12 Deals Of Christmas

12 deals of Christmas

Deal 6: Medal of Honor: Warfighter – Was £59.99/€69.99, now £29.99/€39.99 (up to 50% off). Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members (£26.99/€35.99). Offer expires 11.59pm on 12th December.

Deal 5: Sleeping Dogs – Was £49.99/€59.99, now £15.99/€19.99 (67% off). Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members (£14.39/€17.99). Offer expires 11.59pm on 10th December.

Deal 4: One Piece: Pirate Warriors – Was £39.99/€49.99, now £19.99/€24.99 (50% off). Offer expires 11.59pm on 8th December.

Deal 3: Tokyo Jungle – Was £9.99/€12.99, now £5.19/€6.49 (up to 50% off). Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members (£4.67/€5.84). Offer expires 11.59pm on 6th December.

Deal 2: Battlefield 3 – Was £59.99/€69.99, now £29.99/€39.99. Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members. Offer expires 11.59pm on 4th December.

Deal 1: 90-day PS Plus subscription – Was £11.99/€14.99, now £7.99/€9.99 (save up to 33%). Offer expires 7.00am on 9th December.

Hi everyone! With Christmas just around the corner, ’tis the season to be jolly! Now you have 12 extra special reasons to celebrate as the 12 Deals of Christmas makes its return to PlayStation Store.

Starting on 1st December 2012, PlayStation Store will feature 12 incredible deals for you to unwrap. You will only be able to redeem each deal from PlayStation Store for a period of 48 hours and then they vanish, quicker than a Christmas pudding!

Just like the presents under your tree, we are going to keep these deals under wraps until it’s time for them to be opened. So make sure you keep checking PlayStation Store to find out what the latest amazing deal is. We’ll also update this Blog post every time a deal is added.

Don’t miss out on some great one-time offers – take a sledge ride over to PlayStation Store and treat yourself to a few extra presents this festive season. Enjoy!

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theicebucket 11 December, 2012 @ 12:41 am   2

A case of ‘after the lord mayor’s show’

PalmtopJakku 11 December, 2012 @ 12:42 am   3

Please stop with the insultingly bad deals; cutting something by 50% when it was awfully priced in the first place does not count.

I understand you guys have 12 days to fill, and not every deal can be as good as Tokyo Jungle, but reaalllyy? £30 is how much people pay for a brand new game typically, and Warfighter was so badly rated, you can get it for about £15 everywhere anyway.


Seriously how is this a deal?? It’s cheaper on disk!! In nearly every shop… What a joke.

Damn I missed out on sleeping dogs. I thought I still had a day to get credit. Oh well. Will you guys revive all the deals on xmas day or should we expect a new surprise?

rossthebassist 11 December, 2012 @ 1:03 am   6

This is not me trying to sound ungrateful, i understand as a digital marketplace you are stuck between a rock and a hard place with what the publishers are willing to sell these “deals” for. however, Asda have MOH in for £20 so why would i pay £9.99 more for a version i cant trade when im done!

please pass this comment on to any of the relevant parties required, but for the most part these deals are like last years one, not worth the blog space they are printed on.

Keep up the hard work, but these deals suck


out of 6 deals, every deal with even numbers is not so good. so let’s wait for deal number 7.


Please Please Please don’t let LBP Karting, Hitman, NFS and Farcry follow suit of Deal 6… Absolutely appalling.

They need to be priced similar to what Sleeping Dogs were priced at.
Else I think Unfinished Swan will be the only other one I’ll be getting.



How can people complain about a saving, no matter how good or bad it is? They are discounted from their normal price, if it’s cheaper in a shop, go buy it in a damn shop. Try living in Australia, where every video game is overpriced by a hell of a lot more than anywhere else. You guys get games pretty cheap as it is.

I just picked up Sleeping Dogs for $22.45, when the cheapest I’ve seen it in stores is $69, and usually is $88 or $98 elsewhere.

