The 12 Deals of Christmas!

12 deals of Christmas

Deal 5: Sleeping Dogs – Was £49.99/€59.99, now £15.99/€19.99 (67% off). Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members (£14.39/€17.99). Offer expires 11.59pm on 10th December.

Deal 4: One Piece: Pirate Warriors – Was £39.99/€49.99, now £19.99/€24.99 (50% off). Offer expires 11.59pm on 8th December.

Deal 3: Tokyo Jungle – Was £9.99/€12.99, now £5.19/€6.49 (up to 50% off). Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members (£4.67/€5.84). Offer expires 11.59pm on 6th December.

Deal 2: Battlefield 3 – Was £59.99/€69.99, now £29.99/€39.99. Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members. Offer expires 11.59pm on 4th December.

Deal 1: 90-day PS Plus subscription – Was £11.99/€14.99, now £7.99/€9.99 (save up to 33%). Offer expires 7.00am on 9th December.

Hi everyone! With Christmas just around the corner, ’tis the season to be jolly! Now you have 12 extra special reasons to celebrate as the 12 Deals of Christmas makes its return to PlayStation Store.

Starting on 1st December 2012, PlayStation Store will feature 12 incredible deals for you to unwrap. You will only be able to redeem each deal from PlayStation Store for a period of 48 hours and then they vanish, quicker than a Christmas pudding!

Just like the presents under your tree, we are going to keep these deals under wraps until it’s time for them to be opened. So make sure you keep checking PlayStation Store to find out what the latest amazing deal is. We’ll also update this Blog post every time a deal is added.

Don’t miss out on some great one-time offers – take a sledge ride over to PlayStation Store and treat yourself to a few extra presents this festive season. Enjoy!

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Great deal Chris!

Now that one will be hard to pass up at that price!

Sorry to be greedy, but is there any chance of Dark Souls DLC going on sale at any stage?


I will look into the Dark Souls DLC for you

I have to say I am very please with this deal.
A game I wanted at the Right price.

Keep this kind of discount for the rest of the 12 Deals and you may be able to redeem yourselves from the poor start.


Btw. Deal 5 includes 3 DLC packs + 2 DLCs are free aswell. Six items for £15.99 makes this a fantastic deal.

That is one HU-GE discount. Well worth it.

Could you please give me a hint about deal number 8 discount? Will it be over 50%?

Sadly I can only purchase one deal this month, and I want it to be the best one for me.

Much appreciated!


Besides the first one, I won’t be buying any of the deals, but from what I can tell this deal ain’t too shabby (of course there will always be haters). Props though. Yeah yeah, the second deal was bad, let’s just not forget you are not entitled anything (that’s not too say complaints can’t be made, they can and they should… when the need arises). But and most importantly, let’s not forget the tremendous value that is PS+. I for one, am grateful to Sony and there are always those who simply are never satisfied (I challenge you to go out there and buy Batman Arkham City, Vanquish, all the other stuff that is available now and and the upcoming two months, for the price of PS+). Cheers!

By the way, here’s a gathered list from previous posters:
#6 MOH: Warfighter
#7 NBA2K13
#8 Most Wanted 2 (not sure, generic car so could be any race game)
#9 LBP Karting
#10 Unfinished Swan
#11 Hitman Absolution
#12 Far Cry 3

Great deal.How many gigabytes is Sleeping dogs?


you will need at least 7.1GB for this :)

Very nice, if only I had not picked this up for €12,24 (Steam key, limited edition) on GMG just last month. Different platform, I know, but still…


Pretty nice deal, indeed :3 Though, may I ask if the Vita is going to get some love too? ^^


No VITA love in the 12 deals I’m afraid but there will be other chances :)

almighty-slayer 09 December, 2012 @ 01:01

That’s a pretty huge discount. Takes it from a ridiculous price to a very reasonable price. Nice work, Chris.

immergingvirus 09 December, 2012 @ 01:30

Fantastic deal and you get all the chargeable dlc for free

So, according to some comments, his deal includes DLC?

almighty-slayer 09 December, 2012 @ 01:43

Yes, it includes three DLC packs:

The Retro Triad Pack
The Red Envelope Pack
The Street Racer Pack

Well. I’m convinced. I will buy this over Most Wanted.

The Sleeping Dogs Download size clocks in at 7.1GB (Need double this to download and install but will only take upthe initial amount when complete)

You guys at Sony are waging war on my hard drive with all the new games, sales and ps+ titles…. I love it

Wow, nice deal, too bad it’s not available here. I wonder what we’ll get in Germany instead – assuming that there will be a replacement at all and not just a rebranding to “11 Deals of Christmas”.

(yes, there is a German version of Sleeping Dogs – it’s just not available on the SEN store)

Can we get a Borderlands 2 discount?
It costs $89.95 on PSN but only $68.00 at retail.

I was only thinking about this game earlier today as I need something to tide me over till Ni No Kuni. That price seems nice. :)

Liquid_Evolution 09 December, 2012 @ 03:56

Does the 7:00am below refer to GMT?

Deal 1: 90-day PS Plus subscription – Was £11.99/€14.99, now £7.99/€9.99 (save up to 33%). Offer expires 7.00am on 9th December.

