Introducing Big Sky Infinity – to infinity, and then some!

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Good morning earth! My name’s James Whitehead, I’m the boss at Boss Baddie and I’m here to talk about our twin-stick shooter Big Sky Infinity , coming to PS Store on 12th December.

The Big Sky series began a couple of years ago, and we’re now bringing it to console. It’s a lightning-fast, randomly-generated game that adapts to how you play – it’s never the same game twice!

You pilot a spaceship that’s flying straight into an alien armada. The further you progress, the harder it gets, with giant bosses, streams of enemies and special things we call ‘Events’. Your ship is equipped with a drill that lets you smash through planets and meteors. It’s less about memorisation and more about reactions and adapting!

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Game Modes

There are a whole slew of game modes that you’ll be unlocking down the line. You’ll start off with Classic Mode – the real bones of the game. Here you’ll start off with a paltry little spaceship that can barely dent a tractor, let alone alien spacecraft.

Destroying enemies will cause them to drop little starbits which are then spent on upgrading your ship. Pretty soon you’ll have the most splendid spaceship this side of Jupiter. But the stronger your ship gets and the longer you last, the tougher the bad guys will be!

You’ll get access to other modes such as Nightmare – the complete opposite of a walk in the park. Then there’s Pacifism, where your laser cannons have been jammed with flowers. And we’ve got a new endurance-style mode for Infinity too!

Multiplayer Modes

We’re utilising unique aspects of the PS3 and PS Vita for our multiplayer modes. On the PS3 you’re able to play with up to three friends (or enemies, frenemies or relatives). It’s chaotic fun – you can either help each other out by sticking together to power-up each other’s weapons, or compete to get the most points.

On the PS Vita we have an asynchronous multiplayer mode, where you can challenge PSN friends (or randoms!) to take on your high scores in a turn-by-turn series of matches. We had a lot of fun playing this mode during development!

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Finally, we have these things called Events. Now, events are crazy, gameplay-shifting happenings that occur every so often, and when you get very good some will happen at the same time!

My personal favourite is the Black Hole event. I won’t spoil what happens, but it would make for a great B-movie plot. But there’s also the Worm Hole event, where you’ll tear through the fabric of space in a swirling vortex. And look out for Hell Cascade, where bad guys get bored of not shooting lasers at you and decide to shoot lasers at you!

In conclusion, there’s a lot to see and do in Big Sky Infinity, from the screen-sized, ever-changing bosses, to the gameplay-altering events, to the cheeky cockney narrator.

We hope to see you on the score boards when the game launches tomorrow, priced at £7.99/€9.99. And remember, PS Plus members receive Big Sky Infinity as part of their Instant Game Collection!

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Awesome, love games like this. So quirky and interesting compared to all the linear stuff around.


Dose it have cross play, cross save or cross buy and will we get both with playstation plus

James Whitehead 11 December, 2012 @ 16:43

It has Cross Save and Cross Buy, and yup you’ll get both with PS+!

Im glad that i have Plus

Spoke too soon! Didn’t realise the post had only just gone up, video looks cool :)

Reviews are coming out for this and it sounds like good fun! Gone are your typical shooting games, enter random worlds and events. Lovely stuff.


Ta very much!

@2 – from what they’ve said on twitter, yes to all of those things! :D

Looks excellent, would have bought it anyway but being free for PS+ is even better, will for sure be downloading for PS3 and Vita tomorrow and I’m sure this will get a lot of love for it.

Ohhh! Why is there no MP on the Vita version???

James Whitehead 11 December, 2012 @ 16:45

The Vita has a special turn-based multiplayer mode where you compete for highscores, or number of enemy kills or starbits. It can get quite tense and works really well on the Vita!


Looks great. Cant wait to try this out. Hope i have enough space left over on the hdd. Was forced to deleted 3 games just to get batman on. lol. Thanks for this :D

This looks awesome, heard about it a while ago and can’t wait to download it tomorrow. The fact that its a Plus game is great news, reckon it’ll get played on my Vita mostly but a duel download is a great idea.