Thank you Sony.

crusher915 11 December, 2012 @ 1:25 am   10

I’ve been going through the new Web Store and there are some things that need to be fixed, for example these prices: Far Cry 2 costs the same as Far Cry 2 + Fortunes Pack, Dead Island costs 35,99 while the GOTY version costs 19,99, Dead Nation Unlock costs 9,99 while the Full Game costs 5,19, and also the Web store usually shows the File Size of the Game Unlock/DLC instead of the complete size

are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?! this is just as bad as the BF3 “deal,” typical EA ripoff, give us a break!

Sleeping Dogs was a great deal so it’s a real shame to see EA ruin the christmas deals YET AGAIN. Disappointing, but far, far from surprised.

Heheh, someone will regret that deal ;D


Haha, god bless EA and their “Deals” to be fair to sony all the other offers have been really good, Despite my best efforts to resist I caved and got Sleeping Dogs, and happily purchased Tokyo Jungle, I’ll almost certainly get Unfinished Swan if it’s below £5-£6 so I think they’ve been great overall. If you disagree just look at the offers the Xbox has. Consistently awful.

If i were at sony though I would have just rejected these EA ones and given a smaller discount on a sony title, anything really even an old one like Pain at a discount would have been much more appreciated.

Either way I wouldn’t have bought this game at almost any price so it’s saved me some money.

I’m curious to what Far Cry 3 will be, Probably too much since it’s so new but fingers crossed..

Re:8, we can and should complain because these deals are insulting. Yes we have a choice and we can choose to buy elsewhere if we want, but why have a sale if it’s still such a ripoff, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of having a sale?

It’s especially insulting when you consider it costs MORE than a retail copy when there’s no physical packaging, no disc, no logistics, no printing, no shipping, no store, no salesmen.. NOTHING physical exists yet we pay more for less -scratch that, more for nothing other than the game itself. PLUS, with a physical copy you can at least sell it and get some of your money back when you’re done, but when you buy digital you’re stuck with it. So we’re actually paying more, for less AND with much more risk of wasting our money if we don’t like it.

crusher915 11 December, 2012 @ 1:34 am   15

oh and also Mass Effect 3 costs 59,99 while the trilogy costs 57,99


*Slow Clap*

Roscoe182 11 December, 2012 @ 2:15 am   17

humm EA sure are taking the pi** with there prices for these so called deals.


So there been, what, 2 deals of christmas so far?

socialjeebus 11 December, 2012 @ 3:23 am   19

Lol, another poor deal but by far the worst deal on PSN: FIFA 12 at 59.99 imo. 10 quid more expensive than the FIFA 13 “bundle”

Oh well at the half-way stage already and by my reckoning it’s 50/50 so far, woth the PS+, Tokyo Jungle (already had it) and Sleeping Dogs (already had that too) deals being quite good – but the MOH, One Piece BF3 deals being truly awful.

Completely ambivalent about the one piece pirate deal.

I missed out on sleeping dogs by a day, I guess ill live. EA are a joke with there “Deals” only game i buy off them now is battlefeild 3. Whats the point on there sport games when they take the server down after a year?

battlefeild series*

Unicronic 11 December, 2012 @ 3:52 am   22

“Starting on 1st December 2012, PlayStation Store will feature 12 incredible deals for you to unwrap”.

Come on, cut this crap out. This gift can stay under the tree. Seriously can anyone explain why this is considered a good deal? A 50% discount on an inflated price game which has received very poor reviews across the board is not a good deal either financially or for entertainment value.

You have to do better than this. We expect better and we deserve better. You know this.

Bovrillor 11 December, 2012 @ 4:29 am   23

Soooo, I got a discount voucher for Assassins Creed II & Brotherhood with a purchase of Revelations. Date on voucher says it expires 2013. Code worked just fine, but… ACII/Brotherhood are no longer on the store in their ‘basic’ editions, so I can’t use my 30% discount (it doesn’t apply to the complete editions).

