the time to bite! Now is the time to relish in the glorious days of distant past! Now is the time!

With your help, let this re-emergence of Spyro open the gates for more titles from the PSOne era that we shall never forget.

Speaking of help, the encouragement drawings from AlexPSN89 were much appreciated. In fact, I even did one myself to celebrate! Here they are for your viewing pleasure!

Spyro 1Spyro 2

Spyro Drawing

Note: This product is an emulated version of a PlayStation (PS one) classic. Some functionality may vary from the original PS one version of this product or may not be available. All three Spyro titles are emulated versions of NTSC code. English language only.

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Please answer

Now that the Spyro trilogy has been released, can you please focus on getting Crash Bash released on to the store?

Pretty please with a cherry on top, this title was promised to be releasing mid last year but hasn’t.

Will we see it this year if not what’s the hold-up, is it stuck in Q&A? Please shed some light on this title so we can understand what the problem is.

Many thanks


I’ll look into it once more but no promises it’ll happen.

finaly no more questions about spyro lol.

hopefully these play in 60hz from the start and no waiting 3 months for them to be fixed and vita support day 1 please


Those problems should not arise – that was part of the delay.

As long as I can play them on my Vita I will be happy.

Will they be playable on the psvita? Can they be downloaded from the psvita store?


That is the plan, yes.

Well it’s about damn time :D I’ve been waiting for this day for so long :D My Vita just got a whole lot better :D


Hi Jawad

Will these work on the Vita day 1?

Do you know how much they will cost?


Vita compatible!

The price is being confirmed but it should fall in line with previous PSOne titles.

Any news on a price or vita compatibility?


See just above.

Fantastic news! Are they Vita compatible?


Yep :)

Any news on price or vita compatibility?

ChemicalBacon90 07 December, 2012 @ 15:08

Perhaps you could give AlexPSN89 a code to download it for free?

Would be a nice gesture considering his enthusiasm despite how long it has taken.

Great news!

But… I’m fairly sure that Ross (when he was in charge of Plus) confirmed a long time ago that these would be free for PS+ when they would eventually be released, because the US PS+ has offered the whole trilogy for free for PS+ a long time ago.

Any comment on this?


I will bring it up and see what’s possible but can’t promise anything at this time. Remember, Ross is also no longer with SCEE :(

Nice news, these are very good games. I did a re-run of my original Spyro 2 about two years ago or so and it was still awesome, but never got the chance to try the first and third ones.

On a side-note: I was one of the winners of the last weekend debate but I haven’t recieved my PSAS code by neither e-mail nor forum PM. Could you please check with Fred if there was some slip-up?
You know how gamers get when wainting for a new game. =p


Hmmm, I’m chasing this for you now. I’ll have an answer soon…


I’m told it should be sitting in your inbox on the official forums right now :)

supersmith2500 07 December, 2012 @ 15:12

This is awesome, after 4 years the purple dragon finally comes back. =D

So I assume we’re getting the NTSC version of Spyro 2 since it’s called Ripto’s Rage in the US while in Europe Gateway to Glimmer.


It’ll be referred to on PS Store by the EU name, but the game itself will be the US version, thus show the US name.


thats true i also remember ross stating this quite some time ago.

Wasn’t the first one released ages ago, complete with bugs?

Spyro is nice but when comes “Legend of Dragoon” and “Retro City Rampage”?

I am still waiting for those..


Yep Ross definitely stated that they would be free for plus users. None the less I am a very happy gamer right now :D

Awesome news,will be picking these up.Hopefully they’re will a promo for plus,free or at least a discount for the 3.


I understand that Ross is no longer at SCEE, but to make such a promise I would assume that the arrangements to get them on PS+ for free had already been made at the time.


lol, just lol

I knew SCEE would take the lazy route and just give us the NTSC versions. I bought all 3 back in the Summer for about £3.50 each, and I’ll be buying all my future PS1/PS2 Classics from the US Store as well.


The EU versions just weren’t possible due to many, many issues arising with gameplay.

I love that the very first comment is someone complaining about the next game they want released.

Shame that it will be the NTSC version, although hopefully there won’t be too many differences between the two versions besides the logos in game.