@Liquid_Evolution yes, to bad I’ve missed it, I was going to buy it later today after I got a top up card.

You can get Sleeping Dogs cheaper from Zavvi in the UK. £14.99. Just saying.

Wow I was expecting it to be down to 30 at the least. These are the kind of percentages that make a worthwhile sale, competing well against Steam. Nice one lads.


dam thanks so much chris this is an insane deal for me, plus some dlc thrown in to make it even better, just bought :)

Russian store sells it for 22 euro. Don`t you think it`s a bit unfair, huh? Is it some kind of prejudice?
Actually the deal is great, but we are [DELETED] up again. Poor attitude, Sony.

I appreciate the “sale” but why does New Zealand ALWAYS have to pay ridiculously jacked up prices?! Why can’t you just make it a straight £/€ to $NZD conversion?! Sleeping Dogs should be $30 but we’re paying way more!

Seriously, STOP RIPPING US OFF! 5 years of this and SCEE still can’t show us any respect.

Bought Sleeping Dogs :)

Great price !!!

see now thats how you make a brilliant game deal! dont go bringing that battlefield crap around here.

immediately bought this one, itd be another year or so until you could get this game for that price PLUS DLC

oh and if anyones wondering about the AU price its 22$ with plus 24$ without.

really wish they would include aussie prices in the blog post!

good offer,i would like to see some high rated but newly released PSN titles on offer soon. :)
games like (journey,starhawk,joe danger,virtua fighter..etc)

@ Bitbydeath
if you want borderlands 2 cheap go to ebay, ive seen it as low as 24$ (au) there. games arent region locked either.

fantastic price for a stunning game.

i already own this but if its a game your on the fence about buy it and you wont be sorry.


They really should start thinking about building you a giant statue, Chris. Great work with the Plus-games. And this… Damn hard to resist.

This is the price this game should be on the store now anyway not just during a sale. It’s a good price but the fact it’ll return to +£40 tomorrow really just highlights how big a rip off the store is.

Thanks Terarded but i was hoping to get a digital version.

A great deal! Until now I hesitated to pick Sleeping Dogs in retail because I don’t like open world games like GTA, but this deal is tremendous! I’ll play when I have some time in the future, because Sony has spoiled us with PS+ and the 12 Christmas Deals!


saw that the price before the sale was £50 and didnt think you would be able to beat the shop price of around £20. and with dlc included as well this is a must buy. well done chris

Great price,in two minds to get it or not.Had it on disc when it came out and got a bit bored of it. Probably should of put this up before Battlefield deal,don’t think there would of been as much complaints then.

Carnivius_Prime 09 December, 2012 @ 09:19

Great deal. Game doesn’t interest me much at all (the demo was kind of fun in a way but the story and characters really put me off and I don’t much care for open-world games… far too much time wasting getting to actual ‘levels’) but for those who want it that’s a really huge discount.

Pretty sweet deal there. Might have to pick Sleeping Dogs up now.
Now if you can get LBP Karting on similar deal… (I prefer Sonic & All Stars but my kids like Sackboy)

jimbob12345678 09 December, 2012 @ 10:00


A little bit random of a request but could we get a price drop on the DLC charaters for Blazblue: Continuum Shift? There’s long been a extended cut of the game available with the extra characters included and the limited edition of both that, and the original Continuum Shift are cheaper to buy new than the DLC!

Thanks in advance
(Shameless copy/paste)


Let me take a look and I will see what we can sort out



Winter is coming! We are going to need to pray to the old gods for some snow. Even if we do get some snow, I doubt the wall will be high enough. What do you say about getting us Game of Thrones for January PS+? We have some white walkers to kill!!

p.s. Am sure everyone here would love a chance to take the head of that douchebag Joffrey and put it on a pike :P

@Everyone else
If you plan on commenting back on this, please no spoilers. Don’t have the channel to watch season 2 so waiting on dvd. Thanks :D

Now THIS is a great deal. If you could do the same with Far Cry 3 I would be very pleased.

Also can we hope for some deals on Bioshock & Bioshock 2 before Bioshock Infinite is realeased?


wow what a amazing deal :o

Still got my fingers crossed that LBP Karting wil have a good discount to so i will be able to buy it, then i got some creating to do this Christmas ^^

If I didn’t already own Sleeping Dogs I’d be snapping it up at that price. Thoroughly enjoyed this game. Probably one of the few games I’ve played through to 100% trophy completion this year and kept on playing afterwards. (The other being The Walking Dead – goty)

Shop went crazy again, “12 christmas deals” tab

Nikolay_Evgenyev 09 December, 2012 @ 11:44

Здесь цена на Sleeping Dogs указана 18 евро. А в русском PsStore – 899 рублей = 22 евро. Почему так? ru ->
Here price to Sleeping Dogs – 18 euros. In Russian PsStore – 899 rubles = 22 euros. Why?

Great deal!

Well if that ain’t nice. Everyone is amazed by the great deal and Germany gets nothing.

You know, Nintendo is currently being blamed for how it restricts 18+ content in Europe. But at least they try to offer content somehow to adults. I wish I could say the same about Sony in Germany.

Oh, PS+ is an additional 10% off? Disregard my last comment ^_^


Now, if only the store would let me buy it …..

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