—Posted on 11 December, 2012 at 1:25 am by crusher915—
[I’ve been going through the new Web Store and there are some things that need to be fixed, for example these prices: Far Cry 2 costs the same as Far Cry 2 + Fortunes Pack]

The Far Cry 2 situation bothers me too. I bought the full game for £10 NEW in a retail store. The 2 DLCs (which only add a few maps) add up to £16. The whole lot was offered as a bundle for a decent price, but no alternative was offered for people that already have the disc.

Similiar DLC pricing disaster with Dragon Age II, both Fallout games, Dead Rising 2, Batman AC etc. etc.

I’d hoped that the Deus Ex and LittleBig DLC sales were a sign of good things to come, but so far it’s just been a glimmer of hope.

Bovrillor 11 December, 2012 @ 4:32 am   24

Whoops, I meant Crysis 2, not FarCry 2, in my previous post. The point still stands, though.

njclifford 11 December, 2012 @ 4:50 am   25

I can hear a lot of complaints regarding this new deal. While it is obviously not that great, I feel there should be some lessons learnt from this.

If Sony are happy to show us how many units have been moved from each deal, it would, along with this forum, provide them with a good amount of feedback as to whether or not the deal is good or not.

I would be surprised if many more than 10 would get this deal, but would assume 100 or more got Tokyo Jungle.

Then, to continually improve on their service to us, ensure that next time they focus on the good deals and get more of them… maybe dump EA?

They provide a service, they are here because of us. If we do not buy PS3 stuff, have PS+ memberships, Vita, etc., then they will cease to exist.

I understand that online $ are always so much more (normally) than Zavvi and others, so maybe a lesson learnt is to restructure how they apply their pricing…

A bit of a rant, but considering the backlash, I would really hope that Sony listen, and make a positive out of a negative situation.



zalwelgoedgaan 11 December, 2012 @ 5:50 am   27


Oh wait, they’re serious?


@5 Get it from Zavvi at same price …

silmorat1 11 December, 2012 @ 7:48 am   29

The Zavvi price is 19.95 But it is on sale saying save £30.04 so it would of been £59.99 too! Its still £10 cheaper than this deal though. Lol

Przemyslaw19 11 December, 2012 @ 8:35 am   30

“Try living in Australia, where every video game is overpriced by a hell of a lot more than anywhere else.”

You are crazy man!

Let me do the math… In Poland our full time earnings averaged 44,400 pln a year (for 2012). Sleeping Dogs are priced 200 pln.
In Australia your full time earnings per year are 70,000 $. Sleeping Dogs are priced (let,s say) 100$.
Let me see…
Are you sure it is hard to live in Australia? Go and search for “Big Mac Index”. Try to find Australia in the table. I will give you a hint – it will be somewhere near Japan and USA.

Damn.. hard to live in Australia

Dave-The-Rave 11 December, 2012 @ 8:38 am   31

Are you kidding me!? Put that Sleeping Dogs deal back online! Can’t believe I missed it!

Flatbattery 11 December, 2012 @ 8:46 am   32

I want what EA are smoking!

Hey! EA…..When your prices are 200% the asking price everywhere else, 50% off is not a deal.


Apart from yet another sucky deal, this game is absolutely terrible. It wouldn’t be worth £5.


Out of stock at the moment so watch it

wayne_20_09 11 December, 2012 @ 9:03 am   35

another poor deal. The game sucks as it is and this deal us even worse, £29.99, you can get it in a shop on disc at £19.99

MASPALOMAZ 11 December, 2012 @ 9:26 am   36

Have to agree its a lame deal today but thanks Sony & The Blog Team for all the work and fun from these offers, I would second the wish to have these offer valid for a longer time not everyone is always on the net or checking out the store and it would be nice to have all the 12 offers available before deciding which to take.