Fantastic news, just got a Vita, so these games will be perfect.

Will there be a starters bundle with all 3 games for one price?


No plans for the time being.


Jawad you are a legend when I saw the title I just imagined you with a big smile as you submitted this post now.
Every week I check out the store update post and there is always this one guy asking for Spyro (can’t remeber his name)and you always take time out to give him updates on the situation but if he doesn’t buy it from psn he should be banned for pestering you.

Now you just have the Crash Bash, Retrocity Rampage and Counter Strike moaners to worry about. Happy Friday everyone!


I’m sure those who had intent will not let me down!


Im So Happy ^^

Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger next please. Square Enix Europe seems quite ignorant on that topic.

Oh and I absolutely wouldn’t mind if we’d receive the NTSC versions of those 2 games. Something is better than nothing, right?

Amazing news! I freaking loved those games as a kid :D

Great news. Is there a chance Chrono Cross or Dino Crisis 2 will be coming to EU Store as well?

Any chance for Legend of Dragoon or Wild Arms 2?

Would love to return to these games. They don’t make 3D platformers like they used to. Here’s hoping you can keep your old promise and give them away free on PS+ as you did with Crash Bandicoot. :)


Awesome! Perfect for Christmas, nice one dude!



Yes! Great news.

Now can we have the proper PS1 version of Ape Escape be Vita compatible please?

Also, Netflix!

This is the best news ever! So happy!! Thank you guys :D


You’re welcome :)



It’s a shame I got it from the American store ages ago.

I’d buy Ape Escape thrice though. The PSP remake is borked because of the one stick functionality.


@Golwar those games are ONLY available in NTSC lol


Oh and that drawing was awesome.

I’ll buy Spyro again to support the classic games effort, I need it on my Vita.

I missed Spyro back in the day and seeing all the excitement about it (and begging for it’s appearance on PSN) I might just grab it once it’s available. I love old-school platformers anyway :]

declan__watson 07 December, 2012 @ 16:14

Hey bloggers
Hello Jawad this is fantastic news one of playstation exclusives coming back, I’m sure it will be a great edition.

This game is still a playstation exclusive anyway but activition just took it from us it still is owned by naughty dog and insomniac so they should just buy these back because this and crash bandicoot are still ps3 exclusives and these games can only run the best on playstation no other console.

If you agree with me feel free to reply. Thanks guys!! LongLivePlay Sony make.believe The World Is In Play :) ;)

Hey Jawad awesome to see spyro on the store and Vita compatible.

But speaking of compatible Theme Hospital/Populous/Theme Park/Future Cop LAPD are still not supported and ive been waiting since the Vita launched.

It wouldnt suprise me if it has something to do with EA as if I remember correctly EA bought out Bullfrog years ago. Plus the fact the Sims games and Burnout games that were released for PSP for the ps store are also not supported for Vita :(

Jawad fixx please


Yay, finally! So happy to finally get Spyro :) I think I might have to visit our local multimedia store this weekend for a psn card. If only I knew how much they’re gonna cost.


And oh, thanks Jawad for getting them out there for us! :)

now… bring GTA 1&2 back to the store, go on I believe in you, you can do it

COOL:P More PS1 & PS2 classics please, ASAP :D Like GT1 + 2? Can’t believe those are still not on PSN? + PS2 – The Getaway 1+2 + GT3 + 4 + Ape Escape 1(PS1)/2&3 + TimeSplitters 1/2+FP + SSX 1/2&3 etc etc… :P Don’t game companies what our money erm again??? :D


I am so glad this is finally happening. Even though I all ready bought these off the american store I can’t play them with my uk account on my psp, so I will gladly buy these again just for my psp. Thanks for the excellent news Jawad. :)


Thanks for releasing the 3 spyro games, you’ve made alot of gamers happy!

Can you please look into getting xenogears, crono cross, breath of fire 4 and legend of dragoon on the scee store as well? And vita compatibility would be awesomesauce!

Cheers :-)


and perhaps Driver 2… Quake 2… Die hard trillogy

now its time for the spyro PS2 games! :D


Trickier for those, but hey, if these prove to be successful (hint, hint!) then who knows?


