Community update: Far Cry 3, Home Q&A, Game of the Month

Hi all! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! It’s time once more to update you on what’s been happening over with the PlayStation Community.


Far Cry 3 Event
Ubisoft’s latest outing has certainly been a hit with our community, so much so that we have arranged a weekly get-together every Wednesday. So if you fancy joining us for some multiplayer shenanigans, head over to the sign-up thread and get involved! Will you be a punisher or show mercy?!


Game of the Month
Now in its third month, Game of the Month is back! It your opportunity to decide your favourite release of November! With such a strong line-up of game releases, including Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Hitman Absolution and LittleBigPlanet Karting, it’s certainly going to be a tough decision! The winner from September was Assassin’s Creed 3, but there was only a single vote in it at the end! To make your nomination, check out the thread here!


Home Developer Week
To celebrate the 4th anniversary of PlayStation Home we’ve managed to arrange a week full of Q&A nights with some of the developers who bring content to us each and every week, such as Lockwood, Loot and Codeglue. If you would like to pop along to one of the meet-ups, have a look at the information thread here!

Until next time!

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When will the patch be released for this game (FC3)? I’ve encountered a game breaking bug that won’t let me progress through the story.

Some great community events going on at the moment :D

ITANI you need to contact Ubisoft for that.

What happened to your game ITANI? I just did the whole story without any problems.

Far Cry 3 is an amazing game, but comms in co-op are terrible. Hopefully they will patch it, but how do we put pressure on them to?

I hate open mic comms, they never work as well as the old “push button to talk” comms back on SOCOM 2… mainly as most people have their TVs up so loud you get an echo effect as all their game noises come through their headset mics. Stupid idea, open comms… bring back Push To Talk!

Also, now that the SingStar team have given up posting on this blog, how do we tell them that there’s a ridiculous bug that means I can only use my players saved from my disc version when I run the disc version? Making the controversial XMB version useless even to fans… I can’t re-create my player either as it says it exists, even though it’s not visible from the XMB version! Ridiculous! I’m a huge SingStar fan but this has annoyed even me.

Please pass on my comment to the SS team as it’s only going to cause more grief in the long-run!

Carnivius_Prime 10 December, 2012 @ 17:09

I’d say Most Wanted was the best game of November though I don’t own it yet (have only played it on friend’s Xbox 360 and there my enjoyment of it gets marred by the awful Xbox joypad layout) but I can’t say I thought much of the November releases at all. Actually I’ve not been impressed by much of 2012’s games. Maybe I’m just losing interest in video games in general. Certainly there are a lot of things about modern video games in particular that outright annoy me to the point I can’t bear continuing to play certain games without getting fed up or frustrated or feeling like it’s a total waste of time.

Playstation Home Question: Is there any plans it will go global? For example when its E3 on home it is and lots of people talk english. (Mainly because of the americans) But as soon as it gos back to normall you struggle to find anyone to have a convo with when friends not on as people just dont talk or dont speak english. Its so frustrating!

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