Chris Howe 11 December, 2012 @ 9:47 am   37

Hi all,

Please remember that if this deal is not for you then we still have a plenty more to go with some excellent offers. We are stil working during the sale to try and secure even better discounts so if we can get you a better deal we will 🙂

wolfsinner 11 December, 2012 @ 9:51 am   38

People just complain too much! It’s a discount, and a big one at that. If it’s cheaper in a store, then by all means go get it there.

I personally can’t wait for the NBA 2K13 deal on Thursday. I hope it’s big. 😀


@Chris Howe

appreciate the effort still looking forward to seeing the next deal as i dont think its going to be the nba game.

thanks for deleting our comments Chris, great way to respond to criticism, censor anyone who disagrees unless they’re subtle about it.

    Chris Howe 11 December, 2012 @ 10:22 am    

    hi supvic,

    I haven’t deleted any comments so they are probably just waiting for approval. Unless your comments are offensive this is an open forum to discuss your opinions


You can get medal of honour for 19.95 , plus you get a disk, box and manual.


To Chris – Fred – Jawad

There is a problem with the store with the game Top Darts, Its says it is a cross buy game, But when i ‘click choose a version’ and choose the PS3 Download version it Downloads The VITA file,
And i have checked the VITA file to see if thats the PS3 file and its not.

Sorry to have to be off topic here but i got no reply back to a email sent to customer support last week


I would like to remind you about how polish customers were dealt while One Piece deal – it was said it is supposed to be 50% and in polish store sale was from 169 to 99 pln which is about 60%. Stores using Euro had full 50% sale.
And not even one sorry was said…


cheaper in shop, out of all deals so far there has only been two.

Tokyo jungle and sleeping dogs

Catkiller1 11 December, 2012 @ 10:45 am   45

I agree with ZACHSP8 +1 😉

Also I notice that US PLUS members are getting Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. Is there any chance that we will receive it too?

I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I would be very happy with this or Mortal Kombat 😉

Catkiller1 11 December, 2012 @ 10:46 am   46

MOH Warfighter £19.95 @ Zavvi, £19.99 @ GAME!

dark_angel69 11 December, 2012 @ 10:53 am   47

It seems very obvious that Far Cry 3 (deal 12) will be the same price. Deal 2 and 6 are the same so I’m sure deal 12 will also be the same. Maybe deal 11 will be also if it is Hitman. Deal 2 and 6 would been a bad deal as they are old games but would be a good deal for 11 and 12 as they are new.

Oh chris not sure if this is happening to anyone else but when i look at the deals on store, there is a copy of deal number 11 making two beside each other. There is no deal 12 in the list anymore. Deal 10 is also missing. it leaves a gap between 9 and 11 and deal 5 doesn’t appear open.

BTW, did you see my comment (number 41 i think it was) in the last deal you did 2 days ago?



i was also looking for an answer on this one as i almost bought it last week and i love street fighter.

if its not gonna happen for us ill buy it soon for £14.99 off the store but im scared lol.

Catkiller1 11 December, 2012 @ 11:06 am   49

Here are my 12 deals that you can purchase right now within the UK:

1: Playstation Allstars Battle Royale – £24.99 @ Zavvi & HMV

2: Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed: Limited Edition – £20 @

3: MOH: Warfighter – £19.95 @ Zavvi, £19.99 @ GAME

4: Hitman Absolution – £19.99 @

5: Littlebigplanet Karting – £19.99 @ & GAME

6: Lego Lord Of The Rings – £20 @ ASDA

7: Need For Speed Most Wanted – £24.95 : Zavvi, £25 @

8: Resident Evil 6 – £19.85 @

9: Saints Row The Third Full Package Edition – £20 @

10: Doom 3 BFG Edition – £12.99 @ & GAME

11: WWE 13 – £19.99 @ & GAME

12: Borderlands 2 – £22.95 @ Zavvi


Catkiller1 11 December, 2012 @ 11:07 am   50

@ Hayzink

£11.86 @ mate 😉

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