Thanks SCEE!!! Really looking forward to these. Some of my favourite games from the PSOne era!


Has the issue been fixed in Spyro 2 where cut-scenes would glitch out? If so, then does this mean our CD copies now work perfectly as well or just the D/L version?

American version= english only
no french dub and sub,dissappointing

Why waiting 4 years for this? :(

Thanks God!
Jawad, Spyro the Dragon: Year of The Dragon will be in the greatest hits version or normal? Please ANSWER ME. :)


Should be same as what the US received. I’m under the impression it’s the GH version but don’t know 100%.

Please, Parappa The Rapper :)

kinda curious after this are you guys actually planning on getting the other ps1 games like cause this game was U.S release 2007.

Hot Shots Golf 2 Clap Hanz December 4, 2006
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Konami TYO July 19, 2007
R-Types Irem April 24, 2008
Castlevania Chronicles Konami TYO December 18, 2008
Suikoden Konami December 23, 2008
R-Type Delta Irem May 7, 2009
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Red Storm Entertainment May 21, 2009
Medal of Honor Dreamworks Interactive June 2, 2009
Medal of Honor: Underground Dreamworks Interactive June 11, 2009
Mobile Light Force Psikyo June 25, 2009
Dead in the Water ASC Games August 13, 2009
Bloody Roar Eighting
Raizing August 20, 2009
Nuclear Strike Electronic Arts October 1, 2009
Dino Crisis Capcom November 25, 2009
Bomberman Party Edition Metro December 10, 2009
Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom Origin Systems December 22, 2009

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kinda curious after this are you guys actually planning on getting the other ps1 games like cause this game was U.S release 2007.

Hot Shots Golf 2 Clap Hanz December 4, 2006
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Konami TYO July 19, 2007
R-Types Irem April 24, 2008
Castlevania Chronicles Konami TYO December 18, 2008
Suikoden Konami December 23, 2008
R-Type Delta Irem May 7, 2009
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Red Storm Entertainment May 21, 2009
Medal of Honor Dreamworks Interactive June 2, 2009
Medal of Honor: Underground Dreamworks Interactive June 11, 2009
Mobile Light Force Psikyo June 25, 2009
Dead in the Water ASC Games August 13, 2009
Bloody Roar Eighting
Raizing August 20, 2009
Nuclear Strike Electronic Arts October 1, 2009
Dino Crisis Capcom November 25, 2009
Bomberman Party Edition Metro December 10, 2009
Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom Origin Systems December 22, 2009

Bomberman Fantasy Race Graphic Research May 18, 2010
Bloody Roar 2 Eighting
Raizing June 8, 2010
Soviet Strike Electronic Arts September 14, 2010
Rockman Capcom January 18, 2011
Metal Slug X Nazca Corporation, SNK Playmore January 18, 2011
Rockman 2: Dr. Wily no Nazo Capcom February 1, 2011
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Victor Interactive Software February 8, 2011
Pocket Fighter Capcom February 8, 2011
Destrega Koei February 15, 2011
Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire Koei February 15, 2011
Saiyuki: Journey West Koei February 15, 2011
Xenogears Square Co. February 22, 2011
Rockman 3: Dr. Wily no Saigo!? Capcom March 8, 2011
Parasite Eve Square Co. March 15, 2011

Legend of Mana Square Co. March 22, 2011
Dino Crisis 2 Capcom April 19, 2011
Threads of Fate Square Co. April 19, 2011
Breath of Fire IV Capcom August 16, 2011
Rockman 4: Aratanaru Yabō!! Capcom September 6, 2011
Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness Capcom September 13, 2011
Chrono Trigger Square Co. October 4, 2011
Chrono Cross Square Co. November 8, 2011
Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors Capcom November 29, 2011
Klonoa: Door to Phantomile Namco December 27, 2011
The Legend of Dragoon SCEI May 1, 2012
Myst Alfa System May 15, 2012
Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare Darkworks May 22, 2012

was actually a whole lot more on the list U.S have and we don’t but if
it’s gonna take 5 years 2 release each classic i’d be dead before you finish.