This game looks amazing! I’m especially impressed by the new directions this game takes with events and randomly generated areas. I would have bought this anyway, but luckily get it through ps plus.


Really looking forward to trying this out on my Vita tomorrow, never really that good at shooters but at least I’ll be able to drool over those graphics on my Vita screen! :)

Does the game have a proper ending, or is it constantly generating stuff until you die?

Is it possible to play it with my own music?

James Whitehead 11 December, 2012 @ 16:48

There’s an option to play with just the game music switched off if you’d like to play your own music. There’s a lot of music in the game too which I hope you’ll enjoy too!

supersmith2500 11 December, 2012 @ 16:41

James, is both PS3 and Vita version free for Plus members?

If it does come to the Vita for free. I hope this game looks pretty good.

supersmith2500 11 December, 2012 @ 16:51

Ah, guess #2 answered my question.

This looks painfully addictive. I think I’ll get this on my Vita; I’ve been looking for a game I can just pick up and play, and it looks like I’ve found it.

not mi ting after i buy sine mora
i very disepointed when al lives up u need to restart from 0
i understend u have some lives on every level but when u 0 level
u restart u latest mape u failt .
so wil not buy , sory .

One question for you James – how does Sony pay you for inclusion in the instant game collection? Do you get a flat fee or is it linked to the number of downloads? Just curious really :)

I love twin stick shooters, scrolling shooters, retro styling and free PS Plus games so this is already ticking a lot of boxes but the info here manages to make it sound even better.
Is the PS3 multiplayer online, offline or both?

Looking forward to this tomorrow :-)


@ monoliet

You do not have to buy it.

I see by looking at your avatar that you have PS+.

This is FREE for PS+ subscribers for both PS3 and Vita


“Posted on 11 December, 2012 at 4:45 pm by James Whitehead
The Vita has a special turn-based multiplayer mode where you compete for highscores, or number of enemy kills or starbits. It can get quite tense and works really well on the Vita”

Why is this done to the Vita game? I mean… It works, no doubt. It works with Motorstorm RC too. But I’d rather have full online MP support like the consoles get it. PSVita can do this too, PSN works great on it.

Why are these game choices made, the PSVita needs true MP gaming.

Are there Trophies for this game? Can’t seem to find any information on the net.. Thanks!

James Whitehead 11 December, 2012 @ 21:20

Yup there are trophies, all nicely displayed in the Stats menu too!

supersmith2500 11 December, 2012 @ 20:36

It should have them so don’t fret.

“Posted on 11 December, 2012 at 5:11 pm by monoliet
not mi ting after i buy sine mora
i very disepointed when al lives up u need to restart from 0
i understend u have some lives on every level but when u 0 level
u restart u latest mape u failt .
so wil not buy , sory .”

That is what real gaming was back in the days. Hard. These days they’re made too easy, savepoints everywhere, endless restarts of life. I’d say more games should be like this again. At last a challenge.

why has it took so long to get to ps3?

pc already have the sequel to this.

BSI is based on Really Big Sky. It IS the sequel.

“Youuuuuuuu tit.”
Never get tired of hearing that. xD
Awesome game, can’t wait!

This looks pretty nice. I’ll definitely check it out on my Vita.

It’s already on the Vita store if you search for it, downloading now.

i just saw a tiny tardis in the game lol :)

Well, i can say one thing about the game… I’m glad i didn’t pay for it, too much going on in too many different colors I can get up to the first boss… then If i am lucky can survive a bit when it goes into the hyper speed hope for the best as we throw you into walls of lasers then just to screw your eyes over we are going to throw in a random effect so you cant see a single thing. Ok, don’t worry because you have a super powerful laser that only actually fires at some random time that you have no way to determine or plan but just to be super safe we have thrown in a power that requires you to collide with enemies but we don’t give you any sort of warning as to when it ends.

So… play this game is you are the luckiest person in the world… you might get somewhere.

Seems like you were trying to make a bullet hell game with no idea of how a bullet hell game works.

Store won’t let me download the PS3 version – I am a plus member, downloaded for Vita first and now if I try to download the PS3 version it shows the correct version until the download screen, then changes it to the Vita version. Any way around this?

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