These took so long because of a whole bunch of issues. Those same issues (plus more) apply to a lot of that list, too. However, at least one of the titles that you listed is also coming next week. Really! That’s my tease for the weekend.

please make the digimon games

also while i’m here any off you who want more japanese ps1 plz go 2
GUngho online entertainment america and ask them 2 bring their ps1 japanese import games they just released on U.S psn 2 europe they said they would try if ppl asked them 2.

Will the analogue sticks be compatible with this game? :) really hope so because i hate the dpad controls

Brilliant news!!! Vita support too! One of the best games on PS1, and probably one of my favourite game series of all time!

The next question is… How much will these hurt my wallet…?

Nice Spyro and Crash games were the best platformer games on the PS1, like others have said they just don’t make them like they used to.

It’s all good for peeps who haven’t played but I still own the originals so unless they remaster them in HD and have trophy support I wouldn’t really want to buy them again :D

lol i got impatient and bought these on the us store like three or four years ago. i loved these games as a kid, anything beyond ps1 got ridiculously boring though.

@Jawad Ashraf

it’s castlevania we know alrdy cause konami announced it.
but that’s just the list off ps1 games missing games let alone the ps2 list want me 2 post that. just for show on how much you guys are missing and include the new games.
also i said the list is incomplete there are actually more ps1 games they have and we don’t.

This is incredible Jawad! I can tell by your post that you were dying to give us this good news. Will definitely be insta-buying all three of these I don’t care how much they cost. You are officially my favourite heads-up blog poster of all time!

@Jawad Ashraf

also 2 years ago you guys had the ps1 classic colony wars on the list off PS+ offers what happend 2 that game you guys lost it?


On the one hand I’m happy. On the other – I really need an ability to play games bought on other accounts for my Vita, so I won’t have to be happy about something like this.

Unless you start to release new PS1 and PSP games in PSN each week, European PSN will never become and adequate choice. And every time I want to play some good old game portably I’ll have to dust of my cracked psp. Even though I want to buy this games properly.

…This is just ridiculous when people don’t want to get money for their work, isn’t it?


i take it you mean it’s hard 2 hype a game that has been on U.S store for 5 years now.

Pretty great news, any chance for a plus discount or even a bundle for all three together to save those of us that want all three a little money.

Just waiting on SOTN and then I will be a pretty happy camper with the hopes of the strike series to appear one day.

Nice news, now it’s pretty much only Suikoden and Suikoden 2 left that I want, as far as PS1 games go.

Well, excluding some US imports from Square Enix that would be very nice, like Chrono Cross, Threads of Fate and so on.

This is great news what a nice end of the week with this little purple fluff.

It took you 5 years and here it is folks buy it & love it since we beg for it.

Now dino crisis & ffcrisis-core plz thanks :)

aaronrogers2009 07 December, 2012 @ 18:57

jawad can u please tell us what has happened to the psp phineas and ferb game, i downloaded it weeks ago but was unable to get it to work now its disappeared of the store and my download list, im confused! Is there a glitch, many thanks, sally

Your enthusiasm for this entertained me :-) To be honest I don’t remember the Spyro games too well but I have the feeling playing the first one again will bring a load of memories flooding back so I may have to give it a go.



Thank You :’D

It’s my fave game and i can play it again, thats amazing. :D
The best thing is that i can play it on vita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Thank You Sony, my fave brand :D

Great to see a classic make it’s way to the EU PSN but could we now get Chrono trigger? or perhaps Legend of Dragoon.

I’m sure many other’s out there would like to see more of the RPG’s we missed out on here in the EU. Tales of Destiny I and II also come to mind and Valkyrie Profile.

Even at £7.99 a game would see some major sales for these titles.

So these will be free with PS Plus right? ;)


Ohhhh this is the best news ever. I’m so happy, finally! It was worth the wait.

Will Spyro 3 be missing that one cutscene? Too bad they’re the NTSC versions, since Spyro 1 has a couple dragons coloured differently, couple of baby dragons are swapped around in Spyro 3, and some of the bg music is just strange in Spyro 3… But those are minor things, since the games are finally going to be available! Yaay!

will it come tp PSM though?



Great! Now, import Chrono Cross, please :)


You guys really gotta bring Digimon world for the psone to the stores. Now that would be a dream come true !


Can we please get some idea if Tomba 1 and Tomba 2 will be getting PS Vita compatibility.. Ever?
Tomba 2 is my favourite game of all time, and I can’t play it since I don’t have a PS3. :(

Day = Made! THANK YOU, GUYS!

Great news!!! U just made my day sir! Any news about tomba vita support? And what about castlevania: symphony of the night I heard konami are going to release it in Europe last month? But great news on spyro I love that game

ryannumber3gamer 08 December, 2012 @ 04:47

Great! I only got Spyro 2 on PS1 and i really want to try Spyro 1 & 3, I think i will get Spyro 2 off the store again so i can put it on my vita :D



I only ever got to play the third one I think, so it’ll be great to play them all. Would some kind of discount be possible? Maybe if you buy all 3 games?

finally the spyro ps1 games are coming out and now you can start focusing on getting the next most important ps1 classics up on the eu store which are of course dino crisis 1 & 2 and the first parasite eve game, hthere are more ps1 classics we want but these are the most important by far so please try and make this happen we eu customers have been more then patient.


Is this a hint for Crash & Spyro in Playstation All Stars.
Also if possible please get ape escape 1-3 on the store and make vita compatible with ps2 games
Also please make the Jak & Daxter trilogy and Ratchet & Clank trilogy available on vita
Vita needs more games

RobertMorridin 08 December, 2012 @ 10:54

Passed by these games (and the Crash games) back in the day. Was always more of a RPG and fighting game fan :)
Will definitely get them to play on my Vita. That console’s perfect for these older games :)

You have no idea how happy I was when I read the headline. At last, I can finally buy the first and second game! I’ve been waiting FOREVER to try those out, as I have the 3rd game on disc. I would always play the 1st game at my cousin’s, but at that time, I didn’t have any idea what was going on (I was around 5 years old.) I am, again, VERY happy to hear the news of the releases! Hopefully, we can also see Crash Bash on the PS Store at one point.

TheSwordUserYT 08 December, 2012 @ 11:49

I sincerely hope that these games will release with a slight discount at first. I remember playing the demo of Year of the dragon (3rd game) for a good while years ago, and then had chance to play full game for a bit. I want to play this again.
I only wished I had waited with extension of PS+. I bought a 100 PLN card last week in order to purchase another 3 months of PS+ sub and a PSOne classic (Grandia), and at the moment my virtual wallet just misses less than 2 PLN to buy most of single-disc PSOne classics out there (which are 18 PLN in here).
If I had waited that one more week, I could just buy the same sub for discoutned price and money wouldn’t be an issue, now I’ll probably just wait till I’ll have money again to charge my account.

Also, I hope that one of worked out issues is that weird security system within the game itself as I wouldn’t want to get thrown into beginning of the game during final boss fight.

Will they be playable on the PSP?

Will these spyro games have trophy support? I love spryo, well the first 3 can’t wait.

Glad its coming to the EU Store but i bought this over a year ago on the US Store for like $3, i dont get all the issues. Yeah you’ve explained it before but you should make it easier on yourselves.


I am so happy after reading this!!!! This is a great day to all 90’s Spyro fans and I cant wait to play them again :D. Jawad, I would like to say even though you have gone through many months of update requests you are like a light of hope to SCEE. Im not kidding, SCEE are very lucky to have you :) and now you can relax from all the Spyro comments of the PS store updates but still there are some requests some people may have but me, no more because I wanted to re-live my childhood and now it is coming to me. Once again, thank you very much for your support Jawad and best of luck for the future :)


Brilliant! Thank you, I’ll definitely be buying them all as soon as I can.

Spyro, Crash Bandicoot and Ape Escape were 3 of my favourite games on PS1, we have two of those already, any chance of the third? ;)

hardest task ever: bring back original XCOM prom ps1


I got bored of waiting & bought it from the US PSN using a PSN voucher but it’s great to see Sony Europe finally catch up, however it makes me wonder how long I’ll be kept waiting for Okami Avatars which are not transferrable? Maybe I should just give up on this one? :-(


its about time! Iv been waiting for ages!


Well done on Spyro.

If we are looking for suggestions for PS1 classics may I suggest the original X-Com.
Would love that to pick up and play Via Vita.

Please look into it. Many thanks.


Hi it’s Lloyd Clarke.Am very big fan of the spyro the dragon games and you bring out for ps vita and playstation move with trophies support?

At last! The old school hero returns homes. Will buy them all just so I can play them on my PSP.

Thank you, and now, if it’s not much to ask, bring on the original PlayStation mascot. Crash Bandicoot

@54 @Talk0

I think I saw one of the Retro/Grade guys saying that Parappa would be impossible to play on the TVs we use now, due to it being optimised for old CRT TVs, which have different response rates. It’ll probably never be released on PSN due to this- they’d have to rework the entire game.

WOOOHOOO!!! Finally after all these years of waiting my childhood collection is now complete! I will definitely be buying all three of these classic gems as soon as they hit the store.

Well done Sony, you have all made me proud :)


Better Later than never I guess! You should put Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex on the playstation store, you already have the ps1 ones on why don’t you put this one on too!

helder-paulino 09 December, 2012 @ 22:56

can this series come to disk in a trilogy?

and also crash bandicoot? please? it is so good for persons that can’t buy in ps store

Shut up and take my money! But seriously PSVita support is the cherry on top of this delicious cheesecake, buying it day one no matter the price (Discount for PSPlus? <3)


Why is there so few vita compatible PSone game in Aus?

Wow, now this has finally been announced the comments on blog posts should be cut by 60%! haha :’)


I bought Ripto’s Rage in 2007 before it got removed, and never got any compensation. Will I automatically be able to download Spyro 2 for free?

I am so excited!!! :D


HOORAH! now give us the first parasite eve, Breath of fire 4 and the Dino crisis games that some of us really want.

ITACHI_U________ 11 December, 2012 @ 13:20

There is a ps one game named “T’ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger” Which is an awesome game.

I don’t know why it didn’t get that much popular. But I guess I’ll never see it on psn. Though when you think about it. I see some very stupid ps one classics on psn. Then this one should definitely be there.

I know it’s not that easy (apparently) to get a ps one classic on psn, but still. It should be there imho.

By the way, when will Resident Evil 2 return to psn on my vita?


I would love it if the Playstation Spider-man games would be available, I used to love playing those. Especially Spider-Man 2: Enter Elctro. That was a great game.

Great news…..been waiting for this :)
So now can you try and get Ape Escape on PSN and then I will be happy.


What time of day does stuff go on? I have been checking for this all day!

@118 – Siborg1994

Will be tomorrow morning sometime probably. Its still the 11th in EU. We are a day ahead in Australasia.


Great! I wish Australia and NZ had their own PlayStation store and wasn’t attached to the Europe one

What time will spyro be on the playstation store


Still no sign… Impatient! Lol

CupCakeMeowFury 12 December, 2012 @ 11:55

impatient i cant wait any longer



i am very impatient too haha.. no sign of it here in Denmark..

can’t wait to get them :)


Great news i thought i’d never see this day

I’ve just purchased Spyro the Dragon 1, 2 & 3 on the EU PSN store. I didn’t know that there was a Trilogy pack available (it didn’t pop up on the search).
I was wondering why the Trilogy is 7.9 GB but the games individually are around 350MB, is there anything added onto the Trilogy version that isn’t on the individual versions and why didn’t the Trilogy pop up on the search.

P.S. thanks for making the games available over here. :)

bit of a problem for me here, the games are all in black and white…
don’t think its because i’ve got a SD TV
i would be grateful if anyone could fix this

Nightmareofkaito 13 December, 2012 @ 00:59

thank you for finally putting my favourite ps1 game series on psn and for £7.99 for all 3 is awesome, well done sony keep up the great work


There is nearly no good ps2 games in the ps2 classics section, you should add “Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex” Can you do that next?

Guessing since these are the US versions it won’t work with my save files on my PS3 from when I played them on Disc on 2008.

Oh well gives me an excuse to play them again!




just bought them best decision i made of 2013 so far now i’d like to complete the colection, I know I know its a lot to ask but could you try to get the PS2 ones on the store? pretty please with a cherry on top.

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